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Long Form:   maternal deprivation
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Chronic Escitalopram Treatment Does Not Alter the Effects of Neonatal Stress on Hippocampal BDNF Levels, 5-HT1A Expression and Emotional Behaviour of Male and Female Adolescent Rats. ESC, NPY, SAL
2020 Early life stress and the programming of eating behavior and anxiety: Sex-specific relationships with serotonergic activity and hypothalamic neuropeptides. MS
2020 Histone deacetylase inhibition reduces ventral tegmental area dopamine neuronal hyperexcitability involving AKAP150 signaling following maternal deprivation in juvenile male rats. DA, ELS, VTA
2020 Maternal Deprivation and Sex Alter Central Levels of Neurotrophins and Inflammatory Cytokines in Rats Exposed to Palatable Food in Adolescence. PF
2020 Maternal deprivation impairs memory and cognitive flexibility, effect that is avoided by environmental enrichment. BDNF, EE
2020 Maternal deprivation induces persistent adaptations in putative dopamine neurons in rat ventral tegmental area: in vivo electrophysiological study. DA, PND, VTA
2020 Neonatal morphine exposure and maternal deprivation alter nociceptive response and central biomarkers' levels throughout the life of rats. DM, DS, HP, HP, PND16, TFL
2020 On the role of the dopaminergic system in the memory deficits induced by maternal deprivation. ---
2020 Risk of child poverty and social exclusion in two Spanish regions: social and family determinants. LWI, RP
10  2019 Addressing Maternal Depression, Substance Use, and Intimate Partner Violence in Home Visiting: a Quasi-Experimental Pilot Test of a Screen-and-Refer Approach. HELP, IPV, SU
11  2019 Combined early life stressors: Prenatal nicotine and maternal deprivation interact to influence affective and drug seeking behavioral phenotypes in rats. ELS, EPM, FST, PNE, VTA
12  2019 Early Maternal Deprivation Induces Microglial Activation, Alters Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein Immunoreactivity and Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase during the Development of Offspring Rats. GFAP, IDO, PNDs
13  2019 Effects of lipopolysaccharide administration and maternal deprivation on anxiety and depressive symptoms in male and female Wistar rats: Neurobehavioral and biochemical assessments. i.p, LPS, PND
14  2019 Effects of maternal deprivation stress and maternal dietary of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on the neurobehavioral development of male offspring. PND, PUFAs
15  2019 Maternal Depression: Relationship to Food Insecurity and Preschooler Fruit/Vegetable Consumption. FI, FM, FVC
16  2019 Maternal deprivation increases microglial activation and neuroinflammatory markers in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus of infant rats. CD11B, IL-5, INF-gamma, MIP, PFC, PND, TLR
17  2019 Maternal Deprivation Induces Memory Deficits That Are Reduced by One Aerobic Exercise Shot Performed after the Learning Session. OR
18  2019 Repeated three-hour maternal deprivation as a model of early-life stress alters maternal behavior, olfactory learning and neural development. CNS, PND
19  2018 Alterations of Gray Matter Volume and White Matter Integrity in Maternal Deprivation Monkeys. FA, GMV, NC, pSTS, WMI
20  2018 Association of 24 h maternal deprivation with a saline injection in the neonatal period alters adult stress response and brain monoamines in a sex-dependent fashion. AMY, CORT, EPM, FC, HPT, NSF, SIT, SNCT
21  2018 Early-life stress induces cognitive disorder in middle-aged mice. ---
22  2018 Early-life stress induces motor coordination dysfunction in adult mice. ---
23  2018 Effects of Maternal Deprivation and Complex Housing on Rat Social Behavior in Adolescence and Adulthood. PND 3
24  2018 Ketamine Reverses Lateral Habenula Neuronal Dysfunction and Behavioral Immobility in the Forced Swim Test Following Maternal Deprivation in Late Adolescent Rats. FST, LHb
25  2018 Maternal deprivation induces alterations in cognitive and cortical function in adulthood. COMT, mPFC, RM, SZ, TC
26  2018 Maternal deprivation promotes hippocampal neuronal apoptosis via ERK1/2 signaling. ---
27  2018 omega-3 and folic acid act against depressive-like behavior and oxidative damage in the brain of rats subjected to early- or late-life stress. CMS, NAC
28  2018 Sex differences in associations between maternal deprivation and alterations in hippocampal calcium-binding proteins and cognitive functions in rats. CALR, PND2
29  2018 Targeting histone deacetylation for recovery of maternal deprivation-induced changes in BDNF and AKAP150 expression in the VTA. BDNF, DA, HDAC, PKA, VTA
30  2018 The effectiveness of telemedicine interventions to address maternal depression: A systematic review and meta-analysis. CBT
31  2017 Antinociceptive Effect of Ghrelin in a Rat Model of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Involves TRPV1/Opioid Systems. AWR, CRD, DRG, GHS-R1alpha, IBS, qRT-PCR, TRPV1
32  2017 Development and implementation of a screen-and-refer approach to addressing maternal depression, substance use, and intimate partner violence in home visiting clients. CM, HELP, HV, IPV, MI, SU
33  2017 Divergent anomaly in mesocorticolimbic dopaminergic circuits might be associated with different depressive behaviors, an animal study. AMY, CUPS, NAc, OT, PFC, ST, VTA
34  2017 Early life stress-induced alterations in rat brain structures measured with high resolution MRI. ELS
35  2017 Effects of early-life stress on cognitive function and hippocampal structure in female rodents. DG, ELS, PND
36  2017 Green tea protects against memory deficits related to maternal deprivation. GT
37  2017 Long-Term Effects of Maternal Deprivation on Redox Regulation in Rat Brain: Involvement of NADPH Oxidase. ---
38  2017 Maternal depression attenuates newborn vitamin D concentrations in winter-spring: a prospective population-based study. NMD
39  2017 Optimized animal model to mimic the reality of stress-induced depression in the clinic. CUS, LPA
40  2017 Quetiapine treatment reverses depressive-like behavior and reduces DNA methyltransferase activity induced by maternal deprivation. DNMT, HAT, MDD, NAc, PFC
41  2017 Transient Prepubertal Mifepristone Treatment Normalizes Deficits in Contextual Memory and Neuronal Activity of Adult Male Rats Exposed to Maternal Deprivation. CORT, GRs, MIF, PND, rIGT
42  2017 Unplanned pregnancy and risk of maternal depression: secondary data analysis from a prospective pregnancy cohort. UP
43  2016 Effects of Early Life Stress on Synaptic Plasticity in the Developing Hippocampus of Male and Female Rats. CORT, ELS
44  2016 Effects of neonatal pain, stress and their interrelation on pain sensitivity in later life in male rats. HP
45  2016 Interaction between neonatal maternal deprivation and serum leptin levels on metabolism, pubertal development, and sexual behavior in male and female rats. PND, POMC
46  2016 Long-term Effects of Maternal Deprivation on the Volume, Number and Size of Neurons in the Amygdala and Nucleus Accumbens of Rats. ---
47  2016 Maternal deprivation alters growth, food intake, and neuropeptide Y in the hypothalamus of adolescent male and female rats. NPY, NPY-ir, PND
48  2016 Maternal Deprivation Influences Pup Ultrasonic Vocalizations of C57BL/6J Mice. USVs
49  2016 Mifepristone Treatment during Early Adolescence Fails to Restore Maternal Deprivation-Induced Deficits in Behavioral Inhibition of Adult Male Rats. 5-choice SRTT, GR, PND
50  2016 Sex-dependent effects of neonatal maternal deprivation on endocannabinoid levels in the adipose tissue: influence of diet. 2-AG, AEA, EC, HFD, OEA, PEA
51  2015 Complex Living Conditions Impair Behavioral Inhibition but Improve Attention in Rats. TM
52  2015 Environmental enrichment does not reverse the effects of maternal deprivation on NMDAR and Balb/c mice behaviors. EE, EPM, MWM, NMDARs, OF, PND, SE
53  2015 Long Term Hippocampal and Cortical Changes Induced by Maternal Deprivation and Neonatal Leptin Treatment in Male and Female Rats. ---
54  2015 Maternal deprivation disrupts mitochondrial energy homeostasis in the brain of rats subjected to ketamine-induced schizophrenia. BDNF, CK, NGF, PFC, SDH
55  2015 Vasopressin deficiency diminishes acute and long-term consequences of maternal deprivation in male rat pups. ---
56  2014 Anhedonia was associated with the dysregulation of hippocampal HTR4 and microRNA Let-7a in rats. CUPS
57  2014 Comparison of depressive behaviors induced by three stress paradigms in rats. CUPS, DS
58  2014 Consequences of early life stress on the expression of endocannabinoid-related genes in the rat brain. DAGL, FAAH, MAGL, NAPE-PLD
59  2014 Early maternal deprivation immunologically primes hippocampal synapses by redistributing interleukin-1 receptor type I in a sex dependent manner. PND
60  2014 Early postnatal repeated maternal deprivation causes a transient increase in OMpg and BDNF in rat cerebellum suggesting precocious myelination. PND
61  2014 Early-life-stress affects the homeostasis of glutamatergic synapses. SPS, SSC
62  2014 Immediate Effects of Maternal Deprivation on the (Re)Activity of the HPA-Axis Differ in CD1 and C57Bl/6J Mouse Pups. CORT, GR, HPA
63  2014 Long-term effects of maternal deprivation on cholinergic system in rat brain. ACh, AChE, RS
64  2014 Long-term effects of maternal deprivation on the neuronal soma area in the rat neocortex. MCx, PFCx, RSCX
65  2014 Neonatal stress-induced affective changes in adolescent Wistar rats: early signs of schizophrenia-like behavior. CORT, EPM
66  2014 Sodium butyrate functions as an antidepressant and improves cognition with enhanced neurotrophic expression in models of maternal deprivation and chronic mild stress. CMS, FST, HDAC, OR, SB
67  2013 Differential effects of repeated immobilization stress in early vs. late postnatal period on stress-induced corticosterone response in adult rats. HPA
68  2013 Early maternal deprivation-induced modifications in the neurobiological, neurochemical and behavioral profile of adult rats. APO, d-AMP, DA
69  2013 Early postnatal maternal separation causes alterations in the expression of beta3-adrenergic receptor in rat adipose tissue suggesting long-term influence on obesity. beta3-AR, MRC, PHB, UCP1
70  2013 Long-term effects of the maternal deprivation on the volume and number of neurons in the rat neocortex and hippocampus. ---
71  2013 Maternal depression and infant development: theory and current evidence. ---
72  2013 Maternal deprivation enhances behavioral vulnerability to stress associated with miR-504 expression in nucleus accumbens of rats. CUS, DRD1
73  2013 Maternal deprivation is associated with sex-dependent alterations in nociceptive behavior and neuroinflammatory mediators in the rat following peripheral nerve injury. IL-6, SNL
74  2013 Postnatal maternal deprivation and pubertal stress have additive effects on dopamine D2 receptor and CaMKII beta expression in the striatum. CaMKIIbeta, D2R, DARPP-32, NKB
75  2013 Prenatal nicotine and maternal deprivation stress de-regulate the development of CA1, CA3, and dentate gyrus neurons in hippocampus of infant rats. DG, NIC
76  2013 Sex-dependent changes in brain CB1R expression and functionality and immune CB2R expression as a consequence of maternal deprivation and adolescent cocaine exposure. ---
77  2013 Sex-dependent effects of early maternal deprivation on MDMA-induced conditioned place preference in adolescent rats: possible neurochemical correlates. CB1R, CPP, MDMA
78  2013 The dopamine D1 receptor agonist SKF 38393 improves temporal order memory performance in maternally deprived rats. DA, mPFC, TMT
79  2012 A single episode of maternal deprivation impairs the motivation for cocaine in adolescent mice. BDNF, DEP
80  2012 Abnormal hippocampal BDNF and miR-16 expression is associated with depression-like behaviors induced by stress during early life. CUPS
81  2012 Analyzing the effects of a single episode of neonatal maternal deprivation on metabolite profiles in rat brain: a proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy study. HIP, HR-MAS, PFC
82  2012 Maternal deprivation and adolescent cannabinoid exposure impact hippocampal astrocytes, CB1 receptors and brain-derived neurotrophic factor in a sexually dimorphic fashion. BDNF, CP, DG, GFAP, PND
83  2012 Maternal deprivation exacerbates the response to a high fat diet in a sexually dimorphic manner. CD, HFD, PND
84  2012 Maternal deprivation in rats is associated with corticotrophin-releasing hormone (CRH) promoter hypomethylation and enhances CRH transcriptional responses to stress in adulthood. CeA, CRE, CRH, hn, HPA, PVN
85  2012 Maternal deprivation induces deficits in temporal memory and cognitive flexibility and exaggerates synaptic plasticity in the rat medial prefrontal cortex. ASST, LTP, mPFC, PFC, PrL, TMT, WMT
86  2012 Maternal stress induces adult reduced REM sleep and melatonin level. MC
87  2012 Neonatal treatment with a pegylated leptin antagonist has a sexually dimorphic effect on hypothalamic trophic factors and neuropeptide levels. PND
88  2012 Neurobehavioral and metabolic long-term consequences of neonatal maternal deprivation stress and adolescent olanzapine treatment in male and female rats. PND, TG
89  2012 Stress is a critical player in CYP3A, CYP2C, and CYP2D regulation: role of adrenergic receptor signaling pathways. CYPs, RS
90  2012 Unpredictable chronic stress in juvenile or adult rats has opposite effects, respectively, promoting and impairing resilience. UCS
91  2011 Early maternal deprivation affects dentate gyrus structure and emotional learning in adult female rats. DG
92  2011 Long term sex-dependent psychoneuroendocrine effects of maternal deprivation and juvenile unpredictable stress in rats. CUS, GR, MR, NOT, PND
93  2011 Maternal exercise decreases maternal deprivation induced anxiety of pups and correlates to increased prefrontal cortex BDNF and VEGF. ---
94  2011 Retardation of neurobehavioral development and reelin down-regulation regulated by further DNA methylation in the hippocampus of the rat pups are associated with maternal deprivation. PND
95  2011 Sex-dependent effects of maternal deprivation and adolescent cannabinoid treatment on adult rat behaviour. PND, PPI
96  2011 Stress-induced depressive behaviors are correlated with Par-4 and DRD2 expression in rat striatum. CMS, DRD2, Par-4
97  2011 The effect of different maternal deprivation paradigms on the expression of hippocampal glucocorticoid receptors, calretinin and calbindin-D28k in male and female adolescent rats. CALR, GRs, SHRP
98  2010 Early maternal deprivation induces changes on the expression of 2-AG biosynthesis and degradation enzymes in neonatal rat hippocampus. ---
99  2010 Long-term consequences of early maternal deprivation in serotonergic activity and HPA function in adult rat. HPA, PND 9
100  2010 Maternal deprivation alters epithelial secretory cell lineages in rat duodenum: role of CRF-related peptides. CRF