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Long Form:   mediodorsal thalamus
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2020 Mediodorsal Thalamus Contributes to the Timing of Instrumental Actions. ---
2020 Parvalbumin Interneuron Dysfunction in a Thalamo-Prefrontal Cortical Circuit in Disc1 Locus Impairment Mice. Disc1, E-I, FFI, LI, mPFC, PFC, PV-IN, SOM
2020 Pre-training inactivation of basolateral amygdala and mediodorsal thalamus, but not orbitofrontal cortex or prelimbic cortex, impairs devaluation in a multiple-response/multiple-reinforcer cued operant task. BLA, OFC, PL
2020 Resting-state effective connectivity in the motive circuit of methamphetamine users: A case controlled fMRI study. DCM, EC, MA, PFC, VP
2020 The role of anterodorsal thalamus in associative memory encoding and retrieval. AT
2019 A thalamocortical circuit for updating action-outcome associations. OFC
2019 Lysophosphatidic acid LPA1 and LPA3 receptors play roles in the maintenance of late tissue plasminogen activator-induced central poststroke pain in mice. CPSP, LPA1, LPA3, MCA, NeuP, PIT, tPA
2019 Microcircuit Mechanisms through which Mediodorsal Thalamic Input to Anterior Cingulate Cortex Exacerbates Pain-Related Aversion. ACC, SC
2019 Neural circuits underlying a psychotherapeutic regimen for fear disorders. ABS, SC
10  2019 Structural Thalamofrontal Hypoconnectivity Is Related to Oculomotor Corollary Discharge Dysfunction in Schizophrenia. CD, FEFs
11  2018 Mediodorsal thalamus is required for discrete phases of goal-directed behavior in macaques. OFC
12  2018 Organization of afferents to the orbitofrontal cortex in the rat. OFC, PFC
13  2018 Thalamocortical and corticothalamic pathways differentially contribute to goal-directed behaviors in the rat. dmPFC
14  2018 The Mediodorsal Thalamus: An Essential Partner of the Prefrontal Cortex for Cognition. PFC
15  2018 The serotonin hallucinogen 5-MeO-DMT alters cortico-thalamic activity in freely moving mice: Regionally-selective involvement of 5-HT1A and 5-HT2A receptors. WT
16  2017 Interhemispheric resting-state functional connectivity of the claustrum in the awake and anesthetized states. mPFC, rs-fMRI
17  2017 Morphological, structural, and functional alterations of the prefrontal cortex and the basolateral amygdala after early lesion of the rat mediodorsal thalamus. BLA, PFC
18  2017 Thalamic projections sustain prefrontal activity during working memory maintenance. mPFC, PFC
19  2017 Ultrastructural and Functional Properties of a Giant Synapse Driving the Piriform Cortex to Mediodorsal Thalamus Projection. EM, Pir
20  2016 Acute phencyclidine administration induces c-Fos-immunoreactivity in interneurons in cortical and subcortical regions. CA1, CB, GABA, IR, NAc, NMDARs, PV
21  2016 Dissociable effects of anterior and mediodorsal thalamic lesions on spatial goal-directed behavior. ATN
22  2016 Parallel inputs from the mediodorsal thalamus to the prefrontal cortex in the rat. PFC
23  2015 Mediodorsal thalamus hypofunction impairs flexible goal-directed behavior. ---
24  2015 Neuronal activity patterns in the mediodorsal thalamus and related cognitive circuits are modulated by metabotropic glutamate receptors. mGlu, PAM, PFC
25  2015 The mediodorsal thalamus as a higher order thalamic relay nucleus important for learning and decision-making. PFC
26  2015 Ventral pallidal projections to mediodorsal thalamus and ventral tegmental area play distinct roles in outcome-specific Pavlovian-instrumental transfer. NAcS, PIT, VPm, VTA
27  2014 Development of thalamocortical connections between the mediodorsal thalamus and the prefrontal cortex and its implication in cognition. PFC
28  2014 Functional centrality of amygdala, striatum and hypothalamus in a "small-world" network underlying joy: an fMRI study with music. ECM, fMRI, LB, NAc, SF
29  2013 Inhibition of mediodorsal thalamus disrupts thalamofrontal connectivity and cognition. PFC
30  2013 Morphometric brain characterization of refractory obsessive-compulsive disorder: diffeomorphic anatomic registration using exponentiated Lie algebra. DARTEL, OCD, PCC, VBM
31  2013 Pathological activity in mediodorsal thalamus of rats with spinal cord injury pain. PO, SCI, ZI
32  2013 Prefrontal cortex and mediodorsal thalamus reduced connectivity is associated with spatial working memory impairment in rats with inflammatory pain. mPFC
33  2013 Structural basis of the fronto-thalamic dysconnectivity in schizophrenia: A combined DCM-VBM study. ACC, DCM, fMRI, VBM, WM
34  2013 The role of the anterior, mediodorsal, and parafascicular thalamus in instrumental conditioning. ANT, PF, PL
35  2013 What does the mediodorsal thalamus do? PFC
36  2012 Dynamic changes in single unit activity and gamma oscillations in a thalamocortical circuit during rapid instrumental learning. mPFC
37  2012 The effects of morphine on basal neuronal activities in the lateral and medial pain pathways. ACC, VPL
38  2011 Propensity to 'relapse' following exposure to cocaine cues is associated with the recruitment of specific thalamic and epithalamic nuclei. HR, LR, PVT
39  2011 Thalamic T-type Ca+ channels mediate frontal lobe dysfunctions caused by a hypoxia-like damage in the prefrontal cortex. PFC
40  2010 Effects of pentobarbital anesthesia on nociceptive processing in the medial and lateral pain pathways in rats. ACC, VPL
41  2010 The role of mediodorsal thalamus in temporal differentiation of reward-guided actions. ---
42  2009 Morphine modulation of pain processing in medial and lateral pain pathways. ACC, VPL
43  2009 Nucleus accumbens deep brain stimulation produces region-specific alterations in local field potential oscillations and evoked responses in vivo. HF, LF, LFP, mPFC, NAc, OFC
44  2009 The effects of electrical stimulation or an electrolytic lesion in the mediodorsal thalamus of the rat on survival, body weight, food intake and running activity in the activity-based anorexia model. ABA
45  2008 A limited role for mediodorsal thalamus in devaluation tasks. ---
46  2008 Anticipation of pain enhances the nociceptive transmission and functional connectivity within pain network in rats. ACC
47  2008 Differential involvement of the basolateral amygdala and mediodorsal thalamus in instrumental action selection. BLA
48  2008 Examining the role of the medial thalamus in modulating the affective dimension of pain. MT
49  2008 Immunological aspects in the neurobiology of suicide: elevated microglial density in schizophrenia and depression is associated with suicide. ACC, DLPFC
50  2007 Corticofugal influences on thalamic neurons during nociceptive transmission in awake rats. ACC, VP
51  2007 Differential activation of anterior and midline thalamic nuclei following retrieval of aversively motivated learning tasks. AD, ATN, CM/IMD, CTA, IA, MITC, PVT
52  2007 High-frequency deep brain stimulation of the nucleus accumbens region suppresses neuronal activity and selectively modulates afferent drive in rat orbitofrontal cortex in vivo. DBS, LFPs, NAc, OCD, OFC
53  2007 Reorganization of learning-associated prefrontal synaptic plasticity between the recall of recent and remote fear extinction memory. mPFC, vHPC
54  2006 Distribution of HLA-DR-positive microglia in schizophrenia reflects impaired cerebral lateralization. ACC, DLPFC
55  2006 Electrolytic lesions of the medial prefrontal cortex do not interfere with long-term memory of extinction of conditioned fear. MO, mPFC, SEP
56  2006 Hippocampal train stimulation modulates recall of fear extinction independently of prefrontal cortex synaptic plasticity and lesions. HPC, LFS, LTP, mPFC
57  2005 Differential modulation of anterior cingulate cortical activity by afferents from ventral tegmental area and mediodorsal thalamus. DA, VTA
58  2005 Prefrontal cortex in the rat: projections to subcortical autonomic, motor, and limbic centers. BLA, DS/VS, IL, LH, PFC, PL, SC
59  2005 The role of the human thalamus in processing corollary discharge. VL
60  2004 What the brain stem tells the frontal cortex. I. Oculomotor signals sent from superior colliculus to frontal eye field via mediodorsal thalamus. FEF, SC
61  2004 What the brain stem tells the frontal cortex. II. Role of the SC-MD-FEF pathway in corollary discharge. FEF, SC
62  2003 Gating of hippocampal-evoked activity in prefrontal cortical neurons by inputs from the mediodorsal thalamus and ventral tegmental area. FF, PFC, VTA
63  1999 Plasticity in the mediodorsal thalamo-prefrontal cortical transmission in behaving mice. CS, mPFC
64  1998 Mediodorsal thalamus plays a critical role in the development of limbic motor seizures. AT, Glu, NBQX
65  1998 Response of the ventral pallidal/mediodorsal thalamic system to antipsychotic drug administration: involvement of the prefrontal cortex. PFCTX, VP
66  1997 Regulation of prepulse inhibition by ventral pallidal projections. PPI, PPTg, STN
67  1997 The olfactory thalamocortical system and odor reversal learning examined using an asymmetrical lesion paradigm in rats. AC
68  1995 Effects of mammillary bodies and mediodorsal thalamic lesions on the acquisition and retention of a learning set in mice: paradoxical effect of the intersession interval. MB
69  1989 Organization of projections from the mediodorsal nucleus of the thalamus to the basolateral complex of the amygdala in the rat. ---
70  1988 Differential effects on locomotor activity of injections of procaine into mediodorsal thalamus and pedunculopontine nucleus. MLR, PPN
71  1980 [Afferent connections in the ventromedial hypothalamus of rats demonstrated by retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase]. DAH, HRP
72  1978 Participation of thalamic nuclei in the elaboration of conditioned avoidance reflexes of rats. V. Lesions of the nucleus mediodorsalis. ---
73  1976 Inhibition of gonadotropin secretion induced by stimulation of thalamic nuclei. ---