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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A flexible 3-dimensional microelectrode array for in vitro brain models. 3DMEA, hiPSC
2020 Adaptive virtual referencing for the extraction of extracellularly recorded action potentials in noisy environments. AVR, MRI, UHF
2020 Assessment of Spontaneous Neuronal Activity In Vitro Using Multi-Well Multi-Electrode Arrays: Implications for Assay Development. ---
2020 Base Editing Mediated Generation of Point Mutations Into Human Pluripotent Stem Cells for Modeling Disease. ABE, CBE, epi-BEs, hPSC-CMs, hPSCs, sgRNA
2020 Challenges of simultaneous measurements of brain extracellular GABA and glutamate in vivo using enzyme-coated microelectrode arrays. GABA, GluOx
2020 Changes in neuronal activity across the mouse ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus in response to low glucose: Evaluation using an extracellular multi-electrode array approach. DM-VMN, GE, GI, PED, PER, pMEA, VL-VMN, VMN
2020 Compact 256-channel multi-well microelectrode array system for in vitro neuropharmacology test. ASIC, BIC
2020 Concentration-response evaluation of ToxCast compounds for multivariate activity patterns of neural network function. MFR
2020 Critical Components for Spontaneous Activity and Rhythm Generation in Spinal Cord Circuits in Culture. CPGs, FFA, ICAN, INaP
10  2020 Deployable, liquid crystal elastomer-based intracortical probes. FBR, LCEs, PEG
11  2020 Dextran-coated iron oxide nanoparticle-induced nanotoxicity in neuron cultures. dIONPs, ENPs, ROS
12  2020 Dopamine and Striatal Neuron Firing Respond to Frequency-Dependent DBS Detected by Microelectrode Arrays in the Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease. DA, DBS, FSIs, MSNs, PD
13  2020 Electrochemical dual-aptamer biosensors based on nanostructured multielectrode arrays for the detection of neuronal biomarkers. AbetaO, AD, ATP
14  2020 Flexible Multielectrode Arrays With 2-D and 3-D Contacts for In Vivo Electromyography Recording. EMG, PDMS, SNR
15  2020 Hazard Characterization of Synthetic Cathinones Using Viability, Monoamine Reuptake, and Neuronal Activity Assays. 3-MMC, alpha-PVP, HEK, MDPV, NPS
16  2020 High-throughput screening of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived brain organoids. HCI, hiPSCs, HTS, SFEBs
17  2020 Hyperthermia exacerbates the acute effects of psychoactive substances on neuronal activity measured using microelectrode arrays (MEAs) in rat primary cortical cultures in vitro. NPS
18  2020 Label-free conduction velocity mapping and gap junction assessment of functional iPSC-Cardiomyocyte monolayers. ARVC, CV, PKP2
19  2020 Low-Impedance 3D PEDOT:PSS Ultramicroelectrodes. ---
20  2020 Low-Temperature Atomic Layer Deposited Oxide on Titanium Nitride Electrodes Enables Culture and Physiological Recording of Electrogenic Cells. ALD
21  2020 Mechanically Robust, Softening Shape Memory Polymer Probes for Intracortical Recording. SMP
22  2020 Microelectrode Array based Functional Testing of Pancreatic Islet Cells. FOPP
23  2020 Modulation of epileptogenesis: A paradigm for the integration of enzyme-based microelectrode arrays and optogenetics. DG
24  2020 NanoMEA: A Tool for High-Throughput, Electrophysiological Phenotyping of Patterned Excitable Cells. hPSC, nanoMEA
25  2020 Regulation of dopamine-dependent transcription and cocaine action by Gadd45b. CPP, DEGs, gRNAs, IEG
26  2020 Ruthenium oxide based microelectrode arrays for in vitro and in vivo neural recording and stimulation. IrOx, ITO, RuOx, SNRs
27  2020 TFT sensor array for real-time cellular characterization, stimulation, impedance measurement and optical imaging of in-vitro neural cells. AP, ITO, LFP, TFT
28  2020 The Future of Neuroimplantable Devices: A Materials Science and Regulatory Perspective. ECoG, FDA
29  2020 Three-dimensionality shapes the dynamics of cortical interconnected to hippocampal networks. ---
30  2019 A novel bionic in vitro bioelectronic tongue based on cardiomyocytes and microelectrode array for bitter and umami detection. BioETs, ETs, PCA, SD
31  2019 A novel lab-on-chip platform enabling axotomy and neuromodulation in a multi-nodal network. ---
32  2019 Active High-Density Electrode Arrays: Technology and Applications in Neuronal Cell Cultures. CMOS
33  2019 An in vitro model for studying CNS white matter: functional properties and experimental approaches. PAMPs
34  2019 Bundling of axons through a capillary alginate gel enhances the detection of axonal action potentials using microelectrode arrays. ---
35  2019 Characterization of in vitro neural functional connectivity on a neurofluidic device. ---
36  2019 Chronic Methylphenidate Alters Tonic and Phasic Glutamate Signaling in the Frontal Cortex of a Freely-Moving Rat Model of ADHD. ADHD, MPH, SHR, WKY
37  2019 Direct in Vivo Electrochemical Detection of Resting Dopamine Using Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/Carbon Nanotube Functionalized Microelectrodes. CFEs, DA, PEDOT, PEDOT/CNT, SWV
38  2019 Effect fingerprints of antipsychotic drugs on neural networks in vitro. APDs
39  2019 Electrode-Electrolyte Interface Impedance Characterization of Ultra-Miniaturized Microelectrode Arrays Over Materials and Geometries for Sub-Cellular and Cellular Sensing and Stimulation. EIS
40  2019 Electrodeposited platinum-iridium coating improves in vivo recording performance of chronically implanted microelectrode arrays. EPIC
41  2019 Experimental and Computational Methods for the Study of Cerebral Organoids: A Review. ---
42  2019 Fabrication of Convex PDMS-Parylene Microstructures for Conformal Contact of Planar Micro-Electrode Array. ---
43  2019 From MEAs to MOAs: The Next Generation of Bioelectronic Interfaces for Neuronal Cultures. OCMFET
44  2019 Fully Printed mu-Needle Electrode Array from Conductive Polymer Ink for Bioelectronic Applications. ---
45  2019 How does the presence of neural probes affect extracellular potentials? ---
46  2019 Human iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocyte Networks on Multiwell Micro-electrode Arrays for Recurrent Action Potential Recordings. AP, hiPSC-CM
47  2019 Human Neural Tissues from Neural Stem Cells Using Conductive Biogel and Printed Polymer Microelectrode Arrays for 3D Electrical Stimulation. CP, ES, NSCs, PEDOT
48  2019 Impairment of Dendrodendritic Inhibition in the Olfactory Bulb of APP/PS1 Mice. AD, APP, EPL, GCs, LFPs, MCs, OB
49  2019 In vitro validation of in silico identified inhibitory interactions. NCP
50  2019 Infrared Laser Pulses Excite Action Potentials in Primary Cortex Neurons In Vitro. CNS, INM, IR, PNS
51  2019 Inkjet-printed PEDOT:PSS multi-electrode arrays for low-cost in vitro electrophysiology. PEDOT, pMEAs
52  2019 L-type voltage-gated calcium channel regulation of in vitro human cortical neuronal networks. ---
53  2019 Lamina-specific population encoding of cutaneous signals in the spinal dorsal horn using multi-electrode arrays. DH, vFHs
54  2019 Long-Term Developmental Process of the Human Cortex Revealed In Vitro by Axon-Targeted Recording Using a Microtunnel-Augmented Microelectrode Array. hiPSC
55  2019 Mild stimulation improves neuronal survival in an in vitro model of the ischemic penumbra. ---
56  2019 Multi-Electrode Array with a Planar Surface for Cell Patterning by Microprinting. pMEA
57  2019 Pathogenic Tau Impairs Axon Initial Segment Plasticity and Excitability Homeostasis. AIS, EB3, FTD
58  2019 Recording of Neural Activity With Modulation of Photolysis of Caged Compounds Using Microelectrode Arrays in Rats With Seizures. LFP, RuBi-GABA, RuBi-Glu
59  2019 Simultaneous electrophysiological and morphological assessment of functional damage to neural networks in vitro after 30-300 g impacts. AP
60  2019 Structural and functional connections between the median and the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus. MnPO, NREM, VLPO
61  2019 Technologies to Study Action Potential Propagation With a Focus on HD-MEAs. AIS, APs, GEVI, HD-MEAs
62  2019 The effect of acute glutamate treatment on the functional connectivity and network topology of cortical cultures. ---
63  2019 Toward a Bidirectional Communication Between Retinal Cells and a Prosthetic Device - A Proof of Concept. ES, RGCs
64  2019 Ultrasoft Silicone Gel as a Biomimetic Passivation Layer in Inkjet-Printed 3D MEA Devices. PDMS
65  2019 Unique Features of Network Bursts Emerge From the Complex Interplay of Excitatory and Inhibitory Receptors in Rat Neocortical Networks. AMPARs, GABAARs, NBs, NMDARs
66  2018 A Deep Learning Approach for the Classification of Neuronal Cell Types. CNN
67  2018 A Micropatterned Multielectrode Shell for 3D Spatiotemporal Recording from Live Cells. ---
68  2018 A patterned polystyrene-based microelectrode array for in vitro neuronal recordings. ---
69  2018 Action potential propagation recorded from single axonal arbors using multielectrode arrays. EAPs
70  2018 Adult mouse sensory neurons on microelectrode arrays exhibit increased spontaneous and stimulus-evoked activity in the presence of interleukin-6. DRG, IL-6
71  2018 Amorphous silicon carbide ultramicroelectrode arrays for neural stimulation and recording. a-SiC
72  2018 Amperometric Self-Referencing Ceramic Based Microelectrode Arrays for D-Serine Detection. LOD, RgDAAO
73  2018 Convolutional Networks Outperform Linear Decoders in Predicting EMG From Spinal Cord Signals. CNN, CST, EMG, ReLU
74  2018 Decreased spontaneous electrical activity in neuronal networks exposed to radiofrequency 1,800 MHz signals. CNS, CW, GSM, RF, RF, SAR
75  2018 Electrically Controlled Neurochemical Release from Dual-Layer Conducting Polymer Films for Precise Modulation of Neural Network Activity in Rat Barrel Cortex. DNQX, fCNT
76  2018 Electrically Guided DNA Immobilization and Multiplexed DNA Detection with Nanoporous Gold Electrodes. LOD, np-Au
77  2018 Fabrication and Characterization of 3D Multi-Electrode Array on Flexible Substrate for In Vivo EMG Recording from Expiratory Muscle of Songbird. EMG
78  2018 Fabrication of Multielectrode Arrays for Neurobiology Applications. ---
79  2018 Genetic Modulation at the Neural Microelectrode Interface: Methods and Applications. ---
80  2018 Graphene Microelectrode Arrays for Electrical and Optical Measurements of Human Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes. hESC-CMs
81  2018 High-frequency electrical stimulation promotes reshaping of the functional connections and synaptic plasticity in in vitro cortical networks. ---
82  2018 Identification of Ion Currents Components Generating Field Potential Recorded in MEA From hiPSC-CM. hiPSC-CMs
83  2018 In vitro compatibility testing of thiol-ene/acrylate-based shape memory polymers for use in implantable neural interfaces. ISO, SMPs
84  2018 In vivo bioelectronic nose using transgenic mice for specific odor detection. GFP, OB, OSNs, TNT
85  2018 In Vivo Monitoring of Oxygen Fluctuation Simultaneously at Multiple Sites of Rat Cortex during Spreading Depression. SD
86  2018 Interfacing Microfluidics with Microelectrode Arrays for Studying Neuronal Communication and Axonal Signal Propagation. ---
87  2018 Interpretation of field potentials measured on a multi electrode array in pharmacological toxicity screening on primary and human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes. ---
88  2018 Ion Beam Assisted E-Beam Deposited TiN Microelectrodes-Applied to Neuronal Cell Culture Medium Evaluation. BPH, CTC, hPSC, IBAD, NDM, TiN
89  2018 Liquid Crystal Elastomer-Based Microelectrode Array for In Vitro Neuronal Recordings. LCEs, PBS
90  2018 Long-Term Depression Learning in Spinal Cord Networks. LTD
91  2018 Long-term stability of neural signals from microwire arrays implanted in common marmoset motor cortex and striatum. NAcc, NHP, SNR
92  2018 meaRtools: An R package for the analysis of neuronal networks recorded on microelectrode arrays. STTC
93  2018 Microbiosensor fabrication by polydimethylsiloxane stamping for combined sensing of glucose and choline. ChOx, GOx, PDMS, PPD
94  2018 Nonthrombogenic, stretchable, active multielectrode array for electroanatomical mapping. ECG
95  2018 Recording and Modulation of Epileptiform Activity in Rodent Brain Slices Coupled to Microelectrode Arrays. 4-AP, DBS, GUI, TLE
96  2018 Soft conductive micropillar electrode arrays for biologically relevant electrophysiological recording. ---
97  2018 Synchronous firing patterns of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cortical neurons depend on the network structure consisting of excitatory and inhibitory neurons. Exc, Inh, iPSCs
98  2018 Toxicological evaluation of convulsant and anticonvulsant drugs in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cortical neuronal networks using an MEA system. 4-AP, hiPSC, PTZ
99  2017 A multielectrode array microchannel platform reveals both transient and slow changes in axonal conduction velocity. DIV
100  2017 Ceramic-Based Multisite Platinum Microelectrode Arrays: Morphological Characteristics and Electrochemical Performance for Extracellular Oxygen Measurements in Brain Tissue. ---