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Abbreviation:   MFPT  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   mean first passage time
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 First passage time in multistep stochastic processes with applications to dust charging. FPE, FPT, ME
2019 Committors, first-passage times, fluxes, Markov states, milestones, and all that. ---
2019 First passage of molecular motors on networks of cytoskeletal filaments. FPTs
2019 First Passage Time Memory Lifetimes for Simple, Multistate Synapses: Beyond the Eigenvector Requirement. FPT
2019 First-passage-time distribution in a moving parabolic potential with spatial roughness. FPTD, KAs, PAA, PDF
2019 Globally optimal volume-trap arrangements for the narrow-capture problem inside a unit sphere. ---
2019 Influence of the components of propagule pressure, Allee effects, and stochasticity on the time to establish introduced populations. ---
2019 Polymer Translocation Across a Corrugated Channel: Fick⁻Jacobs Approximation Extended Beyond the Mean First-Passage Time. FPTD
2019 The influences of correlated spatially random perturbations on first passage time in a linear-cubic potential. FPTDs, MPPT, SRPs
10  2019 Transient probability currents provide upper and lower bounds on non-equilibrium steady-state currents in the Smoluchowski picture. ---
11  2019 Transport and escape in a deformable channel driven by fractional Gaussian noise. FGN
12  2018 Estimating the mean first passage time of protein misfolding. ---
13  2018 Predicting the mean first passage time (MFPT) to reach any state for a passive dynamic walker with steady state variability. PDW, RW
14  2018 RNA folding kinetics using Monte Carlo and Gillespie algorithms. ---
15  2018 Water nucleation in helium, methane, and argon: A molecular dynamics study. LJ
16  2017 An open-loop approach to calculate noise-induced transitions. ---
17  2017 First Passage Time Memory Lifetimes for Simple, Multistate Synapses. FPT, SNR
18  2017 First passage times for multiple particles with reversible target-binding kinetics. ---
19  2016 Analysis of nucleation using mean first-passage time data from molecular dynamics simulation. ---
20  2016 Effects of ensembles on methane hydrate nucleation kinetics. FSICA, MCG, OP
21  2016 Entropically induced asymmetric passage times of charged tracers across corrugated channels. ---
22  2016 Estimation of mean first passage time for bursty gene expression. ---
23  2016 Is the optimal intervention policy UC superior to the suboptimal policy MFPT over inferred probabilistic Boolean network models? UC
24  2016 Markovian and Non-Markovian Modeling of Membrane Dynamics with Milestoning. ---
25  2016 Mean First-Passage Times in Biology. ---
26  2016 Network exploration using true self-avoiding walks. BRWs, min, TSAWs
27  2016 Quantifying the landscape and kinetic paths for epithelial-mesenchymal transition from a core circuit. EMT, MAPs
28  2016 Two Relations to Estimate Membrane Permeability Using Milestoning. ISD
29  2016 Universal Formula for the Mean First Passage Time in Planar Domains. ---
30  2015 Asymptotic analysis of first passage time problems inspired by ecology. PDE, VMFPT
31  2015 Asymptotic analysis of narrow escape problems in nonspherical three-dimensional domains. ---
32  2015 Efficiency of message transmission using biased random walks in complex networks in the presence of traps. ER, RR, SF
33  2015 Exploring the nature of the liquid-liquid transition in silicon: a non-activated transformation. HDL, LDL, LLPT
34  2015 Facilitated diffusion framework for transcription factor search with conformational changes. TFs
35  2015 First-Passage Times in d-Dimensional Heterogeneous Media. ---
36  2015 Narrow escape problem with a mixed trap and the effect of orientation. ---
37  2015 Nucleation rate analysis of methane hydrate from molecular dynamics simulations. MD, SP
38  2015 Optimization and universality of Brownian search in a basic model of quenched heterogeneous media. ---
39  2015 Phase transitions in optimal search times: How random walkers should combine resetting and flight scales. ---
40  2015 Translocation of a semiflexible polymer through a nanopore in the presence of attractive binding particles. BPs
41  2014 Anisotropic diffusion in a two-dimensional model with obstruction and a comparison of mean first passage time calculations. ---
42  2014 Cavitation in a metallic liquid: homogeneous nucleation and growth of nanovoids. CNT, JMA, MD, SP
43  2014 Effects of reciprocity on random walks in weighted networks. ---
44  2014 Estimating mean first passage time of biased random walks with short relaxation time on complex networks. ---
45  2014 First Order Transition for the Optimal Search Time of Levy Flights with Resetting. ---
46  2014 First-passage times, mobile traps, and Hopf bifurcations. ---
47  2014 Mean first-passage time for maximal-entropy random walks in complex networks. MERW, TURW
48  2014 Stochastic simulation of single-molecule pulling experiments. ---
49  2014 The role of dendritic spine morphology in the compartmentalization and delivery of surface receptors. PSD
50  2013 Anomalous biased diffusion in networks. RR, SF, th, th
51  2013 Computation of transit times using the milestoning method with applications to polymer translocation. ---
52  2013 Controlling the efficiency of trapping in treelike fractals. ---
53  2013 Fundamental mechanisms for tablet dissolution: simulation of particle deaggregation via Brownian dynamics. BD, FPTD
54  2013 Homogeneous bubble nucleation in water at negative pressure: a Voronoi polyhedra analysis. ---
55  2013 Narrow-escape problem for the unit sphere: homogenization limit, optimal arrangements of large numbers of traps, and the N(2) conjecture. ---
56  2013 Random walks in weighted networks with a perfect trap: an application of Laplacian spectra. ATT
57  2013 Random walks on weighted networks. ATT
58  2013 The timing statistics of spontaneous calcium release in cardiac myocytes. Ca, SCR, SR
59  2012 Estimating network topology by the mean first-passage time. ---
60  2012 Filling of a Poisson trap by a population of random intermittent searchers. ---
61  2012 First passages in bounded domains: when is the mean first passage time meaningful? ---
62  2012 Mathematical modeling and numerical computation of narrow escape problems. ---
63  2012 Random walks in modular scale-free networks with multiple traps. ---
64  2012 Spatial log-periodic oscillations of first-passage observables in fractals. ---
65  2012 Unassisted transport of N-acetyl-L-tryptophanamide through membrane: experiment and simulation of kinetics. DOPC, PAMPA
66  2011 Adiabatic and non-adiabatic non-equilibrium stochastic dynamics of single regulating genes. ---
67  2011 Brownian diffusion of ion channels in different membrane patch geometries. ---
68  2011 Close or connected: distance and connectivity effects on transport in networks. ---
69  2011 Comment on "Two definitions of the hopping time in a confined fluid of finite particles" [J. Chem. Phys. 129, 154117 (2008)]. ---
70  2011 Electrostatic approximation of source-to-target mean first-passage times on networks. ---
71  2011 Quasi-steady-state analysis of two-dimensional random intermittent search processes. ---
72  2010 A CoD-based reduction algorithm for designing stationary control policies on Boolean networks. BNs, CoD, PBN, SSD
73  2010 Determining mean first-passage time on a class of treelike regular fractals. EMFPT, PMFPT
74  2010 Effective target arrangement in a deterministic scale-free graph. ---
75  2010 Explicit determination of mean first-passage time for random walks on deterministic uniform recursive trees. ATT, DURTs
76  2010 Extended narrow escape problem: boundary homogenization-based analysis. ---
77  2010 Impact of degree heterogeneity on the behavior of trapping in Koch networks. ---
78  2010 Mean first-passage time for random walks on generalized deterministic recursive trees. ---
79  2010 Milestoning without a Reaction Coordinate. MD
80  2010 Quasi-steady state reduction of molecular motor-based models of directed intermittent search. FP
81  2009 Combinatorial fiber-tracking of the human brain. DTI, ODF
82  2009 Distinct scalings for mean first-passage time of random walks on scale-free networks with the same degree sequence. ---
83  2009 Exact solution for mean first-passage time on a pseudofractal scale-free web. PSFW
84  2009 Intervention in gene regulatory networks via greedy control policies based on long-run behavior. ---
85  2009 Standard random walks and trapping on the Koch network with scale-free behavior and small-world effect. ---
86  2009 Trapping in scale-free networks with hierarchical organization of modularity. ---
87  2008 Mean first-passage time for superdiffusion in a slit pore with sticky boundaries. ---
88  2008 Random walks on complex trees. ---
89  2007 Escape driven by alpha-stable white noises. ---
90  2007 Homogeneous nucleation and growth of melt in copper. EAM
91  2007 Shot noise perturbations and mean first passage times between stable states. ---
92  2006 Escape through an unstable limit cycle: resonant activation. ---
93  2006 Formation and positioning of nucleosomes: effect of sequence-dependent long-range correlated structural disorder. LRC, WT
94  2005 Hierarchical Numerical Solution of Smoluchowski Equations with Rough Potentials. ---
95  2004 Diffusion in correlated random potentials, with applications to DNA. ---
96  2004 Fluctuations-induced switch in the gene transcriptional regulatory system. SPD
97  2004 Random walks on complex networks. ---
98  2003 Coherent and incoherent trapping of a diffusion-assisted system in the presence of an external periodic field. ---
99  2003 Superconducting junctions perturbed by environmental fluctuation. ---
100  2002 Disorder and funneling effects on exciton migration in treelike dendrimers. ---