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Long Form:   meiosis I
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2020 Dynamic organelle distribution initiates actin-based spindle migration in mouse oocytes. ER, FMN2
2020 RanGTP and importin beta regulate meiosis I spindle assembly and function in mouse oocytes. FRET, MTOCs
2020 The association between maternal occupation and down syndrome: A report from the national Down syndrome project. DS, MII, NDSP, SOC
2019 Incidence and origin of meiotic whole and segmental chromosomal aneuploidies detected by karyomapping. MII
2018 An interplay between Shugoshin and Spo13 for centromeric cohesin protection and sister kinetochore mono-orientation during meiosis I in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. CCP, PP2ARts1, SKM
2018 Cdk1 inactivation induces post-anaphase-onset spindle migration and membrane protrusion required for extreme asymmetry in mouse oocytes. CDK1, PBE, PBs
2018 Chromatin Spread Preparations for the Analysis of Mouse Oocyte Progression from Prophase to Metaphase II. MII
2017 CenpH regulates meiotic G2/M transition by modulating the APC/CCdh1-cyclin B1 pathway in oocytes. MPF
2017 Cyclin A2 modulates kinetochore-microtubule attachment in meiosis II. MII
10  2017 Haspin inhibition reveals functional differences of interchromatid axis-localized AURKB and AURKC. AURKB, CPC, SAC
11  2017 Maternal age-dependent APC/C-mediated decrease in securin causes premature sister chromatid separation in meiosis II. APC/C, MII, PSCS, SAC
12  2017 Morphometric assessment of invitro matured dromedary camel oocytes determines the developmental competence after parthenogenetic activation. OD, PVS, ZPO, ZPT
13  2016 A Surveillance System Ensures Crossover Formation in C.elegans. CO
14  2016 Characterization of macrozoospermia-associated AURKC mutations in a mammalian meiotic system. AURKC, CPC
15  2016 RETRACTED: The Anaphase-Promoting Complex/Cyclosome Is Essential for Entry into Meiotic M-Phase. APC/C
16  2015 Bivalent separation into univalents precedes age-related meiosis I errors in oocytes. ---
17  2015 Functions of Aurora kinase C in meiosis and cancer. AURKA, AURKC
18  2015 Inherent Instability of Correct Kinetochore-Microtubule Attachments during Meiosis I in Oocytes. B/C, KT-MT
19  2015 RBBP4 regulates histone deacetylation and bipolar spindle assembly during oocyte maturation in the mouse. AURK, Met
20  2015 Unique geometry of sister kinetochores in human oocytes during meiosis I may explain maternal age-associated increases in chromosomal abnormalities. ---
21  2014 Evidence for dysregulation of genome-wide recombination in oocytes with nondisjoined chromosomes 21. ---
22  2014 IL-17A concentration of seminal plasma and follicular fluid in infertile men and women with various clinical diagnoses. ELISA, FF, PCOS
23  2014 Increased expression of ERp57 in rat oocytes during meiotic maturation is associated with sperm-egg fusion. MII
24  2014 Phosphorylation of threonine 3 on histone H3 by haspin kinase is required for meiosis I in mouse oocytes. AURKB, CPC
25  2014 Premature dyad separation in meiosis II is the major segregation error with maternal age in mouse oocytes. metII
26  2013 Arrest at metaphase of meiosis I in starfish oocytes in the ovary is maintained by high CO2 and low O2 concentrations in extracellular fluid. ---
27  2013 Sequential actin-based pushing forces drive meiosis I chromosome migration and symmetry breaking in oocytes. ---
28  2012 A dynamical model of oocyte maturation unveils precisely orchestrated meiotic decisions. MII
29  2012 Altered patterns of multiple recombinant events are associated with nondisjunction of chromosome 21. MII
30  2012 Error-prone mammalian female meiosis from silencing the spindle assembly checkpoint without normal interkinetochore tension. NuMA
31  2012 Spindle assembly checkpoint signalling is uncoupled from chromosomal position in mouse oocytes. APC/C, SAC
32  2011 Protein kinases and protein phosphatases that regulate meiotic maturation in mouse oocytes. MII
33  2011 Sustained and rapid chromosome movements are critical for chromosome pairing and meiotic progression in budding yeast. WT
34  2011 The cytogenetics of polar bodies: insights into female meiosis and the diagnosis of aneuploidy. CGH, PBs
35  2011 The role of RanGTP gradient in vertebrate oocyte maturation. GV, NTRs
36  2009 A spindle assembly checkpoint protein functions in prophase I arrest and prometaphase progression. APC
37  2009 Aurora kinase B modulates chromosome alignment in mouse oocytes. Met I, MII
38  2009 CDC14B acts through FZR1 (CDH1) to prevent meiotic maturation of mouse oocytes. CCNB1, CDH1, MII
39  2009 Investigation of factors associated with paternal nondisjunction of chromosome 21. MII, NDJ
40  2009 Maternal age and risk for trisomy 21 assessed by the origin of chromosome nondisjunction: a report from the Atlanta and National Down Syndrome Projects. MII
41  2009 X-Y sperm aneuploidy in 2 cattle (Bos taurus) breeds as determined by dual color fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH). FISH
42  2008 Actin-driven chromosomal motility leads to symmetry breaking in mammalian meiotic oocytes. ---
43  2008 Antibody microarray analyses of signal transduction protein expression and phosphorylation during porcine oocyte maturation. MII
44  2008 Cdc2 and Mos regulate Emi2 stability to promote the meiosis I-meiosis II transition. APC, CaMKII, CSF, MII
45  2008 Microsatellite-centromere distances and microsatellite diversity in different ploidy classes of Chinese shrimp (Fenneropenaeus Chinensis). M-C, MII
46  2008 The cell cycle control protein cdc25C is present, and phosphorylated on serine 214 in the transition from germinal vesicle to metaphase II in human oocyte meiosis. CDK1, GV, MII
47  2006 Double trisomy in spontaneous miscarriages: cytogenetic and molecular approach. DT, MII, MLPA, QF-PCR, SA
48  2006 Oocyte extracts for the study of meiotic M-M transition. MII
49  2006 Relationship of recombination patterns and maternal age among non-disjoined chromosomes 21. ---
50  2006 Two distinct surveillance mechanisms monitor meiotic chromosome metabolism in budding yeast. CRs, DSBs, SC
51  2005 A comparison of maternal age, sex ratio and associated major anomalies among fetal trisomy 18 cases with different cell division of error. MII, PZM
52  2005 Emi1 class of proteins regulate entry into meiosis and the meiosis I to meiosis II transition in Xenopus oocytes. APC, CSF, Emi1, GVBD, MII, MPF
53  2005 Three-dimensional ultrastructure of Saccharomyces cerevisiae meiotic spindles. MII
54  2004 CK2 beta, which inhibits Mos function, binds to a discrete domain in the N-terminus of Mos. ---
55  2004 Reduced recombination in maternal meiosis coupled with non-disjunction at meiosis II leading to recurrent 47,XXX. STRP
56  2004 The A-type cyclins and the meiotic cell cycle in mammalian male germ cells. ---
57  2004 The dynamics of cyclin B1 distribution during meiosis I in mouse oocytes. GFP, GV, GVBD
58  2003 Distinctions in meiotic spindle structure and assembly during in vitro and in vivo maturation of mouse oocytes. IVO, MII, MTOCs
59  2003 Regulation of the G2/M transition in oocytes of xenopus tropicalis. ---
60  2003 Two unique patients with trisomy 18 mosaicism and molecular marker studies. MII
61  2002 Ageing-associated aberration in meiosis of oocytes from senescence-accelerated mice. IVM, SAM
62  2002 Transgene insertion induced dominant male sterility and rescue of male fertility using round spermatid injection. DMS, ICSI, ROSI
63  2001 Maternal sex chromosome non-disjunction: evidence for X chromosome-specific risk factors. MII
64  2001 Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase in cumulus cells and oocytes is responsible for activation of oocyte mitogen-activated protein kinase during meiotic progression beyond the meiosis I stage in pigs. COCs, MAP, MII, PI 3-kinase
65  2000 Comparison of genetic variability and parentage in different ploidy classes of the Japanese oyster Crassostrea gigas. MII
66  2000 Origin of uniparental disomy 15 in patients with Prader-Willi or Angelman syndrome. AS, ND, PWS, UPD
67  2000 Recombination can partially substitute for SPO13 in regulating meiosis I in budding yeast. ---
68  2000 Residual Cdc2 activity remaining at meiosis I exit is essential for meiotic M-M transition in Xenopus oocyte extracts. ---
69  2000 Spo1, a phospholipase B homolog, is required for spindle pole body duplication during meiosis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. MII, SPB
70  1998 Elucidating the mechanisms of paternal non-disjunction of chromosome 21 in humans. MII
71  1998 Maternal meiosis I non-disjunction of chromosome 15: dependence of the maternal age effect on level of recombination. MII
72  1998 Non-disjunction of chromosome 18. MII
73  1998 Transcription factor E2F and cyclin E-Cdk2 complex cooperate to induce chromosomal DNA replication in Xenopus oocytes. ---
74  1997 Characterization of susceptible chiasma configurations that increase the risk for maternal nondisjunction of chromosome 21. MII
75  1996 Advanced maternal age and the risk of Down syndrome characterized by the meiotic stage of chromosomal error: a population-based study. MII, MMI, MMII
76  1996 Mos proto-oncogene function during oocyte maturation in Xenopus. GVBD, MAPK, MII
77  1996 Parental origin of the extra chromosome 18 in Edwards syndrome. MII
78  1996 Spontaneous X chromosome MI and MII nondisjunction events in Drosophila melanogaster oocytes have different recombinational histories. MII
79  1996 Susceptible chiasmate configurations of chromosome 21 predispose to non-disjunction in both maternal meiosis I and meiosis II. MII
80  1986 In vitro fertilization and development of ova obtained from female mice treated with aminopterin and mitomycin C. MII