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Long Form:   modulation instability
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2019 Bound State Soliton Gas Dynamics Underlying the Spontaneous Modulational Instability. IST
2019 Cubic-quintic nonlinear Helmholtz equation: Modulational instability, chirped elliptic and solitary waves. ---
2019 Impact of higher-order nonlinearity on modulational instability in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates. ---
2019 Modulational instability of Bose-Einstein condensates with helicoidal spin-orbit coupling. BECs
2019 Nonlinear reconstruction of weak optical diffused images under turbid water. ---
2019 Simple method for estimating the fractional Raman contribution. ---
2019 Three dimensional ion-acoustic rogons in quantized anisotropic magnetoplasmas with trapped/untrapped electrons. IA
2019 Trench-assisted multimode fiber used in Brillouin optical time domain sensors. BGS, BOTDR, SBS
2018 Charge transport in a DNA model with solvent interaction. ---
10  2018 Formation of rogue waves from a locally perturbed condensate. NLSE, SLCP
11  2018 Growth rate of modulation instability driven by superregular breathers. SR
12  2018 Influence of spatial delay on the modulational instability in a composite system with a controllable nonlinearity. ---
13  2018 Modulation instability in higher-order nonlinear Schrodinger equations. ---
14  2018 Suppression of spontaneous modulation instability and phase noise with a coherent seed in the interferometric fiber sensing systems. ---
15  2017 Charge transport in DNA model with vibrational and rotational coupling motions. ---
16  2017 Coherent and incoherent seeding of dissipative modulation instability in a nonlinear fiber ring cavity. ---
17  2017 Heavy ion-acoustic rogue waves in electron-positron multi-ion plasmas. HIA, HIARWs, NLS
18  2017 Modeling of matter-wave solitons in a nonlinear inductor-capacitor network through a Gross-Pitaevskii equation with time-dependent linear potential. cw, GP
19  2017 Nonconservative higher-order hydrodynamic modulation instability. ---
20  2017 Superregular breathers, characteristics of nonlinear stage of modulation instability induced by higher-order effects. NLS
21  2016 Dynamics of mode-coupling-induced microresonator frequency combs in normal dispersion. GVD
22  2016 Modulation Instability and Phase-Shifted Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Recurrence. FPU, NLSE
23  2016 Rogue waves for a system of coupled derivative nonlinear Schrodinger equations. DNLSEs, NLSE, RWs
24  2016 Spatiotemporal modulation instability as off-axis parametric amplification: insights from the phase. ---
25  2016 Universal Nature of the Nonlinear Stage of Modulational Instability. NLS
26  2015 Anatomy of the Akhmediev breather: Cascading instability, first formation time, and Fermi-Pasta-Ulam recurrence. FPU
27  2015 Emergent rogue wave structures and statistics in spontaneous modulation instability. NLSE, SFB
28  2015 Modulation instability in a highly nonlinear fiber for discrete-time pulsed random bit generation. ---
29  2015 Modulational instability regions for coupled Ginzburg-Landau equations with higher order of nonlinearities. ---
30  2015 Optimal frequency conversion in the nonlinear stage of modulation instability. ---
31  2015 State transition induced by higher-order effects and background frequency. ---
32  2014 Correlation between multiple modulation instability side lobes in dispersion oscillating fiber. ---
33  2014 Far-detuned mid-infrared frequency conversion via normal dispersion modulation instability in chalcogenide microwires. mid-IR
34  2014 Modulation instability of finite energy Airy pulse in optical fiber. FEAP
35  2014 Vector rogue waves and baseband modulation instability in the defocusing regime. ---
36  2013 Bright and peaklike pulse solitary waves and analogy with modulational instability in an extended nonlinear Schrodinger equation. NLSE, NLW
37  2013 Incoherent resonant seeding of modulation instability in optical fiber. ---
38  2013 Modulation instability-induced fading in phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry. phiOTDR
39  2013 Observation of acoustically induced modulation instability in a Brillouin photonic crystal fiber laser. PCF
40  2013 PHz-wide supercontinua of nondispersing subcycle pulses generated by extreme modulational instability. ---
41  2012 Active reduction of fluctuations in fourth-order modulation instability. ---
42  2012 Experimental demonstration of modulation instability in an optical fiber with a periodic dispersion landscape. ---
43  2012 Modulational instability in a silicon-on-insulator directional coupler: role of the coupling-induced group velocity dispersion. GVD, SOI
44  2012 Modulational instability of a modified Gross-Pitaevskii equation with higher-order nonlinearity. BEC, GP
45  2011 Modulation instability, Fermi-Pasta-Ulam recurrence, rogue waves, nonlinear phase shift, and exact solutions of the Ablowitz-Ladik equation. AL
46  2010 Localized whistlers in magnetized spin quantum plasmas. EM
47  2010 Modulation instability in high power laser amplifiers. ---
48  2010 Modulation instability in nonlinear oppositely directed coupler with a negative-index metamaterial channel. NIM
49  2010 On the theory of the modulation instability in optical fiber amplifiers. ---
50  2009 Analytical investigation of modulation instability in a fiber Bragg grating. FBG
51  2009 Discrete instability in the DNA double helix. SG
52  2009 Dynamics of modulated waves in electrical lines with dissipative elements. CGL, NLTLs
53  2009 Generation of pulse trains in nonlinear optical fibers through the generalized complex Ginzburg-Landau equation. ---
54  2009 Modulation instability in nonlinear coupled resonator optical waveguides and photonic crystal waveguides. CROW, EDNLS, PCW
55  2009 Modulational instability in two-component discrete media with cubic-quintic nonlinearity. BECs, DNLS
56  2009 Modulational instability of charge transport in the Peyrard-Bishop-Holstein model. mKGS, PBH
57  2009 Nonlinear optical frequency conversion of an amplified Fourier Domain Mode Locked (FDML) laser. DSF, FDML
58  2008 From Maxwell's theory of Saturn's rings to the negative mass instability. ---
59  2008 Label-free and selective nonlinear fiber-optical biosensing. MOF
60  2008 Modulational instability in a purely nonlinear coupled complex Ginzburg-Landau equations through a nonlinear discrete transmission line. ---
61  2008 Spontaneous pattern formation upon incoherent waves: from modulation-instability to steady-state. ---
62  2007 Incoherent modulation instability in a nonlinear photonic lattice. ---
63  2007 Suppression of sideband frequency shifts in the modulational instability spectra of wave propagation in optical fiber systems. ---
64  2006 Exact soliton-on-plane-wave solutions for two-component Bose-Einstein condensates. ---
65  2006 Modulation instability in nonlinear negative-index material. NIM
66  2006 Modulation instability in silicon photonic nanowires. GVD
67  2006 Role of the anomalous self-steepening effect in modulation instability in negative-index material. NIMs, SS
68  2005 Continuous-wave pumping in the anomalous- and normal-dispersion regimes of nonlinear fibers for supercontinuum generation. SC, SRS
69  2005 Generation of Bragg solitons through modulation instability in a Bragg grating structure. cw, PBG
70  2005 Quasistable two-dimensional solitons with hidden and explicit vorticity in a medium with competing nonlinearities. FF, HV, SH, ZV
71  2004 Effects of structural irregularities on modulational instability phase matching in photonic crystal fibers. ---
72  2004 High-power supercontinuum generation in highly nonlinear, dispersion-shifted fibers by use of a continuous-wave Raman fiber laser. ---
73  2003 660GHz Solitons Source Based on Modulation Instability in Short Cavity. ---
74  2002 Generic features of modulational instability in nonlocal Kerr media. ---
75  2002 Low-threshold self-induced modulational instability ring laser in highly nonlinear fiber yielding a continuous-wave 262-GHz soliton train. HNL-DSF
76  2002 Modulational instability in optical-microwave interaction. ---
77  2002 Spatiotemporal optical modulation instability of coherent light in noninstantaneous nonlinear media. ---
78  2001 Experiments on induced modulational instability of an incoherent optical beam. ---
79  2001 Modulational instability in nonlocal nonlinear Kerr media. ---
80  2001 Role of polarization mode dispersion on modulational instability in optical fibers. ---
81  1999 Modulational instability of bright solitary waves in incoherently coupled nonlinear Schrodinger equations. ---
82  1999 Modulational instability of electromagnetic waves in birefringent fibers with periodic and random dispersion. ---