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Long Form:   motor imagery
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A flexible analytic wavelet transform based approach for motor-imagery tasks classification in BCI applications. BCI, EEG, FAWT, k-NN, RF, RH, SB
2020 Adaptive feature extraction in EEG-based motor imagery BCI: tracking mental fatigue. ACSP, ADCSP, BCI, C-CSP, CSP, DBI, DI, EEG, FS
2020 Brain-computer interface performance analysis of monozygotic twins with discordant hand dominance: A case study. BCI, qEEG
2020 Deep Channel-Correlation Network for Motor Imagery Decoding From the Same Limb. BCI
2020 Effects of mental and physical orofacial training on pressure pain sensitivity and tongue strength: A single-blind randomized controlled trial. AO, IG, MG, PPTs
2020 How aging affects the premotor control of lower limb movements in simulated gait. ---
2020 The Role of Movement Representation Techniques in the Motor Learning Process: A Neurophysiological Hypothesis and a Narrative Review. AO
2020 Using fMRI to investigate the potential cause of inverse oxygenation reported in fNIRS studies of motor imagery. BCI, fNIRS
2019 A BCI based visual-haptic neurofeedback training improves cortical activations and classification performance during motor imagery. BCI, EEG, FC, lrERD, NFT
10  2019 A Breakdown of Imagined Visuomotor Transformations and Its Neural Correlates in Young Elderly Subjects. GST
11  2019 A Comparison between BCI Simulation and Neurofeedback for Forward/Backward Navigation in Virtual Reality. BCI
12  2019 A hierarchical semi-supervised extreme learning machine method for EEG recognition. BCI, DL, EEG, H-ELM, HSS-ELM, SS-ELM
13  2019 A Lasso quantile periodogram based feature extraction for EEG-based motor imagery. BCI, EEG, TUT
14  2019 A Multi-Branch 3D Convolutional Neural Network for EEG-Based Motor Imagery Classification. 3D CNN, EEG
15  2019 A novel approach of decoding EEG four-class motor imagery tasks via scout ESI and CNN. BEM, CNN, ESI, ROI, WMNE
16  2019 A Novel Feature Extraction Framework for Four Class Motor Imagery Classification using Log Determinant Regularized Riemannian Manifold. BCI, EEG
17  2019 A novel motor imagery hybrid brain computer interface using EEG and functional transcranial Doppler ultrasound. BCIs, EEG, fTCD, SVM
18  2019 A Paradigm to Enhance Motor Imagery Using Rubber Hand Illusion Induced by Visuo-Tactile Stimulus. BCI, ERD, RHI
19  2019 A Parallel Multiscale Filter Bank Convolutional Neural Networks for Motor Imagery EEG Classification. BCI, EEG, MSFBCNN, SNR
20  2019 A Parametric Time-Frequency Conditional Granger Causality Method Using Ultra-Regularized Orthogonal Least Squares and Multiwavelets for Dynamic Connectivity Analysis in EEGs. APRESS, EEG, TF-CGC, TV-ARX, UROLS
21  2019 A Real-Time Health 4.0 Framework with Novel Feature Extraction and Classification for Brain-Controlled IoT-Enabled Environments. CA, EEG, HVAC, IoT, PDE, RRM
22  2019 Acquisition and consolidation of implicit motor learning with physical and mental practice across multiple days of anodal tDCS. SRTT, tDCS
23  2019 Action Observation of Own Hand Movement Enhances Event-Related Desynchronization. AO, BCI, EEG, ERD
24  2019 Aging Changes Effective Connectivity of Motor Networks During Motor Execution and Motor Imagery. BOLD, CGCA, ME, SMA
25  2019 An EEG-/EOG-Based Hybrid Brain-Computer Interface: Application on Controlling an Integrated Wheelchair Robotic Arm System. BCIs, EEG, EOG
26  2019 An exploration of neural dynamics of motor imagery for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ALS, EEG, ERD, HC, ME
27  2019 Are Fast Complex Movements Unimaginable? Pupillometric Studies of Motor Imagery in Expert Piano Playing. ME
28  2019 Benefits of Motor Imagery for Human Space Flight: A Brief Review of Current Knowledge and Future Applications. ---
29  2019 Brain Network Reconfiguration During Motor Imagery Revealed by a Large-Scale Network Analysis of Scalp EEG. ERD
30  2019 Brain wave classification using long short-term memory network based OPTICAL predictor. BCI, CSP, EEG, LDA, LSTM, SVM
31  2019 Breathing with the mind: Effects of motor imagery on breath-hold performance. ---
32  2019 Cerebral hemodynamic changes during motor imagery and passive robot-assisted movement of the lower limbs. CBF, PM
33  2019 Classification of motor imagery and execution signals with population-level feature sets: implications for probe design in fNIRS based BCI. ANN, fNIRS, ME, RF, SMC, SVM
34  2019 Co-adaptive Training Improves Efficacy of a Multi-Day EEG-Based Motor Imagery BCI Training. BCI
35  2019 Combined endogenous and exogenous disinhibition of intracortical circuits augments plasticity induction in the human motor cortex. CSE, DIS
36  2019 Common spatial pattern and wavelet decomposition for motor imagery EEG- fTCD brain-computer interface. BCIs, ITR
37  2019 Connectivity steered graph Fourier transform for motor imagery BCI decoding. CFC, EEG, GFT, GSP
38  2019 Correlation-based channel selection and regularized feature optimization for MI-based BCI. AC, BCIs, CCS, RBF, RCSP, SVM
39  2019 Corticospinal Modulations during Motor Imagery of Concentric, Eccentric, and Isometric Actions. FCR, MEP
40  2019 Cued Memory Reactivation during Motor Imagery Practice Influences Early Improvement of Procedural Skill Learning. TMR
41  2019 Data augmentation for self-paced motor imagery classification with C-LSTM. BCI, C-LSTM, FBCSP, MDM
42  2019 Decoding covert speech for intuitive control of brain-computer interfaces based on single-trial EEG: a feasibility study. BCI
43  2019 Disruption of motor imagery performance following inhibition of the left inferior parietal lobe. HLJT, IPL
44  2019 Dissociation between cortical and spinal excitability of the antagonist muscle during combined motor imagery and action observation. ME, SICI, TMS
45  2019 Dynamic motor imagery mentally simulates uncommon real locomotion better than static motor imagery both in young adults and elderly. BW, dMI, FW, LW, RL, sMI
46  2019 Dynamic time warping-based transfer learning for improving common spatial patterns in brain-computer interface. BCIs, CSP, DTW
47  2019 Dynamic visual guidance with complex task improves intracortical source activities during motor imagery. ---
48  2019 EEG Classification of Motor Imagery Using a Novel Deep Learning Framework. BCI, CNN, EEG, VAE
49  2019 EEG data collection using visual evoked, steady state visual evoked and motor image task, designed to brain computer interfaces (BCI) development. BCI, EEG
50  2019 EEG dataset and OpenBMI toolbox for three BCI paradigms: an investigation into BCI illiteracy. BCI, EEG, ERP, SSVEP
51  2019 EEG- and EOG-based Asynchronous Hybrid BCI: A System Integrating a Speller, a Web Browser, an E-mail Client, and a File Explorer. BCI, EEG, EOG
52  2019 EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces Using Motor-Imagery: Techniques and Challenges. BCIs, EEG
53  2019 Effects and mechanisms of differently cued and non-cued motor imagery in people with multiple sclerosis: A randomised controlled trial. MMI, MVMI, PwMS, QOL, SMS
54  2019 Effects of an Exoskeleton-Assisted Gait Motor Imagery Training in Functional Brain Connectivity. BCIs, PDC
55  2019 Effects of Leg Motor Imagery Combined With Electrical Stimulation on Plasticity of Corticospinal Excitability and Spinal Reciprocal Inhibition. ES, MEP, SOL, TA, TA
56  2019 Effects of Motor Imagery and Action Observation on Lumbo-pelvic Motor Control, Trunk Muscles Strength and Level of Perceived Fatigue: A Randomized Controlled Trial. AO, CG
57  2019 Effects of motor imagery combined with action observation training on the lateral specificity of muscle strength in healthy subjects. AO
58  2019 Effects of motor imagery training of Parkinson's disease: a protocol for a randomized clinical trial. CG, EG, PD
59  2019 Effects of Task Complexity on Motor Imagery-Based Brain-Computer Interface. BCIs, EEG
60  2019 Efficacy and Brain Imaging Correlates of an Immersive Motor Imagery BCI-Driven VR System for Upper Limb Motor Rehabilitation: A Clinical Case Report. AO, BCIs, EEG, fMRI, VR
61  2019 Efficacy of motor imagery additional to motor-based therapy in the recovery of motor function of the upper limb in post-stroke individuals: a systematic review. RCTs
62  2019 Enhancing sensorimotor BCI performance with assistive afferent activity: An online evaluation. BCI, STM
63  2019 Enhancing the Hybrid BCI Performance With the Common Frequency Pattern in Dual-Channel EEG. SSVEP
64  2019 Errors in Imagined and Executed Typing. ME
65  2019 Explicit Motor Imagery for Grasping Actions in Children With Spastic Unilateral Cerebral Palsy. IPS, SPL, TD, UCP
66  2019 Feature selection using regularized neighbourhood component analysis to enhance the classification performance of motor imagery signals. BCI, DT-CWT, EEGs, GA, NCA, PCA, SVM
67  2019 Frequency-Optimized Local Region Common Spatial Pattern Approach for Motor Imagery Classification. BCI, CSP, ICFD, IQR, VRDS
68  2019 Functional rehabilitation of a person with transfemoral amputation through guided motor imagery: a case study. ---
69  2019 Give me a kiss! An integrative rehabilitative training program with motor imagery and mirror therapy for recovery of facial palsy. FNP, MT
70  2019 Improving The Performance of Motor Imagery Based Brain-Computer Interface Using Phase Space Reconstruction. AMI, BCI, FNN, PSR, SVM
71  2019 Instruction Modes for Motor Control Skills Acquisition: A Randomized Controlled Trial. CLBP, TF
72  2019 Learning Choreography: An Investigation of Motor Imagery, Attentional Effort, and Expertise in Modern Dance. ---
73  2019 Mental practice in isolation improves cervical joint position sense in patients with chronic neck pain: a randomized single-blind placebo trial. AO, CJPS, NSCNP, PO
74  2019 Motor imagery ability of patients with lower-limb amputation: exploring the course of rehabilitation effects. IRDPQ
75  2019 Motor Imagery and Action Observation of Specific Neck Therapeutic Exercises Induced Hypoalgesia in Patients with Chronic Neck Pain: A Randomized Single-Blind Placebo Trial. AO, CNP, PO, PPTs
76  2019 Motor imagery and mental fatigue: inter-relationship and EEG based estimation. BCI, KPLS
77  2019 Motor imagery as a complementary technique for functional recovery after stroke: a systematic review. USPSTF
78  2019 Motor Imagery Classification with Covariance Matrices and Non-Negative Matrix Factorization. NCFS, NMF
79  2019 Motor imagery during action observation enhances automatic imitation in children with and without developmental coordination disorder. AO, DCD
80  2019 Motor Imagery EEG Classification Based on Decision Tree Framework and Riemannian Geometry. BCI, EEG, FGMDRM, GDA, KNN, semi-JMI, SSDT
81  2019 Motor imagery for pain and motor function after spinal cord injury: a systematic review. SCI
82  2019 Motor imagery in multiple sclerosis: exploring applications in therapeutic treatment. MS
83  2019 Motor imagery in stroke patients: a descriptive review on a multidimensional ability. ---
84  2019 Motor learning enhanced by combined motor imagery and noninvasive brain stimulation is associated with reduced short-interval intracortical inhibition. MEPs, SICI
85  2019 Movement related sensory feedback is not necessary for learning to execute a motor skill. PC, PP, SAF
86  2019 Muscle-Specific Modulation of Spinal Reflexes in Lower-Limb Muscles during Action Observation with and without Motor Imagery of Walking. AO
87  2019 Neurophysiological Analysis of Intermanual Transfer in Motor Learning. ECR, MEPs, TMS
88  2019 Portable brain-computer interface based on novel convolutional neural network. CNN, EEG, WPD
89  2019 Probing the temporal dynamics of movement inhibition in motor imagery. ERD, ME, ROI
90  2019 Quadcopter Flight Control Using a Non-invasive Multi-Modal Brain Computer Interface. BCIs, CCA, CICSP, SSVEP
91  2019 Rapid motor cortical plasticity can be induced by motor imagery training. TMS
92  2019 Reconfiguration patterns of large-scale brain networks in motor imagery. ICA
93  2019 Remote effects on corticospinal excitability during motor execution and motor imagery. ME, MEPs, TMS
94  2019 Selective Feature Generation Method Based on Time Domain Parameters and Correlation Coefficients for Filter-Bank-CSP BCI Systems. FBCSP, TDPs
95  2019 Short-term session of repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation combined with motor imagery facilitates corticospinal excitability in healthy human participants. MSMI, rPMS
96  2019 Sparse Group Representation Model for Motor Imagery EEG Classification. BCI, EEG, SGRM
97  2019 Specific and general adaptations following motor imagery practice focused on muscle strength in total knee arthroplasty rehabilitation: A randomized controlled trial. CON, EVI, KI, LEFS, TKA
98  2019 Spinal plasticity with motor imagery practice. ---
99  2019 Study on brain computer interface combined tactile enhancement and time-varying features. BCI, EEG, ES, FES
100  2019 Subject-Independent Brain-Computer Interfaces Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. BCI, BSSFO, CNNs, CSP, CSSP, EEG, FBCSP