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Long Form:   motor imagery
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Computationally Efficient Multiclass Time-Frequency Common Spatial Pattern Analysis on EEG Motor Imagery. BCI, CSP, EEG, LDA, NVB, SVM
2020 A facile and flexible motor imagery classification using electroencephalogram signals. ACC, EEG, F-ELM, F-VMD, MCC, MMI, SEN, SPE
2020 A feasibility study of a complete low-cost consumer-grade brain-computer interface system. BCIs
2020 A flexible analytic wavelet transform based approach for motor-imagery tasks classification in BCI applications. BCI, EEG, FAWT, k-NN, RF, RH, SB
2020 A Low-Cost Lower-Limb Brain-Machine Interface Triggered by Pedaling Motor Imagery for Post-Stroke Patients Rehabilitation. BMI, LDA, MMEB, PWFP
2020 A Multi-view CNN with Novel Variance Layer for Motor Imagery Brain Computer Interface. BCI, CNN, EEG, FBCNet
2020 A novel approach of decoding EEG four-class motor imagery tasks via scout ESI and CNN. BEM, CNN, ESI, ROI, WMNE
2020 A novel method of motor imagery classification using eeg signal. BCIs, EEG, FLD, PCA
2020 A probabilistic approach for calibration time reduction in hybrid EEG-fTCD brain-computer interfaces. BCIs, MR, WG
10  2020 A randomized controlled trial of motor imagery combined with structured progressive circuit class therapy on gait in stroke survivors. HE, SPCCT
11  2020 A self-paced BCI prototype system based on the incorporation of an intelligent environment-understanding approach for rehabilitation hospital environmental control. BCI
12  2020 A space-frequency localized approach of spatial filtering for motor imagery classification. BCI, SFLSF
13  2020 Accuracy and Vividness in Motor Imagery Ability: Differences between Children and Young Adults. ---
14  2020 Acute stress affects implicit but not explicit motor imagery: A pilot study. SECPT
15  2020 Adaptive feature extraction in EEG-based motor imagery BCI: tracking mental fatigue. ACSP, ADCSP, BCI, C-CSP, CSP, DBI, DI, EEG, FS
16  2020 Age-related differences in postural adjustments during limb movement and motor imagery in young and older adults. ---
17  2020 Assessing Time-Resolved fNIRS for Brain-Computer Interface Applications of Mental Communication. BCIs, HR, LDA, MAP, SVM, TR-fNIRS
18  2020 Bio-Inspired Algorithms for Optimal Feature Selection in Motor Imagery-Based Brain-Computer Interface. ACO, BIA, CSA, GA, M-PSO, SF
19  2020 Bispectrum-Based Channel Selection for Motor Imagery Based Brain-Computer Interfacing. BCI, BCS, EEG, FOSM, SLA
20  2020 Brain-computer interface performance analysis of monozygotic twins with discordant hand dominance: A case study. BCI, qEEG
21  2020 Challenge Accepted? Individual Performance Gains for Motor Imagery Practice with Humanoid Robotic EEG Neurofeedback. BCI, EEG, ERD, NF
22  2020 CNN-based framework using spatial dropping for enhanced interpretation of neural activity in motor imagery classification. CNN
23  2020 Comparative study of observed actions, motor imagery and control therapeutic exercise on the conditioned pain modulation in the cervical spine: a randomized controlled trial. AO
24  2020 Comparison between covert sound-production task (sound-imagery) vs. motor-imagery for onset detection in real-life online self-paced BCIs. SI, SP
25  2020 Consolidation and retention of motor skill after motor imagery training. ITI, ME, TD
26  2020 Corticospinal Modulations during Motor Imagery of Concentric, Eccentric, and Isometric Actions. FCR, MEP
27  2020 CWT Based Transfer Learning for Motor Imagery Classification for Brain computer Interfaces. ANN, BCI, CWT, EEG, KNN, LDA, SVM
28  2020 Data Augmentation for Motor Imagery Signal Classification Based on a Hybrid Neural Network. AE, ANOVA, BCIs, CNN, DA, DCGAN, DNNs, EEG, FID, GD, GT, STFT, VAE
29  2020 Data augmentation for self-paced motor imagery classification with C-LSTM. BCI, C-LSTM, FBCSP
30  2020 Decoding multiclass motor imagery EEG from the same upper limb by combining Riemannian geometry features and partial least squares regression. BMI, CSP, EEG, FBCSP, RG, TS
31  2020 Decoding of Grasp Motions from EEG Signals Based on a Novel Data Augmentation Strategy. BCI, EEG, EMG, ME
32  2020 Decoding of voluntary and involuntary upper limb motor imagery based on graph Fourier transform and cross frequency coupling coefficients. BCI
33  2020 Deep Channel-Correlation Network for Motor Imagery Decoding From the Same Limb. BCI
34  2020 Deep Learning Based Inter-subject Continuous Decoding of Motor Imagery for Practical Brain-Computer Interfaces. Adam, BCIs, CNN, EEG
35  2020 Deep stacked support matrix machine based representation learning for motor imagery EEG classification. DSSMM, EEG, SMM
36  2020 Deep Temporal-Spatial Feature Learning for Motor Imagery-based Brain-Computer Interfaces. BCI, BP, CSP, EEG, FBCSP, FBSF-TSCNN
37  2020 Directed EEG neural network analysis by LAPPS (p≤1) Penalized sparse Granger approach. GA
38  2020 Dopaminergic drugs alter beta coherence during motor imagery and motor execution in healthy adults. EEG
39  2020 DWT and CNN based multi-class motor imagery electroencephalographic signal recognition. BCI
40  2020 Dynamic time warping-based transfer learning for improving common spatial patterns in brain-computer interface. BCIs, CSP, DTW
41  2020 EEG- and EOG-Based Asynchronous Hybrid BCI: A System Integrating a Speller, a Web Browser, an E-Mail Client, and a File Explorer. BCI, EEG, EOG
42  2020 Effect of brain training through visual mirror feedback, action observation and motor imagery on orofacial sensorimotor variables: A single-blind randomized controlled trial. AO, CG, VMF
43  2020 Effect of motor imagery combined with physical practice on upper limb rehabilitation in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. AHA, CG, HCP, IG
44  2020 Effect of Physical Fatigue Elicited by Continuous and Intermittent Exercise on Motor Imagery Ability. ---
45  2020 Effectiveness of motor imagery and action observation on functional variables: An umbrella and mapping review with meta-meta-analysis. AO, MMA, SMD
46  2020 Effectiveness of motor imagery and action observation training on musculoskeletal pain intensity: A systematic review and meta-analysis. AO
47  2020 Effects of a single mental chronometry training session in subacute stroke patients - a randomized controlled trial. BBT, MC, TMS
48  2020 Effects of Adding Motor Imagery to Early Physical Therapy in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis who Had Received Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Randomized Clinical Trial. CI, PPTs, TKA, VAS, WOMAC
49  2020 Effects of mental and physical orofacial training on pressure pain sensitivity and tongue strength: A single-blind randomized controlled trial. AO, IG, MG, PPTs
50  2020 Effects of Motor Imagery and Action Observation on Lumbo-pelvic Motor Control, Trunk Muscles Strength and Level of Perceived Fatigue: A Randomized Controlled Trial. AO, CG
51  2020 Effects of movement representation techniques on motor learning of thumb-opposition tasks. AO, PO
52  2020 Electroencephalogram classification in motor-imagery brain-computer interface applications based on double-constraint nonnegative matrix factorization. BCIs, DCNMF, EEG, NMF
53  2020 Emotion-Inducing Imagery Versus Motor Imagery for a Brain-Computer Interface. ASYM, BCI, CA, EEG, EII, FBCSP, NTSPP
54  2020 Enhanced Motor Imagery Based Brain- Computer Interface via FES and VR for Lower Limbs. ACC, AUC, FES, MI-BCI, VR
55  2020 Eyes wide shut: How visual cues affect brain patterns of simulated gait. ---
56  2020 Frequency-specific equivalence of brain activity on motor imagery during action observation and action execution. AO, MEG
57  2020 Functional Electrical Stimulation Controlled by Motor Imagery Brain-Computer Interface for Rehabilitation. BCI, FES, SMR, TBI
58  2020 Give me a kiss! An integrative rehabilitative training program with motor imagery and mirror therapy for recovery of facial palsy. FNP, MT
59  2020 High Motor Cortex Excitability in Highly Hypnotizable Individuals: A Favourable Factor for Neuroplasticity? FE, lows, MEPs, RMT, SHSS, TMS
60  2020 Home-based motor imagery intervention improves functional performance following total knee arthroplasty in the short term: a randomized controlled trial. CON, MIp, MVIC, OKS, TKA, TUG, VA
61  2020 How aging affects the premotor control of lower limb movements in simulated gait. ---
62  2020 Hypoalgesic Effects of Aerobic and Isometric Motor Imagery and Action Observation Exercises on Asymptomatic Participants: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial. AO, PO, PPTs
63  2020 Independent Low-Rank Matrix Analysis-Based Automatic Artifact Reduction Technique Applied to Three BCI Paradigms. BCIs, EEG, ERP, ICA, ILRMA, IVA, SSVEP
64  2020 Induction of plasticity in the human motor system by motor imagery and transcranial magnetic stimulation. MEP, TMS
65  2020 Instance Transfer Subject-Dependent Strategy for Motor Imagery Signal Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. BCI, CNN, DNN, EEG, ITSD, SD
66  2020 Internal Feature Selection Method of CSP Based on L1-Norm and Dempster-Shafer Theory. BCIs, CSP, EEG
67  2020 Investigating Priming Effects of Physical Practice on Motor Imagery-Induced Event-Related Desynchronization. EEG, ERD, ME, MT
68  2020 Low-Cost Robotic Guide Based on a Motor Imagery Brain-Computer Interface for Arm Assisted Rehabilitation. ---
69  2020 MI3DNet: A Compact CNN for Motor Imagery EEG Classification with Visualizable Dense Layer Parameters. BCI, CNN, EEG
70  2020 Modulation of hand motor skill performance induced by motor practice combined with matched or mismatched hand posture motor imagery. MEPs, MP
71  2020 Motor imagery and the muscle system. TMG
72  2020 Motor imagery combined with action observation training optimized for individual motor skills further improves motor skills close to a plateau. ---
73  2020 Motor imagery for gait rehabilitation after stroke. CI, MD, RCTs, SMD
74  2020 Motor imagery for pain and motor function after spinal cord injury: a systematic review. SCI
75  2020 Motor Imagery Training During Arm Immobilization Prevents Corticomotor Idling: An EEG Resting-State Analysis. rsEEG
76  2020 Motor imagery training speeds up gait recovery and decreases the risk of falls in patients submitted to total knee arthroplasty. ---
77  2020 Motor imagery while viewing self-finger movements facilitates the excitability of spinal motor neurons. AO, Rest
78  2020 Motor neuroplasticity: A MEG-fMRI study of motor imagery and execution in healthy ageing. GABA, ME, MRBD
79  2020 Motor system activation during motor imagery is positively related to the magnitude of cortical plastic changes following motor imagery training. MEPs, TMS
80  2020 Multi-channel EEG recording during motor imagery of different joints from the same limb. BCI
81  2020 Neural and Behavioral Outcomes Differ Following Equivalent Bouts of Motor Imagery or Physical Practice. PP
82  2020 Neural Decoding of Multi-Modal Imagery Behavior Focusing on Temporal Complexity. ME, MEG, VP
83  2020 Novel hybrid brain-computer interface system based on motor imagery and P300. BCIs, ERD/ERS
84  2020 On the Assessment of Functional Connectivity in an Immersive Brain-Computer Interface During Motor Imagery. BCI, EEG, PDC
85  2020 On the Better Performance of Pianists with Motor Imagery-Based Brain-Computer Interface Systems. BCI, CSP, EEG, LDA
86  2020 Online Recursive ICA Algorithm Used for Motor Imagery EEG Signal. BSS, EEG, ICA, ORICA
87  2020 Optimal stimulation parameters for spinal and corticospinal excitabilities during contraction, motor imagery and rest: A pilot study. CON, MEPs
88  2020 Prediction of Motor Imagery Performance based on Pre-Trial Spatio-Spectral Alertness Features. BCIs, EEG
89  2020 Regression Networks for Neurophysiological Indicator Evaluation in Practicing Motor Imagery Tasks. DRN
90  2020 Review on motor imagery based BCI systems for upper limb post-stroke neurorehabilitation: From designing to application. BCI
91  2020 Siamese Neural Networks for EEG-based Brain-computer Interfaces. BCI, CNN, EEG, OvO, OvR
92  2020 Spatial-temporal aspects of continuous EEG-based neurorobotic control. EEG
93  2020 State-Dependent Gain Modulation of Spinal Motor Output. IOC, NMES
94  2020 Study of the Functional Brain Connectivity and Lower-Limb Motor Imagery Performance After Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation. BCI, tDCS
95  2020 Subject-Independent Brain-Computer Interfaces Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. BCI, BSSFO, CNNs, CSP, CSSP, EEG, FBCSP
96  2020 Subject-specific EEG channel selection using non-negative matrix factorization for lower-limb motor imagery recognition. EEG, TPR
97  2020 Subject-Specific feature selection for near infrared spectroscopy based brain-computer interfaces. BCIs, fNIRS, MA, SWR-SFS
98  2020 Task-independent Electrophysiological Correlates of Motor Imagery Ability from Kinaesthetic and Visual Perspectives. ---
99  2020 Temporal Combination Pattern Optimization Based on Feature Selection Method for Motor Imagery BCIs. BCIs, CSP, EEG
100  2020 Temporal frequency joint sparse optimization and fuzzy fusion for motor imagery-based brain-computer interfaces. TFSOFF