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Long Form:   molecularly imprinted polymer
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A dummy molecularly imprinted solid-phase extraction coupled with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for selective determination of four pyridine carboxylic acid herbicides in milk. LOD, NIP, RSDs, SPE
2019 A highly sensitive and selective electrochemical sensor based on polydopamine functionalized graphene and molecularly imprinted polymer for the 2,4-dichlorophenol recognition and detection. 2,4-DCP, CV, EIS, OPD, PDA-rGO
2019 A magnetic and carbon dot based molecularly imprinted composite for fluorometric detection of 2,4,6-trinitrophenol. CDs, EDS, FT-IR, TEM, TNP, VSM, XRD
2019 A molecularly imprinted polymer with integrated gold nanoparticles for surface enhanced Raman scattering based detection of the triazine herbicides, prometryn and simetryn. SERS
2019 A nanocomposite consisting of graphene oxide, zeolite imidazolate framework 8, and a molecularly imprinted polymer for (multiple) fiber solid phase microextraction of sterol and steroid hormones prior to their quantitation by HPLC. SEM, SPME
2019 A nonenzymatic electrochemical glucose sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymer and its application in measuring saliva glucose. AFM, BG, CV, DM, DPV, EIS, PLS, SEM-EDS, SG
2019 A novel ECL sensor based on a boronate affinity molecular imprinting technique and functionalized SiO2@CQDs/AuNPs/MPBA nanocomposites for sensitive determination of alpha-fetoprotein. AFP, CQDs, ECL, MPBA
2019 A novel optical sensor based on carbon dots embedded molecularly imprinted silica for selective acetamiprid detection. ACT, Si-CDs
2019 A robust electrochemical sensing of molecularly imprinted polymer prepared by using bifunctional monomer and its application in detection of cypermethrin. CYP, DM, LOD
10  2019 A sensitive and selective molecularly imprinted electrochemical sensor based on Pd-Cu bimetallic alloy functionalized graphene for detection of amaranth in soft drink. CV, DA, DPV, LOD
11  2019 A solid-phase luminescence sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymer-CdSeS/ZnS quantum dots for selective extraction and detection of sulfasalazine in biological samples. FRET, NIP, QDs, SPLS, SSZ
12  2019 A visible-light-driven photoelectrochemical molecularly imprinted sensor based on titanium dioxide nanotube arrays loaded with silver iodide nanoparticles for the sensitive detection of benzoyl peroxide. BPO
13  2019 Adsorption and Electrochemical Detection of Bovine Serum Albumin Imprinted Calcium Alginate Hydrogel Membrane. BSA, CaAlg, NIP
14  2019 Aflatoxins screening in non-dairy beverages by Mn-doped ZnS quantum dots - Molecularly imprinted polymer fluorescent probe. AFs, DMC, LOD, MAA, QDs
15  2019 Amphetamine-type stimulants analysis in oral fluid based on molecularly imprinting extraction. IMS, NPS, RSD, SPE, UHPLC-MS
16  2019 Application of a nano-structured molecularly imprinted polymer as an efficient modifier for the design of captopril drug selective sensor: Mechanism study and quantitative determination. CAP, CPE, GCE
17  2019 Assessment of the Performance of Solid Phase Extraction Based on Pipette Tip Employing a Hybrid Molecularly Imprinted Polymer as an Adsorbent for Enantioselective Determination of Albendazole Sulfoxide. ABZSO, PT-MIP-SPE
18  2019 Core-shell quantum dots coated with molecularly imprinted polymer for selective photoluminescence sensing of perfluorooctanoic acid. APTES, PFOA, PL, QDs, TEOS
19  2019 Development and application of water-compatible molecularly imprinted polymers for the selective extraction of carbamazepine from environmental waters. CBZ
20  2019 Development of a molecularly imprinted monolithic polymer disk for agitation-extraction of ecgonine methyl ester from environmental water. EME, PTFE
21  2019 Efficient extraction of estrogen receptor-active compounds from environmental surface water via a receptor-mimic adsorbent, a hydrophilic PEG-based molecularly imprinted polymer. ER, LC-Q-TOFMS, PEG, SDB
22  2019 Electrochemical sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymer for sensitive triclosan detection in wastewater and mineral water. AFM, CV, DPV, EIS, FTIR, LOD, NIP, PCA, TCS
23  2019 Electrochemical Sensor Based on Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for the Detection of Cefalexin. AFM, BDDE, CFX, CV, EIS, GCE, I3AA, SEM
24  2019 Enhanced surface plasmon resonance (SPR) signals based on immobilization of core-shell nanoparticles incorporated boron nitride nanosheets: Development of molecularly imprinted SPR nanosensor for anticancer drug, etoposide. AFM, CV, EIS, ETO, FTIR, h-BN, LOD, SEM, SPR, TEM, XRD
25  2019 Experimental and theoretical studies of a novel electrochemical sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymer and B, N, F-CQDs/AgNPs for enhanced specific identification and dual signal amplification in highly selective and ultra-trace bisphenol S determination in plastic products. BPA, BPS, CC, CV, DPV, EIS
26  2019 Highly Efficient Abiotic Assay Formats for Methyl Parathion: Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Nanoparticle Assay as an Alternative to Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay. ELISA, MINA, MP
27  2019 Hybrid synthetic receptor composed of molecularly imprinted polydopamine and aptamers for impedimetric biosensing of urea. DA, GCE
28  2019 In Vivo Detection and Absolute Quantification of a Secreted Bacterial Factor from Skin Using Molecularly Imprinted Polymers in a Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor for Improved Diagnostic Abilities. LOD, SPR
29  2019 Molecularly Imprinted Poly(thionine)-Based Electrochemical Sensing Platform for Fast and Selective Ultratrace Determination of Patulin. NGE, PtNP
30  2019 Molecularly imprinted polymer-hollow fiber microextraction of hydrophilic fluoroquinolone antibiotics in environmental waters and urine samples. FQs, HFs, SPME
31  2019 Molecularly Imprinted Polymers in Electrochemical and Optical Sensors. ---
32  2019 Molecularly-imprinted chloramphenicol sensor with laser-induced graphene electrodes. CAP, EBT, LOD
33  2019 Multivariate optimization of mebeverine analysis using molecularly imprinted polymer electrochemical sensor based on silver nanoparticles. BRb, CCD, LOD, MEB, PBD, PGE, Py
34  2019 Novel electrochemical sensing platform based on integration of molecularly imprinted polymer with Au@Ag hollow nanoshell for determination of resveratrol. CV, EIS, ITO, RES
35  2019 Novel electrochemical sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymer for selective recognition of sesquiterpene beta-caryophyllene. CPE, CV, FTIR, SEM, SWV, XPS
36  2019 Novel molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) multiple sensors for endogenous redox couples determination and their applications in lung cancer diagnosis. Cys
37  2019 Preparation of molecularly imprinted polymers coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography for the selective extraction of salidroside from Rhodiola crenulata. AM, DMF, EDMA, HPLC, RSDs, SD, SPE
38  2019 Preparation, evaluation and application of core-shell molecularly imprinted particles as the sorbent in solid-phase extraction and analysis of lincomycin residue in pasteurized milk. CSMISPE, HPLC-UV
39  2019 Promoting bioanalytical concepts in genetics: A TATA box molecularly imprinted polymer as a small isolated fragment of the DNA damage repairing system. FIA, PM-IRRAS, QCM, SPR, TBP, XPS
40  2019 Recent advances in electrogenerated chemiluminescence biosensing methods for pharmaceuticals. ECLIA
41  2019 Recognition of protein biomarkers using epitope-mediated molecularly imprinted films: Histidine or cysteine modified epitopes? HME, NSE
42  2019 Selective PQQPFPQQ Gluten Epitope Chemical Sensor with a Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Recognition Unit and an Extended-Gate Field-Effect Transistor Transduction Unit. EG-FET, LOD
43  2019 Sensing by Molecularly Imprinted Polymer: Evaluation of the Binding Properties with Different Techniques. 2-FAL, SPR
44  2019 Sensitive electrochemical detection of gp120 based on the combination of NBD-556 and gp120. CNF
45  2019 Specific fluorometric assay for direct determination of amikacin by molecularly imprinting polymer on high fluorescent g-C3N4 quantum dots. APTES, QDs, TEOS
46  2019 Theoretical and experimental approach to hydrophilic interaction dispersive solid-phase extraction of 2-aminothiazoline-4-carboxylic acid from human post-mortem blood. ATCA, HI-d-SPE
47  2019 Ultra-trace detection of methamphetamine in biological samples using FFT-square wave voltammetry and nano-sized imprinted polymer/MWCNTs -modified electrode. FFT-SWV, MTM
48  2019 Water compatible imprinted polymer prepared in water for selective solid phase extraction and determination of ciprofloxacin in real samples. NIP
49  2018 A class-specific artificial receptor-based on molecularly imprinted polymer-coated quantum dot centers for the detection of signaling molecules, N-acyl-homoserine lactones present in gram-negative bacteria. AHLs
50  2018 A microfluidic chip containing a molecularly imprinted polymer and a DNA aptamer for voltammetric determination of carbofuran. DPV, GO-AuNPs
51  2018 A molecularly imprinted chitosan doped with carbon quantum dots for fluorometric determination of perfluorooctane sulfonate. CQDs, NIP, OSA, PFBS, PFOA, PFOS, POSF, SDBS, SDS
52  2018 A molecularly imprinted electrochemiluminescence sensor based on upconversion nanoparticles enhanced by electrodeposited rGO for selective and ultrasensitive detection of clenbuterol. CLB, ECL, MIECLS, rGO, UCNPs
53  2018 A molecularly imprinted electrochemiluminescence sensor for ultrasensitive HIV-1 gene detection using EuS nanocrystals as luminophore. EsNCs, HIV
54  2018 A Molecularly Imprinted Polymer on a Plasmonic Plastic Optical Fiber to Detect Perfluorinated Compounds in Water. LOD, NIP, PFAs, PFOA, PFOS, POF, SPR
55  2018 A molecularly-imprinted-electrochemical-sensor modified with nano-carbon-dots with high sensitivity and selectivity for rapid determination of glucose. CDs, CS, EIS, GCE, LOD, MIECS
56  2018 A multifunctional molecularly imprinted polymer-based biosensor for direct detection of doxycycline in food samples. ---
57  2018 A new carbon paste electrode modified with MWCNTs and nano-structured molecularly imprinted polymer for ultratrace determination of trimipramine: The crucial effect of electrode components mixing on its performance. MWCNTs, TRI
58  2018 A new strategy for accelerated extraction of target compounds using molecularly imprinted polymer particles embedded in a paper-based disk. HPLC-MS-MS, SPE
59  2018 A novel electrochemical sensor based on electrode modified with gold nanoparticles and molecularly imprinted polymer for rapid determination of trazosin. TR
60  2018 A novel molecularly imprinted electrochemical sensor based on graphene quantum dots coated on hollow nickel nanospheres with high sensitivity and selectivity for the rapid determination of bisphenol S. BPS, CV, DPV, EDS, GCE, GQDs, hNiNS, LOD, MIECS, SEM
61  2018 A Phenolphthalein-Dummy Template Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for Highly Selective Extraction and Clean-Up of Bisphenol A in Complex Biological, Environmental and Food Samples. BPA, HPLC-DAD, PP, PPMIP, RSD, SPE
62  2018 A polydopamine-based molecularly imprinted polymer on nanoparticles of type SiO2@rGO@Ag for the detection of lamda-cyhalothrin via SERS. LC
63  2018 A polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane/molecular sieve codoped molecularly imprinted polymer for gastroretentive drug-controlled release in vivo. CAP, FDDS, POSS
64  2018 A screen-printed carbon electrode modified with gold nanoparticles, poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene), poly(styrene sulfonate) and a molecular imprint for voltammetric determination of nitrofurantoin. DPV, NFT, PEDOT, SPCE
65  2018 A simple and highly selective molecular imprinting polymer-based methodology for propylparaben monitoring in personal care products and industrial waste waters. HPLC, MISPE, PAs, PCP, PP, SPE
66  2018 A Simple and Low-Cost Optical Fiber Intensity-Based Configuration for Perfluorinated Compounds in Water Solution. PFAs, PFOA, PFOS, POF, SPR
67  2018 A Surface Plasmon Resonance-Based Optical Fiber Probe Fabricated with Electropolymerized Molecular Imprinting Film for Melamine Detection. AFM, FTIR
68  2018 A voltammetric sensor for acetaminophen based on electropolymerized-molecularly imprinted poly(o-aminophenol) modified gold electrode. AP, GE
69  2018 Amperometric determination of myo-inositol by using a glassy carbon electrode modified with molecularly imprinted polypyrrole, reduced graphene oxide and nickel nanoparticles. GCE, Ni NPs, NiNP, rGO
70  2018 Applying molecular modelling and experimental studies to develop molecularly imprinted polymer for domoic acid enrichment from both seawater and shellfish. FTIR, HPLC-UV, MISPE, RSD, SEM
71  2018 Assessment of the imprinting efficiency of an imide with a "stoichiometric" pyridine-based functional monomer in precipitation polymerisation. BAAPy, DAD/ADA, TAC, TAU
72  2018 Cardiac Troponin T capture and detection in real-time via epitope-imprinted polymer and optical biosensing. AMI, PDA, SPR, TnT
73  2018 Chemical nanosensors based on molecularly-imprinted polymers doped with silver nanoparticles for the rapid detection of caffeine in wastewater. AgNPs, FTIR, SERS, UV-vis, XRD
74  2018 Chirality detection of amino acid enantiomers by organic electrochemical transistor. OECTs
75  2018 Combined Layer/Particle Approaches in Surface Molecular Imprinting of Proteins: Signal Enhancement and Competition. BSA, NIP, QCM
76  2018 Competitive fluorescent pseudo-immunoassay exploiting molecularly imprinted polymers for the detection of biogenic amines in fish matrix. ---
77  2018 Core-shell nanoparticles for gas phase detection based on silver nanospheres coated with a thin molecularly imprinted polymer adsorbed on a chemiresistor. CR, IDA
78  2018 Dendrimer-like amino-functionalized hierarchical porous silica nanoparticle: A host material for 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid imprinting and sensing. OPD
79  2018 Detection of theophylline using molecularly imprinted mesoporous silica spheres. MSNs
80  2018 Determination of beta-Agonist Residues in Animal-Derived Food by a Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometric Method Combined with Molecularly Imprinted Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction. LODs, LOQs
81  2018 Determination of dicoumarol in Melilotus officinalis L. by using molecularly imprinted polymer solid-phase extraction coupled with high performance liquid chromatography. ---
82  2018 Determination of methimazole based on electropolymerized-molecularly imprinted polypyrrole modified pencil graphite sensor. DPV, MMZ, NIP, PGE, PPy
83  2018 Determination of Ten Macrolide Drugs in Environmental Water Using Molecularly Imprinted Solid-Phase Extraction Coupled with Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry. MISPE, NIP
84  2018 Development of itaconic acid-based molecular imprinted polymers using supercritical fluid technology for pH-triggered drug delivery. MZ, NIP
85  2018 Development of water-compatible molecularly imprinted solid-phase extraction coupled with high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for the detection of six sulfonamides in animal-derived foods. RAFT, RPP, RSD, SAs, SPE
86  2018 Disposable electrochemical detection of breast cancer tumour marker CA 15-3 using poly(Toluidine Blue) as imprinted polymer receptor. CA15-3, POC, TB
87  2018 Electrochemical MIP-Sensors for Drugs. DPV, QCM, SPR
88  2018 Electrochemical sensors based on molecularly imprinted polymers on Fe3O4/graphene modified by gold nanoparticles for highly selective and sensitive detection of trace ractopamine in water. CV, EIS, RAC, RAFT, rGO
89  2018 Electrochemosensor for Trace Analysis of Perfluorooctanesulfonate in Water Based on a Molecularly Imprinted Poly( o-phenylenediamine) Polymer. OPD, PFAS, PFOS
90  2018 Electrochromic Molecular Imprinting Sensor for Visual and Smartphone-Based Detections. IrOx NPs
91  2018 Electrosynthesized MIPs for transferrin: Plastibodies or nano-filters? AFM, CV, SEIRAS, SPR, SWV, TRF
92  2018 Enzymatic logic calculation systems based on solid-state electrochemiluminescence and molecularly imprinted polymer film electrodes. AM, CV, ECL, GOD, PL, Py
93  2018 Fabrication of a highly sensitive electrochemical sensor based on electropolymerized molecularly imprinted polymer hybrid nanocomposites for the determination of 4-nonylphenol in packaged milk samples. 4-NP
94  2018 Fabrication of ofloxacin imprinted polymer on the surface of magnetic carboxylated cellulose nanocrystals for highly selective adsorption of fluoroquinolones from water. FQ, M-CCNs
95  2018 Flow-batch analysis of clenbuterol based on analyte extraction on molecularly imprinted polymers coupled to an in-system chromogenic reaction. Application to human urine and milk substitute samples. MISPE
96  2018 Fluorometric determination of quercetin by using graphitic carbon nitride nanoparticles modified with a molecularly imprinted polymer. ---
97  2018 Gas-stimuli-responsive molecularly imprinted polymer particles with switchable affinity for target protein. ---
98  2018 Green Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes-Reinforced Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Composites for Drug Delivery of Fenbufen. 4-VP, DESs, FB, RTILs, SWCNTs
99  2018 Heparin molecularly imprinted polymer thin flm on gold electrode by plasma-induced graft polymerization for label-free biosensor. NIP, PIP, PPF, QCM
100  2018 High-density lipoprotein sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymer. HDL, HDL-C, HSA, LDL, QCM, VLDL