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Long Form:   medial lemniscus
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2020 Three-Dimensional Identification of the Medial Longitudinal Fasciculus in the Human Brain: A Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study. DTI, MLF, ROI
2019 Limited positive predictive value of diffusion tensor tractography in determining clinically relevant white matter damage in brain stem cavernous malformations: A retrospective study in a single center surgical cohort. BS, CM, CST, DTT
2019 Reduced axial diffusivity and increased mode and T2 signals in cerebral white matter of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease using tract-based spatial statistics. COPD, CP, CST, DTI, FA, MO, TBSS, TS, WM
2019 Reliability of Intraoperative Testing During Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery. DBS, PD, PT
2018 Neighborhood resolved fiber orientation distributions (NRFOD) in automatic labeling of white matter fiber pathways. CST, GQI, HCP, ICP, MCP, NRFOD, SCP
2017 High-Definition Fiber Tractography in Evaluation and Surgical Planning of Thalamopeduncular Pilocytic Astrocytomas in Pediatric Population: Case Series and Review of Literature. CST, HDFT, TPTs
2014 Visualization of brain white matter tracts using heavily t2-weighted three-dimensional fluid-attenuated inversion-recovery magnetic resonance imaging. CST, DTI, hT2w-3D-FLAIR, SCP, WM
2014 Visualization of white matter tracts using a non-diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging method: does intravenous gadolinium injection four hours prior to the examination affect the visualization of white matter tracts? CP, CST, DE, hT2w-3D-FLAIR, PP, SCP, TH, WM
2013 Anatomical location of the medial lemniscus and spinothalamic tract at the pons in the human brain: a diffusion tensor tractography study. STT
10  2013 Differences in brainstem fiber tract response to radiation: a longitudinal diffusion tensor imaging study. CST, FA, MCP, TPF, VOIs
11  2013 Imaging white matter in human brainstem. CPT/CST, MCP, MRI
12  2012 Medial lemniscus lesion in pediatric hemiplegic patients without corticospinal tract and posterior thalamic radiation lesion. ADC, AP, CST, DTI, FA, PTR, UP
13  2012 Termination differences in the primary sensorimotor cortex between the medial lemniscus and spinothalamic pathways in the human brain. ST
14  2012 Two gloves and one sock syndrome after a pontine hemorrhage. ---
15  2011 A case of tremor reduction and almost complete ageusia under bilateral thalamic (VIM) deep brain stimulation in essential tremor--a therapeutic dilemma. DBS, DRT, DTI, ET, VIM, VTA
16  2011 Principal eigenvector field segmentation for reproducible diffusion tensor tractography of white matter structures. AF, ATR, CC, CG, CST/CPT, DTI, DTT, FA, FX, ICP, IFO, ILF, MCP, OP, PEVFS, PTR, ROIs, SCP, SFM, SLF, STR, TP, UNC, WM
17  2010 Comparison of synaptic transmission and plasticity between sensory and cortical synapses on relay neurons in the ventrobasal nucleus of the rat thalamus. CT, NMDAR
18  2010 Identification of spinothalamic tract and its related thalamocortical fibers in human brain. DTIs, DTT, EPI, MNI, STT, VPL
19  2009 Diffusion tensor tractography of the somatosensory system in the human brainstem: initial findings using high isotropic spatial resolution at 3.0 T. CTT, DTI, DTT, FACT, SL
20  2009 Identification of the medial lemniscus in the human brain: combined study of functional MRI and diffusion tensor tractography. CST, DTT, FA, fMRI, PLIC, ROI
21  2008 Noninvasive mapping of human trigeminal brainstem pathways. AL, DTI, TL
22  2006 Potential of diffusion tensor MRI in the assessment of periventricular leukomalacia. AF, CG, CR, CST, DTI, EC, FA, GCC, MCP, MR, PTR, PVL, ROI, SCC, SD, SLF, WM
23  2005 Neuronal mechanisms mediating the variability of somatosensory evoked potentials during sleep oscillations in cats. MN, SO, VPL
24  2005 Quantitative analysis of the relationship between intra- axonal neurofilament compaction and impaired axonal transport following diffuse traumatic brain injury. APP, CSpT, IAT, IR, NFC, TAI, TBI
25  2004 Impaired axonal transport and altered axolemmal permeability occur in distinct populations of damaged axons following traumatic brain injury. APP, AXT, CSpT, TAI, TBI
26  2002 Caspase-3-mediated cleavage of amyloid precursor protein and formation of amyloid Beta peptide in traumatic axonal injury. APP, CMAP, MLF, TAI, TBI
27  1997 Distribution, quantification, and morphological characteristics of serotonin-immunoreactive cells of the supralemniscal nucleus (B9) and pontomesencephalic reticular formation in the rat. 5-HT, PMRF
28  1996 Chaotic and phase-locked responses of the somatosensory cortex to a periodic medial lemniscus stimulation in the anesthetized rat. ---
29  1996 Spinothalamic and spinohypothalamic tract neurons in the sacral spinal cord of rats. I. Locations of antidromically identified axons in the cervical cord and diencephalon. APT, HT, LT, OT, SHT, STT, VBC, WDR
30  1996 Transneuronal changes of the inhibitory circuitry in the macaque somatosensory thalamus following lesions of the dorsal column nuclei. GABA, LCNs, PSDs, VPL
31  1994 Medial lemniscal and spinal projections to the macaque thalamus: an electron microscopic study of differing GABAergic circuitry serving thalamic somatosensory mechanisms. GABA-ir, STT
32  1992 Facilitatory and inhibitory processes in the thalamic ventrobasal nucleus of the rat. SCx, TR, VB
33  1992 Modulation of cortical evoked potentials by stimulation of nucleus raphe magnus in rats. C-T, CS, EPs, NRM, VPL
34  1991 Electrophysiological study of spinothalamic inputs to ventrolateral and adjacent thalamic nuclei of the cat. CL, DC, HT, LT, STT, VL, VLF, VPL, VPM, WDR
35  1990 The effects of an extradural expanding lesion on regional intracranial pressure, blood flow, somatosensory conduction and brain herniation: an experimental study in baboons. CBF, CN, ICP, LL, SEP
36  1989 Avian somatosensory system: II. Ascending projections of the dorsal column and external cuneate nuclei in the pigeon. DIVA, DLA, DLM, ICo, ICT, OI, PB, PD, PPC, SpM, VLT
37  1987 Somatosensory evoked potentials from the thalamic sensory relay nucleus (VPL) in humans: correlations with short latency somatosensory evoked potentials recorded at the scalp. SEPs, VPL
38  1986 Self-stimulation behavior can be elicited from various 'aversive' brain structures. CG, LH, LT, MH, RF
39  1985 Projection systems and terminal localization of dorsal column afferents: an autoradiographic and horseradish peroxidase study in the rat. LAC, MLLC, VPL
40  1985 [Modulation of cutaneous evoked potentials during the period preparatory to a reaction time task in the cat]. ASSG, CM, EP, FP, IC, RT
41  1984 Comparison of the effects of ischaemia on early components of the somatosensory evoked potential in brainstem, thalamus, and cerebral cortex. MSBP
42  1984 Effects of morphine on: spontaneous, dorsal raphe, spinal tract of trigeminal nucleus, medial lemniscus and reticular lateral magnocellular evoked responses of hypothalamic units, in naive and morphine physically dependent rats. Ac, DR, MBH, RLM, SpV
43  1983 Synaptic inputs of feline rubrospinal neurons from the parietal association cortex, pretectum and medial lemniscus, and their lesion-induced sprouting. CP, IP, PASC, PRT, RN, SM
44  1983 Various inputs modify caudate neuronal activity. CN, DR, SN
45  1982 Lingual mechanoreceptive information. L. An evoked-potential study of the central projections of hypoglossal nerve afferent information. ---
46  1981 Lesions of the dorsal column nuclei or medial lemniscus of the cat: effect on motor performance. DCN
47  1978 Lateral cervical nucleus in the cat: functional organization and characteristics. LCN
48  1975 Pyramidal tract control over cutaneous and kinesthetic sensory transmission in the cat thalamus. PT, VB