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Long Form:   midluteal
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 The effect of menstrual cycle on maximal breath-hold time. BH, BHT, EF
2019 A combination of an anteromedial, anterolateral and midlateral portals is sufficient for 360 exposure of the radial head for arthroscopic fracture fixation. AL, AM, COV
2019 Effect of Sex and Menstrual Cycle on Skin Sensory Nerve Contribution to Local Heating. EF, EMLA
2019 Ergogenic effects of caffeine on peak aerobic cycling power during the menstrual cycle. EF, PO
2019 Expression of Kisspeptin and its receptor in the hypothalamus of cyclic and acyclic buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). ARC, DYN, EL, FL, GnRH, NKB, NKBR, POA
2019 Female sex hormones and the recovery from exercise: Menstrual cycle phase affects responses. CK, IL-6, IP, MF
2019 Influence of Peak Menstrual Cycle Hormonal Changes on Restoration of Fluid Balance After Induced Dehydration. LF
2019 Sex difference or hormonal difference in mental rotation? The influence of ovarian milieu. EF, MRT, OC, PO, V/K
2018 Effectiveness of Fish Oil Supplementation in Attenuating Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage in Women During Midfollicular and Midluteal Menstrual Phases. 24HRPOST, DOMS, MF, TNF-alpha
10  2018 Skeletal Muscle Estrogen Receptor Activation in Response to Eccentric Exercise Up-Regulates Myogenic-Related Gene Expression Independent of Differing Serum Estradiol Levels Occurring during the Human Menstrual Cycle. ANOVA, ERalpha, MF
11  2018 Usefulness of left ventricular strain analysis in patients with takotsubo syndrome during acute phase. AL, AS, BL, BS, GLS, LS, LV, MACE, MS, TTS
12  2017 Influence of menstrual phase and arid vs. humid heat stress on autonomic and behavioural thermoregulation during exercise in trained but unacclimated women. EF, HUM
13  2016 Mineralocorticoid receptor haplotype moderates the effects of oral contraceptives and menstrual cycle on emotional information processing. EF, MR, OCs
14  2016 The Influence of Menstrual Cycle and Androstadienone on Female Stress Reactions: An fMRI Study. ANDR, EF
15  2015 Does menstrual cycle phase affect lung diffusion capacity during exercise? EF, LF
16  2015 Menstrual cycle and sex effects on sympathetic responses to acute chemoreflex stress. EF, MSNA
17  2015 Menstrual cycle phase does not affect sympathetic neural activity in women with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. CPT, EF, MSNA, POTS
18  2015 Role of the ovarian cycle on neural cardiovascular control in sleep-deprived women. CPT, EF, FVC, HR, MAP, MS, MSNA, TSD
19  2013 Ovarian cycle and sympathoexcitation in premenopausal women. MSNA
20  2012 Influence of short-term changes in sex hormones on serum concentrations of cellular adhesion molecules in young healthy women. CAMs, EF, PROG
21  2012 Resting and exercise ventilatory chemosensitivity across the menstrual cycle. EF, iHVR, LF
22  2011 Anaerobic capacity of physically active eumenorrheic females at mid-luteal and mid-follicular phases of ovarian cycle. MAOD, MF
23  2011 Hormonal responses to resistance exercise during different menstrual cycle states. EF, OAM
24  2011 Interleukin-6 and delayed onset muscle soreness do not vary during the menstrual cycle. DOMS, EF, IL-6
25  2011 Predominance of distal skin temperature changes at sleep onset across menstrual and circadian phases. CBT, DCG, DT, MF
26  2011 Salivary estradiol, interleukin-6 production, and the relationship to substrate metabolism during exercise in females. IL-6, MF
27  2011 Sex differences in the modulation of vasomotor sympathetic outflow during static handgrip exercise in healthy young humans. BF, BP, CPT, EF, HR, MSNA, PECA
28  2010 Circadian variation of sleep during the follicular and luteal phases of the menstrual cycle. CBT, MF, SWS, URSW
29  2010 Isometric knee-extension and knee-flexion torque production during early follicular and postovulatory phases in recreationally active women. EF, EL, MVIC
30  2010 Menstrual cycle and cue reactivity in women smokers. EF, LL, MF
31  2010 Menstrual cycle elicits divergent forearm vascular responses to vestibular activation in humans. EF, HDR, MAP, MSNA
32  2009 Altered pattern of sympathetic activity with the ovarian cycle in female smokers. EF, MAP, MSNA, SNS
33  2009 Do cyclic female goats respond to males with an increase in LH secretion during the breeding season? EL, LL, LL
34  2009 Menstrual cycle alters sympathetic neural responses to orthostatic stress in young, eumenorrheic women. BRS, EF, HR, LBNP, MAP, MSNA
35  2008 Vestibulosympathetic reflex during the early follicular and midluteal phases of the menstrual cycle. EF, HDR, MAP, MSNA
36  2007 Carbohydrate loading and female endurance athletes: effect of menstrual-cycle phase. CHOL, glyc, MF, NORM
37  2007 Effects of the menstrual cycle on sympathetic neural responses to mental stress in humans. EF, HR, MAP, MSNA
38  2007 The introduction of rams induces an increase in pulsatile LH secretion in cyclic ewes during the breeding season. EL, EL, LL
39  2006 Left ventricular lead proximity to an akinetic segment and impact on outcome of cardiac resynchronization therapy. AL, CRT, LV, MR, PL
40  2006 The influence of menstrual cycle phase upon postexercise hypotension. CVR, EF, LF, PEH
41  2005 Cycling time trial performance during different phases of the menstrual cycle. EF, LF
42  2005 GH responsiveness varies during the menstrual cycle. ALS, EF, IGFBP, PO
43  2005 Menstrual cycle and sex affect hemodynamic responses to combined orthostatic and heat stress. CVC, EF, OV
44  2003 Control of LH secretory-burst frequency and interpulse-interval regularity in women. ApEn, GnRH, LH
45  2003 Effect of menstrual phase on the acetate correction factor used in metabolic tracer studies. EF, LF
46  2003 Influence of menstrual cycle on baroreflex control of heart rate: comparison with male volunteers. EF, HR, PreOV
47  2003 Plasma selenium and plasma and erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase activity increase with estrogen during the menstrual cycle. EF, GPx, PO
48  2000 Influence of the menstrual cycle on sympathetic activity, baroreflex sensitivity, and vascular transduction in young women. EF, MSNA
49  2000 The negative feedback action of progesterone on luteinizing hormone release is not associated with changes in GnRH mRNA expression in the Ewe. EL, GnRH, LH, rPOA
50  2000 [Effects of ovulation induction therapies on endometrial integrin alpha v beta 3 expression in patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome related infertility]. CC, hCG, hMG, PCOS
51  1998 Net increase in stimulatory input resulting from a decrease in inhibin B and an increase in activin A may contribute in part to the rise in follicular phase follicle-stimulating hormone of aging cycling women. Foll
52  1997 Expression of steroid receptors and steroidogenic enzymes in the baboon (Papio anubis) corpus luteum during the menstrual cycle and early pregnancy. 3beta-HSD, CL, LL, mRNA, PO, RNA
53  1997 Menstrual cycle phase and running economy. EF, EL, LF, LL, POMS, TMD
54  1996 Mode of pulsatile follicle-stimulating hormone secretion in gonadal hormone-sufficient and -deficient women--a clinical research center study. EF, LF, PM
55  1996 The gonadotropin secretion pattern in normal women of advanced reproductive age in relation to the monotropic FSH rise. ---
56  1995 Ventilatory and blood lactate responses to maximal treadmill exercise during the menstrual cycle. EF, LF, VT
57  1994 Substrate responses to submaximal exercise in the midfollicular and midluteal phases of the menstrual cycle. CHO, MF
58  1993 Enhanced response to ozone exposure during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle. FEF25-75, FEV1, FVC
59  1992 Cortisol levels during prolonged exercise: the influence of menstrual phase and menstrual status. EF, LF
60  1991 A priming effect of naloxone on in vitro LHRH release from the hypothalamus of mid-luteal ewes. EOPs, NAL
61  1991 Fluctuations in the proportions of growth hormone- and prolactin-secreting cells during the bovine estrous cycle. EL, LL
62  1991 [The corpus luteum and progesterone secretion]. EL, LL
63  1990 Specific physiological regulation of luteinizing hormone secretory events throughout the human menstrual cycle: new insights into the pulsatile mode of gonadotropin release. EF, LF, LH
64  1987 Menstrual cycle and exercise effects on protein catabolism. ---
65  1986 Increased adrenocortical responsiveness to exogenous ACTH in oral contraceptive users. CBG, DHEA, EF, OC
66  1986 Ovarian membrane receptors for LH, FSH and prolactin during the menstrual cycle and in polycystic ovary syndrome. LF, PCO
67  1986 Temporal relationship of the pulsatile fluctuation of luteinizing hormone and progesterone in cattle: a time series cross-correlation analysis. EP, LH
68  1985 The effects of estrogen and progestin on endogenous opioid activity in oophorectomized women. beta-EP, CE, LF, MPA, NAL, Pre