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Abbreviation:   MMR  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   macrophage mannose receptor
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2019 Mannosylated Polyrotaxanes for Increasing Cellular Uptake Efficiency in Macrophages through Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis. CDs, Man-PRX, PRXs
2018 Evaluation of [99mTc]Radiolabeled Macrophage Mannose Receptor-Specific Nanobodies for Targeting of Atherosclerotic Lesions in Mice. Nbs
2018 Nanobody-Facilitated Multiparametric PET/MRI Phenotyping of Atherosclerosis. 68Ga, DCE, LOX, MRI, PET, VCAM
2018 Therapeutic Effects of Targeted PPARɣ Activation on Inflamed High-Risk Plaques Assessed by Serial Optical Imaging In Vivo. ---
2016 Effect of yeast-derived products and distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) on growth performance, gut morphology, and gene expression of pattern recognition receptors and cytokines in broiler chickens. DDGS, YCW
2016 Effect of yeast-derived products on systemic innate immune response of broiler chickens following a lipopolysaccharide challenge. DDGS, IFN, Ig, IL, LPS, TLR, YCW
2016 Enhanced resolution of experimental ARDS through IL-4-mediated lung macrophage reprogramming. ALI, ARDS
2015 beta-Caryophyllene potently inhibits solid tumor growth and lymph node metastasis of B16F10 melanoma cells in high-fat diet-induced obese C57BL/6N mice. BCP, HFD, LN
2015 Curcumin induces M2 macrophage polarization by secretion IL-4 and/or IL-13. Arg-1, EAM, EF, HR, IL-13, IL-1beta, IL-4, iNOS, LVEDs, LVFS, PPARgamma
10  2015 Differences in the distribution, phenotype and gene expression of subretinal microglia/macrophages in C57BL/6N (Crb1 rd8/rd8) versus C57BL6/J (Crb1 wt/wt) mice. Iba, RPE, RT-qPCR, WT
11  2015 Molecular imaging of tumor-infiltrating macrophages in a preclinical mouse model of breast cancer. DTX, NIRF, TAMs, ZA
12  2015 Monitoring liver macrophages using nanobodies targeting Vsig4: concanavalin A induced acute hepatitis as paradigm. Con A, KCs, Nbs, SPECT, Vsig4
13  2015 PET Imaging of Macrophage Mannose Receptor-Expressing Macrophages in Tumor Stroma Using 18F-Radiolabeled Camelid Single-Domain Antibody Fragments. FB, sdAbs
14  2014 Targeted delivery of pharmacological chaperones for Gaucher disease to macrophages by a mannosylated cyclodextrin carrier. beta-CD, GD, PCs
15  2013 Astragalus polysaccharide induces anti-inflammatory effects dependent on AMPK activity in palmitate-treated RAW264.7 cells. APS, IL, TNF
16  2013 Blocking of integrins inhibits HIV-1 infection of human cervical mucosa immune cells with free and complement-opsonized virions. DCs
17  2013 Characterization of cells expressing lymphatic marker LYVE-1 in macaque large intestine during simian immunodeficiency virus infection identifies a large population of nonvascular LYVE-1(+)/DC-SIGN(+) cells. DC, ISH, LECs, SIV
18  2013 Clinical significance of the induction of macrophage differentiation by the costimulatory molecule B7-H3 in human non-small cell lung cancer. HLA, IL-10, NSCLC, TAMs
19  2013 Complement opsonization of HIV-1 results in a different intracellular processing pattern and enhanced MHC class I presentation by dendritic cells. iDCs, MHC-I
20  2013 Glycans from avian influenza virus are recognized by chicken dendritic cells and are targets for the humoral immune response in chicken. AIV, DC-SIGN, DCs, HP, LP
21  2013 SPECT imaging of joint inflammation with Nanobodies targeting the macrophage mannose receptor in a mouse model for rheumatoid arthritis. CIA, RA
22  2012 Mannosylated mucin-type immunoglobulin fusion proteins enhance antigen-specific antibody and T lymphocyte responses. APC, CTL, DC-SIGN, OVA
23  2012 Tailoring the immune response by targeting C-type lectin receptors on alveolar macrophages using "pathogen-like" amphiphilic polyanhydride nanoparticles. APC, CLRs
24  2011 Biotherapeutic target or sink: analysis of the macrophage mannose receptor tissue distribution in murine models of lysosomal storage diseases. ERT, LSDs, M6PR, rhalphaGal, rhbetaGC, rhGAA
25  2011 Glycosylation of the hemagglutinin modulates the sensitivity of H3N2 influenza viruses to innate proteins in airway secretions and virulence in mice. HA
26  2011 Influence of tumor associated macrophages on biological function of SW620 cell. ELISA, EMSA, FACS, IL, iNOS, NF-kappaB, TAMs, TGF-beta
27  2011 Mannosyl-coated nanocomplexes from amphiphilic cyclodextrins and pDNA for site-specific gene delivery. CD, Con A, N/P, pGaCDs
28  2010 Comparative characterization of cultures of primary human macrophages or dendritic cells relevant to biomaterial studies. DCs, PBMCs
29  2010 Macrophage receptors for influenza A virus: role of the macrophage galactose-type lectin and mannose receptor in viral entry. MGL
30  2009 Differential macrophage polarization in male and female BALB/c mice infected with coxsackievirus B3 defines susceptibility to viral myocarditis. CVB3, MGL, Treg
31  2008 The immunomodulatory glycan LNFPIII initiates alternative activation of murine macrophages in vivo. AA, IL, LeX, LNFPIII
32  2005 Nasal polyps in patients with and without cystic fibrosis: a differentiation by innate markers and inflammatory mediators. CF, CF-NP, CO, ECP, hBD, MPO, non-CF-NP, NP, TLR
33  2005 The role of mannosylated enzyme and the mannose receptor in enzyme replacement therapy. CEs, CESD, LAL, TGs, WD
34  2004 Macrophage mannose receptor in chronic sinus disease. CS, NPS
35  2003 Involvement of macrophage mannose receptor in the binding and transmission of HIV by macrophages. HIV
36  2003 PPARgamma promotes mannose receptor gene expression in murine macrophages and contributes to the induction of this receptor by IL-13. IL-13
37  2002 Optimal T cell responses to Cryptococcus neoformans mannoprotein are dependent on recognition of conjugated carbohydrates by mannose receptors. MP, MR
38  2001 Novel synthesized trimannose conjugate induces endocytosis and expression of immunostimulatory molecules in monocytic leukemia cells. AML, FITC, TMC
39  2000 A monoclonal antibody to the DEC-205 endocytosis receptor on human dendritic cells. DC
40  2000 Expression of multilectin receptors and comparative FITC-dextran uptake by human dendritic cells. DC, LC, MoDC
41  2000 The dendritic cell receptor for endocytosis, DEC-205, can recycle and enhance antigen presentation via major histocompatibility complex class II-positive lysosomal compartments. Ig, MHC-II
42  1997 Characterization of a 180 kDa molecule apparently reactive with recombinant L-selectin. HEV, LN
43  1993 Enhancement of macrophage candidacidal activity by interferon-gamma. Increased phagocytosis, killing, and calcium signal mediated by a decreased number of mannose receptors. CR
44  1992 Characterization of the murine macrophage mannose receptor: demonstration that the downregulation of receptor expression mediated by interferon-gamma occurs at the level of transcription. CRDs, IFN-gamma
45  1992 Interleukin 4 potently enhances murine macrophage mannose receptor activity: a marker of alternative immunologic macrophage activation. IFN-gamma, IL-4
46  1990 Prostaglandin E specifically upregulates the expression of the mannose-receptor on mouse bone marrow-derived macrophages. BMMP, PGE