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Abbreviation:   MPA  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   3-mercaptopropionic acid
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Docetaxel-Loaded Disulfide Cross-Linked Nanoparticles Derived from Thiolated Sodium Alginate for Colon Cancer Drug Delivery. DLS, DTX, fWGA, MD, PDI, SEM, TEM
2020 Efficient detection doxorubicin hydrochloride using CuInSe2@ZnS quantum dots and Ag nanoparticles. DOX, NPs, SPR
2020 Enhanced Power Conversion Efficiency via Hybrid Ligand Exchange Treatment of p-Type PbS Quantum Dots. EDT, QD, QDSCs
2020 Immobilization of catalytic sites on quantum dots by ligand bridging for photocatalytic CO2 reduction. ---
2020 Label-Free Impedimetric Immunosensors Modulated by Protein A/Bovine Serum Albumin Layer for Ultrasensitive Detection of Salbutamol. BSA, PA, SAL, SPCEs
2020 Ligand-Length Modification in CsPbBr3 Perovskite Nanocrystals and Bilayers with PbS Quantum Dots for Improved Photodetection Performance. QDs
2020 MPA-CdTe quantum dots as "on-off-on" sensitive fluorescence probe to detect ascorbic acid via redox reaction. AA
2020 Silver nanocube coupling with a nanoporous silver film for dual-molecule recognition based ultrasensitive SERS detection of dopamine. 4-MPBA, DA, LOD, SERS
2020 Sulfur doped graphene quantum dots as a potential sensitive fluorescent probe for the detection of quercetin. CA, IFE
10  2020 Surface Coating Structure and Its Interaction with Cytochrome c in EG6-Coated Nanoparticles Varies with Surface Curvature. ---
11  2020 Surface modified glass substrate for sensing E. coli using highly stable and luminescent CdSe/CdS core shell quantum dots. nOD, QDs
12  2020 Targeted bioimaging and sensing of folate receptor-positive cancer cells using folic acid-conjugated sulfur-doped graphene quantum dots. CA, FA-SGQDs, FR
13  2020 Thermodynamically designed target-specific DNA probe as an electrochemical hybridization biosensor. ---
14  2020 Tuning optical properties and optical rotation of 3-mercaptopropionic acid capped organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites. QDs
15  2020 Water chemistry influences on long-term dissolution kinetics of CdSe/ZnS quantum dots. QDs
16  2019 A Polyamidoamine Dendrimer-Based Electrochemical Immunosensor for Label-Free Determination of Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule- Expressing Cancer Cells. CV, EIS, EpCAM, SA
17  2019 A simple FRET system using two-color CdTe quantum dots assisted by cetyltrimethylammonium bromide and its application to Hg(II) detection. CTAB, FRET, QDs
18  2019 Altered Gene expression of ABC transporters, nuclear receptors and oxidative stress signaling in zebrafish embryos exposed to CdTe quantum dots. ABC, AhR, MRPs, P-gp, PPAR, PXR, QDs, SOD
19  2019 An electrochemiluminescent aptasensor for amplified detection of exosomes from breast tumor cells (MCF-7 cells) based on G-quadruplex/hemin DNAzymes. ECL, LOD
20  2019 Biochemical Characterization of the Methylmercaptopropionate:Cob(I)alamin Methyltransferase from Methanosarcina acetivorans. MMPA, MMPA
21  2019 Carbon dots stabilized silver-lipid nano hybrids for sensitive label free DNA detection. AFM, DLS, DOPE, DOTAP, FTIR, HRTEM
22  2019 CdTe Quantum Dots Modified with Cysteamine: A New Efficient Nanosensor for the Determination of Folic Acid. CA, FA, FTIR, QDs
23  2019 Characterization of 3-[(Carboxymethyl)thio]picolinic Acid: A Novel Inhibitor of Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase. PEPCK
24  2019 Characterization of mixed-ligand shells on gold nanoparticles by transition metal and supramolecular surface probes. CB7, MPS, MUA, TEG
25  2019 Effect of the exposure to Mn-doped ZnS nanoparticles on biomarkers in the freshwater western mosquitofish Gambusia affinis. QDs
26  2019 Efficient electron-mediated electrochemical biosensor of gold wire for the rapid detection of C-reactive protein: A predictive strategy for heart failure. BSA, CRP, PC
27  2019 Enhancing the photocatalytic properties of PbS QD solids: the ligand exchange approach. EDT, OAm, ROS, TBAI
28  2019 Facile Counting of Ligands Capped on Nanoparticles via a Titration Chip of Moving Reaction Boundary Electrophoresis. CIS, ET, MRB, NPs, QDs
29  2019 Flower-like curcumin-loaded folic acid-conjugated ZnO-MPA- betacyclodextrin nanostructures enhanced anticancer activity and cellular uptake of curcumin in breast cancer cells. betaCD, CUR, FA, FRalpha
30  2019 Fluorescent sensor array for discrimination of biothiols based on poly(thymine/cytosine)-templated copper nanoparticles. Cys, DTT, LDA, MCE
31  2019 Fluorometric determination of sulfadiazine by using molecularly imprinted poly(methyl methacrylate) nanobeads doped with manganese(II)-doped ZnS quantum dots. APTES, CQDs, MQPs, PMMA-NSs, SD, SDBS, TEOS
32  2019 High-Performance All-Inorganic CsPbCl3 Perovskite Nanocrystal Photodetectors with Superior Stability. GFETs
33  2019 Highly Responsive Ultraviolet Sensor Based on ZnS Quantum Dot Solid with Enhanced Photocurrent. ---
34  2019 Molecular mechanism of CAT and SOD activity change under MPA-CdTe quantum dots induced oxidative stress in the mouse primary hepatocytes. CAT, QDs, ROS, SOD
35  2019 Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes/Gold Nanoparticles Hybrid Electrodes for Enzyme-Free Electrochemical Glucose Sensor. GC, MAA, MSA, MWCNTs
36  2019 Ratiometric Upconversion Luminescence Nanoprobe with Near-Infrared Ag2S Nanodots as the Energy Acceptor for Sensing and Imaging of pH in Vivo. LRET, NDs, NIR, UCNPs
37  2019 Red light-driven photoelectrochemical biosensing for ultrasensitive and scatheless assay of tumor cells based on hypotoxic AgInS2 nanoparticles. NPs, PEC
38  2019 Simple and effective label free electrochemical immunosensor for Fig mosaic virus detection. CV, EIS, FMV, MUA
39  2019 Simultaneous determination of tiopronin and its primary metabolite in plasma and ocular tissues by HPLC. MPG
40  2019 Susceptible Surface Sulfide Regulates Catalytic Activity of CdSe Quantum Dots for Hydrogen Photogeneration. QDs, TOF
41  2019 Target-driven switch-on fluorescence aptasensor for trace aflatoxin B1 determination based on highly fluorescent ternary CdZnTe quantum dots. AFB1, AuNPs, cDNA, FRET, QDs
42  2019 The influence of selected omega-mercaptocarboxylate ligands on physicochemical properties and biological activity of Cd-free, zinc‑copper‑indium sulfide colloidal nanocrystals. MHA, QDs
43  2019 Ultrasensitive detection of glibenclamide based on its enhancing effect on the fluorescence emission of CdTe quantum dots. CdTe QDs, FT-IR, GB, TEM, XRD
44  2018 An ''off-on'' phosphorescent aptasensor switch for the detection of ATP. ATP
45  2018 An Electrochemical Cholesterol Biosensor Based on A CdTe/CdSe/ZnSe Quantum Dots-Poly (Propylene Imine) Dendrimer Nanocomposite Immobilisation Layer. ChOx, EDC, EDX, NHS, PL, QDs, TEM, UV-vis, XRD
46  2018 An electrochemical nitric oxide biosensor based on immobilized cytochrome c on a chitosan-gold nanocomposite modified gold electrode. CS, CV, cyt c, EIS, NO
47  2018 Aqueous synthesis of L-cysteine and mercaptopropionic acid co-capped ZnS quantum dots with dual emissions. L-Cys, QDs
48  2018 Charge Transport in Trap-Sensitized Infrared PbS Quantum-Dot-Based Photoconductors: Pros and Cons. QD, TBAI
49  2018 Comparative investigation of toxicity and bioaccumulation of Cd-based quantum dots and Cd salt in freshwater plant Lemna minor L. BAFs, LIBS, QDs
50  2018 Development of CdSe⁻ZnO Flower-Rod Core-Shell Structure Based Photoelectrochemical Biosensor for Detection of Norovirous RNA. NV, PEC
51  2018 Dual-signal ratiometric electrochemiluminescence assay for detecting the activity of human methyltransferase. ECL, LOD
52  2018 Effects of CdSe and CdSe/ZnS Core/Shell Quantum Dots on Singlet Oxygen Production and Cell Toxicity. QDs
53  2018 Electrochemical and Surface-Plasmon Correlation of a Serum-Autoantibody Immunoassay with Binding Insights: Graphenyl Surface versus Mercapto-Monolayer Surface. T1D
54  2018 Fluorescence alteration of MPA capped CdSe quantum dots by spontaneous biomarker protein adsorption. AFP, cyto c, HSP90alpha, LYZ, QDs
55  2018 Gold foil-based biosensor for the determination of hydrogen peroxide. HRP
56  2018 Layer-by-layer assembled gold nanoparticles/lower-generation (Gn≤3) polyamidoamine dendrimers-grafted reduced graphene oxide nanohybrids with 3D fractal architecture for fast, ultra-trace, and label-free electrochemical gene nanobiosensors. GO, LbL, PD, rGO
57  2018 Layer-by-Layer-Assembled AuNPs-Decorated First-Generation Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimer with Reduced Graphene Oxide Core as Highly Sensitive Biosensing Platform with Controllable 3D Nanoarchitecture for Rapid Voltammetric Analysis of Ultratrace DNA Hybridization. PD, rGO
58  2018 Mercaptopropionic Acid-Capped Wurtzite Cu9Sn2Se9 Nanocrystals as High-Performance Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries. ---
59  2018 NIR-Emitting Alloyed CdTeSe QDs and Organic Dye Assemblies: A Nontoxic, Stable, and Efficient FRET System. Cy5, EDS, FRET, HeLa, NIR, QDs, QYs, TEM
60  2018 Novel Route for Agmatine Catabolism in Aspergillus niger: 4-Guanidinobutyrase Assay. GB, GBase, OPA, PCA, RP-HPLC
61  2018 One-pot single step to label microtubule with MPA-capped CdTe quantum dots. CdTe, QDs, SPR
62  2018 Ratiometric determination of copper(II) using dually emitting Mn(II)-doped ZnS quantum dots as a fluorescent probe. QDs
63  2018 The interactions of CdTe quantum dots with serum albumin and subsequent cytotoxicity: the influence of homologous ligands. BSA, QDs
64  2018 Titanium surface bio-functionalization using osteogenic peptides: Surface chemistry, biocompatibility, corrosion and tribocorrosion aspects. APPA, DMP1, Ti
65  2018 Ultrasensitive detection of EGFR gene based on surface plasmon resonance enhanced electrochemiluminescence of CuZnInS quantum dots. CA, ECL, EGFR, QDs, SPR
66  2018 Use of MPA-capped CdS quantum dots for sensitive detection and quantification of Co2+ ions in aqueous solution. QDs
67  2017 A label-free electrochemical biosensor based on tubulin immobilized on gold nanoparticle/glassy carbon electrode for the determination of vinblastine. CV, EIS, GCE, NHS, Ret, TUB, VLB
68  2017 A Single-Use, In Vitro Biosensor for the Detection of T-Tau Protein, A Biomarker of Neuro-Degenerative Disorders, in PBS and Human Serum Using Differential Pulse Voltammetry (DPV). DPV, EDC, NHS, PBS, SAM
69  2017 Charge-Neutral, Stable, Non-Cytotoxic, Near-Infrared SnS Aqueous Quantum Dots for High Signal-to-Noise-Ratio Biomedical Imaging. NIR, QDs, SA, SNR, VEGF
70  2017 Coating of Quantum Dots strongly defines their effect on lysosomal health and autophagy. GA-QDs, PEG, QDs
71  2017 Creating BHb-imprinted magnetic nanoparticles with multiple binding sites. BHb, MMIP, MPBA, NPs, PDA
72  2017 Dual-responsive core-crosslinked polyphosphoester-based nanoparticles for pH/redox-triggered anticancer drug delivery. DOX, EOP, NPs, PTX
73  2017 Effect of the Chain Length of a Modified Layer and Surface Roughness of an Electrode on Impedimetric Immunosensors. SAL, SMWDs, SPCEs
74  2017 Electron-Transfer-Mediated Uranium Detection Using Quasi-Type II Core-Shell Quantum Dots: Insight into Mechanistic Pathways. CSQDs
75  2017 Exploring the influence of MPA-capped CdTe quantum dots on the structure and function of lysozyme probing by spectroscopic and calorimetric methods. QDs
76  2017 Facile Synthesis and Optical Properties of Small Selenium Nanocrystals and Nanorods. HRTEM, Nano-Se, XRD
77  2017 Functionalization of ZnO nanoparticles by 3-mercaptopropionic acid for aqueous curcumin delivery: Synthesis, characterization, and anticancer assessment. CDI, ZnO NPs
78  2017 In Vitro Quantified Determination of beta-Amyloid 42 Peptides, a Biomarker of Neuro-Degenerative Disorders, in PBS and Human Serum Using a Simple, Cost-Effective Thin Gold Film Biosensor. DPV, EDC, NHS, PBS, SAM
79  2017 Ligand-dependent exciton dynamics and photovoltaic properties of PbS quantum dot heterojunction solar cells. MBA, QDHSCs, QDs, TGA
80  2017 Localized surface plasmon resonance-mediated fluorescence signals in plasmonic nanoparticle-quantum dot hybrids for ultrasensitive Zika virus RNA detection via hairpin hybridization assays. CS, LODs, LSPR, MB, NPs, Qdot, WHO, ZIKV
81  2017 Magneto-elastic biosensors: Influence of different thiols on pathogen capture efficiency. AFM, CYS, CYSTE, FE-SEM
82  2017 Photocatalysis with Quantum Dots and Visible Light: Selective and Efficient Oxidation of Alcohols to Carbonyl Compounds through a Radical Relay Process in Water. ---
83  2017 Preactivated silicone oil as potential long-term vitreous replacement with nonemulsifying properties. 2MNA, TGA
84  2017 Self-electrochemiluminescence of CdTe nanocrystals capped with 2-diethylaminoethanethiol. DEAET
85  2017 Supported binary liposome vesicle-gold nanoparticle for enhanced label free DNA and protein sensing. AFM, AUT, Cyst, DDA, DLS, DOPE, DOTAP, FTIR, MUDA, TEM
86  2017 Switch-on fluorescent strategy based on crystal violet-functionalized CdTe quantum dots for detecting L-cysteine and glutathione in water and urine. CV, Cys, FRET, QDs, RSDs
87  2017 The internal structure of PMETAC brush/gold nanoparticle composites: a neutron and X-ray reflectivity study. AuNPs, PMETAC
88  2017 The relationship between the length of surface ligand and effects of CdTe quantum dots on the physiological functions of isolated mitochondria. MPT, QDs, TGA
89  2017 The role of alkyl chain length of monothiol-terminated alkyl carboxylic acid in the synthesis, characterization, and application of gelatin-g-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) carriers for antiglaucoma drug delivery. GN, MAA, MBA, MHA
90  2017 Thiolate-Capped CdSe/ZnS Core-Shell Quantum Dots for the Sensitive Detection of Glucose. GOx, HRP, MSA, MUA, QDs, TEM
91  2016 A selective determination of copper ions in water samples based on the fluorescence quenching of thiol-capped CdTe quantum dots. QDs, TGA
92  2016 Aqueous Synthesis of PEGylated Quantum Dots with Increased Colloidal Stability and Reduced Cytotoxicity. mPEG, MST, NPs, TG
93  2016 Cancer Cell Targeting Using Folic Acid/Anti-HER2 Antibody Conjugated Fluorescent CdSe/CdS/ZnS-Mercaptopropionic Acid and CdTe-Mercaptosuccinic Acid Quantum Dots. FA, IHC, MSA, QDs, SILAR
94  2016 CdS nanocrystals as fluorescent probe for detection of dolasetron mesylate in aqueous solution: Application to biomedical analysis. DLS, DM, QDs, TEM
95  2016 CdSe/ZnS Core/Shell Quantum Dots in Cooperation with Other Materials for Direct and Indirect Production of Reactive Oxygen Species. ALA, CdD, Glu, QDs, ROS
96  2016 Cobalt(III) complexes as potential anticancer agents: Physicochemical, structural, cytotoxic activity and DNA/protein interactions. BSA, CT-DNA
97  2016 Control of silk microsphere formation using polyethylene glycol (PEG). PBS, PEG, PVA, QDs
98  2016 Enhanced photocatalytic performance in Bi2WO6/SnS heterostructures: Facile synthesis, influencing factors and mechanism of the photocatalytic process. Rh B
99  2016 Enhancing sensitivity of surface plasmon resonance biosensor by Ag nanocubes/chitosan composite for the detection of mouse IgG. AgNCs, SPR, TEM
100  2016 Enzyme-free detection of sequence-specific microRNAs based on nanoparticle-assisted signal amplification strategy. miRNAs, MMP, NC, NP