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Abbreviation:   MPA  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   medial preoptic area
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Neurons in the rat ventral lateral preoptic area are essential for the warm-evoked inhibition of brown adipose tissue and shivering thermogenesis. BAT, DMH, MAP, rRPa, vLPO
2018 Bombesin receptor subtype-3-expressing neurons regulate energy homeostasis through a novel neuronal pathway in the hypothalamus. BRS-3, DMH, PVH
2018 Brain activation associated to olfactory conditioned same-sex partner preference in male rats. Pir, QNP, VMH
2018 Medial preoptic circuit induces hunting-like actions to target objects and prey. vPAG
2018 Two predominant MUPs, OBP3 and MUP13, are male pheromones in rats. AOB, BST, IEF, MeA, MUPs, OBP3, PMCo, qRT-PCR, rMUP13, rMUPs, rOBP3, SDS-PAGE, T treatment, VMH
2017 Expression of ODC1, SPD, SPM and AZIN1 in the hypothalamus, ovary and uterus during rat estrous cycle. RGB, Spd, Spm
2017 Maternally involved galanin neurons in the preoptic area of the rat. ACN, PIL, pSTAT5, TIP39
2015 Distribution of Galanin and Galanin Receptor 2 in the Pre-optic Area of the Female Guinea Pig. GAL, GalR2, LPA, MPN, POA, PPN
2015 Renal responses produced by microinjection of the kappa opioid receptor agonist, U50-488H, into sites within the rat lamina terminalis. BST, CV, KOR, RSNA
10  2014 Effect of low estrogen on neurons in the preoptic area of hypothalamus of ovariectomized rats. LPO, MnPO, POAH, SHAM, VLPO, VMPO
11  2013 Chronic estradiol-17beta exposure suppresses hypothalamic norepinephrine release and the steroid-induced luteinizing hormone surge: role of nitration of tyrosine hydroxylase. IL-1beta, LH, NE
12  2012 Melatonin and pineal gland peptides are able to correct the impairment of reproductive cycles in rats. CT, DA, DMH, ME-Arc, NE
13  2012 Neuroanatomical distribution of the orphan GPR50 receptor in adult sheep and rodent brains. ---
14  2011 Distribution and chemical coding pattern of the cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript (CART) immunoreactivity in the preoptic area of the pig. CART, CART-IR, CCK, GnRH, LPA, MPN, NPY, POA, PPN, SOM, SP
15  2010 A morphometric study of the preoptic area of the guinea pig. LPA, MPN, POA, PPN
16  2009 A postpartum separation induces c-Fos expression in the supramammillary nucleus of lactating rats. BST, c-Fos-ir, PH, SuM
17  2009 Effect of L-dopa on interleukin-1 beta-induced suppression of luteinizing hormone secretion in intact female rats. IL-1beta, LH, NE
18  2009 Estrous cycle influences the expression of neuronal nitric oxide synthase in the hypothalamus and limbic system of female mice. ARC, BST, ir, NOS
19  2009 Interaction between GABA and norepinephrine in interleukin-1beta-induced suppression of the luteinizing hormone surge. IL-1beta, LH, NE
20  2009 Neonatal handling reduces the number of cells in the medial preoptic area of female rats. HPG, LH
21  2008 Androgen receptors are required for full masculinization of nitric oxide synthase system in rat limbic-hypothalamic region. AR, ARC, nNOS, PVN
22  2008 Estrogen-sensitive projections from the medial preoptic area to the dorsal pontine tegmentum, including Barrington's nucleus, in the rat. CNS, ERalpha, ERbeta
23  2008 Neuroglobin in the rat brain (II): co-localisation with neurotransmitters. AVP, BMA, CART, ChAT, hcrt-1, HO-1, ISH, LDTg, LH, MCH, Ngb, nNOS, PeF, PeFLH, PVN, TH, VIP
24  2007 Estrogenic chemicals at puberty change ERalpha in the hypothalamus of male and female rats. ARC, BPA, EE
25  2007 Ghrelin microinjection into forebrain sites induces wakefulness and feeding in rats. EEG, LH, NPY, PVN
26  2007 Increased estrogen receptor alpha immunoreactivity in the forebrain of sexually satiated rats. ARC, BSTMA, ERalpha, NAc, VMN
27  2007 [The effect of pineal peptide preparations on proliferative activity in organotypic culture of the preoptic hypothalamus area]. ---
28  2006 Effects of central and systemic administration of leptin on neurotransmitter concentrations in specific areas of the hypothalamus. AN, DMD, ME, NE, PVN, VMH
29  2005 Branching projections of ventrolateral reticular neurons to the medial preoptic area and lumbo-sacral spinal cord. FG, RBL, RVL, SC-L
30  2005 Current models and future directions for understanding the neural circuitries of maternal behaviors in rodents. ---
31  2005 Indirect projections from the suprachiasmatic nucleus to major arousal-promoting cell groups in rat: implications for the circadian control of behavioural state. DMH, SCN, SPVZ
32  2005 Neuronal interactions between galanin-like-peptide- and orexin- or melanin-concentrating hormone-containing neurons. ARC, GALP, LH, MCH, NPY, OX1R
33  2004 Aging alters norepinephrine release in the medial preoptic area in response to steroid priming in ovariectomized rats. DA, LH, NE
34  2004 Bv8, the amphibian homologue of the mammalian prokineticins, modulates ingestive behaviour in rats. ARC, NTS, PKR2, PT, SCN, SFO
35  2004 GFAP expression in astrocytes of suprachiasmatic nucleus and medial preoptic area are differentially affected by malnutrition during rat brain development. GFAP, ROD, SCN
36  2004 Serotonergic collateralized projections from Barrington's nucleus to the medial preoptic area and lumbo-sacral spinal cord. BN, LSC
37  2003 5-Hydroxytryptamine7 (5-HT7) receptor immunoreactivity-positive 'stigmoid body'-like structure in developing rat brains. BST
38  2003 Indirect projections from the suprachiasmatic nucleus to the median preoptic nucleus in rat. DMH, MnPO, SCN, SPVZ, VLPO
39  2003 Induction of Fos in the accessory olfactory system by male odors persists in female mice with a null mutation of the aromatase (cyp19) gene. AOB, BNST, IR, VNO, WT
40  2002 Diet-induced obesity increases mu opioid receptor binding in specific regions of the rat brain. ---
41  2002 Effects of interleukin-1 beta on the steroid-induced luteinizing hormone surge: role of norepinephrine in the medial preoptic area. HPLC, IL-1beta, LH
42  2002 Hypothalamic implants of dilute estradiol fail to reduce feeding in ovariectomized rats. Chol, NE, PVN
43  2002 Melatonin microinjection into the medial preoptic area increases sleep in the rat. ---
44  2002 Microinjection of dihydrotestosterone into the medial preoptic area produces male-like pattern of growth hormone secretion in ovariectomized female rats. DHT, GH
45  2001 Basal forebrain microinjections of L-3,3',5-triiodothyronine modify sleep in hypothyroid rats. EEG, EMG, MnPO
46  2001 Central forebrain Fos responses to familiar male odours are attenuated in recently mated female mice. AOB, VNO
47  2001 Distribution of galanin-like peptide in the rat brain. ARC, GALP
48  2001 Estrogen receptor (ER)alpha, but not ERbeta, gene is expressed in growth hormone-releasing hormone neurons of the male rat hypothalamus. ARC, ER, ERalpha, GHRH, mRNA, SS
49  2001 Serotonergic neurones in the dorsal raphe nucleus that project into the medial preoptic area contain oestrogen receptor beta. DRN, FG
50  2001 Sleep deprivation-induced c-fos and junB expression in the rat brain: effects of duration and timing. IEGs, SD
51  2001 Sleep inducing effects of propofol microinjection into the medial preoptic area are blocked by flumazenil. ---
52  2001 Stimulation effect of galanin-like peptide (GALP) on luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone-mediated luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion in male rats. GALP, i.c.v, LH
53  2001 The hypnotic effect of propofol in the medial preoptic area of the rat. ---
54  2001 The sleep-inducing effect of ethanol microinjection into the medial preoptic area is blocked by flumazenil. ---
55  2000 The distributions of apoptotic cells in the medial preoptic areas of male and female neonatal rats. MPN, PVpo
56  1999 Lipopolysaccharide-induced changes in monoamines in specific areas of the brain: blockade by interleukin-1 receptor antagonist. 5-HIAA, AN, CP, DA, HI, IL-1, IL-1ra, LPS, ME, NE, PVN
57  1999 The vigilance promoting drug modafinil increases extracellular glutamate levels in the medial preoptic area and the posterior hypothalamus of the conscious rat: prevention by local GABAA receptor blockade. PH
58  1998 Comparison of the expression of two immediate early gene proteins, FosB and Fos in the rat preoptic area, hypothalamus and brainstem during pregnancy, parturition and lactation. MLT, SON
59  1998 Metabolic mapping of the brain in pregnant, parturient and lactating rats using fos immunohistochemistry. AHA, AM, Arc, BST, CG, DPB, DR, LC, LH, LS, MaPVN, MiTg, PaPVN, Pe, PH, PV, SN, Sol, SON, SPF, SuM, VLM, VMH
60  1998 Specificity of interleukin-1beta-induced changes in monoamine concentrations in hypothalamic nuclei: blockade by interleukin-1 receptor antagonist. 5-HIAA, AN, DA, DOPAC, HPLC-EC, IL-1beta, IL-1ra, ME, NE, PVN
61  1998 The effects of oestrogen and progesterone on serotonin and its metabolite in the lateral septum, medial preoptic area and ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus of female rats. 5-HIAA, HPLC, LS, VMH
62  1997 Chronic hyperprolactinemia and changes in dopamine neurons. 5-HIAA, AN, CP, DA, ME, NE, PRL, SN, TIDA, ZI
63  1997 Dual effect of electrochemical stimulation of the medial preoptic area on the release of LH: possible neurotransmitter involvement. ---
64  1997 Tyrosine hydroxylase and DOPA decarboxylase activities in the medical preoptic area and arcuate nucleus during the estrous cycle: effects of aging. AN, DD, TH
65  1996 Muscarinic receptor subtypes in the medial preoptic area and sleep-wake cycles. p-F-HHSiD
66  1996 The vigilance promoting drug modafinil decreases GABA release in the medial preoptic area and in the posterior hypothalamus of the awake rat: possible involvement of the serotonergic 5-HT3 receptor. GABA, PH
67  1995 Cyclic and age-related changes in norepinephrine concentrations in the medial preoptic area and arcuate nucleus. AN, HPLC-EC, LH, NE
68  1995 Melatonin receptors in the rat brain and pituitary. AHA, AP, ARC, AV, BL, CA, IMD, LHb, LM, LOT, ME, PT, PV, SCN, SHy, SM
69  1995 Pattern of Fos and Jun expression in the female rat forebrain after sexual behavior. IEG, VMN
70  1995 Stimulation of cholinergic receptors in the medial preoptic area affects sleep and cortical temperature. ---
71  1994 Correlations of catecholamine release in the medial preoptic area with proestrous surges of luteinizing hormone and prolactin: effects of aging. DA, NE
72  1994 Estrogen receptor-immunoreactive neurons contain calcitonin gene-related peptide, methionine-enkephalin or tyrosine hydroxylase in the female rat preoptic area. CGRP, ER, Met-Enk, PPN, TH
73  1994 Region-specific changes of tyrosine hydroxylase-immunoreactivity by estrogen treatment in female rat hypothalamus. PPN, TH-ir
74  1993 A re-evaluation of the effects of gonadal steroids on neuronal activity in the male rat. ARC, SUA
75  1993 Effects of triazolam and nifedipine injections into the medial preoptic area on sleep. BZ
76  1992 Brainstem projections to the medial preoptic region containing the luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone perikarya in the rat. An immunohistochemical and retrograde transport study. DAB, HRP, LHRH
77  1992 Characterization of the hypnotic effects of triazolam microinjections into the medial preoptic area. ---
78  1992 Localization of the central antinociceptive effects of diclofenac in the rat. NRM, NRPGi, PAG, VM, WR
79  1992 Nuclear localization of estrogen receptor-immunoreactivity in the preoptic area of female rats and its reduction by intraventricular colchicine treatment. ER, Pe
80  1991 Neurons in raphe nuclei pontis and magnus have branching axons that project to medial preoptic area and cervical spinal cord. A fluorescent retrograde double labeling study in the rat. DY, FB
81  1990 Immunohistochemical localization of cholecystokinin in the medial preoptic area and anterior hypothalamus of the Brazilian gray short-tailed opossum: a sex difference. AH, CCK IR, Pe, SCh
82  1990 [Testosterone metabolism in discrete areas of the brain in rat fetuses]. AA, AR, DVC, PVN
83  1989 Cardiovascular actions of intrahypothalamic injections of atrial natriuretic peptide. AMPO, ANP, ANP-III
84  1989 Enhancement of sleep by microinjection of triazolam into the medial preoptic area. non-REM
85  1984 Sex differences in gamma-aminobutyric acid and glutamate concentrations in discrete rat brain nuclei. GABA, VMH
86  1981 Effects of medial preoptic lesions on male mouse ultrasonic vocalizations and copulatory behavior. ---
87  1976 Studies on the puberty-controlling function of the mediocortical amygdala in the immature female rat. AMCA, EB, PMCA
88  1975 Studies on extrahypophyseal sites of estrogen action in the induction of ovulation in rats. BST, dHPC, EB, LS, PMCA