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Abbreviation:   MPO  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   medial preoptic area
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Arginine vasopressin antagonizes the effects of prostaglandin E2 on the spontaneous activity of warm-sensitive and temperature-insensitive neurons in the medial preoptic area in rats. AVP, PGE2
2015 The sleep-promoting and hypothermic effects of glycine are mediated by NMDA receptors in the suprachiasmatic nucleus. CBF, NMDA, REM, SCN
2013 Developmental effects of perinatal exposure to PBDE and PCB on gene expression in sexually dimorphic rat brain regions and female sexual behavior. PBDE, VMH
2012 L-amino acid decarboxylase- and tyrosine hydroxylase-immunoreactive cells in the extended olfactory amygdala and elsewhere in the adult prairie vole brain. AADC, AVPV, DA, DBH, pBST, SN, TH-IR, VTA, ZI
2012 Sexual responses of the male rat medial preoptic area and medial amygdala to estrogen I: site specific suppression of estrogen receptor alpha. ASODN, ERalpha, MeA
2012 Sexual responses of the male rat medial preoptic area and medial amygdala to estrogen II: site specific effects of selective estrogenic drugs. DHT, ER, MeA
2011 Central efferent pathways for cold-defensive and febrile shivering. BAT, DMH, MnPO, PG, rRPa
2011 Neuroanatomical projections of the species-specific tyrosine hydroxylase-immunoreactive cells of the male prairie vole bed nucleus of the stria terminalis and medial amygdala. BDA, TH, TH-IR
2010 Chemical identity and connections of medial preoptic area neurons expressing melanin-concentrating hormone during lactation. AgRP, alpha-MSH, CART, MCH
10  2009 Cytokine-induced suppression of medial preoptic neurons: mechanisms and neuroimmunomodulatory effects. IFN, IL, NK, PGE2, SNS
11  2009 Direct projections from the sacral spinal cord to the medial preoptic area in cat and guinea pig. ---
12  2008 Nucleus paragigantocellularis afferents in male and female rats: organization, gonadal steroid receptor expression, and activation during sexual behavior. AR, FG, nPGi, PAG, PVN
13  2008 Preoptic mechanism for cold-defensive responses to skin cooling. MnPO, POA
14  2007 Expression of brain prolactin releasing peptide (PrRP) changes in the estrous cycle of female rats. BST, CLSM, GnRH-ir, GPR10-ir, NTS, PrRP, PrRP-ir, RT-PCR, VLRN
15  2007 Fas/FasL-mediated apoptosis in the arcuate nucleus and medial preoptic area of male ArKO mice is ameliorated by selective estrogen receptor alpha and estrogen receptor beta agonist treatment, respectively. ARC, ER
16  2007 Implants of estradiol conjugated to bovine serum albumin in the male rat medial preoptic area promote copulatory behavior. ---
17  2007 Sexually dimorphic gene regulation in brain as a target for endocrine disrupters: developmental exposure of rats to 4-methylbenzylidene camphor. 4-MBC, IGF-I, PPE, PR, VMH
18  2007 Threshold-like pattern of neuronal activation in the hypothalamus during treadmill running: establishment of a minimum running stress (MRS) rat model. AH, ARC, HPA, MRS, Pe, PH, SCN, SON
19  2006 Afferent projections to the pontine micturition center in the cat. PAG, PMC
20  2006 Effects of estrogen in the male rat medial amygdala: infusion of an aromatase inhibitor lowers mating and bovine serum albumin-conjugated estradiol implants do not promote mating. MeA
21  2006 Identification of neural circuits involved in female genital responses in the rat: a dual virus and anterograde tracing study. CNS, nPGi, PAG, PRV, PVN, VMN, VMN
22  2005 Ozone-induced paradoxical sleep decrease is related to diminished acetylcholine levels in the medial preoptic area in rats. ACh, PS, SWS
23  2005 Sex- and region-specific alterations of progesterone receptor mRNA levels and estrogen sensitivity in rat brain following developmental exposure to the estrogenic UV filter 4-methylbenzylidene camphor. PR, VMH
24  2004 Estrogen deficiency leads to apoptosis in dopaminergic neurons in the medial preoptic area and arcuate nucleus of male mice. 1yo, ARC, ArKO, TH, WT
25  2004 Medial preoptic area delta-opioid receptors inhibit lordosis. DOR, EB, MPN
26  2004 Photoperiodic regulation of vasopressin receptor binding in female Syrian hamsters. BST, Ce, LH, MPN
27  2004 Regulation of galanin receptor GalR1 mRNA expression by ovarian steroids in oestrogen receptor alpha-immunoreactive neurones: identification of distinct populations of neurones in the preoptic area. AVPV, ERalpha, ERalpha-ir, GalR1, GnRH, MPN, POA
28  2003 Forebrain sites of NPY action on estrous behavior in Syrian hamsters. aCSF, AH, ARC, NPY, PVN, PYY3-36, VMH
29  2003 Ozone exposure alters 5-hydroxy-indole-acetic acid contents in dialysates from dorsal raphe and medial preoptic area in freely moving rats. Relationships with simultaneous sleep disturbances. 5-HIAA, DR, PS, SWS
30  2003 Sexual dimorphism in the GABAergic control of gonadotropin release in intact rats. GnRH, HPG, LH
31  2002 Profiles of in vivo gamma-aminobutyric acid release in the medial preoptic area of intact and castrated male rats. GABA, LH
32  2001 Cold water swim stress increases the expression of neurotensin mRNA in the lateral hypothalamus and medial preoptic regions of the rat brain. CWS, LH, MOIA, NT
33  2001 Control of the estradiol-induced prolactin surge by the suprachiasmatic nucleus. SCN, VP
34  2000 Distribution of the EP3 prostaglandin E(2) receptor subtype in the rat brain: relationship to sites of interleukin-1-induced cellular responsiveness. CRH, IL-1beta, LC, NTS, PB, VLM
35  2000 Estrogen in the medial preoptic area of male rats facilitates copulatory behavior. ---
36  2000 Induction of c-fos-like and fosB-like immunoreactivity reveals forebrain neuronal populations involved differentially in pup-mediated maternal behavior in juvenile and adult rats. BSTd, LH
37  1999 Direct projections from the medial preoptic area to spinally-projecting neurons in Barrington's nucleus: an electron microscope study in the rat. BDA, HRP
38  1999 Effects of age on GABA turnover rates in specific hypothalamic areas in female rats. CD, CE, GABA, SCN
39  1999 Effects of NMDA lesions of the medial basal forebrain on LH and VTA self-stimulation. MFB
40  1999 Estrogen, but not androgens, regulates androgen receptor messenger ribonucleic acid expression in the developing male rat forebrain. AR, DES, DHTP, mRNA, PND
41  1999 Regulation of androgen receptor messenger ribonucleic acid expression in the developing rat forebrain. AR, mRNA, PND10
42  1998 Fos expression in rat pontine tegmental neurons following activation of the medial preoptic area. LC
43  1998 Intracranial androgenic activation of male-typical behaviours in house mice: concurrent stimulation of the medial preoptic area and medial nucleus of the amygdala. MPO/AME, TSIL
44  1998 Neuroimmunomodulatory actions of hypothalamic interferon-alpha. IFN-alpha, NK, rh
45  1998 Synaptic connections between substance P-containing axons and estrogen receptor-synthesizing neurons in the medial preoptic area of the rat brain. SP
46  1998 Testosterone and its metabolites modulate 5HT1A and 5HT1B agonist effects on intermale aggression. LS
47  1997 Atlas of the neurons that express mRNA for the long form of the prolactin receptor in the forebrain of the female rat. BST, VMH
48  1997 Serotonin agonist-induced decreases in intermale aggression are dependent on brain region and receptor subtype. LS
49  1997 Sexual and social experience is associated with different patterns of behavior and neural activation in male prairie voles. BST, Fos-ir, LS
50  1997 Transient sex differences of aromatase (CYP19) mRNA expression in the developing rat brain. BST, GD18, ISH, PN, SDN
51  1997 [Changes in densities of hypothalamic mu opioid receptor during cupric acete-induced preovulatory lh surge in rabbit]. beta-EP, CuAC, MBH
52  1996 Concurrent androgenic stimulation of the ventral tegmental area and medial preoptic area: synergistic effects on male-typical reproductive behaviors in house mice. VTA
53  1996 Effect of vorozole, an aromatase enzyme inhibitor, on sexual behavior, aromatase activity and neural immunoreactivity. AROM-ir, BST
54  1996 Effects of food deprivation on induction of neural progestin receptors by estradiol in Syrian hamsters. ERIR, PRIR, VMH
55  1996 Medial preoptic area afferents to periaqueductal gray medullo-output neurons: a combined Fos and tract tracing study. PAG, PHA-L, RVM
56  1996 Relationships between hypothalamic neuropeptide Y and food intake in the lactating rat. ARC, LHA, PVN
57  1996 Sex differences in estrogen receptor and progestin receptor induction in the guinea pig hypothalamus and preoptic area. ARC, DMN, EB, ER, PR, PVP, VLH, VLN
58  1995 Diametrically opposite effects of estrogen on the excitability of female rat medial and lateral preoptic neurons with axons to the midbrain locomotor region. mLPO, MLR
59  1995 Interleukin-1 beta-induced anorexia and pyrexia in rat: relationship to hypothalamic neuropeptide Y. ARC, NPY, PVN, rhIL-1 beta, VMN
60  1994 Activation of shivering and non-shivering thermogenesis by electrical stimulation of the lateral and medial preoptic areas. LPO
61  1994 Effects of estrogen and estrogen receptor messenger RNA levels in young and middle-aged female rats: comparison of medial preoptic area and mediobasal hypothalamus. ER, MBH
62  1994 Effects of prostaglandin D2, lipoxins and leukotrienes on sleep and brain temperature of rats. LT, LX, PG, PS, SWS
63  1994 Estrogen-induced changes in the neural impulse flow from the female rat preoptic region. mLPO, MLR, VTA
64  1994 Further localization of cardiovascular and behavioral actions of substance P in the rat brain. AH, SP, VTA
65  1994 Intracranial androgenic activation of male-typical behaviors in house mice: motivation versus performance. ---
66  1994 Microinjection of LHRH and its antagonistic analog into the medial preoptic area does not affect pulsatile secretion of LH in ovariectomized rats. ---
67  1994 Preoptic projections to Barrington's nucleus and the pericoerulear region: architecture and terminal organization. LC, LDT, MPN, PAG
68  1994 Testosterone implants in specific neural sites activate female sexual behaviour. DMH
69  1992 Intracranial androgenic and estrogenic stimulation of male-typical behaviors in house mice (Mus domesticus). AHA, TP, TSIL, VMH
70  1992 Reciprocal connections between the medial preoptic area and the midbrain periaqueductal gray in rat: a WGA-HRP and PHA-L study. PAG, PHA-L
71  1991 Microdialysis of norepinephrine into preoptic area of guinea pigs: characteristics of hypothermic effect. NE, PFS, Ta, Tco
72  1991 Naloxone injected into the preoptic region has hypophysiotropic and seizurogenic actions in rats. DBB, LH, PRL
73  1990 An analysis of histaminergic efferents of the tuberomammillary nucleus to the medial preoptic area and inferior colliculus of the rat. FB, HDCI, IC
74  1990 Comparison of age- and sex-related changes in cell nuclear estrogen-binding capacity and progestin receptor induction in the rat brain. ARC, PVP, VMN
75  1990 [Intracerebral sites of action of estrogen on the sleep-wakefulness circadian rhythm in female rats]. EB, III V, mAMYG, PS, SWS
76  1989 Carbachol injection into the medial preoptic area induces natriuresis, kaliuresis and antidiuresis in rats. ---
77  1989 Intrapreoptically microdialyzed and microinjected norepinephrine evokes different thermal responses. NE, PGE2, Tco
78  1989 LHRH injected into the medial preoptic area potentiates LH secretion in ovariectomized estrogen-primed and proestrous rats. LH, LHRH
79  1989 Quantification of proteins in discrete brain regions of androgen-insensitive testicular feminized Tfm mice. CX, Tfm, VMH
80  1989 Simultaneous catecholamine histofluorescence and thymidine autoradiography of the sexually dimorphic nucleus of the preoptic area in the rat. CA, SDN-POA
81  1988 Catecholaminergic innervation of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone and glutamic acid decarboxylase immunopositive neurons in the rat medial preoptic area. An electron-microscopic double immunostaining and degeneration study. EM, GAD, LHRH, TH
82  1988 Dual progesterone action in diencephalon facilitates the induction of sexual receptivity in estrogen-primed golden hamsters. CG, VMH
83  1988 Inhibitory effect of hypothalamic medial preoptic area somatostatin on growth hormone-releasing factor in the rat. AHD
84  1988 Regulation of male rat copulatory behavior by preoptic incertohypothalamic dopamine neurons. AMPT, APO
85  1988 Responses from osmosensitive neurons of the rat subfornical organ in vitro. SFO
86  1987 Activity of thermosensitive neurons of monkey preoptic hypothalamus during thermoregulatory operant behavior. Ta, ts
87  1987 Diencephalic organization of estradiol sensitive sites regulating sociosexual behavior in female golden hamsters: contralateral versus ipsilateral activation. VMH
88  1986 Contribution of zona incerta to osmotically induced drinking in rats. ZI
89  1986 Effects of hypothalamic knife cuts and experience on maternal behavior in the rat. MFB
90  1986 Inhibition of gonadotropin secretion induced by cholecystokinin implants in the medial preoptic area by the dopamine receptor blocker, pimozide, in the rat. DA
91  1986 Median preoptic neurones are sensitive to blood pressure changes induced by peripheral angiotensin II. Ang II
92  1986 Multiple unit activities recorded from the medial preoptic area during copulatory behavior in freely moving male rats. MUAs
93  1985 A quantitative, immunochemical demonstration of the postnatal development of neurotensin in the medial preoptic area of the rat. NT
94  1985 Central nervous system regions involved in the estrogen-induced afternoon prolactin surge. II. Implantation studies. AP, CC, CMA
95  1985 Diencephalic sites of progesterone action for inhibiting aggression and facilitating sexual receptivity in estrogen-primed golden hamsters. AH, VMH
96  1985 Dual estradiol action in diencephalon and the regulation of sociosexual behavior in female golden hamsters. AH, VMH
97  1985 Leucine-enkephalin-like immunoreactive fibers in the medial preoptic area of the rat: their distribution and origin. L-ENKI
98  1985 Ovarian LHRH receptors increase following lesions of the major LHRH structures in the rat brain: involvement of a direct neural pathway. DBB, LHRH-R
99  1985 Proteins regulated by gonadal steroids in the medial preoptic and ventromedial hypothalamic nucleic of male and female rats. VMH
100  1983 Catecholestrogens affect catecholamine turnover rates in the anterior part of the mediobasal hypothalamus and medial preoptic area in the male and female castrated rat. AMBH