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Abbreviation:   MPOA  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   medial preoptic area
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Amygdalohippocampal Area Neurons That Project to the Preoptic Area Mediate Infant-Directed Attack in Male Mice. AHi
2020 Bisphenol a Exposure in Utero Disrupts Hypothalamic Gene Expression Particularly Genes Suspected in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Neuron and Hormone Signaling. BNST, BPA, DEGs, ER
2020 Detection and Characterization of Estrogen Receptor Beta Expression in the Brain with Newly Developed Transgenic Mice. DRN, MeA, PVN
2020 Differences in the number of oxytocin, vasopressin, and tyrosine hydroxylase cells in brain regions associated with mating among great, midday, and Mongolian gerbils. DA, ir, OT, PVN, SON, TH, VTA
2020 Effects of Prenatal Exposure to a Low-Dose of Bisphenol A on Sex Differences in Emotional Behavior and Central Alpha2-Adrenergic Receptor Binding. BPA
2020 Estradiol and estrogen receptor alpha in the mPOA and MeA in dwarf hamster (Phodopus campbelli) fathers. IFs, ir, MeA, OFs, RIA, TLFs
2020 Male-predominant galanin mediates androgen-dependent aggressive chases in medaka. ---
2020 Mitochondrial dysfunction in GnRH neurons impaired GnRH production. ARC, GnRH
2020 Mu opioid receptors in the medial preoptic area govern social play behavior in adolescent male rats. ---
10  2020 Neonatal Inhibition of DNA Methylation Disrupts Testosterone-Dependent Masculinization of Neurochemical Phenotype. AVPV, BNST, ERalpha, VMH
11  2020 Preweaning Paternal Deprivation Impacts Parental Responses to Pups and Alters the Serum Oxytocin and Corticosterone Levels and Oxytocin Receptor, Vasopressin 1A Receptor, Oestrogen Receptor, Dopamine Type I Receptor, Dopamine Type II Receptor Levels in Relevant Brain Regions in Adult Mandarin Voles. MeA, mPFC, NAcc, PD, PPD, V1AR
12  2020 Prolactin maintains transient melanin-concentrating hormone expression in the medial preoptic area during established lactation. MCH, Pmch, PRLR
13  2020 Regulation and neurochemical identity of melanin-concentrating hormone neurones in the preoptic area of lactating mice. MCH, STAT5
14  2020 Reorganization of perineuronal nets in the medial Preoptic Area during the reproductive cycle in female rats. PNNs, WFA
15  2020 Scaffold attachment factor B: distribution and interaction with ERalpha in the rat brain. ERalpha
16  2020 Sex Differences in Electrophysiological Properties of Mouse Medial Preoptic Area Neurons Revealed by In Vitro Whole-cell Recordings. ---
17  2020 Sexual experience with a known male modulates c-Fos expression in response to mating and male pheromone exposure in female mice. AOB, SE, SI, SN, VMH
18  2020 The glutamatergic system in the preoptic area is involved in the retention of maternal behavior in maternally experienced female rats. ---
19  2019 AGRP Neurons Project to the Medial Preoptic Area and Modulate Maternal Nest-Building. AGRP, LHA
20  2019 Alteration in oxytocin levels induced by early social environment affects maternal behavior and estrogen receptor alpha in mandarin voles (Microtus mandarinus). Arc, BNST, OXT, PVN, SON, VMH
21  2019 Anorexigenic effects of estradiol in the medial preoptic area occur through membrane-associated estrogen receptors and metabotropic glutamate receptors. ERalpha, mER, mGluR
22  2019 Co-localization of mu-opioid and dopamine D1 receptors in the medial preoptic area and bed nucleus of the stria terminalis across seasonal states in male European starlings. MOR
23  2019 Copulation induces expression of the immediate early gene Arc in mating-relevant brain regions of the male rat. BNST, MeA
24  2019 Differential disruption of conditioned ejaculatory preference in the male rat based on different sensory modalities by micro-infusions of naloxone to the medial preoptic area or ventral tegmental area. CEP, NAL, SAL, VTA
25  2019 Medial Preoptic Area Modulates Courtship Ultrasonic Vocalization in Adult Male Mice. USVs
26  2019 Molecular neuroanatomy of the mouse medial preoptic area with reference to parental behavior. ---
27  2019 Neonatal treatment with clomipramine modifies the expression of estrogen receptors in brain areas of male adult rats. BLA, CMI, ESR1, ESR2, MeA
28  2019 Neuroendocrine Regulation of Male Sexual Behavior. BNST, DA, PVN
29  2019 Neuronal nitric oxide synthase activity mediates Lycium barbarum polysaccharides-enhanced sexual performance without stimulating noncontact erection in rats. LBP, NCE, nNOS, nNOS-ir, PVN
30  2019 Nucleus accumbens dopamine increases sexual motivation in sexually satiated male rats. DA, NAcc
31  2019 Paced mating increases the expression of mu opioid receptors in the ventromedial hypothalamus of male rats. MOR, OB, VMH
32  2019 Paternal behavior in the Mongolian gerbil, and its regulation by social factors, T, ERalpha, and AR. AR, CPREG, DBIRTH, DCOPUL, DPP6, ERalpha, ir, MeA, OB
33  2019 Role of oxytocin in the medial preoptic area (MPOA) in the modulation of paternal behavior in mandarin voles. OT, OTR, PND, V1AR
34  2018 A Hypothalamic Midbrain Pathway Essential for Driving Maternal Behaviors. VTA
35  2018 Activation of 5-HT2A receptor disrupts rat maternal behavior. CeA, DR, mPFC, vBNST
36  2018 BDNF infusion into the MPN mag is sufficient to restore copulatory behavior in the castrated Syrian hamster. BDNF
37  2018 Developmental estrogen exposures and disruptions to maternal behavior and brain: Effects of ethinyl estradiol, a common positive control. ER, VTA
38  2018 Down-regulation of fatty acid binding protein 7 (Fabp7) is a hallmark of the postpartum brain. BnSTd, FABP7, LH, LS, mPFC, NA, PVN, qPCR, VTA
39  2018 Effects of social defeat on paternal behavior and pair bonding behavior in male California mice (Peromyscus californicus). ---
40  2018 Influence of preoptic estradiol on behavioral and neural response to cocaine in female Sprague-Dawley rats. aCSF, CPP
41  2018 Interaction between postpartum stage and litter age on maternal caregiving and medial preoptic area orexin. ---
42  2018 Maternal stress and the MPOA: Activation of CRF receptor 1 impairs maternal behavior and triggers local oxytocin release in lactating rats. CRF
43  2018 Medial preoptic area in mice is capable of mediating sexually dimorphic behaviors regardless of gender. ---
44  2018 Nest box exploration may stimulate breeding physiology and alter mRNA expression in the medial preoptic area of female European starlings. PENK
45  2018 Neuronal activation associated with paternal and aversive interactions toward pups in the Mongolian gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus). AGG-pups, AHN, BNST, IPAT-pups, ir, PAT-pups, VMH
46  2018 Postnatal separation prevents the development of prenatal stress-induced anxiety in association with changes in oestrogen receptor and oxytocin immunoreactivity in female mandarin vole (Microtus mandarinus) offspring. BNST, ERalpha, MeA, MS, OT, PVN, SON
47  2018 Sexual Enhancing Effect of Anacardium occidentale in Stress-Exposed Rats by Improving Dopaminergic and Testicular Functions. eNOS, NAc, PDE-5, VTA
48  2018 Social environment affects central distribution of estrogen receptor-alpha in Peromyscus californicus. BST, DG, ERalpha, ERalpha-ir, MeA, VMH
49  2018 TrkB is necessary for male copulatory behavior in the Syrian Hamster (Mesocricetus auratus). BDNF, TrkB
50  2017 Bisphenol S (BPS) Alters Maternal Behavior and Brain in Mice Exposed During Pregnancy/Lactation and Their Daughters. BPS
51  2017 Dynamic changes in social dominance and mPOA GnRH expression in male mice following social opportunity. GnRH
52  2017 ERalpha and GnRH co-localize in the hypothalamic neurons of the South American plains vizcacha, Lagostomus maximus (Rodentia, Caviomorpha). ER, GnRH, LH
53  2017 Estrogen receptor alpha is required in GABAergic, but not glutamatergic, neurons to masculinize behavior. AR, HPG
54  2017 Hormonal gain control of a medial preoptic area social reward circuit. NTS, VTA
55  2017 ICV galanin-like peptide stimulates non-contact erections but not touch-based erections in adult, sexually experienced male rats. GALP, i.c.v, LH, NCEs, PVN
56  2017 Impact of Proestrus on Gene Expression in the Medial Preoptic Area of Mice. AR, AVPV, CCK, ERalpha, GABA, GAL, GnRH, KP, NT, PR, qPCR, TH
57  2017 Increased expression of carbon monoxide-producing enzymes in the MPOA after sexual experience in male rats. CO, nNOS, NO
58  2017 Insulin-like growth factor I and its binding protein-3 are regulators of lactation and maternal responsiveness. IGF-I, IGFBP-3
59  2017 Litter size determines the number of melanin-concentrating hormone neurons in the medial preoptic area of Sprague Dawley lactating dams. MCH
60  2017 Maternal care associates with differences in morphological complexity in the medial preoptic area. BDNF, cAMP, DCI, LG, pCREB
61  2017 Microinjection of the dopamine D2-receptor antagonist Raclopride into the medial preoptic area reduces REM sleep in lactating rats. NREM
62  2017 Neonatal Inhibition of DNA Methylation Alters Cell Phenotype in Sexually Dimorphic Regions of the Mouse Brain. DNMT, ERalpha
63  2017 Neurotransmitters and neuropeptides in gonadal steroid receptor-expressing cells in medial preoptic area subregions of the male mouse. AR, ER, Penk, TAC, TRH
64  2017 P2 purinergic receptor antagonists disrupt maternal behavior in lactating rats. BNST, PVN, SON
65  2017 Postpartum inhibition of ovarian steroid action increases aspects of maternal caregiving and reduces medial preoptic area progesterone receptor expression in female rats. PAG, PPD, PR, PR-ir
66  2017 Presence of pups suppresses hunger-induced feeding in virgin adult mice of both sexes. ---
67  2017 Prolactin action in the medial preoptic area is necessary for postpartum maternal nursing behavior. PRLR
68  2017 Pup exposure facilitates retrieving behavior via the oxytocin neural system in female mice. LPO, OT, POA
69  2017 Revisiting medial preoptic area plasticity induced in male mice by sexual experience. ---
70  2017 Role of the medial preoptic area in electroacupuncture treatment of reproductive dysfunction in ovariectomised rats. EA, GABA, HPLC-EC, LH
71  2017 Sexual dimorphic expression of TrkB, TrkB-T1, and BDNF in the medial preoptic area of the Syrian hamster. BDNF, TrkB
72  2017 The medial preoptic area modulates autonomic function under resting and stress conditions. HR, MAP, RS
73  2017 Transient and persistent behavioral and molecular changes in primiparous female Wistar rats. AVP, BNST, CRH, LD, MRT, NP, OXT, PVN
74  2016 Antagonism of V1b receptors promotes maternal motivation to retrieve pups in the MPOA and impairs pup-directed behavior during maternal defense in the mpBNST of lactating rats. mpBNST, V1bR
75  2016 Colocalization of Mating-Induced Fos and D2-Like Dopamine Receptors in the Medial Preoptic Area: Influence of Sexual Experience. ---
76  2016 Contributions of testosterone and territory ownership to sexually-motivated behaviors and mRNA expression in the medial preoptic area of male European starlings. ---
77  2016 Distinct Effects of Estrogen on Mouse Maternal Behavior: The Contribution of Estrogen Synthesis in the Brain. ERalpha, MeA, OTR
78  2016 Effects of NMDA and non-NMDA ionotropic glutamate receptors in the medial preoptic area on body temperature in awake rats. AMPA, LMA, NMDA, Tb
79  2016 Effects of Prepubertal or Adult Site-Specific Knockdown of Estrogen Receptor beta in the Medial Preoptic Area and Medial Amygdala on Social Behaviors in Male Mice. MeA
80  2016 Estradiol in the Preoptic Area Regulates the Dopaminergic Response to Cocaine in the Nucleus Accumbens. VTA
81  2016 Estrogen Receptor Alpha Distribution and Expression in the Social Neural Network of Monogamous and Polygynous Peromyscus. BST, ERalpha, MeA, VMH
82  2016 GABA Receptors in the Medial Preoptic Area Modulate the Onset of Oestradiol-Induced Maternal Behaviour in Hysterectomised-Ovariectomised, Pregnant Rats. ---
83  2016 Hypocretinergic system in the medial preoptic area promotes maternal behavior in lactating rats. HCRT-R1, HCRTergic
84  2016 Hypovolemic hemorrhage induces Fos expression in the rat hypothalamus: Evidence for involvement of the lateral hypothalamus in the decompensatory phase of hemorrhage. LH, VMH
85  2016 Laboratory domestication changed the expression patterns of oxytocin and vasopressin in brains of rats and mice. AH, LH, OT
86  2016 Modulation of nociception by medial pre-optic area orexin a receptors and its relation with morphine in male rats. TF
87  2016 Pubertal activation of estrogen receptor alpha in the medial amygdala is essential for the full expression of male social behavior in mice. ER, MeA
88  2016 Seasonal changes of androgen receptor, estrogen receptors and aromatase expression in the medial preoptic area of the wild male ground squirrels (Citellus dauricus Brandt). AR, ERalpha and ERbeta
89  2016 Sexual experience modulates partner preference and mPOA nitric oxide synthase in female rats. NO, NOS
90  2016 Suckling-induced Fos activation and melanin-concentrating hormone immunoreactivity during late lactation. LHA and IHy, MCH
91  2016 The medial preoptic area modulates cocaine-induced locomotion in male rats. NAc
92  2016 The role of DeltafosB in the medial preoptic area: Differential effects of mating and cocaine history. GFP, ir, NAc
93  2015 Astrocytes in the medial preoptic area modulate ejaculation latency in an experience-dependent fashion. PEI
94  2015 Central corticosterone disrupts behavioral and neuroendocrine responses during lactation. PVN, SON
95  2015 Central estrogen action sites involved in prepubertal restraint of pulsatile luteinizing hormone release in female rats. ARC, ER, GnRH, LH
96  2015 Co-expression of c-Fos with oestradiol receptor alpha or somatostatin in the arcuate nucleus, ventromedial nucleus and medial preoptic area in the follicular phase of intact ewes: alteration after insulin-induced hypoglycaemia. ARC, ERalpha, IIH, INS, PW, SST, VMN
97  2015 Comparison of c-Fos expression in brain regions involved in maternal behavior of virgin and lactating female mice. BNST, VTA
98  2015 Distinct actions of ancestral vinclozolin and juvenile stress on neural gene expression in the male rat. LH
99  2015 Early bi-parental separation or neonatal paternal deprivation in mandarin voles reduces adult offspring paternal behavior and alters serum corticosterone levels and neurochemistry. EBPS, ERalpha, NAcc, NPD, OTR, PC
100  2015 Effects of activation and blockade of orexin A receptors in the medial preoptic area on food intake in male rats. ---