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Long Form:   MR spectroscopic imaging
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Accelerated MR spectroscopic imaging-a review of current and emerging techniques. ---
2020 Dynamic hyperpolarized 13 C MR spectroscopic imaging using SPICE in mouse kidney at 9.4 T. HFD, ND, SPICE
2020 High-Resolution Dynamic 31P-MR Spectroscopic Imaging for Mapping Mitochondrial Function. ---
2020 Mapping of fatty acid composition with free-breathing MR spectroscopic imaging and compressed sensing. MCD, NAFLD, SE-SPI, UIs
2020 Molecular Imaging of Extracellular Tumor pH to Reveal Effects of Locoregional Therapy on Liver Cancer Microenvironment. cTACE, MR
2020 On the acquisition of the water signal during water suppression: High-speed MR spectroscopic imaging with water referencing and concurrent functional MRI. EVI, fMRI, PEPSI
2020 Tensor image enhancement and optimal multichannel receiver combination analyses for human hyperpolarized 13 C MRSI. aSNR, ORC, TRI, WSVD
2019 3D 31 P MR spectroscopic imaging of the human brain at 3 T with a 31 P receive array: An assessment of 1 H decoupling, T1 relaxation times, 1 H-31 P nuclear Overhauser effects and NAD. NOE
2019 Characterization of prostate cancer with MR spectroscopic imaging and diffusion-weighted imaging at 3 Tesla. ADC, AUC, CART, DWI, OR, PZ
10  2019 GABA and glutamate moderate beta-amyloid related functional connectivity in cognitively unimpaired old-aged adults. AD, BOLD, FIDLOVS, fMRI, PCP, PET, PiB
11  2019 Non-Cartesian GRAPPA and coil combination using interleaved calibration data - application to concentric-ring MRSI of the human brain at 7T. CRLBs, FID, SNR
12  2019 Reduction of lipid contamination in MR spectroscopy imaging using signal space projection. OVS, PG, ROIs, SpaVar, SSP
13  2019 Simple and broadly applicable automatic quality control for 3D 1 H MR spectroscopic imaging data of the prostate. QC
14  2019 Simultaneous editing of GABA and GSH with Hadamard-encoded MR spectroscopic imaging. CV, GABA, GM, HERMES, PRESS, WM
15  2019 Simultaneous metabolic and functional imaging of the brain using SPICE. fMRI
16  2019 Update on the ICUD-SIU consultation on multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging in localised prostate cancer. csPCa, DCE-MRI, DW-MRI, PCa
17  2019 Water removal in MR spectroscopic imaging with L2 regularization. ---
18  2019 Whole-slice mapping of GABA and GABA+ at 7T via adiabatic MEGA-editing, real-time instability correction, and concentric circle readout. GABA, IR, MEGA, MM
19  2018 1H Spectroscopic Imaging of the Rodent Brain. ---
20  2018 Fully automated atlas-based method for prescribing 3D PRESS MR spectroscopic imaging: Toward robust and reproducible metabolite measurements in human brain. COV
21  2018 High-resolution echo-planar spectroscopic imaging at ultra-high field. EPSI, SNR
22  2018 Prebiopsy multiparametric MRI-based risk score for predicting prostate cancer in biopsy-naive men with prostate-specific antigen between 4-10 ng/mL. ADC, AUC, CI, DW, mpMRI, PCa, PSA, ROC, RS, TRUS
23  2018 Prostate imaging features that indicate benign or malignant pathology on biopsy. BPH, DCE, DWI, mpMRI, PET, PSA, PSMA, T2W, TZ
24  2018 Simultaneous characterization of tumor cellularity and the Warburg effect with PET, MRI and hyperpolarized 13C-MRSI. ADC, DWI, HP, MR, SUV
25  2018 Spectral decomposition for resolving partial volume effects in MRSI. GM, sDec, WM
26  2017 Feasibility of Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Prostate at 7 T. DWI, mpMRI, PSA, T2W
27  2017 Global brain metabolic quantification with whole-head proton MRS at 3T. Cho, Cr, NAA, VOI, WH
28  2017 Influence of macromolecule baseline on 1 H MR spectroscopic imaging reproducibility. COVs, MM, TE
29  2017 Three-dimensional MR spectroscopic imaging using adiabatic spin echo and hypergeometric dual-band suppression for metabolic mapping over the entire brain. GOIA, HGDB, MEGA
30  2016 (1)H MR spectroscopic imaging of the prostate at 7T using spectral-spatial pulses. SAR, SPSP
31  2016 A semiadiabatic spectral-spatial spectroscopic imaging (SASSI) sequence for improved high-field MR spectroscopic imaging. RF, SAR, SASSI, SNR, SPSP
32  2016 Accelerated high-bandwidth MR spectroscopic imaging using compressed sensing. CS
33  2016 Denoising of MR spectroscopic imaging data using statistical selection of principal components. CRBs, PCA, SNRs, SSPCs
34  2016 High-resolution (1) H-MRSI of the brain using SPICE: Data acquisition and image reconstruction. ---
35  2016 Monitoring creatine and phosphocreatine by (13)C MR spectroscopic imaging during and after (13)C4 creatine loading: a feasibility study. Cr, PCr, TCr
36  2016 MR Molecular Imaging of Brain Cancer Metabolism Using Hyperpolarized 13C Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. MRS
37  2016 Phased-array combination for MR spectroscopic imaging using a water reference. SNR, WSVD
38  2015 (31) P MR spectroscopic imaging of the human prostate at 7 T: T1 relaxation times, Nuclear Overhauser Effect, and spectral characterization. NOE
39  2015 Accelerated 1 H MRSI using randomly undersampled spiral-based k-space trajectories. NAA, RMSE, SENSE, TV
40  2015 Accelerating phase-encoded proton MR spectroscopic imaging by compressed sensing. CS
41  2015 Improved volume selective (1) H MR spectroscopic imaging of the prostate with gradient offset independent adiabaticity pulses at 3 tesla. CSDE, GOIA, RF, SNR
42  2015 Multivendor implementation and comparison of volumetric whole-brain echo-planar MR spectroscopic imaging. Cre, NAA, RF
43  2015 Phosphatidylcholine contributes to in vivo (31)P MRS signal from the human liver. MR, PDE, PEP, PtdC
44  2015 Sensitivity encoding for fast (1) H MR spectroscopic imaging water reference acquisition. SENSE
45  2014 Abnormal findings on multiparametric prostate magnetic resonance imaging predict subsequent biopsy upgrade in patients with low risk prostate cancer managed with active surveillance. CIs, DWI
46  2014 Cortical N-acetyl aspartate is a predictor of long-term clinical disability in multiple sclerosis. BPF, EDSS, RRMS
47  2014 Flip-angle mapping of 31P coils by steady-state MR spectroscopic imaging. FA, RF
48  2014 Impacts of MR spectroscopic imaging on glioma patient management. MR
49  2014 Molecular imaging coupled to pattern recognition distinguishes response to temozolomide in preclinical glioblastoma. GB, TMZ
50  2014 Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging of the prostate: current concepts. DCE, DWI, mpMR, PCa
51  2014 Sparse spectral deconvolution algorithm for noncartesian MR spectroscopic imaging. ---
52  2014 Use of high-resolution volumetric MR spectroscopic imaging in assessing treatment response of glioblastoma to an HDAC inhibitor. ---
53  2014 Volumetric spectroscopic imaging of glioblastoma multiforme radiation treatment volumes. Cho, CT, CTVs, GBM, MR, MTV, NAA
54  2013 7T MR spectroscopic imaging in the localization of surgical epilepsy. Cr, EEG, ILAE, MR, NAA
55  2013 Evolution of pattern of injury and quantitative MRI on days 1 and 3 in term newborns with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. DTI, FA, HIE, MRI, NAA
56  2013 Integration method of 3D MR spectroscopy into treatment planning system for glioblastoma IMRT dose painting with integrated simultaneous boost. 3DCRT, CE, IMRT, SIB, TPS
57  2013 MR spectroscopic imaging: principles and recent advances. ---
58  2013 MTF behavior of compressed sensing MR spectroscopic imaging. CS, MTF, SNR
59  2013 Multimodal assessment of in vivo metabolism with hyperpolarized [1-13C]MR spectroscopy and 18F-FDG PET imaging in hepatocellular carcinoma tumor-bearing rats. ---
60  2013 Multivoxel H MR spectroscopy is superior to contrast-enhanced MRI for response assessment after anti-angiogenic treatment of orthotopic human glioma xenografts and provides handles for metabolic targeting. CE
61  2013 Phospholipid metabolites in recurrent glioblastoma: in vivo markers detect different tumor phenotypes before and under antiangiogenic therapy. BVZ, GPC, OS, PCho, PEth, rGBMs
62  2013 Prostate cancer magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): multidisciplinary standpoint. DCE-MRI, DWI, MRI
63  2012 Correlation of diffusion and metabolic alterations in different clinical forms of multiple sclerosis. Cho, CSO, DTI, MS, NAA, NAWM, PP, RR, SP, T2-LL
64  2012 Investigation of the PSF-choice method for reduced lipid contamination in prostate MR spectroscopic imaging. PSF
65  2012 Localising prostate cancer: comparison of endorectal magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and 3D-MR spectroscopic imaging with transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy. MR, MRI, RP, TRUS
66  2012 Localized hypoxia results in spatially heterogeneous metabolic signatures in breast tumor models. MR, tCho
67  2012 Multi-echo acquisition. ---
68  2012 Multimodal imaging utilising integrated MR-PET for human brain tumour assessment. DTI, FET, fMRI, Met, MR, MRI
69  2012 Multiparametric 3T endorectal mri after external beam radiation therapy for prostate cancer. CI, MRI, ROC
70  2012 Peripheral zone prostate cancer localization by multiparametric magnetic resonance at 3 T: unbiased cancer identification by matching to histopathology. DCE-MRI, DWI, MR, MRI, ROC, T2WI
71  2012 Preoperative nomograms incorporating magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy for prediction of insignificant prostate cancer. MRI, PCa
72  2012 SU-E-I-75: A New Method for Prostate Cancer Localization Using Multispectral MRI. DCE, DWI
73  2012 The role of gray and white matter segmentation in quantitative proton MR spectroscopic imaging. GM, GM, H-MRS, WM
74  2012 Value of Proton-MR-Spectroscopy in the Diagnosis of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy; Correlation of Metabolite Alterations With Electroencephalography. Cho, Cr, EEG, Lac, NAA
75  2011 Advances in magnetic resonance imaging: how they are changing the management of prostate cancer. DCE-MRI, DWI, MRI, PCa, RP, RT, T2W
76  2011 Brain temperature in volunteers subjected to intranasal cooling. MMSE, MR
77  2011 Measurements of diagnostic examination performance using quantitative apparent diffusion coefficient and proton MR spectroscopic imaging in the preoperative evaluation of tumor grade in cerebral gliomas. AA, ADC, AUC, DWI, GBM, MR, NPV, PPV, ROC
78  2011 MR spectroscopy of normative premature newborns. ---
79  2010 1H-MRSI pattern perturbation in a mouse glioma: the effects of acute hyperglycemia and moderate hypothermia. HR-MAS
80  2010 Clinical and imaging tools in the early diagnosis of prostate cancer, a review. CT, DCE-MRI, DWI, MRI, PET, PSA, T2-WI, TRUS
81  2010 Investigation of tumor hyperpolarized [1-13C]-pyruvate dynamics using time-resolved multiband RF excitation echo-planar MRSI. SNR
82  2010 Post-processing correction of the endorectal coil reception effects in MR spectroscopic imaging of the prostate. ---
83  2010 Reproducibility of serial whole-brain MR spectroscopic imaging. COV
84  2010 Whole-brain proton MR spectroscopic imaging of mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury and correlation with neuropsychological deficits. Cho, Cre, GCS, MR, mTBI, NAA, NPT
85  2009 1H MR spectroscopic imaging with short and long echo time to discriminate glycine in glial tumours. Gly, mI, TE, WHO
86  2009 Combined 1H and 31P MR spectroscopic imaging: impaired energy metabolism in severe carotid stenosis and changes upon treatment. ADP, ICA
87  2009 Design of cosine modulated very selective suppression pulses for MR spectroscopic imaging at 3T. VSS
88  2009 Magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging: current status in the management of prostate cancer. NMR
89  2009 Mapping of brain metabolite distributions by volumetric proton MR spectroscopic imaging (MRSI). ---
90  2009 Potential of (1)H MR spectroscopic imaging to segregate patients who are likely to show malignancy of the peripheral zone of the prostate on biopsy. PZ, ROC
91  2009 Prediction of prostate cancer recurrence using magnetic resonance imaging and molecular profiles. C-indices, MRI
92  2009 Spectral resolution amelioration by deconvolution (SPREAD) in MR spectroscopic imaging. SPREAD
93  2009 Tumor regrowth between surgery and initiation of adjuvant therapy in patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma. CE, DWI, PWI, RT
94  2008 1H MR spectroscopic imaging of phospholipase-mediated membrane lipid release in apoptotic rat glioma in vivo. GCV, PLA2
95  2008 A clinical comparison of rigid and inflatable endorectal-coil probes for MRI and 3D MR spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) of the prostate. PFC, SNR
96  2008 Accelerated proton echo planar spectroscopic imaging (PEPSI) using GRAPPA with a 32-channel phased-array coil. Cho, CRLB, GRAPPA, mI, NAA, PEPSI, SENSE, SNR, tCr
97  2008 Comparison of T(1) and T(2) metabolite relaxation times in glioma and normal brain at 3T. Cho, Cr, NAA, PRESS, TEs, WM
98  2008 Fast nosological imaging using canonical correlation analysis of brain data obtained by two-dimensional turbo spectroscopic imaging. CCA
99  2008 Fast three-dimensional 1H MR spectroscopic imaging at 7 Tesla using "spectroscopic missing pulse--SSFP". RF, spMP-SSFP
100  2008 Metabolic changes in the normal ageing brain: consistent findings from short and long echo time proton spectroscopy. ---