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Abbreviation:   MRSI  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Advanced magnetic resonance spectroscopic neuroimaging: Experts' consensus recommendations. ---
2020 An integrated RF-receive/B0-shim array coil boosts performance of whole-brain MR spectroscopic imaging at 7T. ---
2020 Clinical High-Resolution 3D-MR Spectroscopic Imaging of the Human Brain at 7 T. CRLBs, CRT, FID
2020 Constrained Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging by Learning Nonlinear Low-Dimensional Models. ---
2020 Effect of Ketamine on Limbic GABA and Glutamate: A Human In Vivo Multivoxel Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study. ACC, rmANOVA, ROI, tCr
2020 Effects of apodization smoothing and denoising on spectral fitting. dnPCA, SNR
2020 Functional Genetic Screening Enables Theranostic Molecular Imaging in Cancer. DNP, LDH, LDHi
2020 High-Resolution 3D Spin-Echo MRSI Using Interleaved Water Navigators, Sparse Sampling and Subspace-Based Processing. ---
2020 High-resolution metabolic imaging of high-grade gliomas using 7T-CRT-FID-MRSI. 2-HG, Gln, Glu, Gly, HGG, NAA, tCho, tCr
10  2020 Hyperpolarized Metabolic Imaging Detects Latent Hepatocellular Carcinoma Domains Surviving Locoregional Therapy. DNP, HCC, TAE
11  2020 Hyperpolarized [1-13C]pyruvate-to-[1-13C]lactate conversion is rate-limited by monocarboxylate transporter-1 in the plasma membrane. LDHA, MCT1, shRNA
12  2020 Imaging breast cancer using hyperpolarized carbon-13 MRI. ILC, LDHA
13  2020 Improved Low-Rank Filtering of MR Spectroscopic Imaging Data With Pre-Learnt Subspace and Spatial Constraints. LORA
14  2020 Improved reconstruction stability for chemical shift encoded hyperpolarized 13 C magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging using k-t spiral acquisitions. FOV
15  2020 Monitoring Early Changes in Tumor Metabolism in Response to Therapy Using Hyperpolarized 13C MRSI in a Preclinical Model of Glioma. ---
16  2020 No evidence of abnormal metabolic or inflammatory activity in the brains of patients with rheumatoid arthritis: results from a preliminary study using whole-brain magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging (MRSI). Cho, FDR, HC, Lac, mI, RA
17  2020 Robust outer volume suppression utilizing elliptical pulsed second order fields (ECLIPSE) for human brain proton MRSI. ECLIPSE, ECLIPSE, IR, IVS, OVS, RF
18  2020 Role of metabolic imaging in diagnosis of primary, metastatic, and recurrent prostate cancer. mpMRI, PET
19  2020 The Association between Whole-Brain MR Spectroscopy and IDH Mutation Status in Gliomas. Cho, Cr, GLMs, Glx, IDH, mIno, NAA, VOIs
20  2019 7 T Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis: How Does Spatial Resolution Affect the Detectability of Metabolic Changes in Brain Lesions? MS
21  2019 A multitransmit external body array combined with a 1 H and 31 P endorectal coil to enable a multiparametric and multimetabolic MRI examination of the prostate at 7T. ERC, mpMRI, SAR
22  2019 Acidosis and cancer: from mechanism to neutralization. ---
23  2019 Amid proton transfer (APT) and magnetization transfer (MT) MRI contrasts provide complimentary assessment of brain tumors similarly to proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging (MRSI). APT, Cho, MT, MTR, NAA
24  2019 Cancer metabolism in a snapshot: MRS(I). Lac, Pyr
25  2019 Correlation of Tumor Perfusion Between Carbon-13 Imaging with Hyperpolarized Pyruvate and Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast MRI in Pre-Clinical Model of Glioblastoma. DSC, GBM, Gd
26  2019 Differential neuroimaging indices in prefrontal white matter in prenatal alcohol-associated ADHD versus idiopathic ADHD. ACR, ADHD, ADHD-PAE, Cho, DTI, FA, FASD, FDR, PAE
27  2019 Effects of the antidepressant medication duloxetine on brain metabolites in persistent depressive disorder: A randomized, controlled trial. MRI, NAA, PDD, RCT, WM
28  2019 Fast data acquisition techniques in magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging. ---
29  2019 HDAC inhibition in glioblastoma monitored by hyperpolarized 13 C MRSI. GBM, HDAC, LDH, MCTs
30  2019 High-resolution metabolic mapping of gliomas via patch-based super-resolution magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging at 7T. MRI, PBSR, PET
31  2019 In vivo Metabolic Profiles as Determined by 31P and short TE 1H MR-Spectroscopy : No Difference Between Patients with IDH Wildtype and IDH Mutant Gliomas. CSI, GPC, GPE, IDHmut, IDHwt, PC, PE
32  2019 Longitudinal Metabolite Changes after Traumatic Brain Injury: A Prospective Pediatric Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging Study. cMild, Cr, NAA, TBI
33  2019 Magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging in diagnosis of suspicious prostate cancer: A meta-analysis. DOR, PC, SROCs
34  2019 Non-invasive imaging modalities to study neurodegenerative diseases of aging brain. DTI, EEG, fMRI, MEG, NIRS, PET, SPECT, TES, TMS
35  2019 Retrospective motion compensation for edited MR spectroscopic imaging. Cho, GABA
36  2019 Reversed metabolic reprogramming as a measure of cancer treatment efficacy in rat C6 glioma model. ---
37  2019 Tensor-Based Method for Residual Water Suppression in 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging. ---
38  2019 The Role of Lactate Metabolism in Prostate Cancer Progression and Metastases Revealed by Dual-Agent Hyperpolarized 13C MRSI. ADC, HP, LDHA, mp, MRI, TRAMP
39  2019 The Role of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Imaging Parameters to Predict Early Biochemical Recurrence after Radical Prostatectomy. AUC, BCR, MRI, PCa, RP
40  2019 Tissue-type mapping of gliomas. mMRI, PDD
41  2018 A minimum-phase Shinnar-Le Roux spectral-spatial excitation RF pulse for simultaneous water and lipid suppression in 1H-MRSI of body extremities. Cho, Cr, SLR, SPSP
42  2018 Carbonic anhydrase IX is a pH-stat that sets an acidic tumour extracellular pH in vivo. CAIX, ISUCA
43  2018 Comparison between Short and Long Echo Time Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging at 3T and 7T for Evaluating Brain Metabolites in Patients with Glioma. TE
44  2018 Density-weighted concentric rings k-space trajectory for 1 H magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging at 7T. CRT, DW, EPSI, RE, SNR
45  2018 High and ultra-high resolution metabolite mapping of the human brain using 1H FID MRSI at 9.4T. GABA, Gln, Glu, NAAG, SNR
46  2018 Hyperpolarized [1-13C]-Pyruvate Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging of Prostate Cancer In Vivo Predicts Efficacy of Targeting the Warburg Effect. EPR, LDH
47  2018 Improved spatial localization in magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging with two-dimensional PSF-Choice encoding. PRESS, PSF
48  2018 Measuring Tumor Metabolism in Pediatric Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Using Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 MR Metabolic Imaging. DIPG
49  2018 Metabolite-cycled density-weighted concentric rings k-space trajectory (DW-CRT) enables high-resolution 1 H magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging at 3-Tesla. CRLB, DW-CRT, TE
50  2018 Metabolites predict lesion formation and severity in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. DTI, MRI, MS, WM
51  2018 MultiNet PyGRAPPA: Multiple neural networks for reconstructing variable density GRAPPA (a 1H FID MRSI study). ---
52  2018 Non-water-suppressed 1 H FID-MRSI at 3T and 9.4T. FID, NAA, SAR, TE
53  2018 Over-discretized SENSE reconstruction and B0 correction for accelerated non-lipid-suppressed 1 H FID MRSI of the human brain at 9.4 T. SAR, SENSE
54  2018 Phase I study of dose escalation to dominant intraprostatic lesions using high-dose-rate brachytherapy. DIL, GU, HDR
55  2018 Phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging using flyback echo planar readout trajectories. SNR
56  2018 Reduction of Acquisition time using Partition of the sIgnal Decay in Spectroscopic Imaging technique (RAPID-SI). CSI, MRS
57  2018 Simultaneous 18F-fluciclovine Positron Emission Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging of Prostate Cancer. PET, SUV
58  2018 Water suppression in the human brain with hypergeometric RF pulses for single-voxel and multi-voxel MR spectroscopy. HGWS
59  2017 A Subspace Approach to Spectral Quantification for MR Spectroscopic Imaging. ---
60  2017 A systematic review on multiparametric MR imaging in prostate cancer detection. DCE-MRI, DWI, ERC, MRI, PAC
61  2017 Association of early changes in 1H MRSI parameters with survival for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma receiving a multimodality treatment regimen. GBM, RT
62  2017 Clinical and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging Findings in Veterans With Blast Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. blast mTBI, Ch, GLMs, NAA, PTSD
63  2017 Combined Diffusion Tensor and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging Methodology for Automated Regional Brain Analysis: Application in a Normal Pediatric Population. BG, BS, CC, Cr, DTI, FA, NAA, TH
64  2017 Compartmentalized low-rank recovery for high-resolution lipid unsuppressed MRSI. TE
65  2017 Detecting neuronal dysfunction of hand motor cortex in ALS: A MRSI study. ALS, HC, HMC, MRS, NAA
66  2017 Fast magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging techniques in human brain- applications in multiple sclerosis. ---
67  2017 Flexible proton 3D MR spectroscopic imaging of the prostate with low-power adiabatic pulses for volume selection and spiral readout. FOVs, GOIA, PRESS, sLASER, TE
68  2017 Hyperpolarized 13C MR metabolic imaging can detect neuroinflammation in vivo in a multiple sclerosis murine model. HP, MPs, MS
69  2017 Imaging of Glutamate Concentration in Sturge-Weber Syndrome. SWS
70  2017 Longitudinal MR Spectroscopy Shows Altered Metabolism in Traumatic Brain Injury. Cho, NAA
71  2017 Magnetic resonance spectroscopy and magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging in Cerebral Autosomal-Dominant Arteriopathy with Subcortical Infarcts and Leukoencephalopathy: A literature review. CADASIL, MRS, RR
72  2017 Metabolic changes in normal appearing white matter in multiple sclerosis patients using multivoxel magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging. Cho, Cr, MRS, MS, NAA, NAWM, RRMS
73  2017 Metabolic imaging of energy metabolism in traumatic brain injury using hyperpolarized [1-13C]pyruvate. TBI
74  2017 Metabolomics of Therapy Response in Preclinical Glioblastoma: A Multi-Slice MRSI-Based Volumetric Analysis for Noninvasive Assessment of Temozolomide Treatment. GBM, TRI
75  2017 Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging characteristics of normal, benign and malignant conditions in the prostate. DCE, DWI, mpMRI, PC, PZ, SI, T2WI
76  2017 Multivariate Associations of Fluid Intelligence and NAA. NAA, PCA
77  2017 Non-water-suppressed short-echo-time magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging using a concentric ring k-space trajectory. SNR, STEAM
78  2017 Nonnegative Canonical Polyadic Decomposition for Tissue-Type Differentiation in Gliomas. NCPD
79  2017 Patch-Based Super-Resolution of MR Spectroscopic Images: Application to Multiple Sclerosis. ---
80  2017 Quantification of metabolite concentrations in benign and malignant prostate tissues using 3D proton MR spectroscopic imaging. ADC, CG, Cho, Cit, PRESS, PZ, Spm
81  2017 Spectral Quantification for High-Resolution MR Spectroscopic Imaging With Spatiospectral Constraints. ---
82  2017 Variance components associated with long-echo-time MR spectroscopic imaging in human brain at 1.5T and 3T. ---
83  2016 (31)P CSI of the human brain in healthy subjects and tumor patients at 9.4T with a three-layered multi-nuclear coil: initial results. ---
84  2016 2D AMESING multi-echo (31)P-MRSI of the liver at 7T allows transverse relaxation assessment and T2-weighted averaging for improved SNR. AMESING, SNR
85  2016 Comparison of unsupervised classification methods for brain tumor segmentation using multi-parametric MRI. cMRI, DWI, HGGs, mpMRI, PWI
86  2016 Evaluating metabolites in patients with major depressive disorder who received mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and healthy controls using shortecho MRSI at 7 Tesla. ACC, MBCT, MDD, NAA, tCr
87  2016 Imaging increased glutamate in children with Sturge-Weber syndrome: Association with epilepsy severity. Cr, Glu, NAA, PET, SWS
88  2016 Impact of an endorectal coil for 1H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the prostate at 3.0T in comparison to 1.5T: Do we need an endorectal coil? CSL, ERC, SNR
89  2016 Improved Low-Rank Filtering of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging Data Corrupted by Noise and B₀ Field Inhomogeneity. SNR
90  2016 Long-term outcome of magnetic resonance spectroscopic image-directed dose escalation for prostate brachytherapy. IQR
91  2016 Magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging at superresolution: Overview and perspectives. DFT
92  2016 Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of siRNA-Based Cancer Therapy. MRS, siRNA
93  2016 Metabolic Imaging in Prostate Cancer: Where We Are. mpMRI, PCa, PET
94  2016 MR Studies of Glioblastoma Models Treated with Dual PI3K/mTOR Inhibitor and Temozolomide:Metabolic Changes Are Associated with Enhanced Survival. GBM, MRS, TMZ
95  2016 MRSI-based molecular imaging of therapy response to temozolomide in preclinical glioblastoma using source analysis. GB, MLs, TMZ
96  2016 Multiparametric MR can identify high grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (HGPIN) lesions and predict future detection of prostate cancer in men with a negative initial prostate biopsy. ADC, DWI, HGPIN, PCa
97  2016 Presence of TMPRSS2-ERG is associated with alterations of the metabolic profile in human prostate cancer. ---
98  2016 Prostate MRSI predicts outcome in radical prostatectomy patients. BCR, CRS, ECE, NHGV, NILV, NPC, NUPV, RP, TF
99  2016 Reduction of variance in measurements of average metabolite concentration in anatomically-defined brain regions. ---
100  2016 Serial analysis of 3D H-1 MRSI for patients with newly diagnosed GBM treated with combination therapy that includes bevacizumab. GBM, NAA, OS, PFS, RT