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Abbreviation:   MRU  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   magnetic resonance urography
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Hydronephrosis and crossing vessels in children: Optimization of diagnostic-therapeutic pathway and analysis of color Doppler ultrasound and magnetic resonance urography diagnostic accuracy. CDUS, CVs, NPV, UPJO
2018 Use of MR Urography in Pediatric Patients. ---
2018 [Laparoscopic ureterovesical reimplantation for ureteral stricture after renal transplantation]. ---
2018 [Transurethral flexible ureteroscopic holmium laser resection for tumors of renal pelvis: 6 cases report and literature review]. CTU, GC, NBI, NMP22, UTUC
2017 Preoperative urinary tract obstruction in scoliosis patients. MRI, RI, US, UTO
2017 Ureterocele in newborns, infants and children: Ten year prospective study with primary endoscopic deroofing and double J (DJ) stenting. DJ
2017 [Perirenal cystic lymphangioma in an adult: a case report and literature review]. ---
2016 Comparison Between Diuretic Urography (IVP) and Diuretic Renography for Diagnosis of Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction in Children. DR, IVP, UPJO, US, UTI, VCUG, VUR
2016 Comparison of intravenous urography and magnetic resonance urography in preoperative evaluation of pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction in children. IVU, PUJO
10  2016 Comprehensive MR Urography Protocol: Equally Good Diagnostic Performance and Enhanced Visibility of the Upper Urinary Tract Compared to Triple-Phase CT Urography. CTU, UUT
11  2016 Detailed evaluation of the upper urinary tract in patients with prune belly syndrome using magnetic resonance urography. HUN, PBS, RTT, UPJ obstruction
12  2016 Magnetic resonance urography in the pediatric population: a clinical perspective. UPJ
13  2016 Retrocaval ureter or preureteral vena cava: Lest we forget this rare cause of hydronephrosis. CTU, IVC
14  2016 The diagnostic value of magnetic resonance urography using a balanced turbo field echo sequence. bTFE
15  2016 Trends in the utilization of imaging for upper tract urothelial carcinoma. CTU, RGP, SEER, UTUC
16  2015 Agreement between static magnetic resonance urography and diuretic renal scintigraphy in patients with ureteropelvic junction obstruction after pyeloplasty. DRS, UPJO
17  2015 Calyceal diverticulum mimicking simple parapelvic cyst: a case report. CT
18  2015 Congenital midureteric stricture: challenges in diagnosis and management. MUS, RGP, USG
19  2015 Current radiological techniques used to evaluate unilateral partial ureteral obstruction: an experimental rabbit study. DRS, DU, LR, UPJO
20  2015 Diagnosis of 65 cases of ampullary renal pelvis after postnatal follow-up of 1,167 newborn infants with prenatally suspected hydronephrosis. ARP, CTU
21  2015 Diagnosis of bladder tumours in patients with macroscopic haematuria: a prospective comparison of split-bolus computed tomography urography, magnetic resonance urography and flexible cystoscopy. CTU
22  2015 Split-bolus MR urography: synchronous visualization of obstructing vessels and collecting system in children. ---
23  2014 Comparison of magnetic resonance urography to dimercaptosuccinic acid scan for the identification of renal parenchyma defects in children with vesicoureteral reflux. DMSA, RPD
24  2014 Efficacy of magnetic resonance urography in detecting renal scars in children with vesicoureteral reflux. Tc-DMSA, UTI, VCUG, VUR
25  2014 Longterm outcome of Macroplatique injection for treatment of vesicoureteral reflux in children. DMSA scan
26  2014 Magnetic resonance urography for diagnosis of pediatric ureteral stricture. DRS, US
27  2014 Midterm outcomes of protection for upper urinary tract function by augmentation enterocystoplasty in patients with neurogenic bladder. AE, AUTD, UUT, UUTD, VUR
28  2014 New grading system for upper urinary tract dilation using magnetic resonance urography in patients with neurogenic bladder. HN, NB, SFU, UD, US, UUTD
29  2014 Shape-based motion correction in dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI for quantitative assessment of renal function. DCE
30  2014 Stone disease in pregnancy: imaging-guided therapy. CT, US
31  2014 Urothelial carcinoma in a pyelocaliceal diverticulum discovered by magnetic resonance urography. CT, IVP
32  2013 Appearances of the circumcaval ureter on excretory urography and MR urography: A single-center case series. IVU
33  2013 Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography in the diagnosis of upper urinary tract urothelial cell carcinoma: a preliminary study. CEUS, MDCTU, UCC, US
34  2013 Evaluation of acute renal colic: a comparison of non-contrast CT versus 3-T non-contrast HASTE MR urography. CT, HASTE
35  2013 Magnetic resonance urography and laparoscopy in paediatric urology: a case series. ---
36  2013 Magnetic resonance urography vs computed tomography urography in the evaluation of patients with haematuria. CTU, ROC, wk
37  2013 MR urography: Anatomical and quantitative information on congenital malformations in children. ROIs
38  2013 The role of static magnetic resonance urography in the evaluation of obstructive uropathy. IVU
39  2013 [Multidetector computed tomography of urolithiasis: technique and results]. IVU, MDCT
40  2012 Half Fourier single-shot turbo spin-echo magnetic resonance urography for the evaluation of suspected renal colic in pregnancy. HASTE
41  2012 Impact of magnetic resonance urography and ultrasonography on diagnosis and management of hydronephrosis and megaureter in paediatric patients. US
42  2012 Laparoscopic reconstruction for obstructive megaureter: single institution experience with short- and intermediate-term outcomes. DR, MGU, USG, VCUG
43  2012 [Magnetic resonance urography in pediatric urology]. ---
44  2011 Assessing renal function in children with hydronephrosis - additional feature of MR urography. ---
45  2011 Magnetic resonance urography and X-ray urography findings of congenital megaureter. IVP
46  2011 Magnetic resonance urography in children - when and why? UPJ, VUJ, VUR
47  2011 Magnetic resonance urography in duplex kidney with ectopic ureteral insertion. ---
48  2011 Pediatric magnetic resonance urography. ---
49  2011 [Surgical strategy for ectopic kidneys: analysis of 35 cases]. IVU
50  2010 Evaluation of anterior urethral stricture using thick slab SSFSE MR urethrography. FRFSE, SSFSE
51  2010 Magnetic resonance urography in pediatric urology. ---
52  2010 MR urography versus retrograde pyelography/ureteroscopy for the exclusion of upper urinary tract malignancy. RPU
53  2010 Prospective analysis of completely stentless robot-assisted pyeloplasty in children. DRI, RAP, UPJO
54  2009 Magnetic resonance urography. CTU
55  2009 Renal dysplasia with single system ectopic ureter: Diagnosis using magnetic resonance urography and management with laparoscopic nephroureterectomy in pediatric age. ---
56  2009 Role of magnetic resonance urography in diagnosis of duplex renal system: Our initial experience at a tertiary care institute. IVU, MCU
57  2009 Role of magnetic resonance urography in the diagnosis of single-system ureteral ectopia with congenital renal dysplasia: a tertiary care center experience in India. ---
58  2009 [Positioning diagnosis of magnetic resonance urography in ectopic ureter of children]. CT, IVU
59  2008 Application of magnetic resonance urography in diagnosis of congenital urogenital anomalies in children. ---
60  2008 Comparison of magnetic resonance urography with ultrasound studies in detection of fetal urogenital anomalies. ---
61  2008 Diuretic renography in hydronephrosis: delayed tissue tracer transit accompanies both functional decline and tissue reorganization. DR, RFS, SKF, THS, TTT
62  2008 Magnetic resonance urography (MRU) course introduction. ---
63  2008 Magnetic resonance urography in pediatric urology. ---
64  2008 MRI in patients with chronic obstructive uropathy and compromised renal function: a sole method for morphological and functional assessment. Gd-MRI, GFR
65  2008 MRU post-processing. ---
66  2008 Time-resolved dynamic contrast-enhanced MR urography for the evaluation of ureteral peristalsis: initial experience. ---
67  2007 3D excretory MR urography: improved image quality with intravenous saline and diuretic administration. ---
68  2007 Does a full bladder aid upper tract visualization in magnetic resonance urography? ---
69  2007 [Magnetic resonance urography in the diagnosis of the ectopic ureters]. ---
70  2006 Magnetic resonance urography: a pictorial overview. TSE
71  2005 Magnetic resonance urography (MRU) versus intravenous urography (IVU) in obstructive uropathy: a prospective study of 30 cases. IVU, PCS, PUJ
72  2005 Magnetic resonance urography for the assessment of potential renal donors: comparison of the RARE technique with a low-dose gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance urography technique in the absence of pharmacological and mechanical intervention. FLASH, Gd, RARE
73  2005 Patients at high risk for upper tract urothelial cancer: evaluation of hydronephrosis using high resolution magnetic resonance urography. ---
74  2004 Combined magnetic resonance urography and targeted helical CT in patients with renal colic: a new approach to reduce delivered dose. CT
75  2004 Diagnosis of noncalcareous hydronephrosis: role of magnetic resonance urography and noncontrast computed tomography. NCCT
76  2004 Diagnosis of ureteral obstruction in patients with compromised renal function: the role of noninvasive imaging modalities. NCCT, US
77  2004 Evaluation of painful hydronephrosis in pregnancy: magnetic resonance urographic patterns in physiological dilatation versus calculous obstruction. ---
78  2004 Filling defect artefacts in magnetic resonance urography. FDA, FDAs, MIP
79  2004 Magnetic resonance urography: a new gold standard for the evaluation of solitary kidneys and renal buds? DMSA
80  2004 [Diagnostic value of HASTE technique and excretory MR urography in urinary system obstructions]. HASTE, IVU
81  2003 Diuretic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance urography versus intravenous urography for depiction of nondilated urinary tracts. Gd, IVU
82  2003 Magnetic resonance urography in pediatric urology. ---
83  2002 Impact of magnetic resonance urography on preoperative diagnostic workup in children affected by hydronephrosis: should IVU be replaced? ING, IVU, MCU, US
84  2002 Magnetic resonance urography in patients with neurogenic bladder dysfunction and spinal dysraphism. ---
85  2002 Magnetic resonance urography in the diagnosis of urinary tract obstruction after renal transplantation. ---
86  2000 Magnetic resonance urography enhanced by gadolinium and diuretics: a comparison with conventional urography in diagnosing the cause of ureteric obstruction. IVU
87  2000 Magnetic resonance urography: initial experience of a low-dose Gd-DTPA-enhanced technique. FISP, FLASH, TSE
88  2000 MR urography in children: current status and future development. ---
89  2000 [MR urography: technique and clinical application in patients with kidney transplantation]. MIP
90  1999 Hydronephrosis in pregnancy: simultaneous depiction of fetal and maternal hydronephrosis by magnetic resonance urography. HASTE
91  1999 [MR urography in the diagnosis of upper urinary tract obstruction]. ---
92  1998 Use of magnetic resonance urography. IVU
93  1998 [Diagnostic evaluation of magnetic resonance urography in urinary tract dilatation and obstruction]. MIP
94  1995 Elimination of gadolinium-DTPA by peritoneal dialysis. ---