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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Vaspin in the pig ovarian follicles: expression and regulation by different hormones. IGF-1, LW
2016 Detection of Placental Proteomes at Different Uterine Positions in Large White and Meishan Gilts on Gestational Day 90. iTRAQ, LW
2015 Contributions of the maternal uterine environment and piglet genotype on weaning survivability potential: II. Piglet growth, lactation performance, milk composition, and piglet blood profiles during lactation following reciprocal embryo transfers between Meishan and White crossbred gilts. LW, MUE, PA, PigG, WC
2015 Dietary energy intake affects fetal survival and development during early and middle pregnancy in Large White and Meishan gilts. LW, RBP4, SPP1
2014 Muscle transcriptomic investigation of late fetal development identifies candidate genes for piglet maturity. LW
2013 Association study of molecular polymorphisms in candidate genes related to stress responses with production and meat quality traits in pigs. ACTH, DRD3, HPA, LW, MAOA
2012 Contributions of the maternal uterine environment and piglet genotype on weaning survivability potential: I. Development of neonatal piglets after reciprocal embryo transfers between Meishan and White crossbred gilts. MUE, PigG, WC
2012 Towards candidate genes affecting body fatness at the SSC7 QTL by expression analyses. LW, QTL, SSC7
2011 A C/T mutation in microRNA target sites in BMP5 gene is potentially associated with fatness in pigs. BMP5, LW
10  2011 Mapping QTL in the porcine MHC region affecting fatness and growth traits in a Meishan/Large White composite population. MHC
11  2008 Detection of quantitative trait loci for teat number and female reproductive traits in Meishan Large White F2 pigs. ES, GW, HFS, LC, LW, NVE, OR, QTL, TN, WTM
12  2008 Gene array and real time PCR analysis of the adrenal sensitivity to adrenocorticotropic hormone in pig. HPA, LW, TCA
13  2007 Isolation, sequence analysis and expression profile of a novel porcine gene, CXCL10, differentially expressed in the Longissimus dorsi muscle tissues from Meishan, Meishan x Large White cross and Large White pigs. DD, LW, ML, RACE, RT-PCR
14  2007 Metabolic and histochemical characteristics of fat and muscle tissues in homozygous or heterozygous pigs for the body composition QTL located on chromosome 7. LW, QTL
15  2006 Cortisol-binding globulin and meat quality in five European lines of pigs. CBG, CBG-Bmax, LW
16  2005 Detection of quantitative trait loci for androstenone, skatole and boar taint in a cross between Large White and Meishan pigs. BF, LW, QTL, SP
17  2005 Exclusion of the swine leukocyte antigens as candidate region and reduction of the position interval for the Sus scrofa chromosome 7 QTL affecting growth and fatness. EU, SLA
18  2004 Myosin heavy chain composition of different skeletal muscles in Large White and Meishan pigs. LW, MyHC, RM
19  2003 Endocrine and molecular influences on testicular development in Meishan and White Composite boars. MIS, THRbeta1, WC
20  2003 Germ cell development in Meishan and White Composite gilts. dpc, dpp, WC
21  2003 Stereological evaluation of Sertoli cell ontogeny during fetal and neonatal life in two diverse breeds of swine. WC
22  2002 A further look at quantitative trait loci affecting growth and fatness in a cross between Meishan and Large White pig populations. LW, QTL
23  2002 Detection of quantitative trait loci for carcass composition traits in pigs. HFS, LC, LW, QTL
24  2002 Expression levels of Mullerian-inhibiting substance, GATA4 and 17alpha-hydroxylase/17,20-lyase cytochrome P450 during embryonic gonadal development in two diverse breeds of swine. dpc, MIS, WC
25  2002 Neonatal Meishan pigs show POU1F1 genotype effects on plasma GH and PRL concentration. GH, PRL, RT-PCR, TSHbeta
26  2002 Patterns of fetal growth within Large White x Landrace and Chinese Meishan gilt litters at three stages of gestation. IUGR, LW, SGA
27  2001 Detection of quantitative trait loci for growth and fatness in pigs. HFS, LC, LW, QTL
28  2001 Interrelationships of porcine X and Y chromosomes with pituitary gonadotropins and testicular size. DSP, QTL, WC
29  2000 GnRH antagonist inhibition of gonadotropin and steroid secretion in boars in vivo and steroid production in vitro. WC
30  2000 Identification and characterization of a new allele for the beta subunit of follicle-stimulating hormone in Chinese pig breeds. FSHB, RPA, WC
31  2000 Piglets born after vitrification of embryos using the open pulled straw method. LWh, OPS
32  1999 Characterization of mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid receptors in pigs: comparison of Meishan and Large White breeds. GR, HPA, LW, MR
33  1999 Comparison of cyclic AMP production in response to LH by granulosa and theca cells from Meishan and Large-White hybrid gilts. LW
34  1999 The effect of GH and IGF-I on preadipocytes from Large White and Meishan pigs in primary culture. LW, pGH
35  1998 The use of DNA fingerprinting to assess monozygotic twinning in Meishan and Landrace x large white pigs. LxLW
36  1998 Uterine environment and breed effects on erythropoiesis and liver protein secretion in late embryonic and early fetal swine. EPO, WC
37  1997 Breed differences in expression of inhibin/activin subunits in porcine anterior pituitary glands. ---
38  1997 Comparative studies of conceptus-endometrial interactions in Large White x Landrace and Meishan gilts. LW x L
39  1997 Genetic study of behavioral and pituitary-adrenocortical reactivity in response to an environmental challenge in pigs. LW
40  1997 Negative relationship between blood concentrations of follicle-stimulating hormone and testicular size in mature boars. DSP, TDSP, TWT, WC
41  1996 Developmental changes in insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) receptor levels and plasma IGF-I concentrations in large white and Meishan pigs. IGF-I, IGF-IR, LD, LW, TR
42  1996 Effect of a growth hormone infusion on plasma insulin-like growth factor-I in Meishan and large white pigs. GH, IGF-I, LW
43  1996 Ontogeny of GH receptor and GH-binding protein in the pig. bGH, GHBP, GHR, hGH, LW, TR
44  1996 Overexpression of beta-subunit of thyroid-stimulating hormone in Meishan swine identified by differential display. WC
45  1995 Growth and body composition of Meishan and Yorkshire barrows and gilts. BC, LMA, PM, TC, WC
46  1994 Gonadotropin secretion in ovariectomized Chinese Meishan and hybrid large white gilts; responses to challenges with estradiol benzoate, gonadotropin-releasing hormone, or porcine follicular fluid. EB, hLW
47  1994 Morphological and functional characteristics of preovulatory follicles in large white and Meishan gilts. LW
48  1993 Carcass and muscle characteristics of Yorkshire, Meishan, Yorkshire x Meishan, Meishan x Yorkshire, Fengjing x Yorkshire, and Minzhu x Yorkshire pigs. ---
49  1993 Comparisons of endocrinology and behavioural events during the periovulatory period in Meishan and large-white hybrid gilts. FSH, LH, LW
50  1993 Effects of porcine somatotropin on growth and carcass composition of Meishan and Yorkshire barrows. BBB, BC, BF, LMA, pST, TC, WC
51  1993 Growth hormone response to GRF and insulin-induced hypoglycemia in Yorkshire and Meishan pigs. GH, GRF
52  1992 Lipid composition of adipose tissue and muscle in pigs with an increasing proportion of Meishan genes. ---
53  1992 Oestrus and LH responses to oestradiol during lactational anoestrus in Chinese Meishan and large white sows. LH, LW
54  1989 Differential growth factor content of uterine luminal fluids from large white and prolific Meishan pigs during the estrous cycle and early pregnancy. IGF-I, LW, ULF, ULFM
55  1988 Conceptus development in large white and prolific Chinese Meishan pigs. LW