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2020 Ultralow-intensity near infrared light synchronously activated collaborative chemo/photothermal/photodynamic therapy. Ce6, DOX, NIR, PDT, PGO, PTT, UC
2019 EDTA-modified mesoporous silica as supra adsorbent of copper ions with novel approach as an antidote agent in copper toxicity. FTIR
2019 Folate-conjugated, mesoporous silica functionalized boron nitride nanospheres for targeted delivery of doxorubicin. BN, BNNS, DOX
2019 Guar gum modified upconversion nanocomposites for colorectal cancer treatment through enzyme-responsive drug release and NIR-triggered photodynamic therapy. CRC, GG, GI, RB
2019 Impact of drug loading in mesoporous silica-amorphous formulations on the physical stability of drugs with high recrystallization tendency. AIMD, DFT, DSC, MLC, PFC, Tg
2019 Link between Low-Fouling and Stealth: A Whole Blood Biomolecular Corona and Cellular Association Analysis on Nanoengineered Particles. PMPC
2019 Maximizing Photoresponsive Efficiency by Isolating Metal-Organic Polyhedra into Confined Nanoscaled Spaces. BBG, PMOPs
2019 Mesoporous Silica-Based Materials with Bactericidal Properties. DDSs, MSMs
2019 Near-Infrared-Triggered Photodynamic, Photothermal, and on Demand Chemotherapy by Multifunctional Upconversion Nanocomposite. CSU, DOX, GNRs, LSPR, NPs, PDT
10  2019 Preparation of an Anti-Aggregation Silica/Zinc/Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite with Enhanced Adsorption Capacity. GO, GO-MS, MB, NMSZ, XPS
11  2019 The role interplay between mesoporous silica pore volume and surface area and their effect on drug loading capacity. ---
12  2019 Ultralow-intensity NIR light triggered on-demand drug release by employing highly emissive UCNP and photocleavable linker with low bond dissociation energy. beta-CD, DOX, UCNP
13  2019 Wrapped stellate silica nanocomposites as biocompatible luminescent nanoplatforms assessed in vivo. IBAM, NPs, QDs, ZF
14  2018 A fast and reliable DSC-based method to determine the monomolecular loading capacity of drugs with good glass-forming ability in mesoporous silica. DSC
15  2018 A Novel Droplet-Fabricated Mesoporous Silica-Based Nanohybrid Granules for Hemorrhage Control. ---
16  2018 BN nanospheres functionalized with mesoporous silica for enhancing CpG oligodeoxynucleotide-mediated cancer immunotherapy. BNNS, CpG ODNs
17  2018 Carbon dots based photoelectrochemical sensors for ultrasensitive detection of glutathione and its applications in probing of myocardial infarction. CDs, GO, LOD, MI, PEC
18  2018 Design of Protein-Coated Carbon Nanotubes Loaded with Hydrophobic Drugs through Sacrificial Templating of Mesoporous Silica Shells. CNTs, CPT, CUR, HSA, IBAM
19  2018 Hierarchical Mesoporous Organosilica-Silica Core-Shell Nanoparticles Capable of Controlled Fungicide Release. CTAB, HSMSCSNs, PMO
20  2018 Hybrid Mesoporous Nanocarriers Act by Processing Logic Tasks: Toward the Design of Nanobots Capable of Reading Information from the Environment. GDH
21  2018 In Vivo Examination of Folic Acid-Conjugated Gold-Silica Nanohybrids as Contrast Agents for Localized Tumor Diagnosis and Biodistribution. GNR-MS, GNRs
22  2018 Ingenious pH-sensitive etoposide loaded folic acid decorated mesoporous silica-carbon dot with carboxymethyl-betacyclodextrin gatekeeper for targeted drug delivery and imaging. CbetaCD, ETO, FA, MDS, PBS, Top II
23  2018 Luminescent thermometer based on Eu3+ /Tb3+ -organic-functionalized mesoporous silica. dppz, vSilica
24  2018 Pore size effect of mesoporous silica stationary phase on the separation performance of microfabricated gas chromatography columns. GC, MEMS
25  2018 Tannic acid-loaded mesoporous silica for rapid hemostasis and antibacterial activity. TA
26  2018 [Research progress on mesoporous bioactive glass]. BG, MBG
27  2017 Biodegradable Metal Ion-Doped Mesoporous Silica Nanospheres Stimulate Anticancer Th1 Immune Response in Vivo. alum
28  2017 Biomedical nanomotors: efficient glucose-mediated insulin release. GOx, PBA, US
29  2017 Mesoporous Silica Coated Polydopamine Functionalized Reduced Graphene Oxide for Synergistic Targeted Chemo-Photothermal Therapy. DA, DOX, DOX, GO, HA, NIR, pRGO
30  2017 RhBMP-2 loaded 3D-printed mesoporous silica/calcium phosphate cement porous scaffolds with enhanced vascularization and osteogenesis properties. CPC, rhBMP-2, Si
31  2017 Selective Production of 2-Methylfuran by Gas-Phase Hydrogenation of Furfural on Copper Incorporated by Complexation in Mesoporous Silica Catalysts. FUR, TOS, WHSV
32  2017 Temperature dependent NIR emitting lanthanide-PMO/silica hybrid materials. dppz, dptz, ePMO, NIR, PMO, vSilica
33  2016 Cancer Immunotherapy: Comprehensive Mechanism Analysis of Mesoporous-Silica-Nanoparticle-Induced Cancer Immunotherapy (Adv. Healthcare Mater. 10/2016). ---
34  2016 In Situ Surface Engineering of Mesoporous Silica Generates Interfacial Activity and Catalytic Acceleration Effect. W/O
35  2016 pH-Responsive drug release and NIR-triggered singlet oxygen generation based on a multifunctional core-shell-shell structure. DOX, MB, NIR, PDT, PEI-FA, UCNP
36  2015 Engineering poly(ethylene glycol) particles for improved biodistribution. PEG
37  2015 Improvement in UV protection retention capability and reduction in skin penetration of benzophenone-3 with mesoporous silica as drug carrier by encapsulation. BES-2-E, BESs, BP-3, BP-3-E, DSC, FTIR, TGA
38  2014 A light-responsive release platform by controlling the wetting behavior of hydrophobic surface. CPT, FD, MS-FSP
39  2014 A mesoporous silicon/poly-(DL-lactic-co-glycolic) acid microsphere for long time anti-tuberculosis drug delivery. PLGA, RIF, TB
40  2014 Carbon dots as fluorescent probes for "off-on" detection of Cu2+ and L-cysteine in aqueous solution. CDs, L-Cys
41  2014 Design and fabrication of branched polyamine functionalized mesoporous silica: an efficient absorbent for water remediation. APTES, FTIR, MS-PEI, TEM, XPS
42  2014 Hybrid materials from agro-waste and nanoparticles: implications on the kinetics of the adsorption of inorganic pollutants. ND
43  2014 Mesoporous silica aerogel as a drug carrier for the enhancement of the sunscreen ability of benzophenone-3. BP-3, SPF
44  2014 Mold-templated inorganic-organic hybrid supraparticles for codelivery of drugs. BDNF, DEX, MSG-SPs
45  2014 Pore size-dependent immunogenic activity of mesoporous silica-based adjuvants in cancer immunotherapy. alum, Ap, PAMPs, Th1, Th2
46  2014 Toward the design of smart delivery systems controlled by integrated enzyme-based biocomputing ensembles. ---
47  2014 Tuning particle biodegradation through polymer-peptide blend composition. ATRP, PHis, PMA
48  2013 Anisotropic photoelectric film assembled from mesoporous silica (MS)@CuO@FeS2 composite microspheres for improving photoelectric conversion. LbL
49  2013 Fabrication of cyclodextrin-templated mesoporous silica for improved dissolution of carbamazepine. CBZ
50  2013 Mesoporous silicas synthesis and application for lignin peroxidase immobilization by covalent binding method. LiP
51  2013 Particle-size-dependent toxicity and immunogenic activity of mesoporous silica-based adjuvants for tumor immunotherapy. PAMPs
52  2013 Surface enhanced Raman scattering traceable and glutathione responsive nanocarrier for the intracellular drug delivery. SERS
53  2012 Highly sensitive determination of capsaicin using a carbon paste electrode modified with amino-functionalized mesoporous silica. CPE, MS/CPE, TEM
54  2011 A pH-driven DNA nanoswitch for responsive controlled release. ---
55  2011 Adsorption and desorption dynamics of sodium dodecyl sulfate at the octadecylsilane layer on the pore surface of a mesoporous silica film observed in-situ by optical waveguide spectroscopy. Al, ODS, ODS-MS, OWG
56  2011 Bioresponsive controlled release using mesoporous silica nanoparticles capped with aptamer-based molecular gate. ---
57  2011 Mesoporous carbon microparticles as a novel fluorescent sensing platform for thrombin detection. MCMPs
58  2010 Poly(L-lysine) nanostructured particles for gene delivery and hormone stimulation. ---
59  2009 Biocompatible polypeptide microcapsules via templating mesoporous silica spheres. LbL, PLL/PGA
60  2009 In-vitro osteogenesis of synovium stem cells induced by controlled release of bisphosphate additives from microspherical mesoporous silica composite. AL, ALP, HA, PLGA, SMSCs
61  2009 Intracellular localization and cytotoxicity of spherical mesoporous silica nano- and microparticles. ---
62  2008 Mesoporous silica nanolayers infiltrated with hole-transporting molecules for hybrid organic light-emitting devices. HOLED