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Long Form:   municipal solid waste
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A componential approach for evaluating the sources of trace metals in municipal solid waste. WTE
2020 A novel method for salts removal from municipal solid waste incineration fly ash through the molten salt thermal treatment. ---
2020 A Plastic Problem: Taking a Look at Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans. ---
2020 A robust green location-allocation-inventory problem to design an urban waste management system under uncertainty. LAIP, MILP, RWT
2020 A stochastic frontier analysis of the efficiency of municipal solid waste collection services in China. SFA
2020 A study on the impact of China's urbanization on the quantity of municipal solid waste produced. ---
2020 A two-stage multi-attribute decision-making model for selecting appropriate locations of waste transfer stations in urban centers. MADM
2020 Adverse health effects for populations living near waste incinerators with special attention to hazardous waste incinerators. A review of the scientific literature. HW
2020 Alteration in formation behaviors of chloroaromatic precursors of PCDD/Fs: An experimental study on the effect of extrinsic and intrinsic oxygen on chlorination. ---
10  2020 An exploratory evaluation of the potential pulmonary, neurological and other health effects of chronic exposure to emissions from municipal solid waste fires at a large dumpsite in Olusosun, Lagos, Nigeria. ---
11  2020 An insight to municipal solid waste management of Varanasi city, India, and appraisal of vermicomposting as its efficient management approach. OFMSW, VMC
12  2020 An integrated approach to the selection of municipal solid waste landfills through GIS, K-Means and multi-criteria decision analysis. ---
13  2020 An overview of the municipal solid waste management modes and innovations in Shanghai, China. ---
14  2020 Analysis and advanced characterization of municipal solid waste vermicompost maturity for a green environment. ---
15  2020 Analysis of the relationship between the amount and type of MSW and population socioeconomic level: Bahia Blanca case study, Argentina. ---
16  2020 Analytical Methodology for the Identification of Critical Zones on the Generation of Solid Waste in Large Urban Areas. GIS
17  2020 Antimony mobility from E-waste plastic in simulated municipal solid waste landfills. TCLP
18  2020 Applicability of conventional and non-conventional parameters for municipal landfill leachate characterization. COD, DOM
19  2020 Application of a methodology to design a municipal waste pre-collection network in real scenarios. ---
20  2020 Application of artificial intelligence neural network modeling to predict the generation of domestic, commercial and construction wastes. MLP-ANN, MSE, WGRs
21  2020 Application of life cycle assessment for municipal solid waste management options in Hohhot, People's Republic of China. LCA
22  2020 Assessment of mobility and environmental risks associated with copper, manganese and zinc in soils of a dumping site around a Ramsar site. HMs, Mn, Zn
23  2020 Assessment of municipal solid waste selective collection scenarios with geographic information systems in Bolivia. GIS, SC
24  2020 BAILs mediated Catalytic Thermo Liquefaction (CTL) process to convert municipal solid waste into carbon densified liquid (CTL-Oil). BAILs, CTL, CTL-Oil
25  2020 Biobutanol production from municipal solid waste: Technical and economic analysis. ABE, PV
26  2020 Bioconversion of municipal solid waste into bio-based products: A review on valorisation and sustainable approach for circular bioeconomy. ---
27  2020 Boosting landfill gas production from lignin-containing wastes via termite hindgut microorganism. AD
28  2020 Carbon Neutral Electricity Production from Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Leachate Using Algal-Assisted Microbial Fuel Cell. AAMFC
29  2020 Changes in municipal solid waste pore structure during degradation: Analysis of synthetic waste using X-ray computed microtomography. ---
30  2020 Characterisation and composition identification of waste-derived fuels obtained from municipal solid waste using thermogravimetry: A review. RDF, SRF, TGA
31  2020 Characterization of post-consumer plastic film waste from mixed MSW in Spain: A key point for the successful implementation of sustainable plastic waste management strategies. DSC, DTG, FTIR, HHV, LHV, MPW, PVT, TGA
32  2020 Characterization of the volatile compounds emitted from municipal solid waste and identification of the key volatile pollutants. OAVs
33  2020 Co-disposal of incineration fly ash and sewage sludge via hydrothermal treatment combined with pyrolysis: Cl removal and PCDD/F detoxification. HTP, HTT, IFA, MSS
34  2020 Combined use of municipal solid waste biochar and bacterial biosorbent synergistically decreases Cd(II) and Pb(II) concentration in edible tissue of forage maize irrigated with heavy metal-spiked water. Cd, CW, FW
35  2020 Comprehensive overview of numerical modeling of coupled landfill processes. ---
36  2020 Compression behaviors of mechanically biologically treated wastes of Tianziling landfill in Hangzhou, China. HFWC, LFWC, MBT
37  2020 Core microorganisms promote the transformation of DOM fractions with different molecular weights to improve the stability during composting. CM, GW
38  2020 Dataset on the integrated downdraft gasifier and multi integrated gas cleaner system (IGCS) for municipal solid waste (MSW). AFR, IGCS, LHV
39  2020 Decision-making for the selection of different leachate treatment/management methods: the ANP and PROMETHEE approaches. ANP, MCDM, PROMETHEE
40  2020 Detailed municipal solid waste composition analysis for Nur-Sultan City, Kazakhstan with implications for sustainable waste management in Central Asia. LDPE
41  2020 Discrepancies in N2O emissions between household waste and its food waste and non-food waste components during the predisposal stage. GHG
42  2020 Distribution of Hg during sewage sludge and municipal solid waste Co-pyrolysis: Influence of multiple factors. SS
43  2020 Economic analysis of a shared municipal solid waste management facility in a metropolitan region. ---
44  2020 Effect of competitive adsorption on the transport of multiple pollutants through a compacted clay liner. CCL
45  2020 Effects of mountain urbanization on greenhouse gas emissions from municipal solid waste management practices in Southwest China. GHG
46  2020 Elimination of chloroaromatic congeners on a commercial V2O5-WO3/TiO2 catalyst: The effect of heavy metal Pb. CB, CVOCs, SCR
47  2020 Emerging trends in municipal solid waste incineration ashes research: a bibliometric analysis from 1994 to 2018. MSWI
48  2020 Emission of volatile organic compounds from a small-scale municipal solid waste transfer station: Ozone-formation potential and health risk assessment. TVOCs, VOCs
49  2020 Environmental and economic performance of an integrated municipal solid waste treatment: A Chinese case study. LCA, LCC, MSWM
50  2020 Environmental impact assessment of municipal solid waste management value chain: A case study from Pakistan. CExD, LCA, MSWM, RWMC
51  2020 Environmental impacts characterization of packaging waste generated by urban food delivery services. A big-data analysis in Jing-Jin-Ji region (China). ---
52  2020 Estimation of heat generation and consequent temperature rise from nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and fats in municipal solid waste landfills in India. LDAT
53  2020 Estimation of municipal waste generation of Turkey using socio-economic indicators by Bayesian optimization tuned Gaussian process regression. BGPR, BSVR, GPR, MAD, MLR, RMSE
54  2020 Experimental study of the intrinsic permeability of municipal solid waste. MBT
55  2020 Extracellular enzyme and microbial activity in MSW landfills with different gas collection and leachate management practices. ---
56  2020 Factors affecting eco-efficiency of municipal waste services in Tuscan municipalities: An empirical investigation of different management models. ---
57  2020 Future improvements on performance of an EU landfill directive driven municipal solid waste management for a city in England. ELD, MFA
58  2020 Giving credit to residual bioresources: From municipal solid waste hydrolysate and waste plum juice to poly (3-hydroxybutyrate). CDW
59  2020 Global municipal solid waste infrastructure: Delivery and forecast of uncontrolled disposal. Mt, SDGs, UN
60  2020 Global study on slope instability modes based on 62 municipal solid waste landfills. ---
61  2020 Hydraulic and mechanical behavior of municipal solid waste and high-moisture waste mixtures. HMW
62  2020 Hydrothermal liquefaction of biogenic municipal solid waste under reduced H2 atmosphere in biorefinery format. HTL
63  2020 Identification of nitrogen-sources in an aquifer beneath a municipal solid waste landfill in the vicinity of multiple pollutant sources. ---
64  2020 Impact of temperature on immediate and secondary compression of MSW with high and low food contents. LFWC
65  2020 Implementing Circular Economy in municipal solid waste treatment system using P-graph. ---
66  2020 In-situ measurement of temperature and alkali metal concentration in municipal solid waste incinerators using flame emission spectroscopy. FES
67  2020 Incorporation of Alkali-Activated Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Bottom Ash in Mortar and Concrete: A Critical Review. AAM, Al
68  2020 Influence factors and mass balance of memory effect on PCDD/F emissions from the full-scale municipal solid waste incineration in China. WSSs
69  2020 Interactive effect of the sorted components of solid recovered fuel manufactured from municipal solid waste by thermogravimetric and kinetic analysis. CFB, CR, FWO, KAS, SRF, TG
70  2020 Investigation of knowledge, attitude, and practice of Tehranian women apropos of reducing, reusing, recycling, and recovery of urban solid waste. KAP
71  2020 Laboratory study on the hydraulic characteristics of mechanically and biologically treated waste in China. MBT
72  2020 Leader-follower optimized approach for carbon-economy equilibrium in the municipal solid waste (MSW) incineration industry. IPP-CAAS
73  2020 Life Cycle Impact Assessment of Garbage-Classification Based Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems: A Comparative Case Study in China. IMPACT, LCIA, MSWM
74  2020 Mass balance and long-term soil accumulation of trace elements in arable crop systems amended with urban composts or cattle manure during 17 years. GWS, OWP, TE
75  2020 Metal recovery from incineration bottom ash: State-of-the-art and recent developments. IBA, MSWI, NFe
76  2020 Mobile genetic elements in potential host microorganisms are the key hindrance for the removal of antibiotic resistance genes in industrial-scale composting with municipal solid waste. ARGs, MGEs
77  2020 Municipal solid waste available to the Chinese energy sector - Provincial projections to 2050. MMT
78  2020 Municipal solid waste landfill age and refuse-derived fuel. CV, LAs, RDF, ST
79  2020 Municipal Solid Waste Treatment System Increases Ambient Airborne Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance Genes. ARB, ARGs, DI, MSWT system
80  2020 Municipal solid waste: Review of best practices in application of life cycle assessment and sustainable management techniques. LCA
81  2020 New insights into regional differences of the predictions of municipal solid waste generation rates using artificial neural networks. ANN, RMSE
82  2020 Optimization of a Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem for Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Collection Management Using the PSO-TS Algorithm. PSO, TS
83  2020 Optimization of municipal solid waste management using a coordinated framework. ---
84  2020 Optimization of recyclable MSW recycling network: A Chinese case of Shanghai. ---
85  2020 Particle size analysis of municipal solid waste for treatment process modeling. PSD
86  2020 Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and the contribution of unknown precursors and short-chain (C2-C3) perfluoroalkyl carboxylic acids at solid waste disposal facilities. PFAAs, PFASs, TOP
87  2020 Performance comparison of a MSW settlement prediction model in Tehran landfill. ---
88  2020 Predicting the implementation effect of the municipal solid waste mandatory classification policy based on the residents' behavior. ---
89  2020 Pyrolysis synergy of municipal solid waste (MSW): A review. ---
90  2020 Qualitative and quantitative analysis of municipal solid waste in Iran for implementation of best waste management practice: a systematic review and meta-analysis. PET
91  2020 Quantification of landfill gas generation and renewable energy potential in arid countries: Case study of Bahrain. LFG
92  2020 Ranking European countries on the basis of their environmental and circular economy performance: A DEA application in MSW. ---
93  2020 Real-time Measurements of Landfill Atmospheric Ammonia Using Mobile White Cell Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy System and Engineering Applications. MW-DOAS
94  2020 Renewable energy from solid waste: life cycle analysis and social welfare. LCA, WTE
95  2020 Repercussions of COVID-19 pandemic on municipal solid waste management: Challenges and opportunities. ---
96  2020 Restructuring municipal solid waste management and governance in Hong Kong: Options and prospects. MSWM
97  2020 Review of municipal waste management charging methods in different countries. PAYT
98  2020 Risk Response for Municipal Solid Waste Crisis Using Ontology-Based Reasoning. SWRL
99  2020 Robust microorganisms for biofuel and chemical production from municipal solid waste. TAG
100  2020 Scaling up laboratory column testing results to predict coupled methane generation and biological settlement in full-scale municipal solid waste landfills. FOD, NRMSE