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Abbreviation:   MWF  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   myelin water fraction
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Adult brain aging investigated using BMC-mcDESPOT-based myelin water fraction imaging. ---
2020 Artificial neural network for myelin water imaging. ANN, GMT2,IEW, HC, MS, MWI
2020 Assessment and correction of macroscopic field variations in 2D spoiled gradient-echo sequences. ---
2020 Blind Source Separation for Myelin Water Fraction Mapping using Multi-echo Gradient Echo Imaging. BSS, GRE-MWI, mGRE, NMF, rPCA
2020 Brain Myelin Water Fraction and Diffusion Tensor Imaging Atlases for 9-10 Year-Old Children. DTI, MWI, ROI
2020 Inherent spatial structure in myelin water fraction maps. COV, DTI, FA, WM
2020 Microstructural imaging in temporal lobe epilepsy: Diffusion imaging changes relate to reduced neurite density. DTI, TLE
2020 Myelin Damage in Normal Appearing White Matter Contributes to Impaired Cognitive Processing Speed in Multiple Sclerosis. MS, MWI, NAWM, ROIs, SDMT
2020 Myelin Water Fraction and Intra/Extracellular Water Geometric Mean T2 Normative Atlases for the Cervical Spinal Cord from 3T MRI. MWI, RRMS
10  2020 Myelin water fraction estimation using small-tip fast recovery MRI. MESE, NNLS, STFR
11  2020 Myelin water imaging data analysis in less than one minute. GRASE, MS, MWI, NN, NNLS
12  2020 Non-negative least squares computation for in vivo myelin mapping using simulated multi-echo spin-echo T2 decay data. GMT2
13  2020 PTSD, but not history of mTBI, is associated with altered myelin in combat-exposed Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. MRI, mTBI, PTSD, ROI
14  2020 Quantitative age-dependent differences in human brainstem myelination assessed using high-resolution magnetic resonance mapping. MRI
15  2020 The Myelin Water Fraction Serves as a Marker for Age-Related Myelin Alterations in the Cerebral White Matter - A Multiparametric MRI Aging Study. DTI, MTI, MWI, WM
16  2019 A 24-month advanced magnetic resonance imaging study of multiple sclerosis patients treated with alemtuzumab. BPF, CC, MR, MS, NAA, NAWM
17  2019 A new analysis approach for T2 relaxometry myelin water quantification: Orthogonal Matching Pursuit. ---
18  2019 Age-related deep white matter changes in myelin and water content: A T2 relaxometry study. ANCOVA, FLAIR, MESE, NAWM, WM
19  2019 Cognitive correlates of abnormal myelination in psychosis. HC
20  2019 Comparing MRI metrics to quantify white matter microstructural damage in multiple sclerosis. FA, MS, MTR, NAWM, RD, T1L, T2L
21  2019 Comparisons between multi-component myelin water fraction, T1w/T2w ratio, and diffusion tensor imaging measures in healthy human brain structures. AD, FA, MD, RD, ROIs
22  2019 Correlations of quantitative MRI metrics with myelin basic protein (MBP) staining in a murine model of demyelination. DTI, MBP, MWI, qMTI, UTE
23  2019 Data fusion detects consistent relations between non-lesional white matter myelin, executive function, and clinical characteristics in multiple sclerosis. M-CCA, MS, MWI, ROIs
24  2019 Echo time-range effects on gradient-echo based myelin water fraction mapping at 3T. ---
25  2019 Elevated Insulin and Insulin Resistance are Associated with Altered Myelin in Cognitively Unimpaired Middle-Aged Adults. AD, IR
26  2019 Evaluation of Normal-Appearing White Matter in Multiple Sclerosis Using Direct Visualization of Short Transverse Relaxation Time Component (ViSTa) Myelin Water Imaging and Gradient Echo and Spin Echo (GRASE) Myelin Water Imaging. GRASE, HC, MS, NAWM, ViSTa, ViSTa-MWI
27  2019 Improved quantification of myelin water fraction using joint sparsity of T2 * distribution. COV, NNJS, NNLS, rNNLS, SNR, srNNLS
28  2019 Inherent and unpredictable bias in multi-component DESPOT myelin water fraction estimation. GM-WM, SNR, SRC
29  2019 Longitudinal associations between white matter maturation and cognitive development across early childhood. FCRMs, SES-ME
30  2019 Lower myelin-water content of the frontal lobe in childhood absence epilepsy. CAE, MRI, SD
31  2019 MR fingerprinting enables quantitative measures of brain tissue relaxation times and myelin water fraction in the first five years of life. MRF
32  2019 Myelin Water Atlas: A Template for Myelin Distribution in the Brain. EDSS, MS, MWI, WM
33  2019 Myelin Water Fraction Imaging of the Brain in Children with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure. MRI, PAE, ROIs
34  2019 Rapid myelin water imaging for the assessment of cervical spinal cord myelin damage. DTI, GRASE, HC, MS, MWI, NMO, PLS, PPMS, qT1, ROI, RRMS
35  2019 The influence of brain iron on myelin water imaging. MRI, MWI, WM
36  2019 White matter myelin profiles linked to clinical subtypes of Parkinson's disease. EPI, FA, PD, PLS, ROIs, WM
37  2019 White-matter microstructural properties of the corpus callosum: test-retest and repositioning effects in two parcellation schemes. CC, geomT2IEW, ICED
38  2018 Age-Related Measurements of the Myelin Water Fraction derived from 3D multi-echo GRASE reflect Myelin Content of the Cerebral White Matter. GRASE, MWI, ROI, WM
39  2018 Associations between prenatal, childhood, and adolescent stress and variations in white-matter properties in young men. FA, MD, MTR, WM
40  2018 Can T1 w/T2 w ratio be used as a myelin-specific measure in subcortical structures? Comparisons between FSE-based T1 w/T2 w ratios, GRASE-based T1 w/T2 w ratios and multi-echo GRASE-based myelin water fractions. FSE, GRASE, MPRAGE, ROI, SGM, WM
41  2018 Evidence of demyelination in mild cognitive impairment and dementia using a direct and specific magnetic resonance imaging measure of myelin content. MCI
42  2018 Impact of magnetic susceptibility anisotropy at 3T and 7T on T2*-based myelin water fraction imaging. MGRE
43  2018 Improved three-dimensional multi-echo gradient echo based myelin water fraction mapping with phase related artifact correction. mGRE
44  2018 Inter-Vendor Reproducibility of Myelin Water Imaging Using a 3D Gradient and Spin Echo Sequence. GRASE
45  2018 Microstructural correlates of 3D steady-state inhomogeneous magnetization transfer (ihMT) in the human brain white matter assessed by myelin water imaging and diffusion tensor imaging. AD, DTI, FA, ihMT, ihMTR, MD, MWI, RD
46  2018 Multi-gradient-echo myelin water fraction imaging: Comparison to the multi-echo-spin-echo technique. CGM, DGM, MESE, MGRE
47  2018 Myelin content changes in probable Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment: Associations with age and severity of neuropsychiatric impairment. AD, ANCOVA, MCI, NAWM
48  2018 Myelin water fraction changes in febrile seizures. FLAIR, MRI
49  2018 Pilot investigation of a novel white matter imaging technique in Veterans with and without history of mild traumatic brain injury. mTBI
50  2018 Prospective study of myelin water fraction changes after mild traumatic brain injury in collegiate contact sports. CSP, MRI, mTBI, NCSPs, TFCE
51  2018 Quantitative Ex Vivo MRI Changes due to Progressive Formalin Fixation in Whole Human Brain Specimens: Longitudinal Characterization of Diffusion, Relaxometry, and Myelin Water Fraction Measurements at 3T. ---
52  2018 Use of the NESMA Filter to Improve Myelin Water Fraction Mapping with Brain MRI. GRASE, NESMA
53  2018 Using 3D spatial correlations to improve the noise robustness of multi component analysis of 3D multi echo quantitative T2 relaxometry data. 3DNS-GRASE, 3DNS-MESE
54  2018 White matter changes in treatment refractory schizophrenia: Does cognitive control and myelination matter? ---
55  2017 Assessing structure and function of myelin in cervical spondylotic myelopathy: Evidence of demyelination. CSM, MCC, MSCC, MWI, SSEPs
56  2017 Field inhomogeneity correction for gradient echo myelin water fraction imaging. mGRE
57  2017 Hemispheric asymmetry in myelin after stroke is related to motor impairment and function. UE
58  2017 MRI Analysis of White Matter Myelin Water Content in Multiple Sclerosis: A Novel Approach Applied to Finding Correlates of Cortical Thinning. NA, RRMS, SPMS, WM
59  2017 Rapid simultaneous high-resolution mapping of myelin water fraction and relaxation times in human brain using BMC-mcDESPOT. BMC, CNS, SRC
60  2017 Rapid whole brain myelin water content mapping without an external water standard at 1.5T. CSF, FAST-T2, MWC
61  2017 Structural properties of the human corpus callosum: Multimodal assessment and sex differences. FA, MD, MRI, MTR
62  2017 Test-retest reliability and concurrent validity of in vivo myelin content indices: Myelin water fraction and calibrated T1 w/T2 w image ratio. ---
63  2017 Validating myelin water imaging with transmission electron microscopy in a rat spinal cord injury model. TEM
64  2016 Adult age differences in subcortical myelin content are consistent with protracted myelination and unrelated to diffusion tensor imaging indices. DTI, FA, RD
65  2016 Assessing White Matter Microstructure in Brain Regions with Different Myelin Architecture Using MRI. FA, MRS, WM
66  2016 Comparison of myelin water fraction values in periventricular white matter lesions between multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder. MS, NMOSD, PVWM
67  2016 Examining the relationships between cortical maturation and white matter myelination throughout early childhood. MRI
68  2016 Feasibility and reproducibility of whole brain myelin water mapping in 4 minutes using fast acquisition with spiral trajectory and adiabatic T2prep (FAST-T2) at 3T. COV, FAST-T2, FAST-T2, mBIR-4, TEs
69  2016 Heterogeneity of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in Multislice Myelin Water Imaging. BH, CEL, CST, Gd, HC, MRI, MS, MWI, NAWM, ROI, WM
70  2016 High-resolution myelin water imaging in post-mortem multiple sclerosis spinal cord: A case report. MS
71  2016 Improved determination of the myelin water fraction in human brain using magnetic resonance imaging through Bayesian analysis of mcDESPOT. NLLS, SNRs, SRC
72  2016 Myelination of the right parahippocampal cingulum is associated with physical activity in young healthy adults. AL, FA, MRI, PA, PHC
73  2016 Profilometry: A new statistical framework for the characterization of white matter pathways, with application to multiple sclerosis. dMRI, LDA, MANCOVA, MS, NC, RD
74  2016 Translating state-of-the-art spinal cord MRI techniques to clinical use: A systematic review of clinical studies utilizing DTI, MT, MWF, MRS, and fMRI. DKI, DTI, FA, fMRI, GRADE, ISRT, MD, MK, MRS, MT, MTCSF, MTR, NAA, RD
75  2015 Cortical maturation and myelination in healthy toddlers and young children. ---
76  2015 Measuring longitudinal myelin water fraction in new multiple sclerosis lesions. FAST-T2, HC, MS, ROIs
77  2015 White-matter relaxation time and myelin water fraction differences in young adults with autism. ADI-R, ADOS, AQ, WM
78  2014 48 echo T₂ myelin imaging of white matter in first-episode schizophrenia: evidence for aberrant myelination. FEP, NAART
79  2014 Brain differences in infants at differential genetic risk for late-onset Alzheimer disease: a cross-sectional imaging study. APOE, GMV
80  2014 T(2)-relaxometry for myelin water fraction extraction using wald distribution and extended phase graph. EPG, NNLS
81  2013 A tissue-relaxation-dependent neighboring method for robust mapping of the myelin water fraction. MS, WM
82  2013 Evaluation of white matter myelin water fraction in chronic stroke. GMT2, I/EWF, PLIC
83  2013 Measurement of myelin in the preterm brain: multi-compartment diffusion imaging and multi-component T2 relaxometry. EGA
84  2013 Multicenter measurements of myelin water fraction and geometric mean T2 : intra- and intersite reproducibility. COVs, GMT2, ICCs, MR
85  2013 Robust myelin quantitative imaging from multi-echo T2 MRI using edge preserving spatial priors. srNNLS
86  2013 What causes the hyperintense T2-weighting and increased short T2 signal in the corticospinal tract? CST
87  2012 Deficient MWF mapping in multiple sclerosis using 3D whole-brain multi-component relaxation MRI. DV, DVF, EDSS, MS, NAWM, WM
88  2012 Investigating white matter development in infancy and early childhood using myelin water faction and relaxation time mapping. ---
89  2012 Myelin water imaging reflects clinical variability in multiple sclerosis. PPMS
90  2011 Myelin water and T(2) relaxation measurements in the healthy cervical spinal cord at 3.0T: repeatability and changes with age. IE, LC
91  2011 Robust mapping of the myelin water fraction in the presence of noise: synergic combination of anisotropic diffusion filter and spatially regularized nonnegative least squares algorithm. ADF, srNNLS
92  2010 In vivo multi-slice mapping of myelin water content using T2* decay. LFG, MRI, SAR, SNR
93  2010 Limitations of rapid myelin water quantification using 3D bSSFP. bSSFP
94  2010 Reproducibility of in vivo magnetic resonance imaging-based measurement of myelin water. COV, NNLS, QT2, ROIs, WM
95  2010 Sex differences in the human corpus callosum microstructure: a combined T2 myelin-water and diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging study. CC, DTI, FA, FDi, MRI
96  2010 Two-year study of cervical cord volume and myelin water in primary progressive multiple sclerosis. CCV, IR, MS, PPMS
97  2009 Improved myelin water quantification using spatially regularized non-negative least squares algorithm. srNNLS
98  2009 Longitudinal changes in myelin water fraction in two MS patients with active disease. MS, WC
99  2009 Myelin water imaging: Implementation and development at 3.0T and comparison to 1.5T measurements. SNR
100  2009 Myelin water measurement in the spinal cord. SC