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Abbreviation:   Moco  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   molybdenum cofactor
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 The Human Mercaptopyruvate Sulfurtransferase TUM1 Is Involved in Moco Biosynthesis, Cytosolic tRNA Thiolation and Cellular Bioenergetics in Human Embryonic Kidney Cells. MOCS3, MPST
2022 Beyond Moco Biosynthesis-Moonlighting Roles of MoaE and MOCS2. ---
2022 Function of Molybdenum Insertases. Mo-enzymes, Mo-insertases, MPT
2022 moc-6/MOCS2A is necessary for molybdenum cofactor synthesis in C. elegans. ---
2022 Moco Carrier and Binding Proteins. MCP
2022 Molybdenum Cofactor Catabolism Unravels the Physiological Role of the Drug Metabolizing Enzyme Thiopurine S-Methyltransferase. FDA, TPMT
2022 Molybdenum Cofactor Deficiency in Humans. cPMP, SOX
2022 Obtaining the necessary molybdenum cofactor for sulfite oxidase activity in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans surprisingly involves a dietary source. ---
2022 Physiological Importance of Molybdate Transporter Family 1 in Feeding the Molybdenum Cofactor Biosynthesis Pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana. MOT
10  2022 Resolving the Multidecade-Long Mystery in MoaA Radical SAM Enzyme Reveals New Opportunities to Tackle Human Health Problems. cPMP, SAM
11  2022 Synthesis, Redox and Spectroscopic Properties of Pterin of Molybdenum Cofactors. MPT
12  2022 The History of the Molybdenum Cofactor-A Personal View. Mo
13  2022 The Neurospora crassa molybdate transporter: Characterizing a novel transporter homologous to the plant MOT1 family. Mo, MOT
14  2022 {Moco}n, (n=0-8): A general formalism for describing the highly covalent molybdenum cofactor of sulfite oxidase and related Mo enzymes. EPR
15  2021 A defect in molybdenum cofactor binding causes an attenuated form of sulfite oxidase deficiency. IMS, ISOD, SO, SSC
16  2021 A-Type Carrier Proteins Are Involved in [4Fe-4S] Cluster Insertion into the Radical S-Adenosylmethionine Protein MoaA for the Synthesis of Active Molybdoenzymes. FNR, SAM
17  2021 Case Report: Compound Heterozygous Variants in MOCS3 Identified in a Chinese Infant With Molybdenum Cofactor Deficiency. MOCS2, MOCS3, WES
18  2021 Dioxidomolybdenum(VI) complex featuring a 2,4-di-fluoro-substituted amine bis-(phenolate) ligand. ---
19  2021 Engineering heterologous molybdenum-cofactor-biosynthesis and nitrate-assimilation pathways enables nitrate utilization by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. ---
20  2021 Engineering of molybdenum-cofactor-dependent nitrate assimilation in Yarrowia lipolytica. ---
21  2021 Learning from the worm: the effectiveness of protein-bound Moco to treat Moco deficiency. ---
22  2021 Mechanism of molybdate insertion into pterin-based molybdenum cofactors. ---
23  2021 Mechanism of Reduction of an Aminyl Radical Intermediate in the Radical SAM GTP 3',8-Cyclase MoaA. 3',8-cH2GTP, DFT, EPR, PCET, PFV, SAM
24  2021 Protein-bound molybdenum cofactor is bioavailable and rescues molybdenum cofactor-deficient C. elegans. ---
25  2021 Sulfite Alters the Mitochondrial Network in Molybdenum Cofactor Deficiency. MoCD, SO
26  2021 The effect of dietary protein restriction in a case of molybdenum cofactor deficiency with MOCS1 mutation. MoCD, SSC
27  2020 Alternative splicing of the bicistronic gene molybdenum cofactor synthesis 1 (MOCS1) uncovers a novel mitochondrial protein maturation mechanism. cPMP, MOCS1
28  2020 Biosynthesis of Sulfur-Containing Small Biomolecules in Plants. ---
29  2020 Genetic analysis of tellurate reduction reveals the selenate/tellurate reductase genes ynfEF and the transcriptional regulation of moeA by NsrR in Escherichia coli. ---
30  2020 Identification and characterisation of the Volvox carteri Moco carrier protein. MCP, Mo-enzymes, V. carteri
31  2020 Identification and Characterization of Aldehyde Oxidase 5 in the Pheromone Gland of the Silkworm (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae). AOXs, PG
32  2020 Mechanism of Rate Acceleration of Radical C-C Bond Formation Reaction by a Radical SAM GTP 3',8-Cyclase. 3',8-cH2GTP, 5'-dA, SAM
33  2020 Molybdenum cofactor biology, evolution and deficiency. LUCA
34  2020 The biosynthesis of the molybdenum cofactors in Escherichia coli. cPMP, MPT
35  2020 The First Step of Neurospora crassa Molybdenum Cofactor Biosynthesis: Regulatory Aspects under N-Derepressing and Nitrate-Inducing Conditions. MPT
36  2020 The structure of the Moco carrier protein from Rippkaea orientalis. MCP
37  2019 Analysis of the Cellular Roles of MOCS3 Identifies a MOCS3-Independent Localization of NFS1 at the Tips of the Centrosome. ---
38  2019 ETHE1 and MOCS1 deficiencies: Disruption of mitochondrial bioenergetics, dynamics, redox homeostasis and endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria crosstalk in patient fibroblasts. ER, ETHE1
39  2019 Human aldehyde oxidase (hAOX1): structure determination of the Moco-free form of the natural variant G1269R and biophysical studies of single nucleotide polymorphisms. SNPs
40  2019 Impaired mitochondrial maturation of sulfite oxidase in a patient with severe sulfite oxidase deficiency. iSOD, SO
41  2019 Insights into the Cnx1E catalyzed MPT-AMP hydrolysis. Mo-insertases, MPT
42  2019 Iron-Dependent Regulation of Molybdenum Cofactor Biosynthesis Genes in Escherichia coli. ---
43  2019 Modeling Pyran Formation in the Molybdenum Cofactor: Protonation of Quinoxalyl-Dithiolene Promoting Pyran Cyclization. ILCT, MPT
44  2019 Molybdenum cofactor transfer from bacteria to nematode mediates sulfite detoxification. ---
45  2019 Rhodanese-Like Domain Protein UbaC and Its Role in Ubiquitin-Like Protein Modification and Sulfur Mobilization in Archaea. DMSO, MetO, RHD, UBL
46  2019 S-Sulfocysteine Induces Seizure-Like Behaviors in Zebrafish. SOX, SSC
47  2019 The peacefulness gene promotes aggression in Drosophila. Cin, pfs
48  2019 The regulation of Moco biosynthesis and molybdoenzyme gene expression by molybdenum and iron in bacteria. ---
49  2019 Transcriptome analysis of genes and metabolic pathways associated with nicotine degradation in Aspergillus oryzae 112822. ABC, CAT, DEGs, GSTs, MFS, NDMs, Prx, ROS, SOD
50  2019 Treatment-resistant schizophrenia: focus on the transsulfuration pathway. GPx, OXPHOS, SUOX, TRS
51  2018 Cleavage of molybdopterin synthase MoaD-MoaE linear fusion by JAMM/MPN+ domain containing metalloprotease DR0402 from Deinococcus radiodurans. cPMP, MPT, UBL
52  2018 Comparative genomics of molybdenum utilization in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Mo
53  2018 Crystal structure of human mARC1 reveals its exceptional position among eukaryotic molybdenum enzymes. mARC, MOSC
54  2018 Crystal structure of the hydroxylaminopurine resistance protein, YiiM, and its putative molybdenum cofactor-binding catalytic site. MOSC
55  2018 Cysteine Metabolism in Neuronal Redox Homeostasis. HD
56  2018 Identification and characterization of the rice pre-harvest sprouting mutants involved in molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis. AO, NR, PHS, SO, XDH
57  2018 Iron Sulfur and Molybdenum Cofactor Enzymes Regulate the Drosophila Life Cycle by Controlling Cell Metabolism. ---
58  2018 Lessons From the Studies of a CC Bond Forming Radical SAM Enzyme in Molybdenum Cofactor Biosynthesis. 3',8-cH2GTP, cPMP, SAM
59  2018 Modulating the Molybdenum Coordination Sphere of Escherichia coli Trimethylamine N-Oxide Reductase. bis-MGD, FDH, TMAO
60  2018 Molybdenum. mARC
61  2018 Reconstitution of Molybdoenzymes with Bis-Molybdopterin Guanine Dinucleotide Cofactors. bis-MGD, Mo, MPT, TMAO
62  2018 The functional principle of eukaryotic molybdenum insertases. cPMP, Mo-insertase, MPT
63  2018 Translucent larval integument and flaccid paralysis caused by genome editing in a gene governing molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis in Bombyx mori. BmGphn, XDH
64  2017 Aminopyrazine Pathway to the Moco Metabolite Dephospho Form A. ---
65  2017 Functional Complementation Studies Reveal Different Interaction Partners of Escherichia coli IscS and Human NFS1. ---
66  2017 Genetic dissection of cyclic pyranopterin monophosphate biosynthesis in plant mitochondria. cPMP
67  2017 Optimization of overexpression of a chaperone protein of steroid C25 dehydrogenase for biochemical and biophysical characterization. S25DH
68  2017 Protonation and Sulfido versus Oxo Ligation Changes at the Molybdenum Cofactor in Xanthine Dehydrogenase (XDH) Variants Studied by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy. MPT, WT, XDH
69  2017 Shared function and moonlighting proteins in molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis. MPT
70  2017 Shared Sulfur Mobilization Routes for tRNA Thiolation and Molybdenum Cofactor Biosynthesis in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. MPT, tRNA
71  2017 The Molybdenum Cofactor Biosynthesis Network: In vivo Protein-Protein Interactions of an Actin Associated Multi-Protein Complex. BiFC
72  2017 The Role of SufS Is Restricted to Fe-S Cluster Biosynthesis in Escherichia coli. ---
73  2017 Vibrational Probes of Molybdenum Cofactor-Protein Interactions in Xanthine Dehydrogenase. PDT, RR, wt-XDH
74  2016 Dimerization of the plant molybdenum insertase Cnx1E is required for synthesis of the molybdenum cofactor. MPT-AMP
75  2016 Identification of a protein-protein interaction network downstream of molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana. Mo-enzyme, SO, XOR
76  2016 Molybdenum and iron mutually impact their homeostasis in cucumber (Cucumis sativus) plants. Mo
77  2016 Molybdenum cofactor and human disease. SO
78  2016 Molybdenum cofactor deficiency causes translucent integument, male-biased lethality, and flaccid paralysis in the silkworm Bombyx mori. BmMOCS1, XDH
79  2016 Mouse model for molybdenum cofactor deficiency type B recapitulates the phenotype observed in molybdenum cofactor deficient patients. cPMP
80  2016 Structural Framework for Metal Incorporation during Molybdenum Cofactor Biosynthesis. MPT
81  2016 The molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis complex interacts with actin filaments via molybdenum insertase Cnx1 as anchor protein in Arabidopsis thaliana. ---
82  2015 A novel reaction mediated by human aldehyde oxidase: amide hydrolysis of GDC-0834. AO, CES, XO
83  2015 C-Terminal glycine-gated radical initiation by GTP 3',8-cyclase in the molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis. GTP, MoCD, SAM
84  2015 Investigation of molybdenum cofactor deficiency due to MOCS2 deficiency in a newborn baby. MoCD
85  2015 Mechanism of pyranopterin ring formation in molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis. 3',8-cH2GTP, GTP
86  2015 Mechanistic Investigation of cPMP Synthase in Molybdenum Cofactor Biosynthesis Using an Uncleavable Substrate Analogue. 3',8-cH2GTP, CH2, cPMP, GTP
87  2015 Moco biosynthesis and the ATAC acetyltransferase engage translation initiation by inhibiting latent PKR activity. ATAC, eIF2alpha, JNK, MPT
88  2015 Overexpression of a GmCnx1 gene enhanced activity of nitrate reductase and aldehyde oxidase, and boosted mosaic virus resistance in soybean. AO, NR, SMV
89  2015 Simultaneous impairment of neuronal and metabolic function of mutated gephyrin in a patient with epileptic encephalopathy. GPHN
90  2015 Sulfido and cysteine ligation changes at the molybdenum cofactor during substrate conversion by formate dehydrogenase (FDH) from Rhodobacter capsulatus. bis-MGD, FDH, XAS
91  2014 Assembly and catalysis of molybdenum or tungsten-containing formate dehydrogenases from bacteria. Cys, FDHs, Mo, SeCys
92  2014 Functional characterization of protein variants encoded by nonsynonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms in MARC1 and MARC2 in healthy Caucasians. mARC, SNPs
93  2014 Genetic characterization of the Neurospora crassa molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis. Mo, N. crassa
94  2014 Mechanistic insights into xanthine oxidoreductase from development studies of candidate drugs to treat hyperuricemia and gout. XOR
95  2014 Molybdenum in human health and disease. ---
96  2014 The biosynthesis of the molybdenum cofactors. MPT
97  2014 The chaperone FdsC for Rhodobacter capsulatus formate dehydrogenase binds the bis-molybdopterin guanine dinucleotide cofactor. ---
98  2014 The role of FeS clusters for molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis and molybdoenzymes in bacteria. ---
99  2013 Biochemical characterization of molybdenum cofactor-free nitrate reductase from Neurospora crassa. NR
100  2013 Dual posttranscriptional regulation via a cofactor-responsive mRNA leader. ---