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Abbreviation:   MuHV-4  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   murid herpesvirus 4
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A CD4+ T Cell-NK Cell Axis of Gammaherpesvirus Control. MHC-II
2020 Immune Control of gamma-Herpesviruses. EBV, GC
2020 Membrane association of a model CD4+ T-cell vaccine antigen confers enhanced yet incomplete protection against murid herpesvirus-4 infection. MCMV, mOVA, OVA
2020 Murid herpesvirus 4 (MuHV-4, prototype strain MHV-68) as an important model in global research of human oncogenic gammaherpesviruses. EBV, MHV-68
2020 Vaccine protection against murid herpesvirus-4 is maintained when the priming virus lacks known latency genes. ---
2019 Antibody arrests gamma-herpesvirus olfactory super-infection independently of neutralization. ---
2019 IFN-lamda Decreases Murid Herpesvirus-4 Infection of the Olfactory Epithelium but Fails to Prevent Virus Reactivation in the Vaginal Mucosa. IFN-lamda, IFNLR1
2018 Antiviral effect of the nucleoside analogue cidofovir in the context of sexual transmission of a gammaherpesvirus in mice. ---
2018 Gammaherpesvirus Colonization of the Spleen Requires Lytic Replication in B Cells. ---
10  2018 In Vivo Persistence of Chimeric Virus after Substitution of the Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus LANA DNA Binding Domain with That of Murid Herpesvirus 4. DBD, KSHV, TR, WT
11  2017 A gammaherpesvirus provides protection against allergic asthma by inducing the replacement of resident alveolar macrophages with regulatory monocytes. AMs, HDM
12  2017 CD8+ T cell evasion mandates CD4+ T cell control of chronic gamma-herpesvirus infection. ---
13  2017 The Major Envelope Glycoprotein of Murid Herpesvirus 4 Promotes Sexual Transmission. ---
14  2017 Type I Interferon Signaling to Dendritic Cells Limits Murid Herpesvirus 4 Spread from the Olfactory Epithelium. DC, GFP, SSM
15  2016 Latency-Associated Nuclear Antigen E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Activity Impacts Gammaherpesvirus-Driven Germinal Center B Cell Proliferation. EBV, EMSA, GC, kLANA, KSHV, mLANA
16  2016 Murine Cytomegalovirus Exploits Olfaction To Enter New Hosts. CMVs, HCMV, HSV-1, MCMV
17  2016 Type I Interferons and NK Cells Restrict Gammaherpesvirus Lymph Node Infection. DC, SSM
18  2016 Type I Interferons Direct Gammaherpesvirus Host Colonization. ---
19  2015 Alveolar Macrophages Are a Prominent but Nonessential Target for Murine Cytomegalovirus Infecting the Lungs. AMs, CMVs, MCMV
20  2015 B-cell-independent lymphoid tissue infection by a B-cell-tropic rhadinovirus. ---
21  2015 Deletion of Murid Herpesvirus 4 ORF63 Affects the Trafficking of Incoming Capsids toward the Nucleus. ORF63
22  2015 Host entry by gamma-herpesviruses--lessons from animal viruses? EBV, gammaHVs, KSHV
23  2015 Murid Gammaherpesvirus Latency-Associated Protein M2 Promotes the Formation of Conjugates between Transformed B Lymphoma Cells and T Helper Cells. ---
24  2015 Rhadinovirus host entry by co-operative infection. AECs
25  2015 Subcapsular sinus macrophages limit acute gammaherpesvirus dissemination. SSMs
26  2015 The Interferon-Inducible Mouse Apolipoprotein L9 and Prohibitins Cooperate to Restrict Theiler's Virus Replication. Apol9b, ISG, phb1, PHB2, TMEV, VSV
27  2014 A conserved RNA polymerase III promoter required for gammaherpesvirus TMER transcription and microRNA processing. Pol III, TMER
28  2014 A murid gamma-herpesviruses exploits normal splenic immune communication routes for systemic spread. gammaHVs, MZ
29  2014 B cell response to herpesvirus infection of the olfactory neuroepithelium. AFCs, HSV-1, NALT
30  2014 BAFF receptor deficiency limits gammaherpesvirus infection. gammaHVs, GCs
31  2014 Defining immune engagement thresholds for in vivo control of virus-driven lymphoproliferation. CTL
32  2013 Glycoprotein B cleavage is important for murid herpesvirus 4 to infect myeloid cells. gB
33  2013 Proteomic characterization of murid herpesvirus 4 extracellular virions. EBV, KSHV
34  2012 A heparan-dependent herpesvirus targets the olfactory neuroepithelium for host entry. HS
35  2012 Bovine herpesvirus type 4 glycoprotein L is nonessential for infectivity but triggers virion endocytosis during entry. BoHV-4, gB
36  2012 Herpesvirus glycoproteins undergo multiple antigenic changes before membrane fusion. ---
37  2012 Myeloid infection links epithelial and B cell tropisms of Murid Herpesvirus-4. ---
38  2012 Virion endocytosis is a major target for murid herpesvirus-4 neutralization. gH
39  2011 In vivo function of the murid herpesvirus-4 ribonucleotide reductase small subunit. RNR-L, RNRS, TK
40  2011 Murid herpesvirus-4 exploits dendritic cells to infect B cells. DCs
41  2010 An in vitro system for studying murid herpesvirus-4 latency and reactivation. EBV, KSHV
42  2010 Comparative study of murid gammaherpesvirus 4 infection in mice and in a natural host, bank voles. ---
43  2010 Immature and transitional B cells are latency reservoirs for a gammaherpesvirus. EBV, gammaHV68, HHV-8, KSHV, LANA, MHV-68
44  2010 Important role for the murid herpesvirus 4 ribonucleotide reductase large subunit in host colonization via the respiratory tract. RNR
45  2010 Latent herpesvirus infection arms NK cells. NK
46  2010 Mature and functional viral miRNAs transcribed from novel RNA polymerase III promoters. ---
47  2010 Vaccination against a hit-and-run viral cancer. ---
48  2010 Vaccination with murid herpesvirus-4 glycoprotein B reduces viral lytic replication but does not induce detectable virion neutralization. gB, gB-N
49  2009 Antibody limits in vivo murid herpesvirus-4 replication by IgG Fc receptor-dependent functions. mAbs
50  2009 Glycoprotein L sets the neutralization profile of murid herpesvirus 4. gL
51  2009 Immune control of mammalian gamma-herpesviruses: lessons from murid herpesvirus-4. IFN-gamma
52  2009 In vivo imaging of murid herpesvirus-4 infection. ---
53  2009 In vivo importance of heparan sulfate-binding glycoproteins for murid herpesvirus-4 infection. HS
54  2009 Murid herpesvirus-4 lacking thymidine kinase reveals route-dependent requirements for host colonization. TK
55  2009 Termination of NF-kappaB activity through a gammaherpesvirus protein that assembles an EC5S ubiquitin-ligase. GC, NF-kappaB, SOCS
56  2008 A single CD8+ T cell epitope sets the long-term latent load of a murid herpesvirus. ---
57  2008 An essential role for the proximal but not the distal cytoplasmic tail of glycoprotein M in murid herpesvirus 4 infection. gM
58  2008 Glycoprotein B switches conformation during murid herpesvirus 4 entry. gB
59  2008 Multiple functions for ORF75c in murid herpesvirus-4 infection. ---
60  2008 The murid herpesvirus-4 gH/gL binds to glycosaminoglycans. GAGs
61  2008 Up-regulation of Murid herpesvirus 4 ORF50 by hypoxia: possible implication for virus reactivation from latency. ---
62  2006 Murine gammaherpesvirus (MHV) MK3 gene sequence diversity among 72, 4556, and 68 strains. MHV, MHV-4556, MHV-68, MHV-72