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Abbreviation:   NAcSh  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   nucleus accumbens shell
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Activation of Infralimbic to Nucleus Accumbens Shell Pathway Suppresses Conditioned Aversion in Male But Not Female Rats. IL, TR
2020 Chronic Ethanol Consumption Alters Glucocorticoid Receptor Isoform Expression in Stress Neurocircuits and Mesocorticolimbic Brain Regions of Alcohol-Preferring Rats. ACTH, AUDs, CRH, GC, GR, HPA, miR-124-3p, NAcc, PFC, POMC, RT-PCR
2020 Cocaine engages a non-canonical, dopamine-independent, mechanism that controls neuronal excitability in the nucleus accumbens. DA, MSNs, sigma1
2020 Cocaine Triggers Astrocyte-Mediated Synaptogenesis. TSPs
2020 Cortical and Thalamic Interaction with Amygdala-to-Accumbens Synapses. BLAp
2020 Depression of Accumbal to Lateral Hypothalamic Synapses Gates Overeating. D1-MSNs, LH
2020 Hippocampal Input to the Nucleus Accumbens Shell Enhances Food Palatability. vHipp
2019 Cell-type and region-specific nucleus accumbens AMPAR plasticity associated with morphine reward, reinstatement, and spontaneous withdrawal. mEPSC
2019 Convergent neural connectivity in motor impulsivity and high-fat food binge-like eating in male Sprague-Dawley rats. HFF, HI, LI, mPFC, vmPFC
10  2019 Corticostriatal Oscillations Predict High vs. Low Drinkers in a Rat Model of Limited Access Alcohol Consumption. LFPs, mPFC
11  2019 Knockdown of the histone di-methyltransferase G9a in nucleus accumbens shell decreases cocaine self-administration, stress-induced reinstatement, and anxiety. EPM
12  2019 Orexinergic modulation of serotonin neurons in the dorsal raphe of a diurnal rodent, Arvicanthis niloticus. aCgC, DRN, ovBNST, PAG
13  2019 The Triple Combination Phentermine Plus 5-HTP/Carbidopa Leads to Greater Weight Loss, With Fewer Psychomotor Side Effects Than Each Drug Alone. 5-HTP, CB
14  2019 Ventral Tegmental Area Projection Regulates Glutamatergic Transmission in Nucleus Accumbens. EPSCs, MSNs, VTA
15  2018 Altering gain of the infralimbic-to-accumbens shell circuit alters economically dissociable decision-making algorithms. IL
16  2018 Encoding of Sucrose's Palatability in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell and Its Modulation by Exteroceptive Auditory Cues. ---
17  2018 Extinction and Reinstatement of Cocaine-seeking in Self-administering Mice is Associated with Bidirectional AMPAR-mediated Plasticity in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell. AMPAR, MSNs
18  2018 Memantine attenuated alcohol withdrawal-induced anxiety-like behaviors through down-regulating NR1-CaMKII-ERK signaling pathway. CaMKII, EPM, ERK, mPFC, NMDARs, NR1
19  2018 mGlu1 and mGlu5 modulate distinct excitatory inputs to the nucleus accumbens shell. LTD, MDT, mGlu, MSNs, PAM, PFC
20  2018 Temporally specific miRNA expression patterns in the dorsal and ventral striatum of addiction-prone rats. DLS, miRNAs
21  2017 Alterations in Rat Accumbens Endocannabinoid and GABA Content during Fentanyl Treatment: The Role of Ghrelin. 2-AG, GABA, NAc, VTA
22  2017 Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase Is a Regulator of Alcohol Consumption and Excitatory Synaptic Plasticity in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell. ALK, AlkKO, AUD, EPSCs, MSNs
23  2017 BDNF-TrkB controls cocaine-induced dendritic spines in rodent nucleus accumbens dissociated from increases in addictive behaviors. BDNF, PLC-gamma1, TrkB
24  2017 Glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta alters anxiety-, depression-, and addiction-related behaviors and neuronal activity in the nucleus accumbens shell. GSK-3, TANs
25  2017 Oral administration of a specific kynurenic acid synthesis (KAT II) inhibitor attenuates evoked glutamate release in rat prefrontal cortex. KAT II, KAT II, KYNA, PFC, SZ
26  2017 Orexin signaling in rostral lateral hypothalamus and nucleus accumbens shell in the control of spontaneous physical activity in high- and low-activity rats. LA, LH, SPA
27  2017 Reduced Levels of mGlu2 Receptors within the Prelimbic Cortex Are Not Associated with Elevated Glutamate Transmission or High Alcohol Drinking. mGlu2, PL, shRNA
28  2016 A Functional 3'UTR Polymorphism (rs2235749) of Prodynorphin Alters microRNA-365 Binding in Ventral Striatonigral Neurons to Influence Novelty Seeking and Positive Reward Traits. 3'UTR, PDYN, SNP
29  2016 Gamma-Aminobutyric Acidergic Projections From the Dorsal Raphe to the Nucleus Accumbens Are Regulated by Neuromedin U. NMU, NMUR2
30  2016 Ghrelin and endocannabinoids participation in morphine-induced effects in the rat nucleus accumbens. 2-AG
31  2016 The melanin-concentrating hormone-1 receptor modulates alcohol-induced reward and DARPP-32 phosphorylation. CPP, DA, IHC, KO, MCH, MCH1-Rs, WT
32  2016 Toll-Like Receptor 4 Deficiency Causes Reduced Exploratory Behavior in Mice Under Approach-Avoidance Conflict. DA, TLR4, WT
33  2016 Transcriptomics of Environmental Enrichment Reveals a Role for Retinoic Acid Signaling in Addiction. RA
34  2015 Accumbal D1R Neurons Projecting to Lateral Hypothalamus Authorize Feeding. LH
35  2015 Deep brain stimulation of the nucleus accumbens shell induces anti-obesity effects in obese rats with alteration of dopamine neurotransmission. CHOW, DA, DBS, DIO, DOPAC
36  2015 Descending projections from the nucleus accumbens shell excite activity of taste-responsive neurons in the nucleus of the solitary tract in the hamster. NST, PBN
37  2015 Effects of buprenorphine on behavioral tests for antidepressant and anxiolytic drugs in mice. BPN, DA, FST, NIH, nor-BNI
38  2015 Hypothalamic, feeding/arousal-related peptidergic projections to the paraventricular thalamic nucleus in the rat. ARC, CART, LH, MCH, NPY, ORX, PVT
39  2015 Increased mesocorticolimbic dopamine during acute and repeated social defeat stress: modulation by corticotropin releasing factor receptors in the ventral tegmental area. CRF, mPFC, VTA
40  2015 Oxytocin enhances the expression of morphine-induced conditioned place preference in rats. CPP, i.c.v, OTA
41  2015 Oxytocin excites nucleus accumbens shell neurons in vivo. i.c.v
42  2015 Social stress and escalated drug self-administration in mice II. Cocaine and dopamine in the nucleus accumbens. DA
43  2015 The reinforcing effects of ethanol within the nucleus accumbens shell involve activation of local GABA and serotonin receptors. ICSA
44  2015 Time-course of extracellular nicotine and cotinine levels in rat brain following administration of nicotine: effects of route and ethanol coadministration. i.g, s.c
45  2014 Intra-nucleus accumbens shell injections of R(+)- and S(-)-baclofen bidirectionally alter binge-like ethanol, but not saccharin, intake in C57Bl/6J mice. AUDs, DID
46  2014 Social stress and CRF-dopamine interactions in the VTA: role in long-term escalation of cocaine self-administration. DA, VTA
47  2014 Transient inactivation of the ventral hippocampus in neonatal rats impairs the mesolimbic regulation of prefrontal glutamate release inadulthood. NAc, PFC, SAL, SZ, TTX, VH
48  2013 Orexin receptors within the nucleus accumbens shell mediate the stress but not drug priming-induced reinstatement of morphine conditioned place preference. CPP
49  2013 Whole-brain circuit dissection in free-moving animals reveals cell-specific mesocorticolimbic networks. DREADD, DREAMM, FDG, MSNs, Pdyn-expressing, Penk-expressing
50  2012 Proenkephalin mediates the enduring effects of adolescent cannabis exposure associated with adult opiate vulnerability. PENK, SA
51  2012 Repeated exposure of the posterior ventral tegmental area to nicotine increases the sensitivity of local dopamine neurons to the stimulating effects of ethanol. pVTA
52  2011 Involvement of the opioid system in the orexigenic and hedonic effects of melanin-concentrating hormone. beta-FNA-mu, LV, MCH
53  2011 Mice lacking the galanin gene show decreased sensitivity to nicotine conditioned place preference. CPP
54  2011 Overexpression of 5-HT(1B) mRNA in nucleus accumbens shell projection neurons differentially affects microarchitecture of initiation andmaintenance of ethanol consumption. GFP
55  2010 Additive effects of olanzapine and melanin-concentrating hormone agonism on energy balance. AAPDs, AgRP, i.c.v, MCH, mRNAs, NPY
56  2010 Effect of chronic ethanol on enkephalin in the hypothalamus and extra-hypothalamic areas. CeA, DIG, DYN, ENK, ISH, mPFC, PVN, qRT-PCR, VTA
57  2009 CREB regulation of nucleus accumbens excitability mediates social isolation-induced behavioral deficits. CREB
58  2007 Elevations of FosB in the nucleus accumbens during forced cocaine abstinence correlate with divergent changes in reward function. BLA
59  2006 Corticotropin-releasing factor within the central nucleus of the amygdala mediates enhanced ethanol self-administration in withdrawn, ethanol-dependent rats. BNST, CeA, CRF
60  2005 Relationship of cocaine-induced c-Fos expression to behaviors and the role of serotonin 5-HT2A receptors in cocaine-induced c-Fos expression. CPu, NAcc
61  2003 Expression of amphetamine-induced behavioral sensitization after short- and long-term withdrawal periods: participation of mu- and delta-opioid receptors. DOR, MOR, VTA