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Abbreviation:   NAcc  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   nucleus accumbens core
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Cocaine increases stimulation-evoked serotonin efflux in the nucleus accumbens. N-FSCV
2022 Effects of dopamine modulation on chronic stress-induced deficits in reward learning. AMI, CMS, DA, mPFC, PRT, QUIN
2022 Global Cerebral Ischemia in Male Long Evans Rats Impairs Dopaminergic/ΔFosB Signalling in the Mesocorticolimbic Pathway Without Altering Delay Discounting Rates. BLA, DAT, DD, EPM, GCI, OFT, PO, vmPFC
2022 Nucleus accumbens D1-receptors regulate and focus transitions to reward-seeking action. ---
2022 Oxytocin Receptor-Expressing Neurons in the Paraventricular Thalamus Regulate Feeding Motivation through Excitatory Projections to the Nucleus Accumbens Core. OTR, pBLA, PVT
2022 Synaptic dysfunction is associated with alterations in the initiation of goal-directed behaviors: Implications for HIV-1-associated apathy. HIV-1, MSNs, Tg
2021 5-HT2C receptor perturbation has bidirectional influence over instrumental vigour and restraint. ---
2021 Chronic Stress Prevents Cortico-Accumbens Cue Encoding and Alters Conditioned Approach. PL, PL-NAcC
2021 Cocaine-Induced Changes in Tonic Dopamine Concentrations Measured Using Multiple-Cyclic Square Wave Voltammetry in vivo. CFM, FSCV, M-CSWV, MFB
10  2021 Disruption of prepulse inhibition is associated with compulsive behavior severity and nucleus accumbens dopamine receptor changes in Sapap3 knockout mice. OCD, PPI
11  2021 Effect of chronic ethanol consumption in rhesus macaques on the nucleus accumbens core transcriptome. DE, IPA, NHP, SRP
12  2021 Neurobeachin, a promising target for use in the treatment of alcohol use disorder. AUD, D-DMR, DNAm, NBEA, shRNA
13  2021 Patterns of brain c-Fos expression in response to feeding behavior in acute and chronic inflammatory pain condition. ACC, CeA, i.pl, LH, LPBN, mPFC, NAcS
14  2021 Stimulating GABAergic Neurons in the Nucleus Accumbens Core Alters the Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain Responses in a Rat Model of Infraorbital Nerve Injury. TN
15  2021 Threat and Bidirectional Valence Signaling in the Nucleus Accumbens Core. ---
16  2020 Chronic Ethanol Consumption Alters Glucocorticoid Receptor Isoform Expression in Stress Neurocircuits and Mesocorticolimbic Brain Regions of Alcohol-Preferring Rats. ACTH, AUDs, CRH, GC, GR, HPA, miR-124-3p, NAcSh, PFC, POMC, RT-PCR
17  2020 Organic cation transporter 3 and the dopamine transporter differentially regulate catecholamine uptake in the basolateral amygdala and nucleus accumbens. BLA, DAT, OCT3
18  2020 Palatable food access impacts expression of amylin receptor components in the mesocorticolimbic system. AmyR, RAMP
19  2020 Prefrontal cortical and nucleus accumbens contributions to discriminative conditioned suppression of reward-seeking. IL, mPFC, PL
20  2020 The Basolateral Amygdala to Nucleus Accumbens Core Circuit Mediates the Conditioned Reinforcing Effects of Cocaine-Paired Cues on Cocaine Seeking. BLA
21  2020 The Nucleus Accumbens Core is Necessary to Scale Fear to Degree of Threat. Halo
22  2019 Differential gene expression in the mesocorticolimbic system of innately high- and low-impulsive rats. 2CSRTT, ADHD, vPFC
23  2019 Functional crosstalk of nucleus accumbens CB1 and OX2 receptors in response to nicotine-induced place preference. CB1R, CPP, OX2R
24  2019 Modulation of Gpr39, a G-protein coupled receptor associated with alcohol use in non-human primates, curbs ethanol intake in mice. AUD, GPR39, IA-2BC
25  2019 Orexin in the Posterior Paraventricular Thalamus Mediates Hunger-Related Signals in the Nucleus Accumbens Core. pPVT, PVT
26  2019 Orexin type-2 receptor blockade prevents the nicotine-induced excitation of nucleus accumbens core neurons in rats: An electrophysiological perspective. nAChRs, OX2R, s.c
27  2019 Oxytocin treatment in the prelimbic cortex reduces relapse to methamphetamine-seeking and is associated with reduced activity in the rostral nucleus accumbens core. METH, OXY, PrL
28  2019 Reimplantable Microdrive for Long-Term Chronic Extracellular Recordings in Freely Moving Rats. NAcSh
29  2019 The Nucleus Accumbens Core Is Necessary for Responding to Incentive But Not Instructive Stimuli. ---
30  2019 Top-down control of the medial orbitofrontal cortex to nucleus accumbens core pathway in decisional impulsivity. HI, LI, lOFC, mOFC, OFC
31  2018 Accumbal ghrelin and glucagon-like peptide 1 signaling in alcohol reward in female rats. Ex-4, GLP-1
32  2018 Chronic stress dysregulates amygdalar output to the prefrontal cortex. BLA, BNST, PFC
33  2018 Cooperative and dissociable involvement of the nucleus accumbens core and shell in the promotion and inhibition of actions during active and inhibitory avoidance. ---
34  2018 The effects of antipsychotics on the density of cannabinoid receptors in selected brain regions of male and female adolescent juvenile rats. CB, Cg, CPu, NAcS, PFC
35  2018 The role of glutamate signaling in incentive salience: second-by-second glutamate recordings in awake Sprague-Dawley rats. NMDA, PrL
36  2018 The role of the vasopressin V1A receptor in oxytocin modulation of methamphetamine primed reinstatement. METH, OTR, V1AR
37  2017 Effects of intra-accumbal administration of dopamine and ionotropic glutamate receptor drugs on delay discounting performance in rats. DA, Glu
38  2017 Functional inactivation of dorsal medial striatum alters behavioral flexibility and recognition process in mice. DMStr, TeNT
39  2017 Long-lasting contribution of dopamine in the nucleus accumbens core, but not dorsal lateral striatum, to sign-tracking. DLS
40  2017 Nucleus Accumbens Dopamine Signaling Regulates Sexual Preference for Females in Male Mice. ---
41  2016 Alterations in behavioral responses to dopamine agonists in olfactory bulbectomized mice: relationship to changes in the striatal dopaminergic system. ARI, CPu, DA, TH
42  2016 Genome-wide analysis of the nucleus accumbens identifies DNA methylation signals differentiating low/binge from heavy alcohol drinking. AN, DMRs
43  2016 Interacting Cannabinoid and Opioid Receptors in the Nucleus Accumbens Core Control Adolescent Social Play. 2-AG, CB1R, MOR
44  2016 Prelimbic to Accumbens Core Pathway Is Recruited in a Dopamine-Dependent Manner to Drive Cued Reinstatement of Cocaine Seeking. BLA, IL, mPFC, NAc, NAcSh, PL, vSub
45  2015 Basolateral amygdala and ventral hippocampus in stress-induced amplification of nicotine self-administration during reacquisition in rat. BLA, SA, vHP
46  2014 Amylin modulates the mesolimbic dopamine system to control energy balance. AmyR, CTR, DA, VTA
47  2014 Region- and domain-dependent action of nomifensine. DA, DS
48  2014 Region-specific effects of isoflurane anesthesia on Fos immunoreactivity in response to intravenous cocaine challenge in rats with a history of repeated cocaine administration. i.v
49  2014 Reward and reinforcement activity in the nucleus accumbens during learning. ---
50  2014 Serotonin-2C receptor agonists decrease potassium-stimulated GABA release in the nucleus accumbens. PAT, VTA
51  2014 The endocannabinoid system regulates synaptic transmission in nucleus accumbens by increasing DAGL-alpha expression following short-term morphine withdrawal. CPP, DGLalpha, DSI, eCB
52  2013 Activation of efferents from the basolateral amygdala during the retrieval of conditioned taste aversion. aBNST, BLA, CeA, CTA, LiCl
53  2013 Acute ketamine-induced neuroplasticity: ribosomal protein S6 phosphorylation expression in drug addiction-related rat brain areas. BLA, IL, KET, NAcS, PrL, rpS6P
54  2013 Increased expression of cannabinoid receptor 1 in the nucleus accumbens core in a rat model with morphine withdrawal. CB1-R, CPP, MW
55  2013 Nucleus accumbens GLP-1 receptors influence meal size and palatability. Ex-9, GLP-1, GLP-1R
56  2013 The dopamine patchwork of the rat nucleus accumbens core. DA
57  2012 Diverse effects of 5-HT2C receptor blocking agents on c-Fos expression in the rat basal ganglia. SNr, STN
58  2012 Extracellular signal-regulated kinase in the basolateral amygdala, but not the nucleus accumbens core, is critical for context-response-cocaine memory reconsolidation in rats. BLA, ERK, MEK, VEH
59  2010 Drug-induced plasticity contributing to heightened relapse susceptibility: neurochemical changes and augmented reinstatement in high-intake rats. ---
60  2006 Morphine withdrawal syndrome and its prevention with baclofen: Autoradiographic study of mu-opioid receptors in prepubertal male and female mice. BAC, CPu, i.p, MDTh, MOR, NAL
61  2005 Abnormally persistent latent inhibition induced by lesions to the nucleus accumbens core, basolateral amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex is reversed by clozapine but not by haloperidol. APD, BLA, LI, OFC
62  2005 Altered Fos expression in neural pathways underlying cue-elicited drug seeking in the rat. BLC, FG, PrL
63  2005 Relationship of cocaine-induced c-Fos expression to behaviors and the role of serotonin 5-HT2A receptors in cocaine-induced c-Fos expression. CPu, NAcSh
64  2004 Altered prelimbic cortex output during cue-elicited drug seeking. BLC, CaMKII, CPP, GAD67, IR, PrL