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Abbreviation:   NAcc  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   nucleus accumbens
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Addiction neurocircuitry and negative affect: A role for neuroticism in understanding amygdala connectivity and alcohol use disorder. AUDIT, dACC, LVM, NEO PI-R, rs-fMRI, TPJ
2020 Anxiety during abstinence from alcohol: A systematic review of rodent and human evidence for the anterior insula's role in the abstinence network. AUD, BNST, CeA
2020 Basal ganglia volume and shape in anorexia nervosa. AN, HC
2020 Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in the Nucleus Accumbens Mediates Individual Differences in Behavioral Responses to a Natural, Social Reward. ---
2020 Conditional, inducible gene silencing in dopamine neurons reveals a sex-specific role for Rit2 GTPase in acute cocaine response and striatal function. DA, DANs, DAT, MSNs, Rit2-KD, sEPSP
2020 Deep brain stimulation in treatment resistant schizophrenia: A pilot randomized cross-over clinical trial. DBS
2020 Dopamine transporter gene expression within the nucleus accumbens plays important role in the acquisition and reinstatement of ethanol-seeking behavior in mice. DAT, EtOH-CPP
2020 Effects of an adenosine A2A agonist on the rewarding associative properties of nicotine and neural plasticity in a rodent model of schizophrenia. BDNF, CPP, GDNF, SZ
2020 Endocannabinoids mediate long-lasting behavioural and physiological changes in male rats induced by the repeated activation of the mesolimbic system by copulation to satiety. DA, eCB, VTA
10  2020 Ezrin-radixin-moesin proteins are regulated by Akt-GSK3beta signaling in the rat nucleus accumbens core. ERM
11  2020 Ketamine administration induces early and persistent neurochemical imbalance and altered NADPH oxidase in mice. DA, Glu, NMDAR, NOX, PFC, PNDs, PV
12  2020 Longitudinal Trajectories of Postelection Distress Track Changes in Neural and Psychological Functioning. ---
13  2020 Maladaptive consequences of repeated intermittent exposure to uncertainty. CaMKII, DA, GLT1, PKC
14  2020 Nucleus accumbens volume as a predictor of anxiety symptom improvement following CBT and SSRI treatment in two independent samples. CBT, PFC, SSRI
15  2020 Opioid receptors mRNAs expression and opioids agonist-dependent G-protein activation in the rat brain following neuropathy. CCI, CPu, PB, PFC, RMg, SSC
16  2020 Postweaning Iron Deficiency in Male Rats Leads to Long-Term Hyperactivity and Decreased Reelin Gene Expression in the Nucleus Accumbens. CN, ID, PFC, RELN
17  2020 Preweaning Paternal Deprivation Impacts Parental Responses to Pups and Alters the Serum Oxytocin and Corticosterone Levels and Oxytocin Receptor, Vasopressin 1A Receptor, Oestrogen Receptor, Dopamine Type I Receptor, Dopamine Type II Receptor Levels in Relevant Brain Regions in Adult Mandarin Voles. MeA, mPFC, MPOA, PD, PPD, V1AR
18  2020 The acute effects of nicotine on corticostriatal responses to distinct phases of reward processing. ---
19  2020 The involvement of oxytocin in the effects of chronic social defeat stress on emotional behaviours in adult female mandarin voles. CSDS
20  2019 25B-NBOMe, a novel N-2-methoxybenzyl-phenethylamine (NBOMe) derivative, may induce rewarding and reinforcing effects via a dopaminergic mechanism: Evidence of abuse potential. BDNF, CPP, HAL, HTR, KS, NBOMe, NBOMe, pCREB, SA, VTA
21  2019 Altered reward-related neural responses in non-manifesting carriers of the Parkinson disease related LRRK2 mutation. NMC, NMNC, PD, PPI
22  2019 Associations between nucleus accumbens structural connectivity, brain function, and initiation of binge drinking. FA
23  2019 Bexarotene treatment increases dendritic length in the nucleus accumbens without change in the locomotor activity and memory behaviors, in old mice. RAR
24  2019 Comparison of electroencephalogram (EEG) response to MDPV versus the hallucinogenic drugs MK-801 and ketamine in rats. EEG, MDPV, NDRI
25  2019 Cytotoxic Lesion in the Splenium of Corpus Callosum Associated with Intracranial Infection After Deep Brain Stimulation. DBS, OCD
26  2019 Deep Brain Stimulation for Refractory Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Towards an Individualized Approach. ALIC, amSTN, DBS, ITP, OCD, OFC, VC/VS
27  2019 Does 5, 7-Dihydroxytryptamine injection into nucleus accumbens cause hyperacusis? ---
28  2019 Dopamine transporter (DAT) knockdown in the nucleus accumbens improves anxiety- and depression-related behaviors in adult mice. CPu, DAT, EPM, LDB, NSF, OF, siDAT
29  2019 Effects of inactivation of the ventral tegmental area on prefronto-accumbens activity and sexual motivation in male rats. EEG, mPFC, PFC, RP, TTX, VEH, VTA
30  2019 Endocrine profile dataset of fasting and normally eating young, healthy men and following activation of brain areas involved in ingestive behaviour. ROIs
31  2019 Epigenome-wide meta-analysis of blood DNA methylation and its association with subcortical volumes: findings from the ENIGMA Epigenetics Working Group. DMRs, EWAS
32  2019 Exploring the Dendritic Spine Pathology in a Schizophrenia-related Neurodevelopmental Animal Model. BLA, MSN, NVHL, PFC
33  2019 Frontostriatal functional connectivity correlates with repetitive behaviour across autism spectrum disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. ASD, OCD
34  2019 Ginger Extract Reduces Chronic Morphine-Induced Neuroinflammation and Glial Activation in Nucleus Accumbens of Rats. GFAP, p38 MAPK
35  2019 Ibogaine Administration Modifies GDNF and BDNF Expression in Brain Regions Involved in Mesocorticolimbic and Nigral Dopaminergic Circuits. BDNF, GDNF, NFs, NGF, PFC, SN, VTA
36  2019 Inheritance of Neural Substrates for Motivation and Pleasure. ---
37  2019 Intrauterine Growth Restriction Modifies the Accumbal Dopaminergic Response to Palatable Food Intake. FR, IUGR, SOCS3, VTA
38  2019 Lasting reduction of nicotine-seeking behavior by chronic N-acetylcysteine during experimental cue-exposure therapy. eCET, GLUergic, NAC
39  2019 Maternal perception of children's fear: A fMRI study in mothers of preschool children. fMRI, ROI
40  2019 Methamphetamine acutely alters frontostriatal resting state functional connectivity in healthy young adults. ACC, IFG
41  2019 Neural correlates of instrumental responding in the context of alcohol-related cues index disorder severity and relapse risk. fMRI
42  2019 Neural modulation of social reinforcement learning by intranasal oxytocin in male adults with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder: a randomized trial. ASDs, CI, IUs, RPE
43  2019 Neural systems underlying reward cue processing in early adolescence: The role of puberty and pubertal hormones. mPFC
44  2019 Nicotine enhances responding for conditioned reinforcement via alpha4beta2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the ventral tegmental area, but not the nucleus accumbens or the prefrontal cortex. CRf, CS, IL, nAChRs, PrL, VTA
45  2019 No effect of sex on ethanol intake and preference after dopamine transporter (DAT) knockdown in adult mice. DAT
46  2019 Nucleus accumbens activation is linked to salience in social decision making. JTC
47  2019 Nucleus accumbens connectivity at rest is associated with alcohol consumption in young male adults. LeAD
48  2019 Nucleus accumbens dopamine increases sexual motivation in sexually satiated male rats. DA, MPOA
49  2019 Nucleus accumbens volume is related to obesity measures in an age-dependent fashion. BMI
50  2019 Opposed cannabinoid 1 receptor (CB1R) expression in the prefrontal cortex vs. nucleus accumbens is associated with alcohol consumption in male rats. CB1R, MCD, PFC
51  2019 Pain modulates neural responses to reward in the medial prefrontal cortex. mPFC
52  2019 Pavlovian-To-Instrumental Transfer and Alcohol Consumption in Young Male Social Drinkers: Behavioral, Neural and Polygenic Correlates. BOLD, DSM-IV-TR, PIT
53  2019 Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP) acts in the nucleus accumbens to reduce hedonic drive. PACAP
54  2019 Post-weaning social isolation exacerbates aggression in both sexes and affects the vasopressin and oxytocin system in a sex-specific manner. BNSTa, DG, GH, IS, LH, OXT, PVN, PWSI
55  2019 Prenatal immune challenge induces behavioral deficits, neuronal remodeling, and increases brain nitric oxide and zinc levels in the male rat offspring. BLA, GD, LPS, NO, PFC, VH, Zn
56  2019 Relationship of negative urgency to cingulo-insular and cortico-striatal resting state functional connectivity in tobacco use. dACC, RSFC
57  2019 Repeated exposure to methiopropamine increases dendritic spine density in the rat nucleus accumbens core. AMPH, EGFP, MPA
58  2019 Resting state functional connectivity of networks associated with reward and habit in anorexia nervosa. AN, EDE, HC, RSFC
59  2019 Reward-related regions form a preferentially coupled system at rest. OFC, RSFC
60  2019 Sex Differences in the Effect of Nucleus Accumbens Volume on Adolescent Drinking: The Mediating Role of Sensation Seeking in the NCANDA Sample. ---
61  2019 Striatal responsiveness to reward under threat-of-shock and working memory load: A preliminary study. fMRI
62  2019 Structural correlates of cognitive impairment in normal pressure hydrocephalus. NPH, SDGM
63  2019 Surprise-related activation in the nucleus accumbens interacts with music-induced pleasantness. ---
64  2019 Synthetic cathinone MDPV enhances reward function through purinergic P2X7 receptor-dependent pathway and increases P2X7 gene expression in nucleus accumbens. ATP, ICSS, MDPV
65  2019 The neonatal treatment with clomipramine decreases sexual motivation and increases estrogen receptors expression in the septum of male rats: Effects of the apomorphine. CMI
66  2019 The neural substrate of self- and other-concerned wellbeing: An fMRI study. GLM, pACC, PCC, SWB
67  2019 The Ventral Tegmental Area has calbindin neurons with the capability to co-release glutamate and dopamine into the nucleus accumbens. VTA
68  2019 White Matter Microstructure Reflects Individual Differences in Music Reward Sensitivity. AD, OFC, STG
69  2018 A postmortem analysis of NMDA ionotropic and group 1 metabotropic glutamate receptors in the nucleus accumbens in schizophrenia. NMDA
70  2018 A systematic review and meta-analysis of deep brain stimulation in treatment-resistant depression. AEs, CIs, DBS, HDRS, MARDS, MFB, SCG, SMD, TRD, VC/VS
71  2018 Abnormal emotional and neural responses to romantic rejection and acceptance in depressed women. fMRI, HCs, MDD
72  2018 Activation of ventral tegmental area dopaminergic neurons reverses pathological allodynia resulting from nerve injury or bone cancer. AAV, ChR2, TH, VTA
73  2018 Age-Related Trajectories of Functional Coupling between the VTA and Nucleus Accumbens Depend on Motivational State. VTA
74  2018 Altered prefrontal correlates of monetary anticipation and outcome in chronic pain. fMRI, mPFC
75  2018 Anhedonia and depression severity dissociated by dmPFC resting-state functional connectivity in adolescents. dmPFC, pgACC, RDoC, RSFC
76  2018 Anhedonia in Trauma-Exposed Individuals: Functional Connectivity and Decision-Making Correlates. PTSD, RSFC
77  2018 Anxiety-like behavior and neuropeptide receptor expression in male and female prairie voles: The effects of stress and social buffering. IMO, IMO-Partner, OTR, V1aR
78  2018 Association of Neural Responses to Drug Cues With Subsequent Relapse to Stimulant Use. ---
79  2018 Auditory stimulation by exposure to melodic music increases dopamine and serotonin activities in rat forebrain areas linked to reward and motor control. 5-HIAA, CPu, DA, DOPAC
80  2018 Brain Reward Circuit and Pain. ---
81  2018 Cannabidiol reduces ethanol consumption, motivation and relapse in mice. CBD
82  2018 Chronic social stress induces peripheral and central immune activation, blunted mesolimbic dopamine function, and reduced reward-directed behaviour in mice. CSS, DA
83  2018 d-Fenfluramine and lorcaserin inhibit the binge-like feeding induced by mu-opioid receptor stimulation of the nucleus accumbens in the rat. ---
84  2018 Decoding moral emotions in obsessive-compulsive disorder. OCD
85  2018 Deconstructing empathy: Neuroanatomical dissociations between affect sharing and prosocial motivation using a patient lesion model. bvFTD, IFG, IRI-EC, NDG, nfvPPA, RSMS-EX, svPPA
86  2018 Decreased Connection Between Reward Systems and Paralimbic Cortex in Depressive Patients. mOFC, TP_L, TP_R
87  2018 Diet matters: Glucocorticoid-related neuroadaptations associated with calorie intake in female rhesus monkeys. CDD, D2R, D2R-BP, DLPFC, FC, PET, PFC, rs-fMRI, vmPFC
88  2018 Differential Noradrenergic Modulation of Monetary Reward and Visual Erotic Stimulus Processing. fMRI, ROI
89  2018 Distinctive pretreatment features of bilateral nucleus accumbens networks predict early response to antidepressants in major depressive disorder. AUC, FC, HC, MDD, NRD, RD, SFG
90  2018 Dopamine Development in the Mouse Orbital Prefrontal Cortex Is Protracted and Sensitive to Amphetamine in Adolescence. mPFC, oPFC, PFC
91  2018 Early Life Stress Associated With Increased Striatal N-Acetyl-Aspartate: Cerebrospinal Fluid Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Concentrations, Hippocampal Volume, Body Mass and Behavioral Correlates. CRF, CSF, ELS, NAA, VFD, VS/CN
92  2018 Effects of chronic social defeat on social behaviors in adult female mandarin voles (Microtus mandarinus): Involvement of the oxytocin system in the nucleus accumbens. OT, OTR, OTRA
93  2018 Effects of Environmental Enrichment on Nicotine Sensitization in Rats Neonatally Treated with Quinpirole: Analyses of Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Implications towards Schizophrenia. GDNF, NQ
94  2018 Effects of extended-release naltrexone on the brain response to drug-related stimuli in patients with opioid use disorder. fMRI, mOFC, OUD, XR-NTX
95  2018 Effects of extended-release naltrexone on the brain response to drug-related stimuli in patients with opioid use disorder. fMRI, mOFC, OUD, XR-NTX
96  2018 Frontostriatal grey matter atrophy in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis A visual rating study. ACC, ALS, CN, FTD, lOFC, mOFC, MRI
97  2018 Functional mechanism of ASP5736, a selective serotonin 5-HT5A receptor antagonist with potential utility for the treatment of cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia. DAergic, GABA, mPFC, PBP, PN, PV, VTA
98  2018 Genetically defined fear-induced aggression: Focus on BDNF and its receptors. BDNF, FC, HC, HT, RN
99  2018 Goal-Directed Correlates and Neurobiological Underpinnings of Adolescent Identity: A Multimethod Multisample Longitudinal Approach. PFC
100  2018 Improving motivation through real-time fMRI-based self-regulation of the nucleus accumbens. fMRI