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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Cellulose nanocrystals/nanofibrils loaded astaxanthin nanoemulsion for the induction of apoptosis via ROS-dependent mitochondrial dysfunction in cancer cells under photobiomodulation. ROS
2020 Comparative effects of nanoemulsions loaded with duck oil and lard oil on palmitate-induced lipotoxicity. DO-NE, LO-NE
2020 Development, larvicide activity, and toxicity in nontarget species of the Croton linearis Jacq essential oil nanoemulsion. EO
2020 Duck Oil-loaded Nanoemulsion Inhibits Senescence of Angiotensin II-treated Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells by Upregulating SIRT1. Ang II, DO-NE, VSMCs
2020 Green synthesis of garlic oil nanoemulsion using ultrasonication technique and its mechanism of antifungal action against Penicillium italicum. BBD, GO, HLB, MIC, P. italicum, SEM
2020 Incorporating ifosfamide into salvia oil-based nanoemulsion diminishes its nephrotoxicity in mice inoculated with tumor. EAC, i.p, IFO, SAL
2020 Nanoemulsions for targeting the neurodegenerative diseases: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Prion's. ---
2020 Penetratin modified lutein nanoemulsion in-situ gel for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration. AMD, ERG, P-NE, ROS
2020 Sex Differences Revealed in a Mouse CFA Inflammation Model with Macrophage Targeted Nanotheranostics. CFA, COX-2, DF-NE, MDMs, NIRF, PGE2
10  2019 2,4,6-Triphenylaniline nanoemulsion formulation, optimization, and its application in type 2 diabetes mellitus. PDI, RSM, T2DM, TPA
11  2019 A novel nanoformulation of alpha-eleostearic acid restores molecular pathogenesis of hypersensitivity. ESA
12  2019 Biopharmaceutical profile of a clotrimazole nanoemulsion: Evaluation on skin and mucosae as anticandidal agent. CLT
13  2019 Characterization, Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity of Graphene Oxide and Folate Coupled Chitosan Nanocomposites Loading Polyprenol and Fullerene Based Nanoemulsion Against MHCC97H Cells. CS, FA, GBP, GO, HCC, NCs, UAE
14  2019 Development and Assessment of Lipidic Nanoemulsions Containing Sodium Hyaluronate and Indomethacin. DPPH, FTIR, HNa, IND
15  2019 Development and characterization of CD73-siRNA-loaded nanoemulsion: effect on C6 glioma cells and primary astrocytes. GB, siRNA
16  2019 Epitope-loaded nanoemulsion delivery system with ability of extending antigen release elicits potent Th1 response for intranasal vaccine against Helicobacter pylori. H. pylori
17  2019 Evaluation of Antitumor Activity and Hepatoprotective Effect of Mitomycin C Solubilized in Chamomile Oil Nanoemulsion. EAC, NS
18  2019 Evaluation of the biocompatibility and skin hydration potential of vitamin E-loaded lipid nanosystems formulations: In vitro and human in vivo studies. HG-NLCVE, NLC
19  2019 Formulation Strategies to Improve Nose-to-Brain Delivery of Donepezil. BBB, DPZ, PNE
20  2019 In vivo toxicity evaluation of nanoemulsions for drug delivery. LNs
21  2019 Lyophilizable and Multifaceted Toll-like Receptor 7/8 Agonist-Loaded Nanoemulsion for the Reprogramming of Tumor Microenvironments and Enhanced Cancer Immunotherapy. IFN, TMEs
22  2019 Nanoemulsion Adjuvant Augments Retinaldehyde Dehydrogenase Activity in Dendritic Cells via MyD88 Pathway. RALDH
23  2019 Nanoemulsion improves hypoglycemic efficacy of berberine by overcoming its gastrointestinal challenge. BBR
24  2019 Nanoemulsion-loaded hydrogel coatings for inhibition of bacterial virulence and biofilm formation on solid surfaces. E-NE, EO
25  2019 Nanoemulsions Loaded with Amphotericin B: Development, Characterization and Leishmanicidal Activity. AmB, KHS15
26  2019 Nanostructured oleic acid/polysorbate 80 emulsions with diminished toxicity in NL-20 cell line: Insights of potential drug carriers. OA, OA, PDI, PS80
27  2019 Optimization of Olive Oil-Based Nanoemulsion Preparation for Intravenous Drug Delivery. PDI, RSE, ZP
28  2019 Physicochemical properties of alpha-mangostin loaded nanomeulsions prepared by ultrasonication technique. AMG
29  2019 Protective effect of sucupira oil nanoemulsion against oxidative stress in UVA-irradiated HaCaT cells. ---
30  2019 Quercetin loaded nanoemulsion-based gel for rheumatoid arthritis: In vivo and in vitro studies. QCT, RA
31  2019 Tacrolimus-loaded lecithin-based nanostructured lipid carrier and nanoemulsion with propylene glycol monocaprylate as a liquid lipid: Formulation characterization and assessment of dermal delivery compared to referent ointment. NLC
32  2019 The Lethal Effect of a Nano Emulsion of Satureja hortensis Essential Oil on Protoscoleces and Germinal Layer of Hydatid Cysts. GC, GC-MS, SHEO
33  2019 The Optimization Design Of Lactoferrin Loaded HupA Nanoemulsion For Targeted Drug Transport Via Intranasal Route. BCRP, DTI, HupA, IPM, LF, MRP1, P-gp, PDI
34  2019 Tomato lectin-modified nanoemulsion-encapsulated MAGE1-HSP70/SEA complex protein vaccine: Targeting intestinal M cells following peroral administration. MHS, TL
35  2019 Transdermal delivery of fluvastatin loaded nanoemulsion gel: Preparation, characterization and in vivo anti-osteoporosis activity. ---
36  2019 Ultrasound-mediated fucoxanthin rich oil nanoemulsions stabilized by kappa-carrageenan: Process optimization, bio-accessibility and cytotoxicity. FX, RSM
37  2019 Vesicle-like structure of lipid-based nanoparticles as drug delivery system revealed by molecular dynamics simulations. MD, NLC, SDS, SLN
38  2019 Vitamin E Loaded Naringenin Nanoemulsion via Intranasal Delivery for the Management of Oxidative Stress in a 6-OHDA Parkinson's Disease Model. NRG, PD, PDI
39  2018 A comparison study between lycobetaine-loaded nanoemulsion and liposome using nRGD as therapeutic adjuvant for lung cancer therapy. LBT, Lipo, OA, TAMs
40  2018 A new nanoemulsion formulation improves antileishmanial activity and reduces toxicity of amphotericin B. AmB, C-AmB, EE, VL
41  2018 Alpha tocopherol loaded chitosan oleate nanoemulsions for wound healing. Evaluation on cell lines and ex vivo human biopsies, and stabilization in spray dried Trojan microparticles. alphaTph, CS-OA
42  2018 Alternative Pharmaceutical Formulation for Oral Administration of Rifampicin. RIF, TB
43  2018 Antibiofilm activity of an EDTA-containing nanoemulsion on multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii. ---
44  2018 Antineoplastic activity of mitomycin C formulated in nanoemulsions-based essential oils on HeLa cervical cancer cells. Ch, ESSOs, GAR, MMC
45  2018 Characterization, Cytotoxicity, and Genotoxicity of TiO2 and Folate-Coupled Chitosan Nanoparticles Loading Polyprenol-Based Nanoemulsion. CS, FA, GBP, NPs, TPP, UE
46  2018 Development and characterization of a nanoemulsion containing propranolol for topical delivery. PDI, PPN
47  2018 Effect of Chloroaluminium phthalocyanine in cationic nanoemulsion on photoinactivation of multispecies biofilm. aPDT, ClAlPc
48  2018 Evidence That P-glycoprotein Inhibitor (Elacridar)-Loaded Nanocarriers Improve Epidermal Targeting of an Anticancer Drug via Absorptive Cutaneous Transporters Inhibition. P-gp
49  2018 Flutamide-Loaded Zein Nanocapsule Hydrogel, a Promising Dermal Delivery System for Pilosebaceous Unit Disorders. CLSM, FLT, HA, ZNCs
50  2018 Formulation of vitamin D encapsulated cinnamon oil nanoemulsion: Its potential anti-cancerous activity in human alveolar carcinoma cells. ---
51  2018 In Vivo Evaluation of the Anticancer Activity of the Gemcitabine and Doxorubicin Combined in a Nanoemulsion. DOX, EAC, GEM, MST
52  2018 Isolation, Formulation, and Efficacy Enhancement of Morin Emulsified Carriers Against Lung Toxicity in Rats. MPLC, SNEDD, TEM
53  2018 Nano-delivery of fraxinellone remodels tumor microenvironment and facilitates therapeutic vaccination in desmoplastic melanoma. CTLs, Frax, IFN-gamma, IL-6, TAFs, TGF-beta, Th1, TME
54  2018 Nanoemulsion adjuvant-driven redirection of TH2 immunity inhibits allergic reactions in murine models of peanut allergy. ---
55  2018 Nanoemulsion containing 8-methoxypsoralen for topical treatment of dermatoses: Development, characterization and ex vivo permeation in porcine skin. 8-MOP, PDI, SC, TEM
56  2018 Nanoemulsion-Based Delivery of Fluorescent PARP Inhibitors in Mouse Models of Small Cell Lung Cancer. PARP1, SCLC
57  2018 Optimization of nutraceutical coenzyme Q10 nanoemulsion with improved skin permeability and anti-wrinkle efficiency. CoQ10, CoS
58  2018 Preparation and evaluation of spirulina polysaccharide nanoemulsions. PSP
59  2018 Preparation, Characterization, and In Vivo Evaluation of an Oral Multiple Nanoemulsive System for Co-Delivery of Pemetrexed and Quercetin. PMX, QCN
60  2018 QbD-based development of alpha-linolenic acid potentiated nanoemulsion for targeted delivery of doxorubicin in DMBA-induced mammary gland carcinoma: in vitro and in vivo evaluation. ALA, DMBA, DOX
61  2018 Relationship between nano/micro structure and physical properties of TiO2-sodium caseinate composite films. CE, DMA
62  2018 Tripeptide-Stabilized Oil-in-Water Nanoemulsion of an Oleic Acids-Platinum(II) Conjugate as an Anticancer Nanomedicine. ---
63  2017 A novel nanoemulsion vaccine induces mucosal Interleukin-17 responses and confers protection upon Mycobacterium tuberculosis challenge in mice. BCG, IL, MDR, Mtb, TB, XDR
64  2017 Design and production of methyl jasmonate nanoemulsions using experimental design technique and evaluation of its anti-cancer efficacy. BBD, MJ, PDI
65  2017 Encapsulation of omega-3 fatty acids in nanoemulsions and microgels: Impact of delivery system type and protein addition on gastrointestinal fate. FFAs, GIT, HB
66  2017 Evaluation of theranostic nanocarriers for near-infrared imaging and photodynamic therapy on human prostate cancer cells. ClAlPc, NC, PDT
67  2017 How can lipid nanocarriers improve transdermal delivery of olanzapine? HPH, LN, NLC, SLN
68  2017 Hydrogel-thickened nanoemulsions based on essential oils for topical delivery of psoralen: Permeation and stability studies. HPH, HTN
69  2017 In vitro and in vivo antihydatid activity of a nano emulsion of Zataria multiflora essential oil. ZMEO
70  2017 Increased intestinal permeation and modulation of presystemic metabolism of resveratrol formulated into self-emulsifying drug delivery systems. SEDDS, SS
71  2017 Intravaginal Delivery of Polyphenon 60 and Curcumin Nanoemulsion Gel. CUR
72  2017 Iron oxide core oil-in-water nanoemulsion as tracer for atherosclerosis MPI and MRI imaging. MPI, MPS, MRI
73  2017 Lipid- and Polymer-Based Nanostructures for Cutaneous Delivery of Curcumin. CUR, NP, SLN
74  2017 Nanoemulsion for improving solubility and permeability of Vitex agnus-castus extract: formulation and in vitro evaluation using PAMPA and Caco-2 approaches. PAMPA, PDI, VAC
75  2017 Nanoemulsion-Based Hydrogel for Topical Delivery of Highly Skin-Permeable Growth Factor Combinations: Preparation and In Vitro Evaluation. EGF, IGF-I, LMWP, PDGF-A
76  2017 Nanomedicine for prostate cancer using nanoemulsion: A review. CR, PCa
77  2017 Natural herbicide activity of Satureja hortensis L. essential oil nanoemulsion on the seed germination and morphophysiological features of two important weed species. EO, GC, GC-MS, O/W, REL, TEM
78  2017 Polysaccharide Encrusted Multilayered Nano-Colloidal System of Andrographolide for Improved Hepatoprotection. AP, LbL
79  2017 Safety Assessment of Tretinoin Loaded Nano Emulsion and Nanostructured Lipid Carriers: A Non-invasive Trial on Human Volunteers. NLC, TRE
80  2017 Self-microemulsifying drug delivery system and nanoemulsion for enhancing aqueous miscibility of Alpinia galanga oil. AGO, SMEDDS
81  2017 Thymoquinone-rich fraction nanoemulsion (TQRFNE) decreases Abeta40 and Abeta42 levels by modulating APP processing, up-regulating IDE and LRP1, and down-regulating BACE1 and RAGE in response to high fat/cholesterol diet-induced rats. AD, APP, BACE1, HFCD, IDE, LRP1, PSEN1, PSEN2, RAGE, TQ, TQNE, TQRFNE
82  2017 Topical Nano and Microemulsions for Skin Delivery. ME
83  2017 Transdermal Lipid Nanocarriers: A Potential Delivery System for Lornoxicam. NLC, SLN
84  2016 An oil-in-water nanoemulsion enhances immunogenicity of H5N1 vaccine in mice. ---
85  2016 Curcumin-loaded lipid nanocarrier for improving bioavailability, stability and cytotoxicity against malignant glioma cells. CU, NC
86  2016 Development and Evaluation of Lipid Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery: Study of Toxicity In, Vitro and In Vivo. NLC, SLN
87  2016 Development, optimization, and characterization of a novel tea tree oil nanogel using response surface methodology. EG, TTO
88  2016 Elimination of the biphasic pharmacodynamics of 15d-PGJ2 by controlling its release from a nanoemulsion. ---
89  2016 Enhanced effectiveness of tocotrienol-based nano-emulsified system for topical delivery against skin carcinomas. PG
90  2016 Formulation and optimization of nanoemulsion using antifungal lipid and surfactant for accentuated topical delivery of Amphotericin B. AmB, CLSM, CPG8, DS, ZOI
91  2016 Formulation development of a novel targeted theranostic nanoemulsion of docetaxel to overcome multidrug resistance in ovarian cancer. GRAS, MRI
92  2016 Formulation, Characterisation, and in Vitro Skin Diffusion of Nanostructured Lipid Carriers for Deoxyarbutin Compared to a Nanoemulsion and Conventional Cream. CP, dArb, DSC, FTIR, NLCs, PEG, PI, SS, TEM
93  2016 In Vitro Activity of Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) in Its Free Oil and Nanoemulsion Formulations Against Pythium insidiosum. FO, MIC
94  2016 In vivo photodynamic inactivation of Candida albicans using chloro-aluminum phthalocyanine. ClAlP, PS
95  2016 Metabolomics as a tool to evaluate the toxicity of formulations containing amphotericin B, an antileishmanial drug. AmB, BUN, PUFA
96  2016 Modified Nanoemulsions with Iron Oxide for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MR
97  2016 Nanoemulsion enhances alpha-tocopherol succinate bioavailability in rats. alpha-TOS, alpha-TOS-NE
98  2016 Nanoemulsion Formulations of Fungicide Tebuconazole for Agricultural Applications. AG54, AP, ME, NEs, OP, RO/S, TBZ, TW80
99  2016 Nanoemulsion gel-based topical delivery of an antifungal drug: in vitro activity and in vivo evaluation. AmB
100  2016 Nanoemulsion Therapy for Burn Wounds Is Effective as a Topical Antimicrobial Against Gram-Negative and Gram-Positive Bacteria. IL-1beta, MPO, TNF-alpha