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2016 Comparative effects of alpha2delta-1 ligands in mouse models of colonic hypersensitivity. CHS, CRD, DSS, NMS, VMR
2016 Neonatal interventions differently affect maternal care quality and have sexually dimorphic developmental effects on corticosterone secretion. MS
2016 Neonatal Maternal Separation Alters, in a Sex-Specific Manner, the Expression of TRH, of TRH-Degrading Ectoenzyme in the Rat Hypothalamus, and the Response of the Thyroid Axis to Starvation. HPT, MS, PND
2016 Nesfatin-1/NUCB2 in the amygdala influences visceral sensitivity via glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptors in male maternal separation rats. AWR, EMG, GR, IBS, MR, MS, NUCB2
2015 Variations in the neonatal environment modulate adult behavioral and brain responses to palatable food withdrawal in adult female rats. ---
2013 Early life stress and post-weaning high fat diet alter tyrosine hydroxylase regulation and AT1 receptor expression in the adrenal gland in a sex dependent manner. AT1R, HFD, pSer40TH, TH
2013 Early life stress interacts with the diet deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids during the life course increasing the metabolic vulnerability in adult rats. MS
2013 Overnight food deprivation markedly attenuates hindbrain noradrenergic, glucagon-like peptide-1, and hypothalamic neural responses to exogenous cholecystokinin in male rats. CCK, DEP, GLP-1, HPA, mp, NTS, PVN
2013 Vulnerability to dietary n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid deficiency after exposure to early stress in rats. BDNF, MS, PND
10  2012 Increased mesohippocampal dopaminergic activity and improved depression-like behaviors in maternally separated rats following repeated fasting/refeeding cycles. ---
11  2011 Enhanced excitability and down-regulated voltage-gated potassium channels in colonic drg neurons from neonatal maternal separation rats. DRG, IBS, NMS
12  2011 Stress resilience and vulnerability: the association with rearing conditions, endocrine function, immunology, and anxious behavior. Con A, CORT, EWI, MS, PND, SET
13  2010 Infantile experience and play motivation. ---
14  2009 Essential role for TRPV1 in stress-induced (mast cell-dependent) colonic hypersensitivity in maternally separated rats. MS, NGF, WA
15  2009 Long maternal separation has protective effects in rats exposed to activity-based anorexia. ABA
16  2009 Neonatal handling and the maternal odor preference in rat pups: involvement of monoamines and cyclic AMP response element-binding protein pathway in the olfactory bulb. CREB, NA, OB, RH, SH
17  2008 Early postnatal stress alters place conditioning to both mu- and kappa-opioid agonists. MS
18  2008 Frequency of maternal licking and grooming correlates negatively with vulnerability to cocaine and alcohol use in rats. ---
19  2008 Sustained hyperphagia in adolescent rats that experienced neonatal maternal separation. FC, MS, NPY, PND, RF
20  2007 Age, sex and early environment contribute to individual differences in nicotine/acetaldehyde-induced behavioral and endocrine responses in rats. NicAc
21  2007 Enhanced sensitivity to naltrexone-induced drinking suppression of fluid intake and sucrose consumption in maternally separated rats. MS
22  2006 Early handling reduces vulnerability of rats to activity-based anorexia. ---
23  2006 Long-lasting changes in behavioural and neuroendocrine indices in the rat following neonatal maternal separation: gender-dependent effects. ACTH, MS, PND
24  2006 Mesocortical dopamine and HPA axis regulation: role of laterality and early environment. DA, HPA, IL
25  2006 Neonatal isolation alters estrous cycle effects on ventral striatal extracellular monoamine levels. DA, ISO, NAc, NE
26  2005 Early social and physical deprivation leads to reduced social motivation in adulthood in Wistar rats. ED
27  2005 Fasting-induced increases of arcuate NPY mRNA and plasma corticosterone are blunted in the rat experienced neonatal maternal separation. MS, NPY, PND, POMC
28  2005 Neonatal isolation alters the estrous cycle interactions on the acute behavioral effects of cocaine. ISO
29  2005 Neurochemical and behavioral responses to cocaine in adult male rats with neonatal isolation experience. DA, ISO
30  2004 Neonatal isolation enhances acquisition of cocaine self-administration and food responding in female rats. FR1, ISO
31  2002 Neonatal isolation alters stress hormone and mesolimbic dopamine release in juvenile rats. DA, ISO, PND
32  2002 Peripheral benzodiazepine receptors reflect trait (early handling) but not state (avoidance learning). EH, LI, PBR
33  2002 Prenatal ethanol exposure and spatial navigation: effects of postnatal handling and aging. PF
34  2002 Prenatal exposure to diazepam and alprazolam, but not to zolpidem, affects behavioural stress reactivity in handling-naive and handling-habituated adult male rat progeny. ALP, ASR, DZ, FST, LLH, PTX, SLH, VT, ZOLP
35  2002 Repeated maternal separation does not alter sucrose-reinforced and open-field behaviors. EH, HPA, MS, PND, PR, SEE
36  2001 Effects of neonatal handling on nociceptin/orphanin FQ and opioid peptide levels in female rats. DYN, HPA, ir, N/OFQ, PAG
37  2001 Long-lasting handling affects behavioural reactivity in adult rats of both sexes prenatally exposed to diazepam. ASR, CNT, DZ, LLH, OF, RF, SLH, TDT
38  2001 Postnatal stress selectively upregulates striatal N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors in male rats. ISO
39  2001 Repeated neonatal maternal separation alters morphine-induced antinociception in male rats. MS
40  2000 Postnatal handling does not attenuate hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal hyperresponsiveness after prenatal ethanol exposure. ACTH, CORT, DEX, HPA, PF, SAL
41  2000 The effects of early rearing environment on the development of GABAA and central benzodiazepine receptor levels and novelty-induced fearfulness in the rat. CBZ, LC, MS, NTS
42  1998 Sex differences in voluntary drinking by Long Evans rats following early stress. ---
43  1997 The effects of early environment on the development of functional laterality in Morris maze performance. ---
44  1996 Plaque-forming cell responses and antibody titers following injection of sheep red blood cells in nonstressed, acute, and/or chronically stressed handled and nonhandled animals. HPA, PFC, SRBC
45  1995 Early handling can attenuate adverse effects of fetal ethanol exposure. CORT, PF
46  1995 Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal function in chronic intermittently cold-stressed neonatally handled and non handled rats. HPA
47  1995 Postnatal handling reduces anxiety as measured by emotionality rating and hyponeophagia tests in female rats. ER
48  1994 The interaction between prenatal stress and neonatal handling on nociceptive response latencies in male and female rats. PS
49  1993 Increased plasma ACTH responses to stress in nonhandled compared with handled rats require basal levels of corticosterone and are associated with increased levels of ACTH secretagogues in the median eminence. HPA
50  1992 Basal ACTH, corticosterone and corticosterone-binding globulin levels over the diurnal cycle, and age-related changes in hippocampal type I and type II corticosteroid receptor binding capacity in young and aged, handled and nonhandled rats. CBG, HPA
51  1992 Infantile stimulation and the role of the benzodiazepine receptor system in adult acquisition of two-way avoidance behavior. CH, INCH
52  1991 Postnatal handling attenuates certain neuroendocrine, anatomical, and cognitive dysfunctions associated with aging in female rats. HPA
53  1989 Neonatal handling alters adrenocortical negative feedback sensitivity and hippocampal type II glucocorticoid receptor binding in the rat. ---
54  1987 Effects of early experience on responsiveness to ethanol: a preliminary report. CON, MAL, PRE