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Long Form:   NMDA receptors
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2022 Activity-dependent modulation of NMDA receptors by endogenous zinc shapes dendritic function in cortical neurons. ---
2022 Advances in Potential Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers for Autoimmune Encephalitis: A Review. AE, CSF
2022 Bicarbonate-Independent Sodium Conductance of Na/HCO3 Cotransporter NBCn1 Decreases NMDA Receptor Function. ---
2022 Differential vulnerability of hippocampal CA3-CA1 synapses to Aβ. b-LTP, hAbeta, WT
2022 Fear learning-induced changes in AMPAR and NMDAR expression in the fear circuit. ACC, AMPARs, dHipp, IHC, vHipp
2022 GluN3A excitatory glycine receptors control adult cortical and amygdalar circuits. BLA, SST-INs
2022 Individual differences in the positive outcome from adolescent ketamine treatment in a female mouse model of anorexia nervosa involve drebrin A at excitatory synapses of the medial prefrontal cortex. ABA, AN, GABA-IN, PFC, PN
2022 Nonlinear relationship between CAN current and C a 2 + influx underpins synergistic action of muscarinic and NMDA receptors on bursts induction in midbrain dopaminergic neurons. DA
2022 Physiopathological Relevance of D-Serine in the Mammalian Cochlea. IHC, SGNs, SR
10  2022 Synaptic NMDA receptor activity at resting membrane potentials. ---
11  2022 Targeting NMDA receptors in neuropsychiatric disorders by drug screening on human neurons derived from pluripotent stem cells. iPSCs
12  2022 α2δ-1 protein drives opioid-induced conditioned reward and synaptic NMDA receptor hyperactivity in the nucleus accumbens. mEPSCs, NAc
13  2021 A beneficial role for elevated extracellular glutamate in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and cerebral ischemia. ALS, NMDA
14  2021 A subthreshold synaptic mechanism regulating BDNF expression and resting synaptic strength. BDNF, VGCCs
15  2021 Allosteric Modulation of NMDARs Reverses Patients' Autoantibody Effects in Mice. LA, LTP, PAM, PPF
16  2021 AMPA and NMDA Receptor Trafficking at Cocaine-Generated Synapses. AMPAR, KI, NAc
17  2021 Amyloid Beta-Mediated Changes in Synaptic Function and Spine Number of Neocortical Neurons Depend on NMDA Receptors. AD
18  2021 Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis: a review of mechanistic studies. anti-NMDAR
19  2021 APOE4 Affects Basal and NMDAR-Mediated Protein Synthesis in Neurons by Perturbing Calcium Homeostasis. AD, APOE, APOE4, L-VGCCs, SD
20  2021 Calcium Permeable-AMPA Receptors and Excitotoxicity in Neurological Disorders. AD, ALS, AMPARs, HD, PD
21  2021 Contribution of NMDA Receptors to Synaptic Function in Rat Hippocampal Interneurons. AMPARs, CCK
22  2021 Different glutamate sources and endogenous co-agonists activate extrasynaptic NMDA receptors on amacrine cells of the rod pathway microcircuit. ---
23  2021 Differential regulation of STP, LTP and LTD by structurally diverse NMDA receptor subunit-specific positive allosteric modulators. LTD, LTP, NMDA, PAMs, STP
24  2021 GluN2A and GluN2B NMDA receptors use distinct allosteric routes. NTDs
25  2021 NMDA Receptor Expression by Retinal Ganglion Cells Is Not Required for Retinofugal Map Formation nor Eye-Specific Segregation in the Mouse. dLGN, RGCs, SC
26  2021 NMDA Receptor Hypofunction in the Aging-Associated Malfunction of Peripheral Tissue. CE
27  2021 NMDA receptor membrane dynamics tunes the firing pattern of midbrain dopaminergic neurons. DA, NMDAR, VTA
28  2021 NMDA receptors and synaptic plasticity in the anterior cingulate cortex. ACC, LTD, LTP
29  2021 Positive allosteric modulation of NMDA receptors: mechanisms, physiological impact and therapeutic potential. PAMs
30  2021 Preventing adolescent synaptic pruning in mouse prelimbic cortex via local knockdown of α4βδ GABAA receptors increases anxiety response in adulthood. GABARs, L5PL
31  2021 Rare presence of autoantibodies targeting to NMDA and GABAA receptors in schizophrenia patients. CBA, GABAARs
32  2021 Robust Expression of Functional NMDA Receptors in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neuronal Cultures Using an Accelerated Protocol. iPSCs, NMDA, NPCs
33  2021 SLC6A20 transporter: a novel regulator of brain glycine homeostasis and NMDAR function. ---
34  2021 The role of NMDA receptor and neuroligin rare variants in synaptic dysfunction underlying neurodevelopmental disorders. ASDs, GOF, ID, LOF, NDDs, NLGNs
35  2020 A Novel Concept is Needed for Combating Alzheimer's Disease and NeuroHIV. AD, ADRD, HAD, HAND, VGCCs
36  2020 Alpha-synuclein oligomerization increases its effect on promoting NMDA receptor internalization. NC, PBS, PD
37  2020 Amyloid Beta42 oligomers up-regulate the excitatory synapses by potentiating presynaptic release while impairing postsynaptic NMDA receptors. Abeta42, AD, PPD, RyRs
38  2020 Cellular mechanisms underlying the rapid depolarization caused by oxygen and glucose deprivation in layer III pyramidal cells of the somatosensory cortex. OGD, RyRs, TRPC
39  2020 Coupling of NMDA receptors and TRPM4 guides discovery of unconventional neuroprotectants. CREB
40  2020 D-Serine Signaling and NMDAR-Mediated Synaptic Plasticity Are Regulated by System A-Type of Glutamine/D-Serine Dual Transporters. ---
41  2020 DCMQA, a caffeoylquinic acid derivative alleviates NMDA-induced neurotoxicity via modulating GluN2A and GluN2B-containing NMDA receptors in vitro. MMP, NMDA
42  2020 Deletion of the Mitochondrial Matrix Protein CyclophilinD Prevents Parvalbumin Interneuron Dysfunctionand Cognitive Deficits in a Mouse Model of NMDA Hypofunction. CypD, KET, NMDAR, NOR, PFC, PV, PVI, ROS
43  2020 Dendritic integration in olfactory bulb granule cells upon simultaneous multispine activation: Low thresholds for nonlocal spiking activity. D-spikes
44  2020 Dissociation of functional and structural plasticity of dendritic spines during NMDAR and mGluR-dependent long-term synaptic depression in wild-type and fragile X model mice. FX, LTD
45  2020 Effects of GluN2A and GluN2B gain-of-function epilepsy mutations on synaptic currents mediated by diheteromeric and triheteromeric NMDA receptors. EPSCs
46  2020 Effects of PACAP-38 and an analog, acetyl-[Ala15, Ala20] PACAP-38-propylamide, on memory consolidation in the detection of spatial novelty task in rats. ALG, BDNF, IFE, SND
47  2020 Elevated PSD-95 Blocks Ion-flux Independent LTD: A Potential New Role for PSD-95 in Synaptic Plasticity. LTD
48  2020 From bedside-to-bench: What disease-associated variants are teaching us about the NMDA receptor. DAVs
49  2020 Ginsenoside Rk1 is a novel inhibitor of NMDA receptors in cultured rat hippocampal neurons. ---
50  2020 GluN2A NMDA Receptor Enhancement Improves Brain Oscillations, Synchrony, and Cognitive Functions in Dravet Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease Models. AD, DS
51  2020 High Salt Intake Recruits Tonic Activation of NR2D Subunit-Containing Extrasynaptic NMDARs in Vasopressin Neurons. E/I, eNMDARs, EU, I NMDA, MNCs, OT, SL, SON, VP
52  2020 Impairment of Glycolysis-Derived l-Serine Production in Astrocytes Contributes to Cognitive Deficits in Alzheimer's Disease. AD
53  2020 Intrinsic plasticity of cerebellar stellate cells is mediated by NMDA receptor regulation of voltage-gated Na+ channels. CaMKII
54  2020 Invivo odorant input induces distinct synaptic plasticity of GABAergic synapses in developing zebrafish olfactory bulb. MCs
55  2020 Modulation of NMDA Receptors by G-protein-coupled receptors: Role in Synaptic Transmission, Plasticity and Beyond. GPCRs
56  2020 Neuropathic pain generates silent synapses in thalamic projection to anterior cingulate cortex. ACC, AMPAR, CCI, MD
57  2020 New insights on the influence of free d-aspartate metabolism in the mammalian brain during prenatal and postnatal life. DDO
58  2020 NMDA Receptor and L-Type Calcium Channel Modulate Prion Formation. LTCCs, p-ERK
59  2020 NMDA Receptor Enhances Correlation of Spontaneous Activity in Neonatal Barrel Cortex. GluN1KO, KO, NMDAR
60  2020 NMDA receptors are altered in the substantia nigra pars reticulata and their blockade ameliorates motor deficits in experimental parkinsonism. AMPAR, DA, PD, SNr
61  2020 NMDA Receptors Require Multiple Pre-opening Gating Steps for Efficient Synaptic Activity. ---
62  2020 NMDA receptors sustain but do not initiate neuronal depolarization in spreading depolarization. RN, SD
63  2020 Norepinephrine transporter antagonism prevents dopamine-dependent synaptic plasticity in the mouse dorsal hippocampus. LC, LTP, NET
64  2020 Regulation of glutamate receptors by striatal-enriched tyrosine phosphatase 61 (STEP61 ). AMPARs, STEP61
65  2020 Role of Grina/Nmdara1 in the Central Nervous System Diseases. AD, CNS, MDD, SCZ
66  2020 The Mechanism of NMDA Receptor Hyperexcitation in High Pressure Helium and Hyperbaric Oxygen. HBOTox, HP, HPNS
67  2020 tPA Deficiency Underlies Neurovascular Coupling Dysfunction by Amyloid-beta. CBF, PAI-1, tPA
68  2019 5-HT2A receptor activation enhances NMDA receptor-mediated glutamate responses through Src kinase in the dendrites of rat jaw-closing motoneurons. 5-HT2AR, 5-HT2ARs, NMDAR
69  2019 A novel method using ambient glutamate for the electrophysiological quantification of extrasynaptic NMDA receptor function in acute brain slices. ES-NMDARs
70  2019 Alteration of GABAergic Input Precedes Neurodegeneration of Cerebellar Purkinje Cells of NPC1-Deficient Mice. AMPARs, IPSCs, NPC1
71  2019 Alterations in NMDAR-mediated signaling within the laterodorsal tegmental nucleus are associated with prenatal nicotine exposure. ADHD, LDT, PNE
72  2019 BDNF increases synaptic NMDA receptor abundance by enhancing the local translation of Pyk2 in cultured hippocampal neurons. BDNF, LTP, mEPSCs
73  2019 Control of Long-Term Synaptic Potentiation and Learning by Alternative Splicing of the NMDA Receptor Subunit GluN1. ---
74  2019 Dendritic NMDA receptors in parvalbumin neurons enable strong and stable neuronal assemblies. ---
75  2019 Distinct Modes of Presynaptic Inhibition of Cutaneous Afferents and Their Functions in Behavior. GABAARs, PSI
76  2019 Dual action of amitriptyline on NMDA receptors: enhancement of Ca-dependent desensitization and trapping channel block. ATL
77  2019 Endoplasmic reticulum stress contributes to NMDA-induced pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction in a CHOP-dependent manner. ER, GSIS, NMDA, PDX-1, TUDCA
78  2019 Extracellular mild acidosis decreases the Ca2+ permeability of the human NMDA receptors. ---
79  2019 Functional coupling between NMDA receptors and SK channels in rat hypothalamic magnocellular neurons: altered mechanisms during heart failure. HF, INMDA, MNNs
80  2019 Genetic Deletion of GABAA Receptors Reveals Distinct Requirements of Neurotransmitter Receptors for GABAergic and Glutamatergic Synapse Development. AMPARs, GABAARs
81  2019 Input-Specific Metaplasticity in the Visual Cortex Requires Homer1a-Mediated mGluR5 Signaling. H1a, IEG, mGluR5
82  2019 Memory Susceptibility to Retroactive Interference Is Developmentally Regulated by NMDA Receptors. DG, LTP, RI
83  2019 Microglia Mediate HIV-1 gp120-Induced Synaptic Degeneration in Spinal Pain Neural Circuits. FKN
84  2019 N-terminal alternative splicing of GluN1 regulates the maturation of excitatory synapses and seizure susceptibility. NMDAR-EPSCs
85  2019 NMDA receptor activation induces long-term potentiation of glycine synapses. IPSCs
86  2019 NMDA receptor activity bidirectionally controls active decay of long-term spatial memory in the dorsal hippocampus. dHPC
87  2019 NMDA Receptors Regulate Neuregulin 2 Binding to ER-PM Junctions and Ectodomain Release by ADAM10 [corrected]. pro-NRG2
88  2019 On the Role of Calcium-Permeable AMPARs in Long-Term Potentiation and Synaptic Tagging in the Rodent Hippocampus. CP, LTP, sTBS, wTBS
89  2019 Overexpression of the dopamine receptor-interacting protein Alix/AIP1 modulates NMDA receptor-triggered cell death. PSD
90  2019 Regulation of NMDA Receptor Plasticity in the BNST Following Adolescent Alcohol Exposure. AIE, BNST
91  2018 A structurally derived model of subunit-dependent NMDA receptor function. NMDAR
92  2018 alpha2delta-1 couples to NMDA receptors in the hypothalamus to sustain sympathetic vasomotor activity in hypertension. NMDAR, PVN, RVLM, SHRs
93  2018 An inter-dimer allosteric switch controls NMDA receptor activity. ABD, NTD
94  2018 Astrocytic Regulation of Glutamate Transmission in Schizophrenia. EAATs
95  2018 Atypical Expression and Activation of GluN2A- and GluN2B-Containing NMDA Receptors at Ganglion Cells during Retinal Degeneration. ---
96  2018 CaMKII Metaplasticity Drives Abeta Oligomer-Mediated Synaptotoxicity. AD, AMPARs, CaMKII, LTP
97  2018 Development of Cortical Pyramidal Cell and Interneuronal Dendrites: a Role for Kainate Receptor Subunits and NETO1. AMPARs, KARs
98  2018 Differential Nanoscale Topography and Functional Role of GluN2-NMDA Receptor Subtypes at Glutamatergic Synapses. ---
99  2018 Elucidating the mechanisms of fear extinction in developing animals: a special case of NMDA receptor-independent extinction in adolescent rats. JuvCond-AdolesExt
100  2018 Functional Distinctions between Spine and Dendritic Synapses Made onto Parvalbumin-Positive Interneurons in Mouse Cortex. APs, CP-AMPARs, INs