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Long Form:   nitrogen monoxide
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Acute Effects of Air Pollution and Noise from Road Traffic in a Panel of Young Healthy Adults. ---
2019 Ambient mercury source identification at a New York State urban site: Rochester, NY. CBPF, CO, GEM, GOM, PBM, PCA, PMF, PSCF
2019 Effect of Single-Point Mutations on Nitric Oxide Rebinding and the Thermodynamic Stability of Myoglobin. ---
2019 Effects of Moringa oleifera leaf extract on growth performance, physiological and immune response, and related immune gene expression of Macrobrachium rosenbergii with Vibrio anguillarum and ammonia stress. CAT, IMD, iNOS, SOD
2019 Ferulic acid protects against heat stress-induced intestinal epithelial barrier dysfunction in IEC-6 cells via the PI3K/Akt-mediated Nrf2/HO-1 signaling pathway. FA, HO-1, MDA, Nrf2, ROS, SOD, TER
2019 Hydrothermal processing of beta-glucan from Aureobasidium pullulans produces a low molecular weight reagent that regulates inflammatory responses induced by TLR ligands. KBG, LPS
2019 In Situ Tracking of Dynamic NO Capture through a Crystal-to-Crystal Transformation from a Gate-Open-Type Chain Porous Coordination Polymer to a NO-Adducted Discrete Isomer. MOFs, PCPs, phz
2019 Peculiairities of the functioning circadian organization the ion-regulating function of kidney under the condition of pineal gland hyperfunction of the influence nitrogen monoxide synthesis blockade. L-NNA, PG
2019 The Immuno-Enhancement Effects of Tubiechong (Eupolyphaga sinensis) Lyophilized Powder in Cyclophosphamide-Induced Immunosuppressed Mice. Bax, Bcl-2, CAT, CD, DTH, ESL, IL, JNK, MDA, NK, SOD, TCM, TNF-alpha
10  2019 Ursolic acid prevents doxorubicin-induced cardiac toxicity in mice through eNOS activation and inhibition of eNOS uncoupling. DOX, eNOS, LVEF, LVFS, NOX4, ROS, UA
11  2018 Analysis of the Role of Carriership of Polymorphic Genotypes of ESR1, eNOS, and APOE4 Genes in the Development of Arterial Hypertension in Men. APOE, eNOS
12  2018 Assessment of n-pentanol/Calophyllum inophyllum/diesel blends on the performance, emission, and combustion characteristics of a constant-speed variable compression ratio direct injection diesel engine. CI, CO, HC
14  2018 Atmospheric Factors Affecting a Decrease in the Night-Time Concentrations of Tropospheric Ozone in a Low-Polluted Urban Area. NOx
15  2018 Circadian characteristic of kidney excretory function influenced by nitrogen monoxide synthesis blockade under conditions of pineal gland normal with peculiarities of melatonin effect. PG
16  2018 Correlations of 25(OH)D level with blood lipid, inflammatory factors and vascular endothelial function in diabetic patients. HDL, TC, TG, TNF-alpha, vWF
17  2018 Effect of polysaccharides extracted from Sipunculus nudus (SNP) on the lifespan and immune damage repair of Drosophila melanogaster exposed to Cd (VI). GSH-Px, MDA, SNP, SOD, T-AOC
18  2018 First approach to exhaust emissions characterization of light vehicles in Montevideo, Uruguay. CO, NOx
19  2018 Identification of two IL-4/13 homologues in large yellow croaker (Larimichthys crocea) revealed their similar roles in inducing alternative activation of monocytes/macrophages. IL-4, iNOS, ROS
20  2018 Nitrogen Oxides Mitigation Efficiency of Cementitious Materials Incorporated with TiO₂. ---
21  2018 Peripheral Arterial Tonometry in Pulmonary Vasculitis. DEI, GPA, PAT, RHI
22  2018 Photocatalytic NO removal over calcium-bridged siloxenes under ultraviolet and visible light irradiation. Ca-siloxenes
23  2018 Purification, characterization, crystal structure and NO production inhibitory activity of three new sesquiterpenoids from homalomena occulta. ---
24  2018 Reduction of nitrosative stress by methane: Neuroprotection through xanthine oxidoreductase inhibition in a rat model of mesenteric ischemia-reperfusion. XOR
25  2018 The AGP-PPARgamma axis promotes oxidative stress and diabetic endothelial cell dysfunction. AGEs, AGP, eNOS, PPARgamma
26  2018 Three-Dimensional ZnO Nanostructure Based Gas and Humidity Sensors. ---
27  2017 Air quality perception of pedestrians in an urban outdoor Mediterranean environment: A field survey approach. CO, NOx, PET
28  2017 Attempts to minimize nitrogen oxide emission from diesel engine by using antioxidant-treated diesel-biodiesel blend. BHT, BSFC, BTE, CI, CO, HC, HRR, MBEBP
29  2017 Berkeleyacetal C, a meroterpenoid isolated from the fungus Penicillium purpurogenum MHZ 111, exerts anti-inflammatory effects via inhibiting NF-kappaB, ERK1/2 and IRF3 signaling pathways. BAC, IL-1beta, iNOS, IRF3, LPS, MAPK, MCP-1, MIP-1alpha, NF-kappaB, TNF-alpha
30  2017 Examination of neurological prognostic markers in patients with respiratory syncytial virus-associated encephalopathy. BDNF, IL, PCPC, RSV
31  2017 Hemodynamic Implications of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Oxide (NO) during Living Donor Liver Transplantation. CO, COHb, LDLT, MELD, MetHb
32  2017 Influence of low-temperature combustion and dimethyl ether-diesel blends on performance, combustion, and emission characteristics of common rail diesel engine: a CFD study. C-C, CFD, CO, CRDI, DME, ECFM-3Z, EGR, ITE
33  2017 Microcirculation and red cell transfusion in patients with sepsis. Hb, RBCs
34  2017 Molecular Mechanisms of Action of Gas Transmitters NO, CO and H2S in Smooth Muscle Cells and Effect of NO-generating Compounds (Nitrates and Nitrites) on Average Life Expectancy. CO
35  2017 Nanophase-separated Ni3Nb as an automobile exhaust catalyst. CO, Nb, PMs, Pt
37  2017 Photocatalytic activity of silicon-based nanoflakes for the decomposition of nitrogen monoxide. ---
38  2017 Prostaglandin E2 As a Modulator of Viral Infections. IFN, PGE2
39  2017 Relationship between hyperglycemia, antioxidant capacity and some enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants in African patients with type 2 diabetes. CAT, DPNC, MDA, TAC
40  2017 [Changes of Main Syndromes of Gan Failing to Maintain Normal Flow of Qi in Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder]. ACTH, Ang II, CM, GC, Hcy, MLT, NPY, PMDD
41  2016 A practical proposal for solving the world's cigarette butt problem: Recycling in fired clay bricks. CBs, CO, HCN
42  2016 Association between Body Mass Index, Asymmetric Dimethylarginine and Risk of Cardiovascular Events and Mortality in Norwegian Patients with Suspected Stable Angina Pectoris. ADMA, AMI, BMI, HR
43  2016 Effect of low-intensity focused ultrasound on endothelin-1, nitrogen monoxide and oxytocin receptor in the uterine tissues of Sprague-Dawley rats following abortion. ET-1, OXTR, SD
44  2016 Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Study on Nonequilibrium Reaction Pathways in the Photolysis of Solid Nitromethane (CH3NO2) and D3-Nitromethane (CD3NO2). CD3NO2
45  2016 Histone deacetylase inhibitors suppress RSV infection and alleviate virus-induced airway inflammation. AECs, COX-2, HDAC, HDACIs, IFN-alpha, IL, MAPK, MDA, NF-kappaB, RSV, SAHA, STAT3, TSA
46  2016 Molecular characterization of a novel nitric oxide synthase gene from Portunus trituberculatus and the roles of NO/O2(-)- generating and antioxidant systems in host immune responses to Hematodinium. NOS, NOX
47  2016 Nailfold capillaroscopy assessment of microcirculation abnormalities and endothelial dysfunction in children with primary or secondary Raynaud syndrome. E-sel, ET-1, IL-18, pRS, RS, sRS
48  2016 New sesquiterpenes from the rhizomes of homalomena occulta. ---
49  2016 Novel Diterpenoids from the Twigs of Podocarpus nagi. LPS
50  2016 Ozone Cross-Section Measurement by Gas Phase Titration. CAPS, GPT, UV
51  2016 Physiological Importance of Hydrogen Sulfide: Emerging Potent Neuroprotector and Neuromodulator. CBS, CO, CSE, DAO, MST
52  2016 Pinoresinol Diglucoside Alleviates oxLDL-Induced Dysfunction in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells. ICAM-1, LOX-1, MDA, NF-kappaB, oxLDL, PCR, PD, ROS, SOD
53  2016 Progesterone amplifies oxidative stress signal and promotes NO production via H2O2 in mouse kidney arterial endothelial cells. eNOS, GCLC, GPx, HIF-alpha
54  2016 The effects of dietary carbohydrate on the growth, antioxidant capacities, innate immune responses and pathogen resistance of juvenile Black carp Mylopharyngodon piceus. CAT, CHO, COL, GPx, HEPC, IFN, LYZ, MDA, NRAMP, SOD, T-AOC, TNF-alpha, tNOS
55  2016 [Impact of varicocele and varicocelectomy on the apoptosis of spermatogenic cells and the levels of nitrogen monoxidum and interleukin 1 in the rat testis]. IL-1, VC, VC1, VC2, VCT
56  2015 Effects of catechins on litter size, reproductive performance and antioxidative status in gestating sows. CAT, GSH-Px, MDA, NOS, SOD
57  2015 Effects of fructooligosaccharide on immune response, antioxidant capability and HSP70 and HSP90 expressions of blunt snout bream (Megalobrama amblycephala) under high ammonia stress. FOS
58  2015 Effects of selenium deficiency on principal indexes of chicken kidney function. AHR, CAT, CREA, GPx, HO, iNOS, MDA, mRNA, Se, URIC
59  2015 Effects of SO2 on selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 over a TiO2 photocatalyst. photo-SCR, XPS
60  2015 Iron oxide cluster induced barrier-free conversion of nitric oxide to ammonia. ---
61  2015 Novel CuCo2O4/graphitic carbon nitride nanohybrids: Highly effective catalysts for reducing CO generation and fire hazards of thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites. CO, TPU
62  2015 Part 1. Assessment of carcinogenicity and biologic responses in rats after lifetime inhalation of new-technology diesel exhaust in the ACES bioassay. ACES, BAL, CO, DPM, LRRI, TDE
63  2015 Physicochemical factors and sources of particulate matter at residential urban environment in Kuala Lumpur. APCS, CO, MLR, NMHC, PCA, RMAQG
64  2015 Protective effect of propyl gallate against oxidized low-density lipoprotein-induced injury of endothelial cells. ECs, eNOS, GPx, HUVECs, MDA, oxLDL, PG, ROS, SOD
65  2015 The effect of N-acetylcysteine on oxidative serum biomarkers of hemodialysis patients. ADMA, MDA, MPO, NAC
68  2014 Anti-inflammatory effects of 81 chinese herb extracts and their correlation with the characteristics of traditional chinese medicine. iNOS, TCM
69  2014 Biological NOx removal by denitrification process in a jet-loop bioreactor: system performance and model development. JLBR
70  2014 Decomposition of NO in automobile exhaust by plasma-photocatalysis synergy. ---
71  2014 Glutathione S-transferase and MRP1 form an integrated system involved in the storage and transport of dinitrosyl-dithiolato iron complexes in cells. DNICs
72  2014 Isolation of a novel paxilline analog pyrapaxilline from fungus that inhibits LPS-induced NO production. ---
73  2014 MC-002 exhibits positive effects against platelets aggregation and endothelial dysfunction through thromboxane A2 inhibition. 6-keto-PGF1alpha, ET-1, HUVECs, ICAM-1, NF-kappaB, TNF-alpha, TXA2, TXB2
74  2014 Potential impact of air pollution on multiple sclerosis in Tehran, Iran. ANNI, GIS, MS, NOx
75  2014 Prenatal air pollution exposure and ultrasound measures of fetal growth in Los Angeles, California. CO, IQR, LUR, NOx, PM10
76  2014 The surface chemistry of NO(x) on mackinawite (FeS) surfaces: a DFT-D2 study. ---
77  2014 [Effect of dangua recipe on glycolipid metabolism and VCAM-1 and its mRNA expression level in Apo E(-/-) mice with diabetes mellitus]. DGR, DM, ET-1, FBG, HbA1c, STZ, TC, VCAM-1
78  2014 [Effect of low-intensity ultrasound on endothelin-1 and nitrogen monoxide in uterine tissues of SD rats following abortion]. ---
79  2014 [The use of plasma surgery in military medicine]. NOS
80  2013 Acute pulmonary vasoreactivity test with sildenafil or nitric monoxide before left ventricular assist device implantation. APVT, LVAD, PH
81  2013 Antioxidant status and oxidative stress in patients with chronic ITP. ELISA, GSH-Px, ITP, MDA, SOD, TAS, TOS
82  2013 Comparison of the killing effects between nitrogen-doped and pure TiO2 on HeLa cells with visible light irradiation. HeLa, MMP, PDT
83  2013 Determination of rate constants of N-alkylation of primary amines by 1H NMR spectroscopy. ACN, MA, PO
84  2013 Functional characterization of a novel tropinone reductase-like gene in Dendrobium nobile Lindl. MeJA, SA, TR
85  2013 Overproduction of free radical species in embryonal cells exposed to low intensity radiofrequency radiation. 8-oxodG, RF-EMR, TBARS
86  2013 Physical activity and alpha-lipoic acid modulate inflammatory response through changes in thiol redox status. alpha-LA, IL-6
87  2013 Predicting hourly air pollutant levels using artificial neural networks coupled with uncertainty analysis by Monte Carlo simulations. ANN, CO, LHS, MCS, NOx, PI, PM10
88  2013 [Nitrogen oxide is involved in the regulation of the Fe-S cluster assembly in proteins and the formation of biofilms by Escherichia coli cells]. CF, CisA
89  2012 A randomly-controlled study on the cardiac function at the early stage of return to the plains after short-term exposure to high altitude. CK-MB, ET-1, HIF-1alpha, LDH-1, LVEF, LVFS, MDA, mPAP, SOD
90  2012 Exposure to nitrogen dioxide in an indoor ice arena - New Hampshire, 2011. CO, NHDHHS
91  2012 Nitric oxide storage and transport in cells are mediated by glutathione S-transferase P1-1 and multidrug resistance protein 1 via dinitrosyl iron complexes. DNIC, GSTP1-1, MRP1
92  2012 Nitrogen monoxide (NO) storage and transport by dinitrosyl-dithiol-iron complexes: long-lived NO that is trafficked by interacting proteins. MRP1
93  2012 Part 1. Biologic responses in rats and mice to subchronic inhalation of diesel exhaust from U.S. 2007-compliant engines: report on 1-, 3-, and 12-month exposures in the ACES bioassay. ACES, BAL, CO, DPM, LRRI
94  2012 Simulated downwind coal combustion emissions for laboratory inhalation exposure atmospheres. PM
95  2012 Switching the electronic properties of Co-octaethylporphyrin molecules on oxygen-covered Ni films by NO adsorption. CoOEP
96  2012 The effects of transrectal radiofrequency hyperthermia on patients with chronic prostatitis and the changes of MDA, NO, SOD, and Zn levels in pretreatment and posttreatment. CP, MDA, SOD, TRFH, Zn
97  2012 The impact of sea breeze under different synoptic patterns on air pollution within Athens basin. ---
98  2012 The interaction of iron pyrite with oxygen, nitrogen and nitrogen oxides: a first-principles study. DFT
99  2012 [Alpha lipoic acid affect the function of EPCs incubated by high-glucose]. ALA, HS, MDA, NC, RT-PCR
100  2012 [Changes and clinical implications of the levels of serum NO and VEGF and HIF-1alpha in patients with obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome]. HIF-1alpha, OSAHS, VEGF