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略語:   NS  (>> 共起略語)
展開形:   nonsurgical
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2022 Changes in Sex Steroids and Enteric Peptides After Sleeve Gastrectomy in Youth in Relation to Changes in Bone Parameters. aBMD, BMI, FAI, SG, vBMD
2021 Assessment of soft and hard tissue dimensions following different treatment approaches of ligature-induced peri-implantitis defects. BC, ERL, hBT, PCM, PM
2021 Bariatric Surgery Decreases the Risk of Non-traffic Accident-Related Fractures in Patients with Obesity: Real-world Data from Taiwan. BS, GP, HR
2021 Significance of endoscopic hematoma evacuation in elderly patients with spontaneous putaminal hemorrhage. CR, EN, ICH, NIHSS
2020 Does primary tumor resection contribute to overall survival in unresectable synchronous metastatic colorectal cancer? mCRC, PTR
2020 The long-term risk of cardiovascular events in patients following bariatric surgery compared to a non-surgical population with obesity and the general population: a comprehensive national cohort study. BS, GP
2018 Alarmins as biomarkers of gastrointestinal surgical injury - a pilot study. GIT, MAS
2018 Spectral analysis of heart rate variability predicts mortality and instability from vascular injury. HF, LF, VLF
2017 Decision analysis to identify the ideal treatment for adult spinal deformity: What is the impact of complications on treatment outcomes? ASD, DA, LT, NLT, QALE
10  2017 Passive stiffness of the ankle and plantar flexor muscle performance after Achilles tendon repair: a cross-sectional study. SU
11  2016 Electrophysiological Predictors of Clinical Outcome in Traumatic Neuropathies: A Multicenter Prospective Study. NCS, TN
12  2015 Long-term orthognathic surgical outcomes in Treacher Collins patients. ---
13  2013 Functional restoration of diaphragmatic paralysis: an evaluation of phrenic nerve reconstruction. DP, PS
14  2013 [Pneumoperitoneum after jacuzzi bathing -- an unusual cause for the development of intraperitoneal free air]. ---
15  2011 Died of wounds on the battlefield: causation and implications for improving combat casualty care. DOW, PS
16  2008 Incidence of anterior cruciate ligament injury and other knee ligament injuries: a national population-based study. ACL, ACLS, OKLS
17  2008 Injury severity and causes of death from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom: 2003-2004 versus 2006. PS
18  2007 Immediate post-operative effects of different periodontal treatment modalities on oral health-related quality of life: a randomized clinical trial. GOHAI, OHIP-14, OHQoL, SG
19  2003 Discrimination validity of the scoliosis research society-22 patient questionnaire: relationship to idiopathic scoliosis curve pattern and curve size. HRQL, NSS, NSU, PS, PSS, PSS, SRS-22
20  2003 Do the best students go into general surgery? AOA, GS, NBME, SS
21  1999 Hypothyroidism: its incidence and prevalence in adults older than 55 years of age in an acute rehabilitation unit. PS
22  1993 Lactate clearance and survival following injury. CI, DO2, ISS
23  1988 Surgical versus non-surgical treatment and recurrent periodontal disease in beagle dogs. SU