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Long Form:   Norwalk virus
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2017 The Norovirus NS3 Protein Is a Dynamic Lipid- and Microtubule-Associated Protein Involved in Viral RNA Replication. dsRNA, ER, MNV, MNV, NoV
2016 Frequent Use of the IgA Isotype in Human B Cells Encoding Potent Norovirus-Specific Monoclonal Antibodies That Block HBGA Binding. NoV
2016 Mapping and modeling of a strain-specific epitope in the Norwalk virus capsid inner shell. scFv
2016 Replication of Human Norovirus RNA in Mammalian Cells Reveals Lack of Interferon Response. HuNoVs, IFN, IL-29, IRF3, MAVS, MNV, SeV, shRNA
2015 Crystal structures of GI.8 Boxer virusP dimers in complex with HBGAs, a novel evolutionary path selected by the Lewis epitope. BV, CBP, HBGAs, huNoVs
2015 Mucosal and Cellular Immune Responses to Norwalk Virus. IgA, IgG
2014 Development of a Gaussia luciferase-based human norovirus protease reporter system: cell type-specific profile of Norwalk virus protease precursors and evaluation of inhibitors. Gluc, HuNoVs, PRO, TLCK
2014 Seroepidemiology of norovirus-associated travelers' diarrhea. DELFIA, ELISA, HOV, IgA, NoVs, RT-PCR, TD, VLPs
2014 TLR7 and 9 agonists are highly effective mucosal adjuvants for norovirus virus-like particle vaccines. TLR, VLPs
10  2013 Development of Norwalk virus-specific monoclonal antibodies with therapeutic potential for the treatment of Norwalk virus gastroenteritis. mAbs, rVLPs
11  2013 Laboratory evidence of norwalk virus contamination on the hands of infected individuals. GEC, NoV, RT-qPCR
12  2013 Lack of norovirus replication and histo-blood group antigen expression in 3-dimensional intestinal epithelial cells. CPE, NoVs
13  2013 Norwalk Virus Minor Capsid Protein VP2 Associates within the VP1 Shell Domain. ---
14  2013 Structural basis of substrate specificity and protease inhibition in Norwalk virus. ---
15  2013 Unusual self-assembly properties of Norovirus Newbury2 virus-like particles. NB2, VLP
16  2012 Antiviral activity of nucleoside analogues against norovirus. MNV, NoV
17  2012 Bioprocessing of plant-derived virus-like particles of Norwalk virus capsid protein under current Good Manufacture Practice regulations. cGMP, NVCP, VLPs
18  2012 Broad-spectrum antivirals against 3C or 3C-like proteases of picornaviruses, noroviruses, and coronaviruses. ---
19  2012 Intranasal vaccination with murabutide enhances humoral and mucosal immune responses to a virus-like particle vaccine. CT, GARD, i.n, MB, NOD2, VLP
20  2012 Persistence and transferability of noroviruses on and between common surfaces and foods. HuNoV, MNV-1, RT-qPCR, SMV
21  2012 Persistence of Norwalk virus, male-specific coliphage, and Escherichia coli on stainless steel coupons and in phosphate-buffered saline. NoVs, PBS, RT
22  2012 Serum hemagglutination inhibition activity correlates with protection from gastroenteritis in persons infected with Norwalk virus. HAI, HBGA
23  2011 Biodegradable nanogels for oral delivery of interferon for norovirus infection. IFNs, MNV, PEI
24  2011 Chimpanzees as an animal model for human norovirus infection and vaccine development. VLPs
25  2011 Serological responses to experimental Norwalk virus infection measured using a quantitative duplex time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay. DELFIA, ELISA
26  2010 An intranasally delivered Toll-like receptor 7 agonist elicits robust systemic and mucosal responses to Norwalk virus-like particles. CT, GARD, VLPs
27  2010 Effectiveness of liquid soap and hand sanitizer against Norwalk virus on contaminated hands. ASTM, HuNoV, RT-qPCR
28  2010 Identification of cross-reactive norovirus CD4+ T cell epitopes. FH, MNV, VEE, VLPs, VRPs
29  2010 Norwalk virus does not replicate in human macrophages or dendritic cells derived from the peripheral blood of susceptible humans. DCs
30  2010 Norwalk virus-like particles as vaccines. NoV, NVLPs, VLPs
31  2010 Quantification of Norwalk virus inocula: Comparison of endpoint titration and real-time reverse transcription-PCR methods. GEC, NoV
32  2010 Serological correlate of protection against norovirus-induced gastroenteritis. HBGAs
33  2009 Role of cholesterol pathways in norovirus replication. ACAT, HMG-CoA, LDLR
34  2008 An efficient plant viral expression system generating orally immunogenic Norwalk virus-like particles. dpi, rNVs, TMV, VLPs
35  2008 Atomic resolution structural characterization of recognition of histo-blood group antigens by Norwalk virus. HBGAs
36  2008 Evaluation of murine norovirus, feline calicivirus, poliovirus, and MS2 as surrogates for human norovirus in a model of viral persistence in surface water and groundwater. FCV, MNV, NA, NoVs, PV
37  2008 Inactivation of norovirus by chlorine disinfection of water. ---
38  2008 Structural basis for the receptor binding specificity of Norwalk virus. ---
39  2007 Interferons and ribavirin effectively inhibit Norwalk virus replication in replicon-bearing cells. ---
40  2007 Norwalk virus RNA is infectious in mammalian cells. RIG-I
41  2007 Presence of a surface-exposed loop facilitates trypsinization of particles of Sinsiro virus, a genogroup II.3 norovirus. aa, CP, GII, NoVs, SV
42  2006 Bile-salt-stimulated lipase and mucins from milk of 'secretor' mothers inhibit the binding of Norwalk virus capsids to their carbohydrate ligands. BSSL
43  2006 Conformational stability and disassembly of Norwalk virus-like particles. Effect of pH and temperature. CD, VLPs
44  2006 Construction of an internal RT-PCR standard control for the detection of human caliciviruses in stool. HuCV, IC
45  2006 Multivalent norovirus vaccines induce strong mucosal and systemic blocking antibodies against multiple strains. GI, HV, LV, SM, VLPs
46  2006 Persistence of caliciviruses on environmental surfaces and their transfer to food. CRFK, FCV, NoV, RTE
47  2006 Stable expression of a Norwalk virus RNA replicon in a human hepatoma cell line. IFN
48  2006 The VPgPro protein of Turnip mosaic virus: in vitro inhibition of translation from a ribonuclease activity. TuMV
49  2006 Tomato is a highly effective vehicle for expression and oral immunization with Norwalk virus capsid protein. rNV, VLPs
50  2006 X-ray crystallographic structure of the Norwalk virus protease at 1.5-A resolution. ORFs
51  2005 Association of histo-blood group antigens and susceptibility to norovirus infections. GG, HBGAs, NoVs
52  2005 Cellular and humoral immunity following Snow Mountain virus challenge. HV, IgG, PBMC, SMV
53  2005 Influence of the combined ABO, FUT2, and FUT3 polymorphism on susceptibility to Norwalk virus attachment. ---
54  2005 Norwalk virus infection associates with secretor status genotyped from sera. ---
55  2005 Replication and packaging of Norwalk virus RNA in cultured mammalian cells. CsCl
56  2004 A SYBR green, real-time RT-PCR method to detect and quantitate Norwalk virus in stools. rtRT-PCR
57  2004 Diagnosis of norwalk virus infection by indirect enzyme immunoassay detection of salivary antibodies to recombinant norwalk virus antigen. EIA, IgG, NoV
58  2004 Histo-blood group antigen and human milk oligosaccharides: genetic polymorphism and risk of infectious diseases. ---
59  2003 A feline kidney cell line-based plaque assay for feline calicivirus, a surrogate for Norwalk virus. FCV, NLV
60  2003 Comparative reduction of Norwalk virus, poliovirus type 1, F+ RNA coliphage MS2 and Escherichia coli in miniature soil columns. NLVs, PV1
61  2003 Evaluation of the NucliSens Basic Kit assay for detection of Norwalk virus RNA in stool specimens. EM, NASBA, NLVs, RT
62  2003 Inhibition of attachment of virions of Norwalk virus to mammalian cells by soluble histone molecules. ---
63  2003 Norwalk virus nonstructural protein p48 forms a complex with the SNARE regulator VAP-A and prevents cell surface expression of vesicular stomatitis virus G protein. VAP-A
64  2003 The 3' end of Norwalk virus mRNA contains determinants that regulate the expression and stability of the viral capsid protein VP1: a novel function for the VP2 protein. ORFs, UTR, VLPs
65  2003 [Incidence and prevalent types of Norwalk virus, Sapporo virus and human astrovirus in pediatric gastroenteritis in Hiroshima Prefecture]. HAstV, SV
66  2002 Baculovirus expression and antigenic characterization of the capsid proteins of three Norwalk-like viruses. EIAs, HuCVs, rVA97207, VLPs
67  2002 Concentration and detection of caliciviruses from food contact surfaces. FCV
68  2002 Detection and differentiation of Norwalk virus by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. RT-PCR-ELISA
69  2002 Experimental infection of Macaca nemestrina with a Toronto Norwalk-like virus of epidemic viral gastroenteritis. NLVs, RT-PCR
70  2002 Expression and self-assembly of norwalk virus capsid protein from venezuelan equine encephalitis virus replicons. ---
71  2002 Norwalk virus binds to histo-blood group antigens present on gastroduodenal epithelial cells of secretor individuals. cDNA
72  2002 Norwalk virus gastroenteritis among Israeli soldiers: lack of evidence for flyborne transmission. ELISA, IDF, rNV
73  2002 Norwalk virus infection and disease is associated with ABO histo-blood group type. CI, OR
74  2002 Structural requirements for the assembly of Norwalk virus-like particles. rNV-VLPs
75  2002 Substrate specificity of the Norwalk virus 3C-like proteinase. ORFs
76  2002 Zirconium hydroxide effectively immobilizes and concentrates human enteric viruses. HAV
77  2002 [Characteristic of Norwalk gastroenteritis and its prevention]. ---
78  2002 [Contamination of oyster sea farm with the Norwalk virus: mechanisms and control]. PCR
79  2002 [Epidemiology on Norwalk virus-related gastroenteritis outbreaks among elderly persons living in nursing homes]. ---
80  2002 [Identification and genotyping of Norwalk virus by stringent microplate hybridization of PCR products]. ---
81  2002 [Norwalk virus: recent findings]. ---
82  2002 [Rapid and efficient detection method of Norwalk virus]. ORF
83  2001 Clinical severity of Norwalk virus and Sapporo virus gastroenteritis in children in Hokkaido, Japan. SV
84  2001 Development of a reverse transcription-PCR-DNA enzyme immunoassay for detection of "Norwalk-like" viruses and hepatitis A virus in stool and shellfish. NLVs, RT-PCR
85  2000 Characterization of monoclonal antibodies generated against Norwalk virus GII capsid protein expressed in Escherichia coli. ELISA, mAbs, WB
86  2000 Complete nucleotide sequence of the chiba virus genome and functional expression of the 3C-like protease in Escherichia coli. GST, ORFs
87  2000 Development of an immunomagnetic capture reverse transcription-PCR assay for the detection of Norwalk virus. HAV, IMC
88  2000 Evaluation of nine sets of PCR primers in the RNA dependent RNA polymerase region for detection and differentiation of members of the family Caliciviridae, Norwalk virus and Sapporo virus. SV
89  2000 Expression of recombinant capsid proteins of chitta virus, a genogroup II Norwalk virus, and development of an ELISA to detect the viral antigen. aa, CHV, ELISA, rCHV, rCV, rSEV, VLPs
90  2000 Identification of an epitope common to genogroup 1 "norwalk-like viruses". mAbs, NLVs
91  2000 Interaction of cellular proteins with the 5' end of Norwalk virus genomic RNA. ---
92  2000 Interaction of recombinant norwalk virus particles with the 105-kilodalton cellular binding protein, a candidate receptor molecule for virus attachment. rUEVs, UEV, VLPs, VOPBA
93  2000 Members of the family caliciviridae (Norwalk virus and Sapporo virus) are the most prevalent cause of gastroenteritis outbreaks among infants in Japan. PCR, RV, SV
94  2000 Norwalk virus open reading frame 3 encodes a minor structural protein. ORF3, VLPs
95  1999 A multiplex reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction method for the detection of foodborne viruses. HAV, PV1, RT-PCR
96  1999 Expression and self-assembly of Grimsby virus: antigenic distinction from Norwalk and Mexico viruses. aa, ELISA, GRV, MxV, VLPs
97  1999 Immunoglobulin M antibody test to detect genogroup II Norwalk-like virus infection. ELISA, IgM, NLVs, rMXV, rNV
98  1999 Recombinant Norwalk virus-like particles given orally to volunteers: phase I study. Ig, VLPs
99  1999 Seroepidemiological study of genogroup I and II calicivirus infections in South and southern Africa. MxV
100  1998 Antigenic structure of the capsid protein of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus. mAbs, RHDV