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Long Form:   norovirus
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Development of CdSe⁻ZnO Flower-Rod Core-Shell Structure Based Photoelectrochemical Biosensor for Detection of Norovirous RNA. MPA, PEC
2018 Norovirus causing severe gastrointestinal disease following allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: A retrospective analysis. HSCT, SCID
2017 Case-Case Analysis Using 7 Years of Travelers' Diarrhea Surveillance Data: Preventive and Travel Medicine Applications in Cusco, Peru. TD
2017 Norovirus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase: A computational study of metal-binding preferences. RdRp
2017 Optimal strategies for the diagnosis of community-onset diarrhea in solid organ transplant recipients: Less is more. FOR, PCR, SOT
2017 Severe chronic norovirus diarrheal disease in transplant recipients: Clinical features of an under-recognized syndrome. RT-PCR
2017 Viral associated diarrhea in immunocompromised and cancer patients at a large comprehensive cancer center: a 10-year retrospective study. AV, GVHD, HCA, HSCT, RV, VAD
2016 An examination of co-infection in acute gastroenteritis and histo-blood group antigens leading to viral infection susceptibility. HBGAs
2016 An ultrasensitive SiO2-encapsulated alloyed CdZnSeS quantum dot-molecular beacon nanobiosensor for norovirus. LOD, MB, PL, QD, QY
10  2016 Community-Acquired Rotavirus Gastroenteritis Compared with Adenovirus and Norovirus Gastroenteritis in Italian Children: A Pedianet Study. AV, ER, FP, RV
12  2016 Removal characteristics and fluctuation of norovirus in a pilot-plant by an ultrafiltration membrane for the reclamation of treated sewage. UF
13  2015 Control of norovirus outbreak on a pediatric oncology unit. PCR
14  2015 Cost-effectiveness of norovirus vaccination in children in Peru. ---
15  2015 Determination of cut-off cycle threshold values in routine RT-PCR assays to assist differential diagnosis of norovirus in children hospitalized for acute gastroenteritis. Ct
16  2015 Development of enhanced primer sets for detection of norovirus. RT-PCR
17  2015 Isothermal cross-priming amplification implementation study. AstV, CPA, EAdV, RVA
18  2015 Virucidal effect of cold atmospheric gaseous plasma on feline calicivirus, a surrogate for human norovirus. Ar, CGP, FCV
19  2015 [Norovirus outbreaks in geriatric centers: importance of an early detection]. AGE
20  2014 Antiviral Effects of Lactococcus lactis on Feline Calicivirus, A Human Norovirus Surrogate. BCS, BGMF, CRFK, FCV, LAB, TCID
22  2014 Glycan-dependent viral infection in infants and the role of human milk oligosaccharides. HBGAs, HIV, HMO, RV
23  2014 Incidence of and factors associated with false positives in laboratory diagnosis of norovirus infection by amplification of the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase gene. aCI, AOR, RdRp, RT-PCR
24  2014 Person-to-person transmission of norovirus resulting in an outbreak of acute gastroenteritis at a summer camp. ---
25  2014 PPNDS inhibits murine Norovirus RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase mimicking two RNA stacking bases. RdRp
26  2014 Predominance of norovirus and sapovirus in Nicaragua after implementation of universal rotavirus vaccination. GE, RV, SV
27  2014 Structure of a backtracked state reveals conformational changes similar to the state following nucleotide incorporation in human norovirus polymerase. RdRp
28  2013 A Food Handler-Associated, Foodborne Norovirus GII.4 Sydney 2012-Outbreak Following a Wedding Dinner, Austria, October 2012. ---
29  2013 Detection and characterization of enteric viruses in flood water from the 2011 thai flood. HAV, RV
30  2013 Epidemiological and molecular analysis of human norovirus infections in Taiwan during 2011 and 2012. AGE, GII.4, RT-PCR
31  2013 Major reduction of rotavirus, but not norovirus, gastroenteritis in children seen in hospital after the introduction of RotaTeq vaccine into the National Immunization Programme in Finland. GE, NIP, RV
32  2013 Persistent enteric murine norovirus infection is associated with functionally suboptimal virus-specific CD8 T cell responses. MHC, MNV
33  2013 [Epidemiological features on 3 important viral diarrhea among children in Zhuhai during winter and spring]. AstV, RT-PCR, SV
34  2012 A single method for recovery and concentration of enteric viruses and bacteria from fresh-cut vegetables. BPW, HAV, MNV, PCRU, PEG, qPCR
35  2012 Bioluminescent enzyme immunoassay for the detection of norovirus capsid antigen. BLEIA, CVs, GI
36  2012 Molecular detection of three gastroenteritis viruses in urban surface waters in Beijing and correlation with levels of fecal indicator bacteria. AV, PCR, RV
37  2012 Survival of murine norovirus and F-RNA coliphage MS2 on pork during storage and retail display. GC, MNV
38  2012 Usefulness of the rapid determination system of viral genome sequences in human stool specimens. ---
39  2012 [Descriptive epidemiology for two outbreak cases of norovirus gastroenteritis in an elementary school]. ---
40  2011 Norovirus gastroenteritis causes severe and lethal complications after chemotherapy and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. GE
41  2011 Norovirus infections in asymptomatic food handlers in elementary schools without norovirus outbreaks in some regions of Incheon, Korea. RT-PCR
42  2010 Detection and phylogenetic analysis of hepatitis A virus and norovirus in marine recreational waters of Mexico. BLR, EPA, HAV, MRWs
43  2010 Estimation of norovirus removal performance in a coagulation-rapid sand filtration process by using recombinant norovirus VLPs. rNV-VLPs
44  2010 Evaluation of norovirus removal performance in a coagulation-ceramic microfiltration process by using recombinant norovirus virus-like particles. MF, rNV-VLPs
45  2010 Norovirus gastroenteritis in young children receiving human rotavirus vaccine. AGE, GI, GII, Mrt RT-PCR
46  2010 Quantification of enteric viruses, pathogen indicators, and Salmonella bacteria in class B anaerobically digested biosolids by culture and molecular methods. EV, HAdV, HPyV, MAD, MPN
47  2010 The Prevalence of Norovirus in returning international travelers with diarrhea. GG
48  2010 [Detection of norovirus RNA in bivalve molluscs by using bacteria-culture-employed method (A3T method)]. ---
49  2009 A microarray based approach for the identification of common foodborne viruses. HAV, RV
50  2009 A recombinant adenovirus prime-virus-like particle boost regimen elicits effective and specific immunities against norovirus in mice. VLP
51  2009 Dry and wet weather microbial characterization of the Chicago area waterway system. AV, CAWS, CSOs, EC, EN, EV, FC, PA, SA, WRPs
52  2009 Inactivation of feline calicivirus, a norovirus surrogate, by chlorine dioxide gas. FBS, FCV, RH
53  2009 The active form of the norovirus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase is a homodimer with cooperative activity. ---
54  2009 The effect of pre-treatment and sonication of centrifugal ultrafiltration devices on virus recovery. FCV
55  2009 [Clinical evaluation of a norovirus antigen detection test in pediatric patients and study targeting application to combat infection]. AV, RV
56  2008 Acute gastroenteritis outbreaks in Catalonia, Spain: norovirus versus Salmonella. AG, AR, CI, HR, OR, RT-PCR
57  2008 Comparison of clinical features of childhood norovirus and rotavirus gastroenteritis in Taiwan. EIA, RV
58  2008 Detection and characterization of sapoviruses in outbreaks of gastroenteritis in southwest Germany. SV
59  2008 Distribution of norovirus in oyster tissues. mAbs
60  2008 Effects of sanitation, freezing and frozen storage on enteric viruses in berries and herbs. FCV, HAV, RT-PCR, RV
61  2008 Genetic diversity of norovirus, sapovirus, and astrovirus isolated from children hospitalized with acute gastroenteritis in Chiang Mai, Thailand. HAstV, RT-PCR, SV
62  2008 Intranasal administration of a recombinant adenovirus expressing the norovirus capsid protein stimulates specific humoral, mucosal, and cellular immune responses in mice. VLPs
63  2008 New target tissue for food-borne virus detection in oysters. HAV, RT, RV
64  2008 Occurrence of norovirus infections unrelated to norovirus outbreaks in an asymptomatic food handler population. GII
65  2008 Sensitive and rapid detection of norovirus using duplex TaqMan reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. ORF, RT-PCR
66  2008 [Enhancement of norovirus detection rates in oysters and other food samples by using bacterial treatment]. ---
67  2008 [Molecular epidemiological study on norovirus among children with acute diarrhea in Guangzhou]. RT-PCR
68  2008 [Studies on simultaneous detection of four foodborneviruses by multiplex reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction]. AV, HAV, RT-PCR, RV
69  2007 Attachment of enteric viruses to bottles. HAV, PET, RV
70  2007 Evaluation and application of reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification for detection of noroviruses. GI, RT-LAMP
71  2007 Evaluation of two viral extraction methods for the detection of human noroviruses in shellfish with conventional and real-time reverse transcriptase PCR. PEG
72  2007 Genotyping and quantitation of noroviruses in oysters from two distinct sea areas in Japan. ---
73  2007 Norovirus capsid protein expressed in yeast forms virus-like particles and stimulates systemic and mucosal immunity in mice following an oral administration of raw yeast extracts. VLPs
74  2007 Outbreak of norovirus in Vastra Gotaland associated with recreational activities at two lakes during August 2004. ---
75  2007 Presence of viral proteins in drinkable water--sufficient condition to consider water a vector of viral transmission? EIA, RT-PCR, RV, VP
76  2007 Procedure for rapid concentration and detection of enteric viruses from berries and vegetables. HAV, RT-PCR, RV
77  2007 [Effects of hand hygiene on feline calicivirus inactivation and removal as norovirus surrogate treated with antiseptic hand rubbing, wet wipes, and functional water]. ---
78  2007 [Sequence analysis of norovirus CHN02/LZ35666 from Lanzhou city of China based on RdRp and VP1 genes]. RdRp
79  2006 A nucleic acid sequence-based amplification assay for real-time detection of norovirus genogroup II. GII, NASBA
80  2006 Additional value of typing Noroviruses in gastroenteritis outbreaks in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. GgII4nv, GI
81  2006 Characterization of norovirus 3Dpol RNA-dependent RNA polymerase activity and initiation of RNA synthesis. ---
82  2006 Correlation of norovirus variants with epidemics of acute viral gastroenteritis in Hong Kong. ---
83  2006 Detection of norovirus capsid proteins in faecal and food samples by a real time immuno-PCR method. rNVLPs, rtI-PCR
84  2006 Experience from the development of a diagnostic single tube real-time PCR for human caliciviruses, Norovirus genogroups I and II. qPCR
85  2006 Multiple viral infections and genomic divergence among noroviruses during an outbreak of acute gastroenteritis. AsV, GII, SSCP
86  2006 Norovirus outbreak in a pediatric oncology unit. ELISA, RT-PCR
87  2006 Virological, serological, and clinical features of an outbreak of acute gastroenteritis due to recombinant genogroup II norovirus in an infant home. ---
88  2006 [Effects of handwashing on Feline Calicivirus removal as Norovirus surrogate]. FCV
89  2005 Frequency of Norovirus in stool samples from patients with gastrointestinal symptoms in Switzerland. ---
90  2005 Gastroenteritis in US Marines during Operation Iraqi Freedom. ---
91  2005 Multiple norovirus genotypes characterised from an oyster-associated outbreak of gastroenteritis. EIA, GI, RT
92  2005 Norovirus genotypes causing gastroenteritis outbreaks in Finland 1998-2002. ---
93  2005 Norovirus pathway in water environment estimated by genetic analysis of strains from patients of gastroenteritis, sewage, treated wastewater, river water and oysters. ---
94  2005 Porcine gastric mucin binds to recombinant norovirus particles and competitively inhibits their binding to histo-blood group antigens and Caco-2 cells. HBGA, OS, PGM, rNVLP
95  2005 Prevalence and genetic characterization of caliciviruses among children hospitalized for acute gastroenteritis in the United States. SV
96  2005 Proportion of sporadic gastroenteritis cases caused by rotavirus, norovirus, adenovirus and bacteria in Japan from January 2000 to December 2003. AdV, OV, RV, SG
97  2005 [Comparison of the number of Norovirus genome copies in patients and healthy persons]. ---
98  2004 Application of the heteroduplex mobility assay (HMA) for the investigation of the genomic diversity among noroviruses in environmental samples. HMA
99  2004 Coexistence of multiple genotypes, including newly identified genotypes, in outbreaks of gastroenteritis due to Norovirus in Japan. N/S, RT
100  2004 Diversity of enteric viruses detected in patients with gastroenteritis in a tertiary referral paediatric hospital. SV