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Abbreviation:   NiR  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   nitrite reductase
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Ammonium and hydroxylamine can be preferentially removed during simultaneous nitrification and denitrification by Pseudomonas taiwanensis EN-F2. AMO, HAO, NR, SND
2022 Cloning of Nitrate Reductase and Nitrite Reductase Genes and Their Functional Analysis in Regulating Cr(VI) Reduction in Ectomycorrhizal Fungus Pisolithus sp.1. EMF, NR
2022 De novo transcriptome analysis reveals the molecular regulatory mechanism underlying the response to excess nitrogen in Azolla spp. AMTs, DEGs, GDHs, NIA
2022 Disentangling the coupling relationships between functional denitrifiers and nitrogen transformation during cattle-manure and biochar composting: A novel perspective. AAN, CM
2022 Effects of biochar and biogas residue amendments on N2O emission, enzyme activities and functional genes related with nitrification and denitrification during rice straw composting. AMO, N2OR, NR
2022 Enzymatic regulation of N2O production by denitrifying bacteria in the sludge of biological nitrogen removal process. Nar, SBR
2022 Heterologous expression of ISU1 gene from Fragaria vesca enhances plant tolerance to Fe depletion in Arabidopsis. ACO, SDH
2022 In-vivo protein nitration facilitates Vibrio cholerae cell survival under anaerobic, nutrient deprived conditions. PTN
2022 Inorganic Nitrogen Enhances the Drought Tolerance of Evergreen Broad-Leaved Tree Species in the Short-Term, but May Aggravate Their Water Shortage in the Mid-Term. ABA, CT, GS, MDA, NR, Pro, T-AOC
10  2022 Insights into the response of anammox sludge to the combined stress of nickel and salinity. AKP, EPS, HZO, Nar
11  2022 Low irrigation water minimizes the nitrate nitrogen losses without compromising the soil fertility, enzymatic activities and maize growth. GS, LN, MDA, NR, RN
12  2022 Metabolomic analysis reveals the impact of ketoprofen on carbon and nitrogen metabolism in rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedling leaves. GDH, GS, INV, NR, PACs, SPS, SS
13  2022 Myoglobin mutant with enhanced nitrite reductase activity regulates intracellular oxidative stress in human breast cancer cells. Mb, NO, ROS/RNS, WT
14  2022 Nickel Toxicity Interferes with NO3-/NH4+ Uptake and Nitrogen Metabolic Enzyme Activity in Rice (Oryza sativa L.). GDH, GOT, GPT, GS, Ni, NR
15  2022 Nitrogen assimilation in plants: current status and future prospects. ASN, CPSase, GDH, GS, NR, NUE
16  2022 Novel nitrite reductase domain structure suggests a chimeric denitrification repertoire in the phylum Chloroflexi. NOR
17  2022 Perturbation of clopyralid on bio-denitrification and nitrite accumulation: Long-term performance and biological mechanism. AHLs, EPS
18  2022 PMo12 as a redox mediator for bio-reduction of Cr(VI): Promotor or inhibitor? ETSA, FMN, Nar
19  2022 Promotion of anammox process by different graphene-based materials: Roles of particle size and oxidation degree. GO, rGO, SAA
20  2022 Regulation of Nir gene in Lactobacillus plantarum WU14 mediated by GlnR. ---
21  2022 Scrutinizes the Sustainable Role of Halophilic Microbial Strains on Oxygen-Evolving Complex, Specific Energy Fluxes, Energy Flow and Nitrogen Assimilation of Sunflower Cultivars in a Suboptimal Environment. LHE, NR, OEC, PSII, SEF
22  2022 Te(IV) bioreduction in the sulfur autotrophic reactor: Performance, kinetics and synergistic mechanism. EPS, Nar, SAR, SDO, SQR
23  2022 The effects of fullerene on photosynthetic apparatus, chloroplast-encoded gene expression, and nitrogen assimilation in Zea mays under cobalt stress. AsA, FLN, GDH, GOGAT, GS, GSH, GST, NR, POX, ROS, SOD
24  2022 The mechanism by which Enteromorpha Linza polysaccharide promotes Bacillus subtilis growth and nitrate removal. D-NRase, EP, SEM
25  2022 The Remediation in Enzyme's Activities in Plants: Tea Waste as a Modifier to Improve the Efficiency of Growth of Helianthus annuus in Contaminated Soil. NR, SEM
26  2021 Adaptation mechanism of aerobic denitrifier Enterobacter cloacae strain HNR to short-term ZnO nanoparticle stresses. NP, NR, Re, ROS, WT
27  2021 Coordination of nitrogen uptake and assimilation favours the growth and competitiveness of moso bamboo over native tree species in high-NH4+ environments. GDH, GS, NR
28  2021 Descriptive data on simultaneous nitrification and denitrification of hypersaline wastewater by a robust bacterium Halomonas salifodinae. AMO, HAO
29  2021 Effect of LED Spectrum on the Quality and Nitrogen Metabolism of Lettuce Under Recycled Hydroponics. LED, RB, RBF, RBG, RBP
30  2021 Genomic identification of nitrogen assimilation-related genes and transcriptional characterization of their responses to nitrogen in allotetraploid rapeseed. GOGAT, GS, NAG, NR
31  2021 Influence of heme propionates on the nitrite reductase activity of myoglobin. DME-Mb, Mb, WT
32  2021 Nitrogen Assimilation Related Genes in Brassicanapus: Systematic Characterization and Expression Analysis Identified Hub Genes in Multiple Nutrient Stress Responses. AS, GDH, GOGAT, GS, NAGs, NR
33  2021 Physiological and comparative transcriptome analysis of leaf response and physiological adaption to saline alkali stress across pH values in alfalfa (Medicago sativa). CEF, NPQ, NR, OEC
34  2021 Physiological Characteristics and Transcriptomic Dissection in Two Root Segments with Contrasting Net Fluxes of Ammonium and Nitrate of Poplar Under Low Nitrogen Availability. GS
35  2021 Role of oxylipin on Luffa seedlings exposed to NaCl and UV-B stresses: An insight into mechanism. GS, MeJA, NR, OPDA
36  2021 Short-Term Exposure to High Atmospheric Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) Severely Impacts Durum Wheat Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolism in the Absence of Edaphic Water Stress. RH, VPD, WS, WW
37  2021 Weak electrical stimulation on biological denitrification: Insights from the denitrifying enzymes. EPS, LB, Nar, TB
38  2021 [Characteristics of Partial Denitrification in Biofilm System]. ANAMMOX, Nar, NTR, PD, TN
39  2020 A Plant Gene Encoding One-Heme and Two-Heme Hemoglobins With Extreme Reactivities Toward Diatomic Gases and Nitrite. NO
40  2020 Biochar counteracts nitrification inhibitor DMPP-mediated negative effect on spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) growth. BC, DMPP, NIs, NR
41  2020 Carbene-Induced Rescue of Catalytic Activity in Deactivated Nitrite Reductase Mutant. NHC
42  2020 Co-association of Two nir Denitrifiers Under the Influence of Emergent Macrophytes. ---
43  2020 Effects of exposure to anionic surfactants (SDBS and SDS) on nitrogen removal of aerobic denitrifier. NR, SDBS, SDBS-200, SDS, SDS-100, SDS-200, TN
44  2020 Establishment of a firefly luciferase reporter assay system in the unicellular red alga Cyanidioschyzon merolae. Luc
45  2020 Exogenous diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate ameliorates low temperature stress by improving nitrogen metabolism in maize seedlings. GDH, GS, LT, NR, Pn
46  2020 Flocs are the main source of nitrous oxide in a high-rate anammox granular sludge reactor: insights from metagenomics and fed-batch experiments. AGSR, NO
47  2020 Foliar Spraying with Compound Amino Acid-Iron Fertilizer Increases Leaf Fresh Weight, Photosynthesis, and Fe-S Cluster Gene Expression in Peach (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch). Pn, qRT-PCR, SDH
48  2020 Highly efficient nitrate reduction driven by an electrocoagulation system: An electrochemical and molecular mechanism. IC-N, MDECC, Nar, TN
49  2020 Phytohormone up-regulates the biochemical constituent, exopolysaccharide and nitrogen metabolism in paddy-field cyanobacteria exposed to chromium stress. APC, EPS, GDH, GS, IAA, KN, NR, PC, PE
50  2020 Quantification of Ni-N-O Bond Angles and NO Activation by X-ray Emission Spectroscopy. DFT, XES
51  2020 Quorum sensing systems regulate heterotrophic nitrification-aerobic denitrification by changing the activity of nitrogen-cycling enzymes. AHL, HN-AD, Nar, NOR, NXR, PQS, QS
52  2020 The Nitrite Transporter Facilitates Biofilm Formation via Suppression of Nitrite Reductase and Is a New Antibiofilm Target in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. DGC, NO, PDE
53  2020 The role of porphyrin peripheral substituents in determining the reactivities of ferrous nitrosyl species. ET, EWGs, FeNO, PCET, PT
54  2020 [Influence of Antecedent Dry Days on Nitrogen Removal in Bioretention Systems]. ADD, DNRA, HyR, Nar, SL
55  2019 24-Epibrassinolide promotes NO3- and NH4+ ion flux rate and NRT1 gene expression in cucumber under suboptimal root zone temperature. EBR, GS, NR, RZT
56  2019 Effect of nitrogen supply on nitrogen metabolism in the citrus cultivar 'Huangguogan'. AS, GDH, GS, NR
57  2019 Exogenous 2-(3,4-Dichlorophenoxy) triethylamine ameliorates the soil drought effect on nitrogen metabolism in maize during the pre-female inflorescence emergence stage. 2OG, AlaAT, AspAT, Ci, DCPTA, GDH, ICDH, NR, Pn, RGR, RWC, Tr
58  2019 Genetic analyses of nitrogen assimilation enzymes in Brassica juncea (L.) Czern & Coss. GS, GWAS, MTAs, NR, NUE
59  2019 Methods for Measuring Nitrate Reductase, Nitrite Levels, and Nitric Oxide from Plant Tissues. AMTs, NO, NR
60  2019 Molybdenum-Induced Effects on Nitrogen Metabolism Enzymes and Elemental Profile of Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Under Different Nitrogen Sources. GS, NR
61  2019 Nitrogen purification potential limited by nitrite reduction process in coastal eutrophic wetlands. Nar
62  2019 Novel shortcut biological nitrogen removal method using an algae-bacterial consortium in a photo-sequencing batch reactor: Process optimization and kinetic modelling. AMO, AOB, ARWW, BNR, MUD, NOR, NR, PSBR, SVI
63  2019 Silver nanoparticles inhibit denitrification by altering the viability and metabolic activity of Pseudomonas stutzeri. LDH, MDA, Nar, ROS, SEM, TEM
64  2019 Tetracycline-induced effects on the nitrogen transformations in sediments: Roles of adsorption behavior and bacterial activity. Nar, TC
65  2019 The Nitrate Assimilatory Pathway in Sinorhizobium meliloti: Contribution to NO Production. NO
66  2019 Zero valent iron supported biological denitrification for farmland drainage treatments with low organic carbon: Performance and potential mechanisms. EPS, Nar, NOR, TN, ZVI
67  2019 [Research progress on the effects of atmospheric nitrogen dioxide on plant growth and metabo-lism]. Nar
68  2018 Acute response of soil denitrification and N2O emissions to chlorothalonil: A comprehensive molecular mechanism. ATP, CHT, ETSA, Nar, NOR
69  2018 Aerobic denitrification by Paracoccus sp. YF1 in the presence of Cu(II). EDS, FTIR, NR, SEM, XPS
70  2018 Alleviation of Nitrogen and Sulfur Deficiency and Enhancement of Photosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana by Overexpression of Uroporphyrinogen III Methyltransferase (UPM1). NR, SiR, WT
71  2018 Ammonium uptake and metabolism alleviate PEG-induced water stress in rice seedlings. GOGAT, GS, NR
72  2018 Development of de Novo Copper Nitrite Reductases: Where We Are and Where We Need To Go. ---
73  2018 Elevated nitrogen metabolism and nitric oxide production are involved in Arabidopsis resistance to acid rain. AR, N-SiAR, NO, NR, SN-SiAR
74  2018 FdC1 and Leaf-Type Ferredoxins Channel Electrons From Photosystem I to Different Downstream Electron Acceptors. FNR, FTR, SiR
75  2018 Involvement of NR and PM-NR in NO biosynthesis in cucumber plants subjected to salt stress. Ni-NOR, NR, PM-NR
76  2018 Iron Robustly Stimulates Simultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification Under Aerobic Conditions. AMO, NAP, NXR, SND, TN
77  2018 Isolation and Nitrogen Removal Characteristics of an Aerobic Heterotrophic Nitrifying-Denitrifying Bacterium, Klebsiella sp. TN-10. NR
78  2018 Modifying the Steric Properties in the Second Coordination Sphere of Designed Peptides Leads to Enhancement of Nitrite Reductase Activity. ---
79  2018 Nitric Oxide Signalling in Yeast. NO
80  2018 Nitrite mediated vasorelaxation in human chorionic plate vessels is enhanced by hypoxia and dependent on the NO-sGC-cGMP pathway. CPAs, NO, NOS
81  2018 Protein Hydrolysate Stimulates Growth in Tomato Coupled With N-Dependent Gene Expression Involved in N Assimilation. GDH, GLS, GLT, GS1, GS2, NR, PHs
82  2018 Regulation of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species by salicylic acid in rice plants under salinity stress conditions. APX, CAT, DAT, SA, SNO
83  2018 Sulfur and Calcium Simultaneously Regulate Photosynthetic Performance and Nitrogen Metabolism Status in As-Challenged Brassica juncea L. Seedlings. GDH, GS, NR
84  2018 [Distribution, structure and sequence alignment, and metagenomics analysis of two nitrite reductases with NO forming]. ---
85  2017 Characterization of two ferredoxin-dependent sulfite reductases having different substrate specificity in the red alga Cyanidioschyzon merolae. SiR
86  2017 Dynamics of nitric oxide controlled by protein complex in bacterial system. MD, NO
87  2017 Hierarchical Control of Nitrite Respiration by Transcription Factors Encoded within Mobile Gene Clusters of Thermus thermophilus. NCE, nic, NO
88  2017 How Chlamydomonas handles nitrate and the nitric oxide cycle. NO, NR
89  2017 Nitrate Assimilation in Fusarium fujikuroi Is Controlled by Multiple Levels of Regulation. NMR, NR
90  2017 Ocean acidification modulates expression of genes and physiological performance of a marine diatom. mtATP, ndh2, OA, rbcl
91  2017 Phenylalanine as a nitrogen source induces root growth and nitrogen-use efficiency in Populus canescens. AS, ASN2, GDH, GS, GS2, NR, NUEs, PAL, Phe
92  2017 Simultaneous removal of nitrogen and phosphorous from domestic wastewater using Bacillus cereus GS-5 strain exhibiting heterotrophic nitrification, aerobic denitrification and denitrifying phosphorous removal. HAO, Nar, PPK
93  2016 Arabidopsis Root-Type Ferredoxin:NADP(H) Oxidoreductase 2 is Involved in Detoxification of Nitrite in Roots. Fd, Fd-GOGAT, FNR, LFNR, NO, R-FNR
94  2016 Comparison of Nitrogen Oxide Metabolism among Diverse Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria. AOB, NO, NOR
95  2016 Effects of different mulching materials on nitrate metabolism in soil of apple root-zone in summer and autumn. NR
96  2016 Gene Expression and Silencing Studies in Phytophthora infestans Reveal Infection-Specific Nutrient Transporters and a Role for the Nitrate Reductase Pathway in Plant Pathogenesis. NR, NRT
97  2016 Influence of copper on expression of nirS, norB and nosZ and the transcription and activity of NIR, NOR and N2 OR in the denitrifying soil bacteria Pseudomonas stutzeri. NOR
98  2016 Microbial community and metabolism activity in a bioelectrochemical denitrification system under long-term presence of p-nitrophenol. BEDS, DSF, EPS, NR, PNP
99  2016 Nitrate and Ammonium Contribute to the Distinct Nitrogen Metabolism of Populus simonii during Moderate Salt Stress. GS, NR
100  2016 Nitric oxide participates in plant flowering repression by ascorbate. AsA, Nar, PLB