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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Chemical Characterization of Highly Functionalized Organonitrates Contributing to Night-Time Organic Aerosol Mass Loadings and Particle Growth. FIGAERO-HR-ToF-CIMS, NPF, ON, VOC
2019 Evolution of aerosol chemistry in Xi'an during the spring dust storm periods: Implications for heterogeneous formation of secondary organic aerosols on the dust surface. BeP, BPA, DBP, HMW, PHE, SOA
2019 Haze formation indicator based on observation of critical carbonaceous species in the atmosphere. CO, EC, NMHC, OC, VOCs, WSOCs
2019 Investigating the PM2.5 mass concentration growth processes during 2013-2016 in Beijing and Shanghai. BJ, SH
2019 Predicting the Importance of Oxidative Aging on Indoor Organic Aerosol Concentrations using the Two-Dimensional Volatility Basis Set (2D-VBS). COA
2018 Characterization of submicron particles during autumn in Beijing, China. BBOA, COA, HOA, HR-ToF-AMS, NIA, OOA, PMF
2018 Chemical characteristics and sources of PM1 during the 2016 summer in Hangzhou. HR-ToF-AMS, SIA
2018 Contributions of Condensable Particulate Matter to Atmospheric Organic Aerosol over Japan. PM
2018 Dynamic Oxidative Potential of Atmospheric Organic Aerosol under Ambient Sunlight. SOA
10  2018 Experimental and model estimates of the contributions from biogenic monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes to secondary organic aerosol in the southeastern United States. AMS, LO-OOA, PMF, SOA
11  2018 Intracity Variability of Particulate Matter Exposure Is Driven by Carbonaceous Sources and Correlated with Land-Use Variables. BC, COA, VMT
12  2018 Monoterpenes are the largest source of summertime organic aerosol in the southeastern United States. SOA
13  2018 Realtime chemical characterization of post monsoon organic aerosols in a polluted urban city: Sources, composition, and comparison with other seasons. AMS, OOA
14  2018 Restaurant Impacts on Outdoor Air Quality: Elevated Organic Aerosol Mass from Restaurant Cooking with Neighborhood-Scale Plume Extents. AMS
15  2017 Chemical characterization of submicron aerosol particles during wintertime in a northwest city of China using an Aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometry. BBOA, CCOA, COA, HOA, PM, PMF, Q-AMS
16  2017 Chemical Characterization of Water-Soluble Organic Aerosol in Contrasting Rural and Urban Environments in the Southeastern United States. HR-ToF-AMS, PILS
17  2017 Chemical transport model simulations of organic aerosol in southern California: model evaluation and gasoline and diesel source contributions. CMAQ, IVOCs, SOA, VOC
18  2017 Global long-range transport and lung cancer risk from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons shielded by coatings of organic aerosol. BaP, PAHs
19  2017 Important fossil source contribution to brown carbon in Beijing during winter. ---
20  2017 Improving organic aerosol treatments in CESM/CAM5: Development, application, and evaluation. NPF, OC, OOA, POA, SOAs, TC, TOA
21  2017 Light-Absorbing Brown Carbon Aerosol Constituents from Combustion of Indonesian Peat and Biomass. BrC, UV
22  2017 Microphysical explanation of the RH-dependent water affinity of biogenic organic aerosol and its importance for climate. IP, MT, SOA
23  2017 Overview of surface measurements and spatial characterization of submicrometer particulate matter during the DISCOVER-AQ 2013 campaign in Houston, TX. PCA, SOA
24  2017 Primary and Photochemically Aged Aerosol Emissions from Biomass Cookstoves: Chemical and Physical Characterization. EF, FDGS, MCE, NDS, SOA
25  2017 Quantification of the sources and composition of particulate matter by field-deployable mass spectrometry: implications for air quality and public health. AMS, PM2.5
26  2017 Water soluble organic aerosols in indo gangetic plain (IGP): Insights from aerosol mass spectrometry. IGP, POA, SOA, WIOA, WSOA
27  2016 Aerosol Chemistry Resolved by Mass Spectrometry: Insights into Particle Growth after Ambient New Particle Formation. VOCs
28  2016 Combined effects of organic aerosol loading and fog processing on organic aerosols oxidation, composition, and evolution. PMF
29  2016 Direct observation of aqueous secondary organic aerosol from biomass-burning emissions. aqSOA, BrC, SOA
30  2016 Effects of Condensed-Phase Oxidants on Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation. SOA
31  2016 Evolution of Submicrometer Organic Aerosols during a Complete Residential Coal Combustion Process. PM
32  2016 Inorganic Salt Interference on CO2+ in Aerodyne AMS and ACSM Organic Aerosol Composition Studies. ACSM, AMS
33  2016 Non-linear partitioning and organic volatility distributions of urban aerosols. VOCs
34  2016 Optical Properties of Wintertime Aerosols from Residential Wood Burning in Fresno, CA: Results from DISCOVER-AQ 2013. BrC, rBC, SJV
35  2016 Quantifying the effect of organic aerosol aging and intermediate-volatility emissions on regional-scale aerosol pollution in China. IVOCs, POA, SOA
36  2016 Secondary organic aerosol origin in an urban environment: influence of biogenic and fuel combustion precursors. ACSM, BC, BVOC, OC, SOA, SV-OOA, VOC
37  2016 The ambient aerosol characterization during the prescribed bushfire season in Brisbane 2013. BB, BBOA, COA, cToF-AMS, HOA, ILAQH, LV-OOA, NOA, SoFi, SV-OOA
38  2016 Uptake of Semivolatile Secondary Organic Aerosol Formed from alpha-Pinene into Nonvolatile Polyethylene Glycol Probe Particles. SOA, SVOCs
39  2015 Fundamental Time Scales Governing Organic Aerosol Multiphase Partitioning and Oxidative Aging. ---
40  2015 Heating-Induced Evaporation of Nine Different Secondary Organic Aerosol Types. SOA
41  2015 Heterogeneous Oxidation of Atmospheric Organic Aerosol: Kinetics of Changes to the Amount and Oxidation State of Particle-Phase Organic Carbon. ---
42  2015 Molecular marker characterization and source appointment of particulate matter and its organic aerosols. HMW, LMW, MMs, OC, PAHs, PM, PMF, SOA1, SOA2, TSP, WSOCs
43  2015 Organic aerosols associated with the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by water-soluble PM2.5. AMS, BBOA, COA, DTT, HOA, HULIS, Isop_OA, LO-OOA, MO-OOA, ROS
44  2015 Real-Time Characterization of Aerosol Particle Composition above the Urban Canopy in Beijing: Insights into the Interactions between the Atmospheric Boundary Layer and Aerosol Chemistry. ---
45  2015 Significant concentration changes of chemical components of PM1 in the Yangtze River Delta area of China and the implications for the formation mechanism of heavy haze-fog pollution. BBOA
46  2015 Spatial Variation of Aerosol Chemical Composition and Organic Components Identified by Positive Matrix Factorization in the Barcelona Region. BBOA, COA, HOA, PMF
47  2015 Uncertainties in observational data on organic aerosol: An annual perspective of sampling artifacts in Beijing, China. ---
48  2014 First measurements of source apportionment of organic aerosols in the Southern Hemisphere. BBOA, HOA, OOA, PMF
49  2014 Glyoxal induced atmospheric photosensitized chemistry leading to organic aerosol growth. IC
50  2014 Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for determining the functional content of organic aerosols: a review. NMR
51  2013 Aerosol mass spectrometric analysis of the chemical composition of non-refractory PM(1) samples from school environments in Brisbane, Australia. TOF-AMS
52  2013 Introductory lecture: atmospheric organic aerosols: insights from the combination of measurements and chemical transport models. AMS, CCN, CTMs
53  2013 Quantifying on-road emissions from gasoline-powered motor vehicles: accounting for the presence of medium- and heavy-duty diesel trucks. BC, CO, LD, NOx
54  2012 Characterizing the aging of biomass burning organic aerosol by use of mixing ratios: a meta-analysis of four regions. BB, ERs, NEMRs, Q-AMS, SOA
55  2012 COBRA: a computational brewing application for predicting the molecular composition of organic aerosols. COBRA
56  2012 Evidence for NO(x) control over nighttime SOA formation. ---
57  2012 Time-resolved characterization of primary emissions from residential wood combustion appliances. BC, HR-ToF-AMS
58  2011 Effect of hydrophilic organic seed aerosols on secondary organic aerosol formation from ozonolysis of alpha-pinene. POA, SOA
59  2011 Molecular chemistry of organic aerosols through the application of high resolution mass spectrometry. HRMS
60  2011 Real-time methods for estimating organic component mass concentrations from aerosol mass spectrometer data. AMS, BBOA, CMB, HOA, LV-OOA, MS, OOA, PMF, SV-OOA
61  2010 High-resolution desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for chemical characterization of organic aerosols. DESI-MS, ESI-MS, MS/MS, SOA, UV
62  2010 High-resolution electrospray ionization mass spectrometry analysis of water-soluble organic aerosols collected with a particle into liquid sampler. BBOA, HR-ESI-MS, PILS, SOA
63  2010 Molecular characterization of organic aerosols using nanospray-desorption/electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry. HRMS, nano-DESI
64  2010 Photo-oxidation of low-volatility organics found in motor vehicle emissions: production and chemical evolution of organic aerosol mass. AMS, IVOCs, OOA, POA, SOA, SVOCs
65  2009 Aerosol mass spectrometric features of biogenic SOA: observations from a plant chamber and in rural atmospheric environments. BSOA, Q-AMS, SOA
66  2009 Characterization of primary organic aerosol emissions from meat cooking, trash burning, and motor vehicles with high-resolution aerosol mass spectrometry and comparison with ambient and chamber observations. AMS, OOA
67  2009 Chemically-resolved volatility measurements of organic aerosol fom different sources. BBOA, MCOA, O/C, POA, SOA, TD
68  2009 Evolution of organic aerosols in the atmosphere. OOA
69  2008 Effect of NOx on secondary organic aerosol concentrations. SOA
70  2008 O/C and OM/OC ratios of primary, secondary, and ambient organic aerosols with high-resolution time-of-flight aerosol mass spectrometry. BBOA, HOA, HR-ToF-AMS, O/C, POA, SOA
71  2008 Organic aerosol spatial/temporal patterns: perspectives of measurements and model. SOA