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Long Form:   organic carbon
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Aerosols chemical composition, light extinction, and source apportionment near a desert margin city, Yulin, China. EC, PCA, PSCF
2020 Changes in riverine organic carbon input to the ocean from mainland China over the past 60 years. ---
2020 Comparison of fine particulate matter level, chemical content and oxidative potential derived from two dissimilar urban environments. DCFH-DA, SOA, WSOC
2020 Continental outflow of anthropogenic aerosols over Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean during wintertime: ICARB-2018 campaign. AS, EC, IO, POC, SOC
2020 Effects of Fe oxides on organic carbon variation in the evolution of clayey aquitard and environmental significance. HFOC, LFOC, OM, TOC
2020 Emission characteristics of size distribution, chemical composition and light absorption of particles from field-scale crop residue burning in Northeast China. AAE, BrC, EC
2020 Free and conjugated estrogens detections in drainage tiles and wells beneath fields receiving swine manure slurry. ---
2020 Hydro-climate and biogeochemical processes control watershed organic carbon inflows: Development of an in-stream organic carbon module coupled with a process-based hydrologic model. DOC, POC, SWAT, TOC
2020 Impact of Reductions in Emissions from Major Source Sectors on Fine Particulate Matter-Related Cardiovascular Mortality. CI, CV, EC
10  2020 Impact of wood combustion on indoor air quality. EC, PM
11  2020 Improved estimates on global carbon stock and carbon pools in tidal wetlands. LOI
12  2020 Influence of pollutants' control facilities on PM2.5 profiles emitted from an iron and steel plant. BF, CD, ESP, FGD, PAHs
13  2020 Integration of field observation and air quality modeling to characterize Beijing aerosol in different seasons. EC, WSOC
14  2020 Laboratory and field evaluation of real-time and near real-time PM2.5 smoke monitors. EBAM, EC, ES642, PA-II, RH
15  2020 Mobility monitoring of two herbicides in amended soils: A field study for modeling applications. CTL, DOC, FNC, GC, SMS
16  2020 Molecular characteristics and stable carbon isotope compositions of dicarboxylic acids and related compounds in the urban atmosphere of the North China Plain: Implications for aqueous phase formation of SOA during the haze periods. EC, Gly, LWC, MGly, pHis, RH, WHO, WSOC
17  2020 Organic waste from sugar mills as a potential soil ameliorant to minimise herbicide runoff to the Great Barrier Reef. ---
18  2020 Oxidative potential of ambient PM2.5 in Wuhan and its comparisons with eight areas of China. DTT, EC, OP, PAHs, PCA
19  2020 Phosphorus loss index for conservation agriculture systems in Southern Brazil: A new approach to environmental risk assessment. BAP, CCR, FIR, PP, RC, SP, STP, TP, TS, VESS
20  2020 PM2.5 from a broiler breeding production system: The characteristics and microbial community analysis. EC, PM, RDA
21  2020 Potential feedback mediated by soil microbiome response to warming in a glacier forefield. ---
22  2020 Prediction models for rice cadmium accumulation in Chinese paddy fields and the implications in deducing soil thresholds based on food safety standards. Cd, FQS, SQS
23  2020 Quantification and molecular characterization of organo-mineral associations as influenced by redox oscillations. IRMS, XPS
24  2020 Quantifying aircraft emissions of Shanghai Pudong International Airport with aircraft ground operational data. ACARS, APUs, BC, EIs, FOA3, FSC, HC, ICAO, LTO
25  2020 Quantifying how changing mangrove cover affects ecosystem carbon storage in coastal wetlands. ---
26  2020 Rapid prediction of atrazine sorption in soil using visible near-infrared spectroscopy. HPLC, MCUVE, PLS, SNV, TN, Vis-NIR
27  2020 Seasonality of carbonaceous aerosol composition and light absorption properties in Karachi, Pakistan. CA, EC, MAC, TSP, WSOC
28  2020 Size-fractionated carbonaceous aerosols down to PM0.1 in southern Thailand: Local and long-range transport effects. CA, EC, PM, SOC
29  2020 Soil organic matter attenuates the efficacy of flavonoid-based plant-microbe communication. ---
30  2020 Source apportionment of fine particulate matter in a Middle Eastern Metropolis, Tehran-Iran, using PMF with organic and inorganic markers. BB, EC, HFC, Ind, ME2, OM, PMF, TE, WSOC
31  2020 Source profiles of PM2.5 emitted from four typical open burning sources and its cytotoxicity to vascular smooth muscle cells. e-waste, IL-1beta, MCP-1, PAHs, VSMCs
32  2020 Strengths of correlations with formation of chlorination disinfection byproducts: effects of predictor type and other factors. Abs, DBPs, SUVA
33  2020 Validation of PM2.5 model particle through physicochemical evaluation and atherosclerotic plaque formation in ApoE-/- mice. ---
34  2019 14C-Free Carbon Is a Major Contributor to Cellular Biomass in Geochemically Distinct Groundwater of Shallow Sedimentary Bedrock Aquifers. PLFAs
35  2019 A New Model Describing Copper Dose⁻Toxicity to Tomato and Bok Choy Growth in a Wide Range of Soils. CD-Mn, CEC, EDTA
36  2019 Adsorption/desorption and transport of sulfadiazine, sulfachloropyridazine, and sulfamethazine, in acid agricultural soils. SCP, SDZ, SMT
37  2019 Arsenite and arsenate binding to ferrihydrite organo-mineral coprecipitate: Implications for arsenic mobility and fate in natural environments. Fh, HA, NOM
38  2019 Artificial neural network model to predict transport parameters of reactive solutes from basic soil properties. ANN, Cu, EF, ME, RRMSE, TDR
39  2019 Assessment of forest fire impacts on carbonaceous aerosols using complementary molecular marker receptor models at two urban locations in California's San Joaquin Valley. CAMx, CMB, EC, PMF, SOAs, WSOC
40  2019 Associations of ambient fine particulate matter and its constituents with serum complement C3 in a panel study of older adults in China. EC, hs-CRP, PAHs, TC
41  2019 Associations of daily mortality with short-term exposure to PM2.5 and its constituents in Shanghai, China. EC, GLM
42  2019 Biogeochemical fate of ferrihydrite-model organic compound complexes during anaerobic microbial reduction. AL, AM, BQ, Fh, GL, GN, TN
43  2019 Carbon and mercury export from the Arctic rivers and response to permafrost degradation. ArcticGRO, DOC, POC
44  2019 Carbonaceous aerosol characteristics on the Third Pole: A primary study based on the Atmospheric Pollution and Cryospheric Change (APCC) network. APCC, CAs, EC, IGP, MACEC, TP
45  2019 Characteristics and oxidative potential of atmospheric PM2.5 in Beijing: Source apportionment and seasonal variation. DTT, EC, MLR, PMF, ROS
46  2019 Characteristics and sources of carbonaceous aerosol across urban and rural sites in a rapidly urbanized but low-level industrialized city in the Sichuan Basin, China. EC
47  2019 Characteristics of single atmospheric particles in a heavily polluted urban area of China: size distributions and mixing states. BB, CDs, EC, PDs
48  2019 Characterization and source identification of PM2.5 and its chemical and carbonaceous constituents during Winter Fog Experiment 2015-16 at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. EC, MoES, WIFEX
49  2019 Characterization of aerosol particles during the most polluted season (winter) in urban Chengdu (China) by single-particle analysis. KCN, KSN, OCEC
50  2019 Characterization of carbonaceous fractions in PM2.5 and PM10 over a typical industrial city in central China. EC, SOC, TOR
51  2019 Characterization of the chemical components and bioreactivity of fine particulate matter produced during crop-residue burning in China. EC, LDH
52  2019 Chemical characterisation of PM2.5 emitted from motor vehicles powered by diesel, gasoline, natural gas and methanol fuel. EC, MV, NGV
53  2019 Chemical characteristics of submicron aerosols observed at the King Sejong Station in the northern Antarctic Peninsula from fall to spring. EC, KSG, OM
54  2019 Climate impact on ambient PM2.5 elemental concentration in the United States: A trend analysis over the last 30 years. EC, GAMs
55  2019 Community structure and functional genes in radionuclide contaminated soils in Chernobyl and Fukushima. 137Cs, 90Sr, RN
56  2019 Comparison between personal sampling methodologies for evaluating diesel particulate matter exposures in mines: submicron total carbon corrected for the adsorption of vapor-phase organic carbon vs. respirable total carbon. DPM
57  2019 Comparison of organic compounds in char and soot from the combustion of biomass in boilers of various emission classes. EC
58  2019 Composition and light absorption of N-containing aromatic compounds in organic aerosols from laboratory biomass burning. BB, BrC, EC, NACs, OM, SOA
59  2019 Concentrations of aliphatic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in ambient PM2.5 and PM10 particulates in Doha, Qatar. EC, PAHs, WHO
60  2019 Cork as a sustainable carbon source for nature-based solutions treating hydroponic wastewaters - Preliminary batch studies. CT, NBS, PS
61  2019 Dark Septate Endophytes Improve the Growth and the Tolerance of Medicago sativa and Ammopiptanthus mongolicus Under Cadmium Stress. Cd, DSEs, MDA, SOD, TN
62  2019 Data relating to carbonaceous components in Songkhla Lake sediments, Thailand. EC, OP
63  2019 Differences in chemical composition of PM2.5 emissions from traditional versus advanced combustion (semi-gasifier) solid fuel stoves. EC, OM
64  2019 Ecological risk assessment and source apportionment of heavy metal contamination in agricultural soils of Northeastern Iran. MRI, RI
65  2019 Effect of global atmospheric aerosol emission change on PM2.5-related health impacts. BC, LIC/LMIC, PM2.5, UMIC/HIC, YLL
66  2019 Effects of an Early Successional Biological Soil Crust from a Temperate Coastal Sand Dune (NE Germany) on Soil Elemental Stoichiometry and Phosphatase Activity. AcidPA and AlkPA, BSCs, Chl a, Cmic, DS, SOM, TC
67  2019 Effects of fuel types and fuel sulfur content on the characteristics of particulate emissions in marine low-speed diesel engine. EC, EFs, FSC, PM
68  2019 Effects of soil process formalisms and forcing factors on simulated organic carbon depth-distributions in soils. ---
69  2019 Emission characteristics of fine particulate matter from ultra-low emission power plants. CDs, EC
70  2019 Emission Measurements from Traditional Biomass Cookstoves in South Asia and Tibet. CO
71  2019 Enhancement in Particulate Organic Nitrogen and Light Absorption of Humic-Like Substances over Tibetan Plateau Due to Long-Range Transported Biomass Burning Emissions. BBOA, HULIS, NOCs, WSOC
72  2019 Enrichment of indigenous arsenate reducing anaerobic bacteria from arsenic rich aquifer sediment of Brahmaputra river basin and their potential role in as mobilization. BRB, MSM
73  2019 Environmental analysis of soil characteristics in El-Fayoum Governorate using geomatics approach. EC, TN, TP
74  2019 Estimating contributions of vehicular emissions to PM2.5 in a roadside environment: A multiple approach study. CMB, EC, PMF, VE
75  2019 Evaluating membrane fouling potentials of dissolved organic matter in brackish water. DOM, FEEM, LC-OCD, SEC
76  2019 Evaluation of the genotoxicity of PM2.5 collected by a high-volume air sampler with impactor. EC, HV, LV, PAHs, PM2.5
77  2019 Exploring the characteristics and sources of carbonaceous aerosols in the agro-pastoral transitional zone of Northern China. EC, PMF, SOC
78  2019 Exposure to inhalable aerosols and their chemical characteristics from different potential factors in urban office environments. EC, IAQ, PM
79  2019 Field Emission Measurements of Solid Fuel Stoves in Yunnan, China Demonstrate Dominant Causes of Uncertainty in Household Emission Inventories. CO, EC
80  2019 Functional diversity and metabolic profile of microbial community of mine soils with different levels of chromium contamination. ---
81  2019 Haze formation indicator based on observation of critical carbonaceous species in the atmosphere. CO, EC, NMHC, OA, VOCs, WSOCs
82  2019 Heavy metal contents and enzymatic activity in soils exposed to the impact of road traffic. CF, PCA
83  2019 Identification of diverse air pollution sources in a complex urban area of Croatia. CMB, PM, PMF, SABL
84  2019 Impacts of Natural and Human-Induced Hydrological Variability on Particulate Organic Carbon Dynamics in the Yellow River. POC, WSR
85  2019 Impacts of peat-forest smoke on urban PM2.5 in the Maritime Continent during 2012-2015: Carbonaceous profiles and indicators. EC, NSD, PF, PFS, POC, SD, TC
86  2019 Influence of different agricultural management practices on soil microbial community over dissipation time of two herbicides. PLFAs
87  2019 Insights into the origin and evolution of carbonaceous aerosols in a mediterranean urban environment. EC, SOC
88  2019 Inter-comparison of carbon content in PM10 and PM2.5 measured with two thermo-optical protocols on samples collected in a Mediterranean site. eBC, EC, SOC
89  2019 Interdecadal variation in aerosol optical properties and their relationships to meteorological parameters over northeast China from 1980 to 2017. AAOD, AE, AOD, BC, DU, PBLH, RH, SLP, WS
90  2019 Investigation of spatial and temporal variation of particulate matter in vitro genotoxicity and cytotoxicity in relation to the elemental composition. EC, LDH, PM, TI
91  2019 Light absorption of organic carbon and its sources at a southeastern U.S. location in summer. BrC, EC, PMF, RTP, SOA, WSOC
92  2019 Long-Term Strategy for Assessing Carbonaceous Particulate Matter Concentrations from Multiple Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Instruments: Influence of Spectral Dissimilarities on Multivariate Calibration Performance. EC, FTIR, IMPROVE
93  2019 Macroalgae bloom decay decreases the sediment organic carbon sequestration potential in tropical seagrass meadows of the South China Sea. SEC, SOC
94  2019 Major factors dominating the fate of dibutyl phthalate in agricultural soils. DBP
95  2019 Measurements of Oxidative Potential of Particulate Matter at Belgrade Tunnel; Comparison of BPEAnit, DTT and DCFH Assays. DCFH-DA, DTT, EC, OP, PM, WSOC
96  2019 Measuring the organic amendment properties of the liquid fraction of digestate. LF
97  2019 Metal/metalloid and phosphorus characteristics in porewater associated with manganese geochemistry: A case study in the Jiulong River Estuary, China. Co, Cr, DGT, JRE, Mn, Se
98  2019 Molecular markers for biomass burning associated with the characterization of PM2.5 and component sources during dry season haze episodes in Upper South East Asia. EC, SEA
99  2019 Oceanic efflux of ancient marine dissolved organic carbon in primary marine aerosol. PMA, RDOC
100  2019 Organic carbon sequestration in sediments of subtropical Florida lakes. ---