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Long Form:   outer hair cell
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 2-Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin Ototoxicity in Adult Rats: Rapid Onset and Massive Destruction of Both Inner and Outer Hair Cells Above a Critical Dose. CAP, DPOAE, HP-beta-CD, IHC, NPC1, SP
2020 A novel theoretical framework reveals more than one voltage-sensing pathway in the lateral membrane of outer hair cells. ---
2020 Altered outer hair cell mitochondrial and subsurface cisternae connectomics are candidate mechanisms for hearing-loss in mice. ER, SSC
2020 Complex nonlinear capacitance in outer hair cell macro-patches: effects of membrane tension. NLC
2020 Down-regulation of AMPK signaling pathway rescues hearing loss in TFB1 transgenic mice and delays age-related hearing loss. AMPK, EP, IHC, ROS, SGN
2020 Effect of Auditory Predictability on the Human Peripheral Auditory System. ---
2020 Effects of ganciclovir treatment in a murine model of cytomegalovirus-induced hearing loss. ABR, ANC, CMV, DPOAE, GCV
2020 Identifying three otopathologies in humans. AN, CAP, DPOAE, HIN, QuickSIN, SNHL, SNR, WR
2020 Maturation of Voltage-induced Shifts in SLC26a5 (Prestin) Operating Point during Trafficking and Membrane Insertion. NLC
10  2020 Noise-induced Cochlear Synaptopathy with and Without Sensory Cell Loss. IHC
11  2020 Noise-induced loss of sensory hair cells is mediated by ROS/AMPKalpha pathway. AC, AMP, cAMP, NAC, NIHL, ROS
12  2020 Serial scanning electron microscopy of anti-PKHD1L1 immuno-gold labeled mouse hair cell stereocilia bundles. FIB-SEM
13  2020 The derived-band envelope following response and its sensitivity to sensorineural hearing deficits. DBEFR, EFR
14  2020 The interplay of organ-of-Corti vibrational modes, not tectorial- membrane resonance, sets outer-hair-cell stereocilia phase to produce cochlear amplification. BM, OoC, RL, TM
15  2019 Adaptation of Cochlear Amplification to Low Endocochlear Potential. DPOAEs, EP, i.p, LCM
16  2019 Cellular Differences in the Cochlea of CBA and B6 Mice May Underlie Their Difference in Susceptibility to Hearing Loss. CBA, IHC
17  2019 Cochlea and auditory nerve. CAPs, CM, ECochG, NAPs, SP
18  2019 Cochlear outer hair cell horizontal top connectors mediate mature stereocilia bundle mechanics. ---
19  2019 Deletion of exons 17 and 18 in prestin's STAS domain results in loss of function. CBS, KI, NLC
20  2019 Disruption of Gap Junction-Mediated Intercellular Communication in the Spiral Ligament Causes Hearing and Outer Hair Cell Loss in the Cochlea of Mice. GJIC
21  2019 Drug Diffusion Along an Intact Mammalian Cochlea. RW
22  2019 Effects of noise exposure on auditory brainstem response and speech-in-noise tasks: a review of the literature. NIHL
23  2019 Efferent Inhibition of the Cochlea. ACh, IHCs, LOC
24  2019 Hearing Dysfunction in a Large Family Affected by Dominant Optic Atrophy (OPA8-Related DOA): A Human Model of Hidden Auditory Neuropathy. ABRs, CAP, CMs, ECochG, IHC, OAEs, SP
25  2019 Missed hearing loss in tinnitus patients with normal audiograms. P-PTA, PTA
26  2019 Outer hair cell electromotility is low-pass filtered relative to the molecular conformational changes that produce nonlinear capacitance. eM, NLC
27  2019 SENS-401 Effectively Reduces Severe Acoustic Trauma-Induced Hearing Loss in Male Rats With Twice Daily Administration Delayed up to 96 hours. ABR, DPOAE
28  2019 The Cochlear Spiral Ganglion Neurons: The Auditory Portion of the VIII Nerve. CNS, IHC
29  2018 A FPGA Implementation of the CAR-FAC Cochlear Model. BM, CAR-FAC, FPGA, IHC
30  2018 Cochlear amplification and tuning depend on the cellular arrangement within the organ of Corti. BM, DC, IHCs, PhP, RL
31  2018 Double fluorescent labelling of a bipolar epithelial cell in vitro: The outer hair cell. ---
32  2018 Establishment of a cochlear injury model using bone-conducted ultrasound irradiation in guinea pigs and investigation on peripheral coding and recognition of ultrasonic signals. ABR, AP, BCU, CAP, IHC
33  2018 l-N-acetylcysteine protects outer hair cells against TNFalpha initiated ototoxicity in vitro. l-NAC, ROS, TNF-alpha
34  2018 Loss of ARHGEF6 Causes Hair Cell Stereocilia Deficits and Hearing Loss in Mice. CRISPR-Cas9, GEFs, HC
35  2018 Non-tip auditory-nerve responses that are suppressed by low-frequency bias tones originate from reticular lamina motion. AN, BM, BTs, CF, MET, MOC, RL, TC
36  2018 Ouabain Does Not Induce Selective Spiral Ganglion Cell Degeneration in Guinea Pigs. aABR, RWM, SGCs
37  2018 Prestin Contributes to Membrane Compartmentalization and Is Required for Normal Innervation of Outer Hair Cells. KO, MOC, WT
38  2018 Resistance to neomycin ototoxicity in the extreme basal (hook) region of the mouse cochlea. MET, NTR
39  2018 Spontaneous Otoacoustic Emissions in TectaY1870C/+ Mice Reflect Changes in Cochlear Amplification and How It Is Controlled by the Tectorial Membrane. SOAEs, TM
40  2018 The impact of biological sex on the response to noise and otoprotective therapies against acoustic injury in mice. ABR, CTS, NIHL, PTS, SAHA
41  2018 The spatial distribution pattern of Connexin26 expression in supporting cells and its role in outer hair cell survival. Cx26, DCs, KO, SCs
42  2018 The susceptibility of cochlear outer hair cells to cyclodextrin is not related to their electromotile activity. HP-beta-CD, KO, NPC1
43  2018 [Identification and analysis of the proteins interacted with Prestin in cochlear outer hair cells of guinea pig]. ---
44  2018 [The experimental study on endoplasmic reticulum stress-participated outer hair cell apoptosis in cadherin 23 gene mutant mice]. ABR, BiP, CDH23, CHOP, TUNEL
45  2017 Ablation of the auditory cortex results in changes in the expression of neurotransmission-related mRNAs in the cochlea. AC, glud1, nAChR, SGN
46  2017 Adenosine receptors regulate susceptibility to noise-induced neural injury in the mouse cochlea and hearing loss. ABR, AR, SGN, WT
47  2017 Age-Related Differences in Hearing Function and Cochlear Morphology between Male and Female Fischer 344 Rats. ABRs, DPOAEs, ICI, SV
48  2017 Cisplatin-induced metabolome changes in serum: an experimental approach to identify markers for ototoxicity. ---
49  2017 Contralateral Inhibition of Click- and Chirp-Evoked Human Compound Action Potentials. CAP, MOC, OAE
50  2017 Effect of coenzyme A on outer hair cells in cisplatin ototoxicity: functional and ultrastructural study. CoA, ECoG
51  2017 NO-Sensitive Guanylate Cyclase Isoforms NO-GC1 and NO-GC2 Contribute to Noise-Induced Inner Hair Cell Synaptopathy. IHC, KO, NO
52  2017 Prickle1 regulates neurite outgrowth of apical spiral ganglion neurons but not hair cell polarity in the murine cochlea. HCs, PCP, SGN
53  2017 Progressive age-dependence and frequency difference in the effect of gap junctions on active cochlear amplification and hearing. ---
54  2017 Protective effect of propofol on noise-induced hearing loss. 8-iso-PGF2alpha, CoBF, DPOAE, MAP, NIHL, ROS, SPL
55  2017 Spontaneous otoacoustic emission recordings during contralateral pure-tone activation of medial olivocochlear reflex. MOCE
56  2017 Streptococcus pneumoniae-induced ototoxicity in organ of Corti explant cultures. IHC, PLY, PM
57  2016 A DPOAE assessment of outer hair cell integrity in ears with age-related hearing loss. DPOAEs
58  2016 A Walkthrough of Nonlinear Capacitance Measurement of Outer Hair Cells. eM, NLC
59  2016 Apical hair cell degeneration causes the increase in the amplitude of summating potential. CAP, SP
60  2016 Cochlear Outer-Hair-Cell Power Generation and Viscous Fluid Loss. SPL
61  2016 D-methionine (D-met) significantly reduces kanamycin-induced ototoxicity in pigmented guinea pigs. ABR, D-met
62  2016 d-Methionine reduces tobramycin-induced ototoxicity without antimicrobial interference in animal models. ABRs
63  2016 Inner Hair Cell Loss Disrupts Hearing and Cochlear Function Leading to Sensory Deprivation and Enhanced Central Auditory Gain. CAP, IHC
64  2016 LGR4 and LGR5 Regulate Hair Cell Differentiation in the Sensory Epithelium of the Developing Mouse Cochlea. ---
65  2016 Low-frequency bias tone suppression of auditory-nerve responses to low-level clicks and tones. AN, BT's, MET
66  2016 Modeling the Effects of Sensorineural Hearing Loss on Sound Localization in the Median Plane. ---
67  2016 N-acetyl-cysteine prevents age-related hearing loss and the progressive loss of inner hair cells in gamma-glutamyl transferase 1 deficient mice. ARHL, IHC
68  2016 Preservation of Neural Sensitivity after Noise-Induced Suppression of Sensory Function. ---
69  2016 Selective Inner Hair Cell Dysfunction in Chinchillas Impairs Hearing-in-Noise in the Absence of Outer Hair Cell Loss. BBN, IHC, NBN, SNRs
70  2016 Styrene enhances the noise induced oxidative stress in the cochlea and affects differently mechanosensory and supporting cells. ---
71  2016 The Corticofugal Effects of Auditory Cortex Microstimulation on Auditory Nerve and Superior Olivary Complex Responses Are Mediated via Alpha-9 Nicotinic Receptor Subunit. ABR, KO, MOC, WT
72  2016 Two-Tone Suppression of Simultaneous Electrical and Mechanical Responses in the Cochlea. ---
73  2015 Activity-dependent regulation of prestin expression in mouse outer hair cells. DT
74  2015 An electrical inspection of the subsurface cisternae of the outer hair cell. SSC
75  2015 Cochlear hair cells: The sound-sensing machines. IHC
76  2015 Deformation of the Outer Hair Cells and the Accumulation of Caveolin-2 in Connexin 26 Deficient Mice. CAV2, Cx26
77  2015 Establishment of a model of cochlear lesions in rats to study potential gene therapy for sensorineural hearing loss. AdV, IHC, LV, SC, SGN
78  2015 Hearing Loss and Otopathology Following Systemic and Intracerebroventricular Delivery of 2-Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin. HP-beta-CD
79  2015 Influence of Tinnitus on Auditory Spectral and Temporal Resolution and Speech Perception in Tinnitus Patients. HL, NTEs, SPD, SRD, SRT, TEs, TMD
80  2015 LKB1 Is Required for the Development and Maintenance of Stereocilia in Inner Ear Hair Cells in Mice. pERM
81  2015 Noise induced reversible changes of cochlear ribbon synapses contribute to temporary hearing loss in mice. IHC, PSDs, SGN
82  2015 Prestin as a biochemical marker for early detection of acquired sensorineural hearing loss. ---
83  2015 Prestin-Dependence of Outer Hair Cell Survival and Partial Rescue of Outer Hair Cell Loss in PrestinV499G/Y501H Knockin Mice. 499 prestin, chet, KI, KO
84  2015 Therapeutic Effect of Dexamethasone for Noise-induced Hearing Loss: Systemic Versus Intratympanic Injection in Mice. ABRs, DPOAEs, i.t, IP, MOC ETs, NIHL
85  2014 A model of ionic transport and osmotic volume control in cochlear outer hair cells. ---
86  2014 Across-frequency behavioral estimates of the contribution of inner and outer hair cell dysfunction to individualized audiometric loss. CT, HI, IHC, TMC
87  2014 Alterations in cochlear function after exposure to short term broad band noise assessed by otoacoustic emissions. TEOAE
88  2014 Chloride-driven electromechanical phase lags at acoustic frequencies are generated by SLC26a5, the outer hair cell motor protein. eM
89  2014 Expression and localization of somatostatin receptor types 3, 4 and 5 in the wild-type, SSTR1 and SSTR1/SSTR2 knockout mouse cochlea. IHC, NEsc, SST, WT
90  2014 Inhaled hydrogen gas therapy for prevention of noise-induced hearing loss through reducing reactive oxygen species. NIHL, ROS
91  2014 Noise alters guinea pig's blood-labyrinth barrier ultrastructure and permeability along with a decrease of cochlear Claudin-5 and Occludin. ABR, BLB, NE, TEM, TJP
92  2014 Relation of distortion product otoacoustic emission and tinnitus in normal hearing patients: a pilot study. DPOAE
93  2013 A comparison of different murine models for cytomegalovirus-induced sensorineural hearing loss. ABR, CMV, DPOAE, GFP, i.p, IC, SNHL, TT
94  2013 CHENFIT-AMP, a nonlinear fitting and amplification strategy for cochlear hearing loss. IHC, LTASS, MCC
95  2013 D-methionine pre-loading reduces both noise-induced permanent threshold shift and outer hair cell loss in the chinchilla. ABR, D-met, i.p, NIHL, OBN, SPL
96  2013 Diaphanous homolog 3 (Diap3) overexpression causes progressive hearing loss and inner hair cell defects in a transgenic mouse model of human deafness. Diap3, DIAPH3, IHC
97  2013 Interaural differences of distortion product otoacoustic emission amplitudes in patients with unilateral tinnitus. DPOAEs, HL
98  2013 Microdomains shift and rotate in the lateral wall of cochlear outerhaircells. ---
99  2013 Non-uniform distribution of outer hair cell transmembrane potential induced by extracellular electric field. EEF
100  2013 Prestin regulation and function in residual outer hair cells after noise-induced hearing loss. ---