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Long Form:   orthogonal signal correction
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Determination of Total Flavonoids for Paris Polyphylla Var. Yunnanensis in Different Geographical Origins Using UV and FT-IR Spectroscopy. CARS, FD, FTIR, SD, SG, SNV
2018 Infrared spectroscopy and multivariate methods as a tool for identification and quantification of fuels and lubricant oils in soil. ATR-FTIR, GA, GLSW, PLS-DA, TPH
2018 Rapid and Simultaneous Prediction of Eight Diesel Quality Parameters through ATR-FTIR Analysis. ATR-FTIR, BiPLS, FiPLS, GA, GLSW, PLS
2018 Rapid discrimination of Notoginseng powder adulteration of different grades using FT-MIR spectroscopy combined with chemometrics. iPLS, LDA, MSC, SNV, SVM
2017 A Comparative Investigation of the Combined Effects of Pre-Processing, Wavelength Selection, and Regression Methods on Near-Infrared Calibration Model Performance. EMSC, GPR, LASSO, LS-SVM, NIR, OPLEC, PLS, SFS
2017 Quantitative Determination of Spring Water Quality Parameters via Electronic Tongue. PLS
2017 [Rapid prediction of the content of polyphyllin in various species of Paris by infrared spectrometry]. HPLC, MSC, PLSR, RMSEE, RMSEP, SNV
2016 Effects of gender on ketamine-induced conditioned placed preference and urine metabonomics. CPP, NMR, PCA, PLS
2016 Noninvasive Recognition and Biomarkers of Early Allergic Asthma in Cats Using Multivariate Statistical Analysis of NMR Spectra of Exhaled Breath Condensate. EBC, PLS-DA
10  2016 Variations in the metabolome in response to disease activity of rheumatoid arthritis. PLS-DA, RA, TNF
11  2015 A Sequential Algorithm for Multiblock Orthogonal Projections to Latent Structures. MB-PLS, NIPALS
12  2015 Microwave-assisted of dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction and spectrophotometric determination of uranium after optimization based on Box-Behnken design and chemometrics methods. MA-DLLME, PAR, PLS, RMSEP, RSD
13  2015 Rapid identification of soil cadmium pollution risk at regional scale based on visible and near-infrared spectroscopy. BPNN, Cd, PLSR, VNIRS
14  2015 [Qualitative-Quantitative Analysis of Rice Bran Oil Adulteration Based on Laser Near Infrared Spectroscopy]. biPLS, MSC, MSE, PLS, SNV_DT, SPA, SVM, SVR
15  2014 Chemometrics-assisted simultaneous voltammetric determination of ascorbic acid, uric acid, dopamine and nitrite: application of non-bilinear voltammetric data for exploiting first-order advantage. AA, AsLSSR, BP-ANN, COW, CPR, DP, DWT-ANN, GA, GCE, LS-SVM, MC, MLR-SPA, MVC, NT, PLS-1, PLY-PLS, PRM, RBF-PLS, RCR, RMC, SGS, SLD, SPL-PLS, SWV, UA, WD, WT-ANN
16  2014 Simultaneous multicomponent spectrophotometric monitoring of methyl and propyl parabens using multivariate statistical methods after their preconcentration by robust ionic liquid-based dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction. IL-DLLME, MP, NAS, PP, WOSC-PLS
17  2014 [Calibration transfer without standards for spectral analysis based on stability competitive adaptive reweighted sampling]. CARS, MCUVE, RMSEP, SCARS
18  2014 [Testing of germination rate of hybrid rice seeds based on near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy]. PLS, SEC
19  2013 Determination of disease biomarkers in Eucalyptus by comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography and multivariate data analysis. GCGC-qMS, HS-SPME, U-PLS-DA
20  2013 Deviations from bilinearity in multivariate voltammetric calibration models. ---
21  2013 Metabonomics-based study of clinical urine samples in suboptimal health with different syndromes. NOESY, PLS, SHS, TCM
22  2012 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Metabolomic Study of Chronic Organophosphate Exposure in Rats. NMR, TBP, TPP, VIP
23  2012 Advantage of Applying OSC to (1)H NMR-Based Metabonomic Data of Celiac Disease. CD, GFD, NMR, PCA, PLS-DA, RMSEc
24  2012 Serum fatty acid profiles using GC-MS and multivariate statistical analysis: potential biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease. AD, DHA, FFA, GC-MS, PLS-DA, UV
25  2012 Urinary hydrophilic and hydrophobic metabolic profiling based on liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry methods: Differential metabolite discovery specific to ovarian cancer. HILIC, PLS-DA, RPLC
26  2012 [Transfer calibration for alcohol determination using temperature-induced shortwave near infrared spectra]. GLSW, PLS
27  2011 Direct measurements of blood glucose concentration in the presence of saccharide interferences using slope and bias orthogonal signal correction and Fourier transform near-infrared spectroscopy. MIE, NIR, sbOSC, YSI
28  2011 Predication of Japanese green tea (Sen-cha) ranking by volatile profiling using gas chromatography mass spectrometry and multivariate analysis. PLS-DA
29  2011 Principal component directed partial least squares analysis for combining nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry data in metabolomics: application to the detection of breast cancer. DART, MS, NMR, PCA, PLS
30  2011 [Application of NIR spectroscopy to estimate of MFA and fiber length of Neosinocalamus a f finis]. MFA, PLS, RMSEP
31  2011 [Early stage diagnosis of endometrial cancer based on near infrared spectroscopy and support vector machine]. MSC, PLS, SVM
32  2011 [Rapid determination of chemical components in interstitial water of lake sediments using near-infrared spectroscopy]. NH3-N, NIRS, PLS, TN, TOC
33  2011 [Study of the over-fitting in building PLS model using orthogonal signal correction]. ---
34  2011 [The evaluation of hydrocarbon potential generation for source rocks by near-infrared diffuse reflection spectra]. DOSC, DWT, iPLS, MIR, NIR, WMDOSC
35  2010 Data fusion in multivariate calibration transfer. FIR, MUP, PDS
36  2010 Pattern recognition methods in (1)H MRS monitoring in vivo of normal appearing cerebellar tissue after treatment of posterior fossa tumors. PLS-DA
37  2010 Simultaneous determination of penicillin G salts by infrared spectroscopy: Evaluation of combining orthogonal signal correction with radial basis function-partial least squares regression. PLS, PLS, RBF-PLS
38  2010 Simultaneous quantitative analysis of ternary mixtures of D-mannitol polymorphs by FT-Raman spectroscopy and multivariate calibration models. ANNs, mods, PLS
39  2010 [Rapid determination of nutrient components in lake sediments using near infrared spectroscopy]. NIRS, PLS, TC, TN, TOC, TP
40  2010 [Study on variable selection of NIR spectral information based on GA and SCMWPLS]. SEC, SEP, SSC
41  2009 Automated principal component-based orthogonal signal correction applied to fused near infrared-mid-infrared spectra of French olive oils. BLPs, FuRES, PC-OSC, PDR, PLS, PLS-DA
42  2009 Combining orthogonal signal correction and wavelet packet transform with partial least squares to analyze overlapping spectra of three kinds of metal ions. PLS, RSEP, WPT
43  2009 Distinguishing transgenic from non-transgenic Arabidopsis plants by (1)H NMR-based metabolic fingerprinting. NMR
44  2009 Recursive multimodel partial least squares estimation of mineral flotation slurry contents using optical reflectance spectra. PLS, VNIR, XRF
45  2009 Systemic metabolic changes of traumatic critically ill patients revealed by an NMR-based metabonomic approach. MODS, PCA, PLS-DA, SIRS
46  2009 [Nephrotoxicity study of Aristolochia fangchi in rats by metabonomics]. BUN, NMR, PCA, PLS-DA, SCr
47  2009 [Quantities analysis of the infrared diffuse reflection spectrum of hydrocarbon source rocks by OSC-iPLS]. iPLS
48  2009 [Study of quantitative analysis of protein in barley using OSC-PLS algorithm]. NIR, OSC-PLS, RSD, SD
49  2008 A comparative study of calibration transfer methods for determination of gasoline quality parameters in three different near infrared spectrometers. DS, MSC, MU, PDS, PRS, RON, RS, SBC, SNV
50  2008 Discovery of metabolite features for the modelling and analysis of high-resolution NMR spectra. PLS-DA
51  2008 Enhanced discrimination and calibration of biomass NIR spectral data using non-linear kernel methods. PCA, PLS
52  2008 Kinetic spectrophotometric determination of trace amounts of palladium by whole kinetic curve and a fixed time method using resazurine sulfide reaction. PLS, RMSEP
53  2008 Orthogonal signal correction-partial least squares method for simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of cypermethrin and tetramethrin. PLS
54  2008 Quality prediction of Japanese green tea using pyrolyzer coupled GC/MS based metabolic fingerprinting. GC/MS, PLS
55  2008 Simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of mercury and palladium with Thio-Michler's Ketone using partial least squares regression and orthogonal signal correction. PLS, TMK
56  2008 [Application of wavelet multi-scale orthogonal signal correction in milk components measurement using near-infrared spectroscopy]. DWT, NIR, PLS, RMSEP, WT
57  2008 [Quantitative analysis of electronic absorption spectroscopy by piecewise orthogonal signal correction and partial least square]. EAS, MLR, PAHs, PLS, POSC
58  2007 1H NMR based metabolic profiling in the evaluation of Japanese green tea quality. PCA, PLS
59  2007 Determination of low analyte concentrations by near-infrared spectroscopy: effect of spectral pretreatments and estimation of multivariate detection limits. NAS, NIRS, PLS
60  2007 Quantitative analysis of paracetamol polymorphs in powder mixtures by FT-Raman spectroscopy and PLS regression. MSC, RMSECV, SNV
61  2007 Spectrophotometric simultaneous determination of manganese(II) and iron(II) in pharmaceutical by orthogonal signal correction-partial least squares. PLS
62  2006 Conductometric simultaneous determination of acetic acid, monochloroacetic acid and trichloroacetic acid using orthogonal signal correction-partial least squares. RMSEP
63  2006 Metabonomics and biomarker discovery: LC-MS metabolic profiling and constant neutral loss scanning combined with multivariate data analysis for mercapturic acid analysis. AAP, CNL, MA, PCA, PLS-DA
64  2006 Quadrature orthogonal signal corrected two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy. QOSC
65  2006 [Calibration transfer used for the interpretation of RS-FTIR spectrum]. RS-FTIR
66  2005 Background correction in near-infrared spectra of plant extracts by orthogonal signal correction. DT, MSC, NIR, SNV
67  2005 Comparison of methods for transfer of calibration models in near-infared spectroscopy: a case study based on correcting path length differences using fiber-optic transmittance probes in in-line near-infrared spectroscopy. FIR, MSC, PDS, PLC, RMSEP
68  2005 Near-infrared determination of active substance content in intact low-dosage tablets. MSC, NIR, PCR, PLS, SEP, SNV
69  2005 Orthogonal signal correction applied to the classification of wine and molasses vinegar samples by near-infrared spectroscopy. Feasibility study for the detection and quantification of adulterated vinegar samples. ---
70  2005 Orthogonal signal correction used for noise elimination of open path Fourier transform infrared spectra. NIPALS, OP-FTIR, PLS, SOD
71  2005 Spectrophotometric simultaneous determination of nitroaniline isomers by orthogonal signal correction-partial least squares. PLS
72  2005 [Application of O-PLS in fundamental study of non-invasive measurement of human blood glucose concentration with near infrared spectroscopy]. OPLS
73  2004 Classification of wine and alcohol vinegar samples based on near-infrared spectroscopy. Feasibility study on the detection of adulterated vinegar samples. NIR
74  2004 Removal of interference signals due to water from in vivo near-infrared (NIR) spectra of blood glucose by region orthogonal signal correction (ROSC). MWPLSR, NIR, ROSC
75  2004 Removal of major interference sources in aqueous near-infrared spectroscopy techniques. NIR, WPe
76  2004 Transfer of multivariate calibrations between four near-infrared spectrometers using orthogonal signal correction. MU, PLS
77  2004 [Developing robust near infrared calibration models]. FIR, PMSC
78  2003 Determination of alcohol content in beverages using short-wave near-infrared spectroscopy and temperature correction by transfer calibration procedures. PDS, SW-NIR
79  2003 Elimination of interference information by a new hybrid algorithm for quantitative calibration of near infrared spectra. CWT, NIR
80  2002 Application of orthogonal signal correction to minimise the effects of physical and biological variation in high resolution 1H NMR spectra of biofluids. NMR
81  2002 Metabolic profiling of the effects of D-galactosamine in liver spheroids using (1)H NMR and MAS-NMR spectroscopy. MAS, PCA
82  2002 Physiological variation in metabolic phenotyping and functional genomic studies: use of orthogonal signal correction and PLS-DA. ---
83  2001 Determination of the content and identity of lidocaine solutions with UV-visible spectroscopy and multivariate calibration. PLS, SIMCA, UV-vis