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Long Form:   parthenogenetic
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Effect of alanine supplementation during invitro maturation on oocyte maturation and embryonic development after parthenogenesis and somatic cell nuclear transfer in pigs. IVM, MII, SCNT
2017 Disruption of NNAT, NAP1L5 and MKRN3 DNA methylation and transcription in rabbit parthenogenetic fetuses. BSP, DMRs, MKRN3, NAP1L5, Nnat, qRT-PCR
2017 DNA methylation modulates H19 and IGF2 expression in porcine female eye. BSP, DMRs, qPCR
2017 DNA methylation-mediated silencing of FLT1 in parthenogenetic porcine placentas. BSP, DMR, FLT1, KDR, VEGF
2017 Effect of rapamycin treatment during post-activation and/or in vitro culture on embryonic development after parthenogenesis and in vitro fertilization in pigs. IVC, IVF, RP
2017 In vitro oocyte maturation in a medium containing reduced sodium chloride improves the developmental competence of pig oocytes after parthenogenesis and somatic cell nuclear transfer. SCNT
2017 Investigation of the Developmental Potential and Developmental Kinetics of Bovine Parthenogenetic and Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Embryos Using a Time-Lapse Monitoring System. bECs, NT
2017 Supplement of cilostamide in growth medium improves oocyte maturation and developmental competence of embryos derived from small antral follicles in pigs. cAMP, CIL, COCs, FSK, IVG, MAF, SCNT
2017 Utilization of porcine invitro-produced parthenogenetic embryos for co-transfer with vitrified and warmed embryos. IVF
10  2016 Absence of Sperm Factors as in the Parthenogenesis Does Not Interfere on Bovine Embryo Sensitiveness to Heat Shock at Pre-Implantation Stage. ---
11  2016 Aggregation of cloned embryos in empty zona pellucida improves derivation efficiency of pig ES-like cells. ESCs, HDACi, SCNT
12  2016 Alpha-linolenic acid treatment during oocyte maturation enhances embryonic development by influencing mitogen-activated protein kinase activity and intraoocyte glutathione content in pigs. ALA, BSA, IVM, MII, pFF, SCNT
13  2016 Cilostazol Improves Developmental Competence of Pig Oocytes by Increasing Intraoocyte Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate Level and Delaying Meiotic Resumption. cAMP, CLZ, GV, IVM, SCNT
14  2016 Crotamine, a cell-penetrating peptide, is able to translocate parthenogenetic and in vitro fertilized bovine embryos but does not improve exogenous DNA expression. IVF, ZP
15  2016 Embryo aggregation does not improve the development of interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos in the horse. iSCNT, ZF
16  2016 Factors affecting efficiency of introducing foreign DNA and RNA into parthenogenetic or in vitro-fertilized porcine eggs by cytoplasmic microinjection. CI, IVF
17  2015 Abnormal dynamic changes in beta-tubulin in somatic nuclear transfer cloned mouse embryos. CAs, ICSI, SCNT
18  2015 Developmental potential and kinetics of pig embryos with different cytoplasmic volume. HMC
19  2015 Isoform-specific imprinting of the MEST gene in porcine parthenogenetic fetuses. BSP, CON, MEST, qRT-PCR
20  2014 Developmental competence of IVM pig oocytes after SCNT in relation to the shrinkage pattern induced by hyperosmotic treatment. ---
21  2014 Disruption of imprinted gene expression and DNA methylation status in porcine parthenogenetic fetuses and placentas. BSP, qRT-PCR, XCI
22  2014 DNA methylation-mediated silencing of neuronatin (NNAT) in pig parthenogenetic fetuses. DMR, MII, Nnat
23  2014 Improvement of cloned embryos development by co-culturing with parthenotes: a possible role of exosomes/microvesicles for embryos paracrine communication. PA-CM
24  2013 Effect of trans-epsilon-viniferin on in vitro porcine oocyte maturation and subsequent developmental competence in preimplantation embryos. DNMT1, IVF, IVM, ROS
25  2013 Pig oocytes with a large perivitelline space matured in vitro show greater developmental competence after parthenogenesis and somatic cell nuclear transfer. CDK1, ERK2, PCNA, PVS, PZM, SCNT
26  2013 Targeted DNA methylation analysis by high throughput sequencing in porcine peri-attachment embryos. ---
27  2012 Removal of cumulus cells before oocyte nuclear maturation enhances enucleation rates without affecting the developmental competence of porcine cloned embryos. COCs, hpm, MI, MII, SCNT
28  2012 Timing of first embryonic cleavage is a positive indicator of the in vitro developmental potential of porcine embryos derived from in vitro fertilization, somatic cell nuclear transfer and parthenogenesis. IVF, SCNT
29  2011 Trophoblast stem cell marker gene expression in inner cell mass-derived cells from parthenogenetic equine embryos. AP, CDX2, EOMES, ES, ESC, ICM, SCNT
30  2010 Sonic Hedgehog improves in vitro development of porcine parthenotes and handmade cloned embryos. Shh, Smo
31  2009 Effects of chemical activation and season on birth efficiency of cloned pigs. 6-DMAP, CHX, Ele
32  2009 Live birth of somatic cell-cloned rabbits following trichostatin A treatment and cotransfer of parthenogenetic embryos. CHX, ET, SCNT, TSA
33  2009 Nuclear and nucleolar reprogramming during the first cell cycle in bovine nuclear transfer embryos. hpa, SCNT, TEM, UBF
34  2009 Post-activation treatment with demecolcine improves development of somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos in pigs by modifying the remodeling of donor nuclei. CB, DC, PN, SCNT
35  2008 Sexual maturity and reproductive phase of oocyte donor influence the developmental ability and apoptosis of cloned and parthenogenetic porcine embryos. SCNT
36  2004 Apoptosis in parthenogenetic preimplantation porcine embryos. IVF
37  2004 Effect of exogenous DMNPE-caged ATP on in vitro-matured bovine oocytes prior to parthenogenetic activation, fertilisation and nuclear transfer. ATP, IVF, NT