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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Bouncing Back! Counteracting Muscle Aging With Plyometric Muscle Loading. Lf, MT, MVT, VL
2019 Changes in rectus femoris architecture induced by the reverse nordic hamstring exercises. CSA, FL, MT, RF, RNHE
2019 Comparison of the sonographic features of the Achilles Tendon complex in patients with and without achilles tendinopathy: Acase-control study. AT, CSA, USI
2019 Effect of concentric and eccentric hamstring training on sprint recovery, strength and muscle architecture in inexperienced athletes. BFlh, CON, ECC, FL, MT
2019 Effects of virtual dance exercise on skeletal muscle architecture and function of community dwelling older women. CC, CG, EG, FL, MT, PT, ROM
2018 Acute changes in muscle thickness and pennation angle in response to work-matched concentric and eccentric isokinetic exercise. CON, ECC, MT
2018 Assessing sarcopenia with vastus lateralis muscle ultrasound: an operative protocol. CSA, EFOV, EI, FL, MT, MUS, RVL
2018 Biceps femoris fascicle length during passive stretching. FL, US
2018 Diffusion-Tensor Imaging Versus Digitization in Reconstructing the Masseter Architecture. CMF, DTI, FBL, FBs, FE, MR, STT
10  2018 Effect of Resistance Training to Muscle Failure vs. Volitional Interruption at High- and Low-Intensities on Muscle Mass and Strength. CSA, EMG, ES, RT
11  2018 Jumping Performance is Preserved but Not Muscle Thickness in Collegiate Volleyball Players After a Taper. FL, MT, SJH
12  2018 Regional regulation of focal adhesion kinase after concentric and eccentric loading is related to remodelling of human skeletal muscle. CON, ECC, FAK, Lf, MID, MPS, RT, VL
13  2018 Relationship between power-duration parameters and mechanical and anthropometric properties of the thigh in elite cyclists. MT, QVOL, TVol, VL
14  2018 Resistance training does not induce uniform adaptations to quadriceps. CSA, FL, MT, POST, PRE, RF, VL
15  2018 Two-dimensional and shear wave elastography ultrasound: A reliable method to analyse spastic muscles? CV, GM, MT, SWE, US
16  2018 Ultrasonographic Evaluation for the Effect of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy on Gastrocnemius Muscle Spasticity inPatients With Chronic Stroke. ATL, ESWT, FMA, MAS, MFL, MT, PROM
17  2017 Comparison of the Relationship between Lying and Standing Ultrasonography Measures of Muscle Morphology with Isometric and Dynamic Force Production Capabilities. CSA, IPF, MT, RFD, VL
18  2017 Crescent pyramid and drop-set systems do not promote greater strength gains, muscle hypertrophy, and changes on muscle architecture compared with traditional resistance training in well-trained men. CP, CSA, DS, FL, TRAD, TTV
19  2017 Does vitamin D affect muscle strength and architecture? An isokinetic and ultrasonographic study. FL
20  2017 Intra- and inter-rater reliabilities of measurement of ultrasound imaging for muscle thickness and pennation angle of tibialis anterior muscle in stroke patients. CI, ICCs, MT, MVC, USI
21  2017 Neural and Muscular Contributions to the Age-Related Reductions in Rapid Strength. EI, FL, RTD
22  2017 [Dynamic Estimation of Medial Gastrocnemius Activities in Post-stroke Hemiparetic Gait Using Ultrasonography]. EMG, GM, US
23  2016 Anatomy of the long head of biceps femoris: An ultrasound study. MTJ
24  2016 Physical Differences Between Forwards and Backs in American Collegiate Rugby Players. CSA, MT, PF, PRFD, PV, VL
25  2016 The bigger, the stronger? Insights from muscle architecture and nervous characteristics in obese adolescent girls. ACSA, FL, KE, MA, MT, MVC, PF, VA
26  2016 Ultrasound biomicroscopy and claudication test for in vivo follow-up of muscle repair enhancement based on platelet-rich plasma therapy in a rat model of gastrocnemius laceration. MT, PRP
27  2016 Within- and between-session reliability of medial gastrocnemius architectural properties. FL, ICCs, MG, MT
28  2015 A three-dimensional approach to pennation angle estimation for human skeletal muscle. ---
29  2015 Change in the Pathologic Supraspinatus: A Three-Dimensional Model of Fiber Bundle Architecture within Anterior and Posterior Regions. FBL
30  2015 Early structural remodeling and deuterium oxide-derived protein metabolic responses to eccentric and concentric loading in human skeletal muscle. CON, DXA, ECC, Lf, MID, MID-ECC, MPS, MT, MTJ, RET, VL
31  2015 Effects of muscle composition and architecture on specific strength in obese older women. CSA, KET, NW, OB, QF
32  2015 Pennation angle does not influence the age-related differences in echo intensity of the medial gastrocnemius. EI, US
33  2015 Stretch-induced changes in tension generation process and stiffness are not accompanied by alterations in muscle architecture of the middle and distal portions of the two gastrocnemii. FL, GM, MTU, PT
34  2015 [Automatic extraction of the pennation angle of the gastrocnemius muscles from ultrasound radiofrequency signals]. CV, GM, RF, RMSE
35  2014 Evaluation of spasticity after stroke by using ultrasound to measure the muscle architecture parameters: a clinical study. FL, MAP, MAS, MT
36  2014 In vivo measurement of fascicle length and pennation of the human anconeus muscle at several elbow joint angles. EMG, Lf, MU
37  2014 Predictors of high-intensity running capacity in collegiate women during a soccer game. FR, HIR, MP, MT, NCAA, NDOMleg, PP, WAnT
38  2014 Reliability of measurements of rat lateral gastrocnemius architectural parameters obtained from ultrasound biomicroscopic images. CV, ICC, MT, UBM
39  2013 Musculotendinous architecture of pathological supraspinatus: a pilot in vivo ultrasonography study. FBL, SP
40  2013 Relationship between muscle architecture and joint performance during concentric contractions in humans. TB
41  2012 Dynamic measurement of pennation angle of gastrocnemius muscles during contractions based on ultrasound imaging. RVHT
42  2011 Alterations in intramuscular water movement associated with mechanical changes in human skeletal muscle fibers: an evaluation using magnetic resonance diffusion-weighted imaging and B-mode ultrasonography. ADC, FL
43  2011 Reproducibility of gastrocnemius medialis muscle architecture during treadmill running. FL, GM
44  2011 Strength training's chronic effects on muscle architecture parameters of different arm sites. MT, MVC, US
45  2011 Tibialis anterior architecture, strength, and gait in individuals with cerebral palsy. CSA, FL, MT, TA
46  2011 Ultrasound biomicroscopy for biomechanical characterization of healthy and injured triceps surae of rats. GG, LG, MT, SG, SOL, UBM, VG
47  2010 Investigation of the static and dynamic musculotendinous architecture of supraspinatus. FBL, SP, US
48  2010 Muscle architecture variations along the human semitendinosus and biceps femoris (long head) length. BF, FL, MT, ST
49  2010 Ultrasound Biomicroscopy for In vivo architectural characterization of gastrocnemius muscle from rats. MT, UBM
50  2009 Effects of eccentric strength training on biceps femoris muscle architecture and knee joint range of movement. FL, PKE
51  2008 Muscle force per cross-sectional area is inversely related with pennation angle in strength trained athletes. CSA, F/CSA
52  2007 Changes in pennate muscle architecture after gradual tibial lengthening in goats. PCSA, TC
53  2007 The effect of ultrasound probe orientation on muscle architecture measurement. BMU, EMG, FL, MAP, MT
54  2007 Three-dimensional study of the musculotendinous architecture of supraspinatus and its functional correlations. ---
55  2001 In vivo measurement of fascicle length and pennation angle of the human biceps femoris muscle. US