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Long Form:   peptide amphiphile
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Bioactive 3D scaffolds self-assembled from phosphorylated mimicking peptide amphiphiles to enhance osteogenesis. ALP, BMP-2, OCN, OPN, rMSCs
2019 Biofunctionalized peptide-based hydrogel as an injectable scaffold for BDNF delivery can improve regeneration after spinal cord injury. BBB, CD, ECM, TEM, TSCI
2019 Sonic hedgehog regulation of cavernous nerve regeneration and neurite formation in aged pelvic plexus. CN, ED, Ptch1, SHH, Smo
2018 Aptamer-displaying peptide amphiphile micelles as a cell-targeted delivery vehicle of peptide cargoes. PAMs, tail
2018 Bioactive Nanofibers Induce Neural Transdifferentiation of Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells. BMSCs, GFAP, LMN, MAP-2, NES, NeuN
2018 Design of an Amphiphilic iRGD Peptide and Self-Assembling Nanovesicles for Improving Tumor Accumulation and Penetration and the Photodynamic Efficacy of the Photosensitizer. HB, HB-PA, PDT
2018 Force and time-dependent self-assembly, disruption and recovery of supramolecular peptide amphiphile nanofibers. ---
2018 Functional Control of Peptide Amphiphile Assemblies via Modulation of Internal Cohesion and Surface Chemistry Switch. ---
2018 Peptide amphiphile delivery of sonic hedgehog protein promotes neurite formation in penile projecting neurons. CN, ED, SHH
10  2018 Promotion of neurite outgrowth by rationally designed NGF-beta binding peptide nanofibers. NGF, NGFB-PA nanofiber
11  2018 Stem cell tracking using effective self-assembled peptide-modified superparamagnetic nanoparticles. MRI, MSCs, SPIONs
12  2018 Supramolecular Nanostructure Activates TrkB Receptor Signaling of Neuronal Cells by Mimicking Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor. BDNF, CNS, TrkB
13  2018 Tailoring nanostructure and bioactivity of 3D-printable hydrogels with self-assemble peptides amphiphile (PA) for promoting bile duct formation. PAs
14  2018 Therapeutic Peptide Amphiphile as a Drug Carrier with ATP-Triggered Release for Synergistic Effect, Improved Therapeutic Index, and Penetration of 3D Cancer Cell Spheroids. DOX, NC
15  2017 Creating a stem cell niche in the inner ear using self-assembling peptide amphiphiles. hESCs, ONP
16  2017 Diabetic wound regeneration using heparin-mimetic peptide amphiphile gel in db/db mice. alpha-SMA, IL-6, TNF-alpha
17  2017 Electrostatic Control of Polymorphism in Charged Amphiphile Assemblies. TEM
18  2017 Enhanced Antibacterial Properties of Self-Assembling Peptide Amphiphiles Functionalized with Heparin-Binding Cardin-Motifs. ACA-PA, CMC
19  2017 Enhanced Therapeutic and Long-Term Dynamic Vascularization Effects of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Endothelial Cells Encapsulated in a Nanomatrix Gel. ECs, hPSC
20  2017 Hydrogelation of a Naphthalene Diimide Appended Peptide Amphiphile and Its Application in Cell Imaging and Intracellular pH Sensing. NDI
21  2017 Multivalent Presentation of Cationic Peptides on Supramolecular Nanofibers for Antimicrobial Activity. ---
22  2017 pH triggered re-assembly of nanosphere to nanofiber: The role of peptide conformational change for enhanced cancer therapy. DOX
23  2017 pH-responsive nanoparticle assembly from peptide amphiphiles for tumor targeting drug delivery. CD
24  2017 Spatial Organization of Functional Groups on Bioactive Supramolecular Glycopeptide Nanofibers for Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) to Brown Adipogenesis. MSCs
25  2016 A bio-inspired hybrid nanosack for graft vascularization at the omentum. FGF-2
26  2016 A tenascin-C mimetic peptide amphiphile nanofiber gel promotes neurite outgrowth and cell migration of neurosphere-derived cells. TN-C PA
27  2016 Construction of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Peptide Magnetic Nanovesicles with Lipid Bilayers for Enhanced Capture of Liver Cancer Circulating Tumor Cells. CTC, EGFR, EPMVs, NPs
28  2016 Development of self-assembling peptide nanovesicle with bilayers for enhanced EGFR-targeted drug and gene delivery. AChE, DOX, EGFR, ESPV, QDs, siRNAs, SPV
29  2016 Modulating self-assembly behavior of a salt-free peptide amphiphile (PA) and zwitterionic surfactant mixed system. AFM, CD, FESEM, FTIR, TEM
30  2016 Molecular design for growth of supramolecular membranes with hierarchical structure. HA
31  2016 Regenerative effects of peptide nanofibers in an experimental model of Parkinson's disease. ECM, PD
32  2016 Sonic hedgehog delivery from self-assembled nanofiber hydrogels reduces the fibrotic response in models of erectile dysfunction. CN, ED, PG, SHH
33  2016 Supra-molecular assembly of a lumican-derived peptide amphiphile enhances its collagen-stimulating activity. ---
34  2016 Tissue-Factor Targeted Peptide Amphiphile Nanofibers as an Injectable Therapy To Control Hemorrhage. TF
35  2015 Bio-fabrication and physiological self-release of tissue equivalents using smart peptide amphiphile templates. ---
36  2015 Biocompatibility and characterization of a peptide amphiphile hydrogel for applications in peripheral nerve regeneration. ---
37  2015 Epitope topography controls bioactivity in supramolecular nanofibers. ECM
38  2015 Epitope topography controls bioactivity in supramolecular nanofibers. ECM
39  2015 Gel scaffolds of BMP-2-binding peptide amphiphile nanofibers for spinal arthrodesis. ---
40  2015 Molecularly engineered self-assembling membranes for cell-mediated degradation. HA, MMP-1
41  2015 Oligonucleotide delivery with cell surface binding and cell penetrating Peptide amphiphile nanospheres. AON, CPPs
42  2015 Self-assembled peptide amphiphile nanofibers and peg composite hydrogels as tunable ECM mimetic microenvironment. ECM, PEG
43  2015 Self-assembling nanofibers alter the processing of amyloid precursor protein in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. AD, APP, ECM, IDE, MWM, NEP, PCR
44  2015 Self-Assembly and Collagen-Stimulating Activity of a Peptide Amphiphile Incorporating a Peptide Sequence from Lumican. CAC
45  2015 Supramolecular chirality in self-assembled peptide amphiphile nanostructures. ---
46  2014 A tail of two peptide amphiphiles: effect of conjugation with hydrophobic polymer on folding of peptide sequences. ---
47  2014 Aligned neurite outgrowth and directed cell migration in self-assembled monodomain gels. DRG, ECM
48  2014 Effects of salt concentrations of the aqueous peptide-amphiphile solutions on the sol-gel transitions, the gelation speed, and the gel characteristics. CD, TEM
49  2014 Multi-functional envelope-type nanoparticles assembled from amphiphilic peptidic prodrug with improved anti-tumor activity. DOX, GRGDS, MENPs
50  2014 Post-assembly functionalization of supramolecular nanostructures with bioactive peptides and fluorescent proteins by native chemical ligation. NCL
51  2014 Probing peptide amphiphile self-assembly in blood serum. ---
52  2013 Coassembly in binary mixtures of peptide amphiphiles containing oppositely charged residues. ---
53  2013 Collagen stimulating effect of peptide amphiphile C16-KTTKS on human fibroblasts. ---
54  2013 Generation of Chimeric "ABS Nanohemostat" Complex and Comparing Its Histomorphological In Vivo Effects to the Traditional Ankaferd Hemostat in Controlled Experimental Partial Nephrectomy Model. ABS, PN, WITs
55  2013 Green synthetic, multifunctional hybrid micelles with shell embedded magnetic nanoparticles for theranostic applications. DOX, MRI
56  2013 Nanofiber-mediated inhibition of focal adhesion kinase sensitizes glioma stemlike cells to epidermal growth factor receptor inhibition. EGFR, FAK, GSCs
57  2013 RGD-bearing peptide-amphiphile-hydroxyapatite nanocomposite bone scaffold: an in vitro study. BSP, HA, RT-PCR
58  2013 Self-assembling nanofibers improve cognitive impairment in a transgenic mice model of Alzheimer's disease. AD, Tg
59  2013 Self-assembly of palmitoyl lipopeptides used in skin care products. ---
60  2013 Self-assembly of peptide-amphiphile forming helical nanofibers and in situ template synthesis of uniform mesoporous single wall silica nanotubes. MGC, SWSNTs
61  2013 Steered molecular dynamics studies of the potential of mean force for peptide amphiphile self-assembly into cylindrical nanofibers. SMD
62  2013 The robust hydrogel hierarchically assembled from a pH sensitive peptide amphiphile based on silk fibroin. ---
63  2013 The role of electrostatics and temperature on morphological transitions of hydrogel nanostructures self-assembled by peptide amphiphiles via molecular dynamics simulations. ---
64  2013 Tuning self-assembled nanostructures through enzymatic degradation of a peptide amphiphile. ---
65  2012 A hybrid nanofiber matrix to control the survival and maturation of brain neurons. ECM, GC, PC
66  2012 Application of Collagen-Model Triple-Helical Peptide-Amphiphiles for CD44-Targeted Drug Delivery Systems. ---
67  2012 Controlled release of dexamethasone from peptide nanofiber gels to modulate inflammatory response. DEX
68  2012 Hydroxyapatite nanoparticle reinforced peptide amphiphile nanomatrix enhances the osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells by compositional ratios. ECM, HANPs, hMSCs, SEM, TEM
69  2012 Self-assembling glucagon-like peptide 1-mimetic peptide amphiphiles for enhanced activity and proliferation of insulin-secreting cells. GLP-1
70  2012 Self-assembly of a peptide amphiphile containing L-carnosine and its mixtures with a multilamellar vesicle forming lipid. DPPC
71  2012 Survival, migration and differentiation of mouse tau-GFP embryonic stem cells transplanted into the rat auditory nerve. AN, BDNF, ChABC
72  2011 Antitumor activity of peptide amphiphile nanofiber-encapsulated camptothecin. CPT
73  2011 Atomistic molecular dynamics simulations of peptide amphiphile self-assembly into cylindrical nanofibers. ---
74  2011 Biphasic peptide amphiphile nanomatrix embedded with hydroxyapatite nanoparticles for stimulated osteoinductive response. ECM, HA, hMSCs
75  2011 Enhanced rat islet function and survival in vitro using a biomimetic self-assembled nanomatrix gel. ---
76  2011 Multi-composite bioactive osteogenic sponges featuring mesenchymal stem cells, platelet-rich plasma, nanoporous silicon enclosures, and Peptide amphiphiles for rapid bone regeneration. BM, CB, MSC, NSE, PCL, PRP
77  2011 Peptide amphiphile nanofiber delivery of sonic hedgehog protein to reduce smooth muscle apoptosis in the penis after cavernous nerve resection. BSA, CN, ED, SHH, TUNEL
78  2011 Regeneration of the cavernous nerve by Sonic hedgehog using aligned peptide amphiphile nanofibers. CN, ED, SHH
79  2011 Slow release and delivery of antisense oligonucleotide drug by self-assembled peptide amphiphile nanofibers. AFM, ODN, SEM
80  2011 Switching of Self-Assembly in a Peptide Nanostructure with a Specific Enzyme. PKA
81  2010 Induction of cancer cell death by self-assembling nanostructures incorporating a cytotoxic peptide. ---
82  2010 Self-assembling peptide amphiphile promotes plasticity of serotonergic fibers following spinal cord injury. SCI
83  2010 Supramolecular design of self-assembling nanofibers for cartilage regeneration. TGF-beta1
84  2010 Tunable mechanics of peptide nanofiber gels. ---
85  2009 A hybrid biomimetic scaffold composed of electrospun polycaprolactone nanofibers and self-assembled peptide amphiphile nanofibers. ECM, hMSCs, MMP-2
86  2009 Inhibition of cancer cell proliferation by designed peptide amphiphiles. ---
87  2009 Osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells directed by extracellular matrix-mimicking ligands in a biomimetic self-assembled peptide amphiphile nanomatrix. ECM, hMSCs
88  2009 Self-assembling peptide amphiphile-based nanofiber gel for bioresponsive cisplatin delivery. MMP-2, TEM
89  2009 Understanding factors affecting alignment of self-assembling nanofibers patterned by sonication-assisted solution embossing. AFM, SASE
90  2009 Wormlike micelle formation in peptide-lipid conjugates driven by secondary structure transformation of the headgroups. ---
91  2008 Covalent functionalization of NiTi surfaces with bioactive peptide amphiphile nanofibers. AFM, NiTi, SEM, ToF-SIMS, XPS
92  2008 Hybrid bone implants: self-assembly of peptide amphiphile nanofibers within porous titanium. SEM
93  2008 Molecular simulation study of peptide amphiphile self-assembly. ---
94  2008 Self-assembling nanofibers inhibit glial scar formation and promote axon elongation after spinal cord injury. SCI
95  2008 Self-assembling peptide amphiphile nanofibers as a scaffold for dental stem cells. DPSC
96  2007 Bone regeneration on a collagen sponge self-assembled peptide-amphiphile nanofiber hybrid scaffold. bFGF, PGA
97  2007 Bone regeneration through controlled release of bone morphogenetic protein-2 from 3-D tissue engineered nano-scaffold. BMP-2, SEM
98  2007 [In vitro biomineralization of self-assembly oligopeptide T2]. HA, SEM, XRD
99  2006 Branched peptide-amphiphiles as self-assembling coatings for tissue engineering scaffolds. b-PA
100  2006 Ectopic bone formation in collagen sponge self-assembled peptide-amphiphile nanofibers hybrid scaffold in a perfusion culture bioreactor. MSC, PGA, SEM