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Long Form:   phosphatidic acid
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A Flower-Specific Phospholipase D Is a Stigmatic Compatibility Factor Targeted by the Self-Incompatibility Response in Brassica napus. PLDalpha1, SI, SRK
2019 Bioactive lipids in gintonin-enriched fraction from ginseng. GEF, LPLs, PLs
2019 Choline Is an Intracellular Messenger Linking Extracellular Stimuli to IP3-Evoked Ca2+ Signals through Sigma-1 Receptors. PLD, Sig-1Rs
2019 Deliberate Modification of Fe3O4 Anode Surface Chemistry: Impact on Electrochemistry. BA, MBA, MPA, NPs
2019 Diacylglycerol kinase alpha-selective inhibitors induce apoptosis and reduce viability of melanoma and several other cancer cell lines. DG
2019 Diacylglycerol kinase and associated lipid mediators modulate rice root architecture. DAG, DGK, LRs, SRs, WT
2019 Diacylglycerol kinase control of protein kinase C. AD, DAG, DGK, PKC, SNX27
2019 Diacylglycerol kinase zeta is a negative regulator of GPVI-mediated platelet activation. DAG, DGK, DGKs, DGKzeta-KO, GPVI
2019 Effect of Conditioning Protocols and Ultrasonic Application of an Infiltrant Resin in White Spot Lesions. AWSL, BS, HA, IR, PD
10  2019 Effect of dietary supplementation with apple cider vinegar and propionic acid on hemolymph chemistry, intestinal microbiota and histological structure of hepatopancreas in white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei. ACV
11  2019 Effect of Office Bleaching on Enamel Bonding Performance. ABRZ, SBS, SEA
12  2019 Effects of lactic acid bacteria and molasses on fermentation dynamics, structural and nonstructural carbohydrate composition and in vitro ruminal fermentation of rice straw silage. DM, IVNDFD, ML
13  2019 Efficacy of Various Surface Treatments on the Bonding Performance of Saliva-contaminated Lithium-Disilicate Ceramics. HF, MA, SC, TBS, VE, XPS
14  2019 Electrochemical Studies on Tamarindus indica Fruit Shell Bio-Waste Derived Nanoporous Activated Carbons for Supercapacitor Applications. T. indica
15  2019 Epitope Mapping of Antidiacylglycerol Kinase alpha Monoclonal Antibody DaMab-2. DG, DGK, mAb
16  2019 Evolutionary engineering in Saccharomyces cerevisiae reveals a TRK1-dependent potassium influx mechanism for propionic acid tolerance. ALE
17  2019 Fat-regulating phosphatidic acid phosphatase: a review of its roles and regulation in lipid homeostasis. ---
18  2019 Fermentation quality and aerobic stability of mulberry silage prepared with lactic acid bacteria and propionic acid. FR, GF, LAB
19  2019 Global response of diacylglycerol kinase towards substrate binding observed by 2D and 3D MAS NMR. DAG, DGK
20  2019 Halorussus litoreus sp. nov., isolated from the salted brown alga Laminaria. PG, PGP-Me, PGS
21  2019 In vitro lipid transfer assays of phosphatidylinositol transfer proteins provide insight into the in vivo mechanism of ligand transfer. FRET, PS, SUVs
22  2019 Inflammation associated ethanolamine facilitates infection by Crohn's disease-linked adherent-invasive Escherichia coli. AIEC, BBSRC, CD, EPSRC, eut, MCPs, NERC, qRT-PCR
23  2019 Insemination or phosphatidic acid induces an outwardly spiraling disk of elevated Ca2+ to produce the Ca2+ wave during Xenopus laevis fertilization. ---
24  2019 Interaction and Regulation Between Lipid Mediator Phosphatidic Acid and Circadian Clock Regulators. CCA1, LHY
25  2019 Interplay between Jasmonic Acid, Phosphate Signaling and the Regulation of Glycerolipid Homeostasis in Arabidopsis. DGDG, JA, MGDG, PC
26  2019 Lysophosphatidic acid precursor levels decrease and an arachidonic acid-containing phosphatidylcholine level increases in the dorsal root ganglion of mice after peripheral nerve injury. AA-PC, DRG, LPA, MALDI-IMS, SNT
27  2019 OLFM4 inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition and metastatic potential of cervical cancer cells. EMT
28  2019 Optimized liposomes with transactivator of transcription peptide and anti-apoptotic drugs to target hippocampal neurons and prevent tau-hyperphosphorylated neurodegeneration. BBB, CL, CURC, LIP, LIP, NGF, QU, RA, Tat
29  2019 Phosphatidic Acid Directly Regulates PINOID-Dependent Phosphorylation and Activation of the PIN-FORMED2 Auxin Efflux Transporter in Response to Salt Stress. PID, PIN
30  2019 Phosphatidic acid generated by PLD2 promotes the plasma membrane recruitment of IQGAP1 and neointima formation. IQGAP1, PLD, VSMCs
31  2019 Phosphatidic acid induces conformational changes in Sec18 protomers that prevent SNARE priming. MD
32  2019 Phosphatidic Acid: From Pleiotropic Functions to Neuronal Pathology. ---
33  2019 Phosphatidylinositol-hydrolyzing phospholipase C4 modulates rice response to salt and drought. DAG, PI-PLC, PI4P, WT
34  2019 Phospholipase D and phosphatidic acid in plant immunity. PLD
35  2019 Phosphoric Acid Diethylmethylammonium Trifluoromethanesulfonate-Based Electrolytes for Nonhumidified Intermediate Temperature Fuel Cells. IT-FCs, ORR, TfO
36  2019 Phosphoric acid purification sludge: Potential in heavy metals and rare earth elements. DW, HM, REE
37  2019 PKA and PI3K activities during capacitation protect sperm from undergoing spontaneous acrosome reaction. AR, CaMKII, PI3K, PKA, PLD, PP1, sAR
38  2019 Plant AP180 epsin-N-Homolog (ANTH) proteins are involved in clathrin-dependent endocytosis during pollen tube growth in Arabidopsis thaliana. ---
39  2019 Plasma lipidomic profiling in murine mutants of Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome reveals differential changes in pro- and anti-atherosclerotic lipids. Cer, CHO, DAG, DHA, HPS, LPS, SM, TAG, WT
40  2019 PLD-dependent phosphatidic acid microdomains are signaling platforms for podosome formation. DCs, PLD
41  2019 Proteomic Analysis of Arabidopsis pldalpha1 Mutants Revealed an Important Role of Phospholipase D Alpha 1 in Chloroplast Biogenesis. DAPs, PLDalpha1
42  2019 Recent Advances in the Cellular and Developmental Biology of Phospholipases in Plants. PLs
43  2019 Regulation of Phospholipase D by Arf6 during FcgammaR-Mediated Phagocytosis. PLD
44  2019 Screening of subtype specific activators and inhibitors for diacylglycerol kinase. DG, DGK, DN
45  2019 Seed germination, respiratory processes and phosphatidic acid accumulation in Arabidopsis diacylglycerol kinase knockouts - The effect of brassinosteroid, brassinazole and salinity. BR, BRZ, DGK, EBL, WT
46  2019 Self-glycerophospholipids activate murine phospholipid-reactive Tcells and inhibit iNKTcell activation by competing with ligands for CD1d loading. iNKT, PLT
47  2019 Simple Approach for Improved LC-MS Analysis of Protein Biopharmaceuticals via Modification of Desolvation Gas. IPA, TEA, TFA
48  2019 Substrate channeling in the glycerol-3-phosphate pathway regulates the synthesis, storage and secretion of glycerolipids. DG, G3P, TG
49  2019 The inhibitor of glycerol 3-phosphate acyltransferase FSG67 blunts liver regeneration after acetaminophen overdose by altering GSK3beta and Wnt/beta-catenin signaling. GSK3beta, PCNA
50  2019 The Membrane Proximal Domain of TRPV1 and TRPV2 Channels Mediates Protein⁻Protein Interactions and Lipid Binding In Vitro. GFP, PLD, SNARE, TRPV
51  2019 [Lipid metabolism study of sodium norcantharidate in LO2 hepatocytes based on lipidomics]. Cer, DG, FAHFA, lysoPA, lysoPC, lysoPE, NCTD-Na, PC, PE, PG, PS, SM
52  2018 A Combinatorial Lipid Code Shapes the Electrostatic Landscape of Plant Endomembranes. PI4P, PM, PS
53  2018 A lecithin phosphatidylserine and phosphatidic acid complex (PAS) reduces symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome (PMS): Results of a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial. CAR, CBG, DRSP, MEMS, PAS, PMDD, PMS, PS, PSST
54  2018 A Novel Enamel and Dentin Etching Protocol Using alpha-hydroxy Glycolic Acid: Surface Property, Etching Pattern, and Bond Strength Studies. GA, OSP, SB, SBU, SEM
55  2018 A phosphatidic acid-binding protein is important for lipid homeostasis and adaptation to anaerobic biofilm conditions in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. ---
56  2018 A Unique Homeostatic Signaling Pathway Links Synaptic Inactivity to Postsynaptic mTORC1. cLTP, LTP, PLD
57  2018 A zinc-doped endodontic cement facilitates functional mineralization and stress dissipation at the dentin surface. EDTA
58  2018 Acid-etching technique of non-decalcified bone samples for visualizing osteocyte-lacuno-canalicular network using scanning electron microscope. LCN, PMMA, SEM
59  2018 Adipose-specific lipin1 overexpression in mice protects against alcohol-induced liver injury. ALD, DAG, eWAT, PAP, WAT, WT
60  2018 An unstructured loop that is critical for interactions of the stalk domain of Drp1 with saturated phosphatidic acid. Drp1
61  2018 Annexins-Coordinators of Cholesterol Homeostasis in Endocytic Pathways. ILV, LE, LSDs, Lys, MCS, PS
62  2018 Arabidopsis PLDs with C2-domain function distinctively in hypoxia. PLD, ROS
63  2018 Bile acids target proteolipid nano-assemblies of EGFR and phosphatidic acid in the plasma membrane for stimulation of MAPK signaling. DCA, EGFR, PM
64  2018 Calcium deprivation enhances non-selective fluid-phase endocytosis and modifies membrane lipid profiles in Arabidopsis roots. Ca, DAG, PC, PE, PI, TAG
65  2018 Cellulose modification by recyclable swelling solvents. TFA
66  2018 Cobalt and nickel affect the fluidity of negatively-charged biomimetic membranes. CL, PC, PG, PS
67  2018 Comparative evaluation of the use of acidic additives on sewage sludge composting quality improvement, nitrogen conservation, and greenhouse gas reduction. AP, CA, CP, ES, GHG
68  2018 Comparative genomics and transcriptomics analysis-guided metabolic engineering of Propionibacterium acidipropionici for improved propionic acid production. ---
69  2018 Cucumber Phospholipase D alpha gene overexpression in tobacco enhanced drought stress tolerance by regulating stomatal closure and lipid peroxidation. ABA, PLD, WT
70  2018 Cytidinediphosphate-diacylglycerol synthase 5 is required for phospholipid homeostasis and is negatively involved in hyperosmotic stress tolerance. CDS, PG, PI, PLD
71  2018 DgMab-6: Antihuman DGKgamma Monoclonal Antibody for Immunocytochemistry. DG, DGK
72  2018 DIACYLGLYCEROL ACYLTRANSFERASE and DIACYLGLYCEROL KINASE Modulate Triacylglycerol and Phosphatidic Acid Production in the Plant Response to Freezing Stress. DAG, DGK, TAG
73  2018 Diacylglycerol kinase delta controls down-regulation of cyclin D1 for C2C12 myogenic differentiation. cnPKCs, DG, DGK, MHC
74  2018 Dietary propionic acid enhances antibacterial and immunomodulatory effects of oxytetracycline on Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus. OTC
75  2018 Differential phosphatidic acid metabolism in barley leaves and roots induced by chilling temperature. ---
76  2018 Direct and Continuous Measurement of Phospholipase D Activities Using the Chelation-Enhanced Fluorescence Property of 8-Hydroxyquinoline. PC, PLD
77  2018 Effects of different etching strategies on the microtensile repair bond strength of beautifil II giomer material. HF, TRBS
78  2018 Evaluation of the Use of Phosphatidic Acid in the Diet on Growth Performance and Breast Meat Yield in Broilers. CON, FCRs
79  2018 Fate of Liposomes in the Presence of Phospholipase C and D: From Atomic to Supramolecular Lipid Arrangement. DAG, PC
80  2018 Fuels derived from starch digestion have different effects on energy intake and metabolic responses of cows in the postpartum period. DMI, GLU, LA, MEI
81  2018 Functional analysis of mammalian phospholipase D enzymes. hPLD1, hPLD2, PC, PLD
82  2018 Gene Expression Pattern and Protein Localization of Arabidopsis Phospholipase D Alpha 1 Revealed by Advanced Light-Sheet and Super-Resolution Microscopy. CCVs, LSFM, SIM
83  2018 Hepatokine alpha1-Microglobulin Signaling Exacerbates Inflammation and Disturbs Fibrotic Repair in Mouse Myocardial Infarction. AM, LV, MI
84  2018 Hierarchical Porous Zr-Based MOFs Synthesized by a Facile Monocarboxylic Acid Etching Strategy. MAE, MAs, MOFs
85  2018 How miRs and mRNA deadenylases could post-transcriptionally regulate expression of tumor-promoting protein PLD. EMT, miRs, PARN, PLD
86  2018 HPV-16 E7 expression up-regulates phospholipase D activity and promotes rapamycin resistance in a pRB-dependent manner. HPV, PLD, pRb
87  2018 Identification of novel phosphatidic acid binding domain on sphingosine kinase 1 of Arabidopsis thaliana. ABA, AtSPHK1
88  2018 Identification of Rice Koji Extract Components that Increase beta-Glucocerebrosidase Levels in Human Epidermal Keratinocytes. LPA
89  2018 Influence of cleaning methods on resin bonding to saliva-contaminated zirconia. AB, ADG, IC, XPS
90  2018 Lack of effective translational regulation of PLD expression and exosome biogenesis in triple-negative breast cancer cells. PLD, TNBC
91  2018 LC‑MS/MS metabolome analysis detects the changes in the lipid metabolic profiles of dMMR and pMMR cells. CRC, dMMR, LC/MS, MMR, PC, pMMR
92  2018 Linking genotype and phenotype in an economically viable propionic acid biosynthesis process. ---
93  2018 Lipid droplet consumption is functionally coupled to vacuole homeostasis independent of lipophagy. DAG, LDs
94  2018 Lipid phosphate phosphatase 3 regulates adipocyte sphingolipid synthesis, but not developmental adipogenesis or diet-induced obesity in mice. LPPs
95  2018 Lipidomic analysis of plasma lipids composition changes in septic mice. Cer, DG, FA, LPA, LPC, LPE, MG, PC, PE, PI, SM, TG
96  2018 Lipidomic signature of serum from the rats exposed to alcohol for one year. DG, lysoPC, PC, PE, TG
97  2018 Lipin-1 determines lung cancer cell survival and chemotherapy sensitivity by regulation of endoplasmic reticulum homeostasis and autophagy. DAG, LUAD
98  2018 Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry based approach for rapid comparison of lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase activity on multiple substrates. LC-MS, LPAAT
99  2018 Lpaatdelta/Agpat4 deficiency impairs maximal force contractility in soleus and alters fibre type in extensor digitorum longus muscle. EDL, LPAAT
100  2018 Mitochondrial CDP-diacylglycerol synthase activity is due to the peripheral protein, TAMM41 and not due to the integral membrane protein, CDP-diacylglycerol synthase 1. CDS, PI