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Long Form:   poly(acrylic acid)
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 3D printing of highly conductive silver architectures enabled to sinter at low temperatures. FDM
2019 808 nm laser-triggered NIR-II emissive rare-earth nanoprobes for small tumor detection and blood vessel imaging. RES
2019 A theranostic system based on nanocomposites of manganese oxide nanoparticles and a pH sensitive polymer: Preparation, and physicochemical characterization. MTX, NPs
2019 Adsorption of Cd2+ on GO/PAA hydrogel and preliminary recycle to GO/PAA-CdS as efficient photocatalyst. GO
2019 Alternative model for cathepsin K activation in human dentin. AS, CTK, ICTP, LA, MMPs, UTS
2019 Amperometric glucose biosensing performance of a novel graphene nanoplatelets-iron phthalocyanine incorporated conducting hydrogel. CH, GOx
2019 Amplification of lysozyme signal detected in capillary electrophoresis using mixed polymer brushes coating with switchable properties. CE, EOF, LOD, PMOXA
2019 An Injectable, Near-Infrared Light-Responsive Click Cross-Linked Azobenzene Hydrogel for Breast Cancer Chemotherapy. AzoGel, DBCO, DOX, NIR
2019 An oral drug delivery system with programmed drug release and imaging properties for orthotopic colon cancer therapy. CS, GIT, MRI, NPs, ODDSs
10  2019 Angiopep-2-Conjugated "Core-Shell" Hybrid Nanovehicles for Targeted and pH-Triggered Delivery of Arsenic Trioxide into Glioma. ATO, ATO-Sol, BBB, MSN
11  2019 Bioadhesive and biodissolvable hydrogels consisting of water-swellable poly(acrylic acid)/poly(vinylpyrrolidone) complexes. PVP
12  2019 Biomineralization-inspired fabrication of chitosan/calcium carbonates core-shell type composite microparticles as a drug carrier. PGlu
13  2019 Carboxylated nanocellulose foams as superabsorbents. ---
14  2019 Colorless and Transparent Copolyimides and Their Nanocomposites: Thermo-Optical Properties, Morphologies, and Gas Permeabilities. BPA, Co-PIs, CTE, DMAc, p-XDA
15  2019 Controlled 3D Shape Transformation Activated by Room Temperature Stretching and Release of a Flat Polymer Sheet. PEO, TA
16  2019 Controlled Fabrication of Micropatterned Supramolecular Gels by Directed Self-Assembly of Small Molecular Gelators. ---
17  2019 Converting waste Allium sativum peel to nitrogen and sulphur co-doped photoluminescence carbon dots for solar conversion, cell labeling, and photobleaching diligences: A path from discarded waste to value-added products. ADMSCs, C-dots
18  2019 Counterion Exchange in Peptide-Complexed Core-Shell Microgels. SEM
19  2019 Covalently binding mucoadhesive polymers: N-hydroxysuccinimide grafted polyacrylates. DCC, MDF, NHS, TWA
20  2019 Crosslinkable-Chitosan-Enabled Moisture-Resistant Multilayer Gas Barrier Thin Film. BL, CH, PET
21  2019 Crosslinking Effect on Thermal Conductivity of Electrospun Poly(acrylic acid) Nanofibers. ---
22  2019 Development of anisamide-targeted PEGylated gold nanorods to deliver epirubicin for chemo-photothermal therapy in tumor-bearing mice. CPTT, CTAB, PTT
23  2019 Diffusion of nanoparticles within a semidilute polyelectrolyte solution. FCS
24  2019 Dissolving Graphene/Poly(Acrylic Acid) Microneedles for Potential Transdermal Drug Delivery and Photothermal Therapy. NIR
25  2019 Doping of ZnO inorganic-organic nanohybrids with metal elements. PLQY
26  2019 Dynamic Color-Switching of Plasmonic Nanoparticle Films. ---
27  2019 Effect of (Poly)electrolytes on the Interfacial Assembly of Poly(ethylene glycol)-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles. IPCs, PEG-AuNPs
28  2019 Effect of pH and Molecular Length on the Structure and Dynamics of Short Poly(acrylic acid) in Dilute Solution: Detailed Molecular Dynamics Study. ---
29  2019 Effect of silver diamine fluoride-potassium iodide and 2% chlorhexidine gluconate cavity cleansers on the bond strength and microleakage of resin-modified glass ionomer cement. AMA, CHX, RMGIC
30  2019 Enhanced elasticity in poly(acrylic acid) gels via synthesis in the presence of high concentrations of select salts. ---
31  2019 Enhancing the Electrochemical Performance of SbTe Bimetallic Anodes for High-Performance Sodium-Ion Batteries: Roles of the Binder and Carbon Support Matrix. FEC, PVDF
32  2019 Exceedingly Small Gadolinium Oxide Nanoparticles with Remarkable Relaxivities for Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Tumors. ES-GON-PAA, GONs, MRI
33  2019 Fabrication of hydrophilic and antibacterial poly(vinylidene fluoride) based separation membranes by a novel strategy combining radiation grafting of poly(acrylic acid) (PAA) and electroless nickel plating. PVDF, SA
34  2019 Facile development, characterization, and evaluation of novel bicalutamide loaded pH-sensitive mesoporous silica nanoparticles for enhanced prostate cancer therapy. BIC, NPs
35  2019 Facile Preparation and Enhanced Catalytic Properties of Self-Assembled Pd Nanoparticle-Loaded Nanocomposite Films Synthesized via the Electrospun Approach. CNTs, PdNP, PVA
36  2019 FexSnyOz Composites as Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Storage. PVDF
37  2019 Free Polyethylenimine Enhances Substrate-Mediated Gene Delivery on Titanium Substrates Modified With RGD-Functionalized Poly(acrylic acid) Brushes. bPEI-DNA, SMD
38  2019 Free-Standing and Heteroatoms-Doped Carbon Nanofiber Networks as a Binder-Free Flexible Electrode for High-Performance Supercapacitors. ACFNs, EDL, PDPP, SCs
39  2019 FRET-Based Upconversion Nanoprobe Sensitized by Nd3+ for the Ratiometric Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide in Vivo. DCM, UCL, UCNPs
40  2019 Gene expression is influenced due to 'nano' and 'ionic' copper in pre-formed Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms. HAIs
41  2019 Healable and Mechanically Super-Strong Polymeric Composites Derived from Hydrogen-Bonded Polymeric Complexes. PVPON
42  2019 High-performance poly(acrylic acid) hydrogels formed with a block copolymer crosslinker containing amino-acid derivatives. ATRP, RAFT
43  2019 Highly Stretchable, Fatigue-Resistant, Electrically Conductive, and Temperature-Tolerant Ionogels for High-Performance Flexible Sensors. RTIL
44  2019 Hydrogen-bonded thin films of cellulose ethers and poly(acrylic acid). HEC, HPC, MC, QCM
45  2019 Hydrophobic Functionalization of Polyacrylic Acid as a Versatile Platform for the Development of Polymer Lipid Nanodisks. ---
46  2019 Immobilized palladium-catalyzed electro-Fenton's degradation of chlorobenzene in groundwater. EF, Pd, PVDF
47  2019 Inkjet Printing of Polyacrylic Acid-Coated Silver Nanoparticle Ink onto Paper with Sub-100 Micron Pixel Size. PE, RBS
48  2019 Investigating the effect of germanium on the structure of SiO2-ZnO-CaO-SrO-P2O5 glasses and the subsequent influence on glass polyalkenoate cement formation, solubility and bioactivity. Ge, GPC, NBO, SBF, TS, Tw, XPS
49  2019 Liquid-Crystalline Hydroxyapatite/Polymer Nanorod Hybrids: Potential Bioplatform for Photodynamic Therapy and Cellular Scaffolds. HAP, LC, MB
50  2019 Low - cost multilayered green fiber for the treatment of textile industry waste water. CF, CHI, LbL, LCF, PEs, SDS
51  2019 Macromolecules with Different Charges, Lengths, and Coordination Groups for the Coprecipitation Synthesis of Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as T1 MRI Contrast Agents. MRI, PAH, PVA
52  2019 Mechanical Properties and Fire Resistance of Magnesium-Cemented Poplar Particleboard. GBT, HRR, MAH, MCPB, MOE, MOR, SPI, THR, TS, TSP
53  2019 Mechanics of controlled release of insulin entrapped in polyacrylic acid gels via variable electrical stimuli. PMA
54  2019 Mechanochemical Degrafting of Surface-Tethered Poly(Acrylic Acid) Brush Promoted Etching of Its Underlying Silicon Substrate. PMMA, SAMs
55  2019 Micellization of poly(2-vinylpyrridine)-b-poly(cyclohexyl methacrylate) (P2VP-b-PCHMA) block copolymers and their interpolymer complex formation in non-aqueous medium. P2VP-b-PCHMA, P2VP-b-PtBuMA-b-PCHMA
56  2019 Microcontact Printing with Laser Direct Writing Carbonization for Facile Fabrication of Carbon-Based Ultrathin Disk Arrays and Ordered Holey Films. CDAs, DLWc, HCFs
57  2019 Mixed Polymer Brushes for the Selective Capture and Release of Proteins. Fb, HSA, LYZ, PEO, ToF-SIMS
58  2019 Morphology control of zinc electrodeposition by surfactant addition for alkaline-based rechargeable batteries. SDS, STAC
59  2019 Nanocomposite-coated porous templates for engineered bone scaffolds: a parametric study of layer-by-layer assembly conditions. DoE, LbL, PEI
60  2019 Nanomedicine-Assisted Combination Therapy of NSCLC: New Platinum-Based Anticancer Drug Synergizes the Therapeutic Efficacy of Ganetespib. MNPs, MR, NSCLC
61  2019 New, Effective, and Low-Cost Dual-Functional Binder for Porous Silicon Anodes in Lithium-Ion Batteries. PAA/EVA
62  2019 Non-Invasive Optical Guided Tumor Metastasis/Vessel Imaging by Using Lanthanide Nanoprobe with Enhanced Down-Shifting Emission beyond 1500 nm. QY, UC
63  2019 Patterned Photonic Array Based on an Intertwined Polymer Network Functionalized with a Nonenzymatic Moiety for the Visual Detection of Glucose. IPN
64  2019 Permanent superhydrophilic surface modification in microporous polydimethylsiloxane sponge for multi-functional applications. PDMS
65  2019 pH responsive selective protein adsorption by carboxylic acid functionalized large pore mesoporous silica nanoparticles SBA-1. CES, MSNs, TEOS, TMB
66  2019 Phase-Transfer and Stabilization of Highly Monodisperse Ferrite Nanoparticles into Polar Solvents by Ligand Exchange Synthesis. ---
67  2019 Plasma assisted-synthesis of magnetic TiO2/SiO2/Fe3O4-polyacrylic acid microsphere and its application for lead removal from water. ---
68  2019 Polyacrylic acid-coated nanoparticles loaded with recombinant tissue plasminogen activator for the treatment of mice with ischemic stroke. MNP, PBS, rt-PA
69  2019 Polyacrylic acid-functionalized graphene oxide for high-performance adsorption of gallium from aqueous solution. GO, PAA/GO
70  2019 Polyelectrolyte Complexes between Polycarboxylates and BMP-2 for Enhancing Osteogenic Differentiation: Effect of Chemical Structure of Polycarboxylates. BMP-2, PAsp, PGlu, PMAA
71  2019 Preparation and Characterization of Transparent Polyimide⁻Silica Composite Films Using Polyimide with Carboxylic Acid Groups. APTMS, CTE, DABA, DMAc, PI
72  2019 Preparation and Thermal Evaluation of Novel Polyimide Protective Coatings for Quartz Capillary Chromatographic Columns Operated over 320 C for High-Temperature Gas Chromatography Analysis. APBI, BTDA, CCs, CTEs, DMA, GC, ODA, ODPA, PI, Tg
73  2019 Preparation of a one-dimensional nanorod/metal organic framework Janus nanoplatform via side-specific growth for synergistic cancer therapy. CT, DOX, JNPs, LA, NIR
74  2019 Preparation of Layer-by-Layer Nanofiltration Membranes by Dynamic Deposition and Crosslinking. GA, LbL, NF, PEI
75  2019 Preparation of polyacrylic-acid/palygorskite composite particles via inverse-suspension polymerization for efficient separation of Ce3+ from aqueous solution. AA, FT-IR, PGS, SEM, XPS, XRD
76  2019 Procedure for the Transfer of Polymer Films Onto Porous Substrates with Minimized Defects. AAO, BCP
77  2019 Reconstruction of calvarial bone defects using poly(amino acid)/hydroxyapatite/calcium sulfate composite. CS, HA
78  2019 Remineralization of demineralized dentin using a dual analog system. PAsp, PILP, TPP
79  2019 Reprogramming the adjuvant properties of aluminum oxyhydroxide with nanoparticle technology. ---
80  2019 Robust, Lightweight, Hydrophobic and Fire Retarded Polyimide/MXene Aerogels for Effective Oil/Water Separation. DMAC, ODA, PI
81  2019 Salt- and pH-induced swelling of a poly(acrylic acid) brush via quartz crystal microbalance w/dissipation (QCM-D). QCM-D
82  2019 Self-Healing and Recyclable Hydrogels Reinforced with in Situ-Formed Organic Nanofibrils Exhibit Simultaneously Enhanced Mechanical Strength and Stretchability. PEI-PYA
83  2019 Soil washing remediation of heavy metal from contaminated soil with EDTMP and PAA: Properties, optimization, and risk assessment. QSDD
84  2019 Stimuli responsive biopolymer (chitosan) based blend hydrogels for wound healing application. CS, PBS
85  2019 Strategy to prevent cardiac toxicity induced by polyacrylic acid decorated iron MRI contrast agent and investigation of its mechanism. ECG, MRI, MTD, PION
86  2019 Structure and Rheology of Polyelectrolyte Complexes in the Presence of a Hydrogen-Bonded Co-Solvent. PAH, PECs, SAXS, TEM
87  2019 Surface characterization data for tethered polyacrylic acid layers synthesized on polysulfone surfaces. AFM-FS, APPIGP, PSf, UF
88  2019 Surface modification of poly(vinyl alcohol) sponge by acrylic acid to immobilize Prussian blue for selective adsorption of aqueous cesium. LbL, PB, PVA
89  2019 Synthesis of methotrexate-loaded tantalum pentoxide-poly(acrylic acid) nanoparticles for controlled drug release applications. NPs
90  2019 Target-inspired Zn2+-dependent DNAzyme for ultrasensitive impedimetric aptasensor based on polyacrylic acid nanogel as amplifier. CEA
91  2019 The inhibition effect mechanisms of four scale inhibitors on the formation and crystal growth of CaCO3 in solution. HPMA, PASP, PESA
92  2019 The inhibitory effects of four inhibitors on the solution adsorption of CaCO3 on Fe3O4 and Fe2O3 surfaces. DFT, HPMA, PASP, PESA
93  2019 Thermally and Near-Infrared Light-Induced Shape Memory Polymers Capable of Healing Mechanical Damage and Fatigued Shape Memory Function. GO, NIR, PVA
94  2019 Transport and retention of differently coated CeO2 nanoparticles in saturated sediment columns under laboratory and near-natural conditions. DI, HA, NOM, NP
95  2019 Two-layer Electrospun System Enabling Wound Exudate Management and Visual Infection Response. BTB, PMMA-co-MAA
96  2019 Ultrastable Underwater Anti-Oil Fouling Coatings from Spray Assemblies of Polyelectrolyte Grafted Silica Nanochains. ---
97  2019 Ultrathin NiS/Ni(OH)2 Nanosheets Filled within Ammonium Polyacrylate-Functionalized Polypyrrole Nanotubes as an Unique Nanoconfined System for Nonenzymatic Glucose Sensors. ---
98  2019 Unusually fast and large actuation from multilayer polyelectrolyte thin films. LbL, PEI, PU
99  2018 2D-to-3D Shape Transformation of Room-Temperature-Programmable Shape-Memory Polymers through Selective Suppression of Strain Relaxation. SMPs
100  2018 3D hierarchical Ag nanostructures formed on poly(acrylic acid) brushes grafted graphene oxide as promising SERS substrates. GO, SERS