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Long Form:   polyaluminum chloride
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Characterization and influence of floc under different coagulation systems on ultrafiltration membrane fouling. NOM, PAC-PolyDMDAAC, UF
2020 Effects of polyaluminium chloride addition on community structures of polyphosphate and glycogen accumulating organisms in biological phosphorus removal (BPR) systems. BPR, PAOs and GAOs
2020 Floc properties and membrane fouling in coagulation/ultrafiltration process for the treatment of Xiaoqing River: The role of polymeric aluminum-polymer dual-coagulants. LBF
2020 In-situ characterization of dissolved organic matter removal by coagulation using differential UV-Visible absorbance spectroscopy. DOM
2020 Insight into effects of organic and inorganic phosphorus speciations on phosphorus removal efficiency in secondary effluent. PAM, RSM, WWTPs
2020 Natural polymer matrix as safe flocculant to remove turbidity from kaolin suspension: Performance and governing mechanism. YCW
2020 Performances and mechanisms of sludge dewatering by a biopolymer from piggery wastewater and application of the dewatered sludge in remediation of Cr(VI)-contaminated soil. Cr, CST, DS, EPS, MC, SRF, SV30
2020 Water defluorination using granular composite synthesized via hydrothermal treatment of polyaluminum chloride (PAC) sludge. GASA
2019 A combined system of microwave-functionalized rice husk and poly-aluminium chloride for trace cadmium-contaminated source water purification: Exploration of removal efficiency and mechanism. ---
10  2019 Alleviating membrane fouling of modified polysulfone membrane via coagulation pretreatment/ultrafiltration hybrid process. C-UF, PDA, PDMDAAC, PSf, SEM
11  2019 Amphoteric starch-based bicomponent modified soil for mitigation of harmful algal blooms (HABs) with broad salinity tolerance: Flocculation, algal regrowth, and ecological safety. AS, HABs
12  2019 Application of a cellulose filter aid in municipal sewage sludge dewatering and drying: Jar, pilot, and factory scale. CFA, DS, PAM
13  2019 Application of sodium ferrate produced from industrial wastes for TOC removal of surface water. RSM, SF-O, TOC
14  2019 Combined chemically enhanced primary sedimentation and biofiltration process for low cost municipal wastewater treatment. CEPT, TSS, VSS
15  2019 Development of a helical coagulation reactor for harvesting microalgae. HCR, Re
16  2019 Effect of pH on phosphorus (P) dissolution and recovery from polyaluminum chlorides (PAC) sludge. ---
17  2019 Effect of poly aluminum chloride on dark fermentative hydrogen accumulation from waste activated sludge. SCFA, TSS, VSS, WAS
18  2019 Effects of ferric sulfate and polyaluminum chloride coagulation enhanced treatment wetlands on Typha growth, soil and water chemistry. CETWs
19  2019 Impact of Al-based coagulants on the formation of aerobic granules: Comparison between poly aluminum chloride (PAC) and aluminum sulfate (AS). AS, EPS, LB-EPS, TB-EPS
20  2019 Influence of aluminium accumulation on biological nitrification and phosphorus removal in an anoxic-oxic membrane bioreactor. MBRs
21  2019 Landfill leachate treatment by coagulation/flocculation combined with microelectrolysis-Fenton processes. COD, HA, MEF
22  2019 Optimization of Polyaluminum Chloride-Chitosan Flocculant for Treating Pig Biogas Slurry Using the Box⁻Behnken Response Surface Method. CF, CFadded, CTS, TAN, TP
23  2019 Preparation of cellulose-base amphoteric flocculant and its application in the treatment of wastewater. AA, DS, MCC
24  2019 Reduction of Fluoride in Water Phase by Micro-Nano Bubble Pretreatment Process. alum, COD
25  2019 Removal efficiency of phosphorus, cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins by the "flock & sink" mitigation technique in semi-arid eutrophic waters. BEN, CHI, LMB, SRP, Sul, TP
26  2019 Study on the preparation of granular alum sludge adsorbent for phosphorus removal. GASA, PAS
27  2019 Synergistic strengthening mechanism of hydraulic selection pressure and poly aluminum chloride (PAC) regulation on the aerobic sludge granulation. EPS, HSP, MLVSS
28  2019 The investigation on Fe3O4 magnetic flocculation for high efficiency treatment of oily micro-polluted water. MF, PAM
29  2019 Treatment of 3,3'-dimethoxybenzidine in sludge by advance oxidation process: Degradation products and toxicity evaluation. DMB, PFS, TOC
30  2019 Treatment of effluent containing thiamethoxam and efficiency evaluation of toxicity reduction. COD
31  2019 Urban wastewater photobiotreatment with microalgae in a continuously operated photobioreactor: growth, nutrient removal kinetics and biomass coagulation-flocculation. ---
32  2018 Application and mechanism of nucleation-induced pelleting coagulation (NPC) in treatment of fracturing wastewater with high concentration of dissolved organic matter. NPC, PAM
33  2018 Application of enteromorpha polysaccharides as coagulant aid in the simultaneous removal of CuO nanoparticles and Cu2+: Effect of humic acid concentration. Ep, FT-IR, HA, NOM, NPs, PAC-Ep, SEM
34  2018 Coagulation behavior of kaolin-anionic surfactant simulative wastewater by polyaluminum chloride-polymer dual coagulants. SDBS
35  2018 Coffee processing industrial wastewater treatment using batch electrochemical coagulation with stainless steel and Fe electrodes and their combinations, and recovery and reuse of sludge. BECC, COD, CPWW, SS
36  2018 Combination of bioleaching by gross bacterial biosurfactants and flocculation: A potential remediation for the heavy metal contaminated soils. ---
37  2018 Data on performance of air stripping tower- PAC integrated system for removing of odor, taste, dye and organic materials from drinking water-A case study in Saqqez, Iran. ---
38  2018 Data on the removal of turbidity from aqueous solutions using polyaluminum chloride. ---
39  2018 Effects of polyaluminum chloride and lanthanum-modified bentonite on the growth rates of three Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii strains. LMB
40  2018 Floc behavior and removal mechanisms of cross-linked Durio zibethinus seed starch as a natural flocculant for landfill leachate coagulation-flocculation treatment. CDSS
41  2018 Flocculation performance of lignin-based flocculant during reactive blue dye removal: comparison with commercial flocculants. AL, FTIR, LBF, PAM
42  2018 Impacts of zeolite, alum and polyaluminum chloride amendments mixed with agricultural wastes on soil column leachate, and CO2 and CH4 emissions. alum, DSW, TN, TOC
43  2018 Influence of polyaluminum chloride on microbial characteristics in anaerobic membrane bioreactors for sludge digestion. AnMBRs, PCR-DGGE, WWTP
44  2018 Molecular surveillance of Cryptosporidium and Giardia duodenalis in sludge and spent filter backwash water of a water treatment plant. BW, PCR, WTP
45  2018 Optimization and economic evaluation of modified coagulation-flocculation process for enhanced treatment of ceramic-tile industry wastewater. COD, TSS
46  2018 Optimization of flocculation conditions for soluble cadmium removal using the composite flocculant of green anion polyacrylamide and PAC by response surface methodology. APAM, FTIR, HPLC, PB, RSM, SEM, TGA
47  2018 Pilot study of oilfield wastewater treatment by micro-flocculation filtration process. SS
48  2018 Potent removal of cyanobacteria with controlled release of toxic secondary metabolites by a titanium xerogel coagulant. AcAc, COM, MCs, PFS, TXC
49  2018 Scale-inhibition and flocculation dual-functionality of poly(acrylic acid) grafted starch. St-g-PAA
50  2018 Treatment of vinegar industry wastewater by electrocoagulation with monopolar aluminum and iron electrodes and toxicity evaluation. COD, EC, VIW
51  2018 Wet flue gas desulfurization wastewater treatment with reclaimed water treatment plant sludge: a case study. Cd, COD, FGD, SS, TPP, WTPS
52  2018 [Sludge Conditioning Performance of Polyaluminum, Polyferric, and Titanium Xerogel Coagulants]. EPS, LB-EPS, PAM, PFS, SRF, TXC
53  2017 A comparative treatment of bleaching wastewater by physicochemical processes. AOPs, COD, TOC
54  2017 Adsorption Neutralization Model and Floc Growth Kinetics Properties of Aluminum Coagulants Based on Sips and Boltzmann Equations. HPAC
55  2017 Application of PAC and flocculants for improving settling of solid particles in oilfield wastewater with high salinity and Ca2. CPAM, HPAM
56  2017 Assessment of coagulation pretreatment of leachate by response surface methodology. ---
57  2017 Biological treatment of fracturing waste liquid in a membrane-coupled internal circulation aerobic biological fluidized bed with the assistance of coagulation. FWL, MC-ICABFB, PAM
58  2017 Effect of the dosage ratio and the viscosity of PAC/PDMDAAC on coagulation performance and membrane fouling in a hybrid coagulation-ultrafiltration process. C-UF, NOM, PDMDAAC
59  2017 Effects of papermaking sludge-based polymer on coagulation behavior in the disperse and reactive dyes wastewater treatment. LBF
60  2017 Enhanced anaerobically digested swine wastewater treatment by the composite of polyaluminum chloride (PAC) and Bacillus megatherium G106 derived EPS. ADSW
61  2017 Enhanced treatment of dispersed dye-production wastewater by self-assembled organobentonite in a one-step process with poly-aluminium chloride. ---
62  2017 Evaluation of starch-based flocculants for the flocculation of dissolved organic matter from textile dyeing secondary wastewater. BSA, DOM, HA, STC-CTA, STC-g-PDMC
63  2017 Optimization analysis of separation conditions of washed water containing a lead complex and characterization of the precipitation products. SEM, XRD
64  2017 Preparation of modified waterworks sludge particles as adsorbent to enhance coagulation of slightly polluted source water. ---
65  2017 Simultaneous determination of nine preservatives in food by liquid chromatography with the aid of coagulant in the clean-up process. ---
66  2017 Simultaneous removal of nano-ZnO and Zn2+ based on transportation character of nano-ZnO by coagulation: Enteromorpha polysaccharide compound polyaluminum chloride. Ep, NOM, nZnO
67  2017 Sludge conditioning using the composite of a bioflocculant and PAC for enhancement in dewaterability. DS, SRF
68  2017 Stepwise impact of urban wastewater treatment on the bacterial community structure, antibiotic contents, and prevalence of antimicrobial resistance. PAM, UV, WWTPs
69  2017 The efficiency of combined coagulant and ballast to remove harmful cyanobacterial blooms in a tropical shallow system. ---
70  2017 The flocculation mechanism and treatment of oily wastewater by flocculation. CPAM, SS
71  2016 A tannin-based agent for coagulation and flocculation of municipal wastewater: Chemical composition, performance assessment compared to Polyaluminum chloride, and application in a pilot plant. FTIR, SVI
72  2016 Application of TiO2-organobentonite modified by cetyltrimethylammonium chloride photocatalyst and polyaluminum chloride coagulant for pretreatment of aging landfill leachate. COD, CTAC, RSM
73  2016 Application performance of a new coagulant in wastewater reuse. PAZF, UV
74  2016 Bioaugmentation for treatment of full-scale diethylene glycol monobutyl ether (DGBE) wastewater by Serratia sp. BDG-2. DGBE, TP
75  2016 Effect of SiO2 nanoparticles on the removal of natural organic matter (NOM) by coagulation. NOM
76  2016 Enhanced coagulation for improving coagulation performance and reducing residual aluminum combining polyaluminum chloride with diatomite. Al, DMAl, DOAl, DOC, DOMAl, TAl, TDAl
77  2016 Evaluation of chain architectures and charge properties of various starch-based flocculants for flocculation of humic acid from water. HA
78  2016 Ferrate(VI) as a greener oxidant: Electrochemical generation and treatment of phenol. CV
79  2016 Flocculation kinetics mechanism and floc formation prepared by poly aluminum chloride coupled with polyacrylamide for ship ballast water. PAM
80  2016 Influence of operating parameters on the performance of magnetic seeding flocculation. PAM
81  2016 Investigation of colloidal biogenic sulfur flocculation: Optimization using response surface analysis. MBF, PAM, RSM
82  2016 Operation and performance evaluation of high-speed filter using porous non-woven filamentous fibre for the treatment of turbid water. NTU
83  2016 Phosphorus extraction and sludge dissolution by acid and alkali treatments of polyaluminum chloride (PAC) treated wastewater sludge. ---
84  2016 Removal of pollutants by enhanced coagulation combined PAC with variable charge soils: flocs' properties and effect of pH. ---
85  2016 The effectiveness of coagulation for water reclamation from a wastewater treatment plant that has a long hydraulic and sludge retention times: A case study. BAPs, COD, DOM, EfOM, SS, WWTPs
86  2016 The role of polyaluminum chloride in kaolinite aggregation in the sequent coagulation and flocculation process. PEO
87  2016 Treatment of aging oily wastewater by demulsification/flocculation. AOW, PDMDAAC
88  2016 Treatment of hydraulic fracturing wastewater by wet air oxidation. APAM, COD
89  2016 Ultraviolet-assisted synthesis of polyacrylamide-grafted chitosan nanoparticles and flocculation performance. AM, FT-IR
90  2016 Zeolite Combined with Alum and Polyaluminum Chloride Mixed with Agricultural Slurries Reduces Carbon Losses in Runoff from Grassed Soil Boxes. alum, MWW, TOC
91  2015 Bioflocculant from pre-treated sludge and its applications in sludge dewatering and swine wastewater pretreatment. ALT, DS, SRF
92  2015 Comparison of a novel polytitanium chloride coagulant with polyaluminium chloride: coagulation performance and floc characteristics. PTC
93  2015 Effects of chlorination operating conditions on trihalomethane formation potential in polyaluminum chloride-polymer coagulated effluent. DOM, FW, THMs, UW
94  2015 Efficient harvesting of Chaetoceros calcitrans for biodiesel production. AS, CF
95  2015 Electrospray ionization time-of-flight mass spectrum analysis method of polyaluminum chloride flocculants. ---
96  2015 Enhanced dewatering of sludge with the composite of bioflocculant MBFGA1 and P(AM-DMC) as a conditioner. DS, RSM, SRF
97  2015 Experimental study on non-woven filamentous fibre micro-filter with high filtration speed. ---
98  2015 Feasibility of turbidity removal by high-gradient superconducting magnetic separation. HGSMS
99  2015 Flocculation behavior and mechanism of bioflocculant produced by Aspergillus flavus. ---
100  2015 Influence of organic and inorganic flocculants on the formation of PCDD/Fs during sewage sludge incineration. PAM, PFC, TEQ