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Abbreviation:   PAR2  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   protease-activated receptor 2
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Alternaria induces airway epithelial cytokine expression independent of protease-activated receptor. Alt, Par2-KO, WT
2020 Down-regulation of protease-activated receptor 2 ameliorated osteoarthritis in rats through regulation of MAPK/NF-kappaB signaling pathway in vivo and in vitro. OA
2020 FSLLRY-NH2 Improves Neurological Outcome After Cardiac Arrest in Rats. ACA, GCI
2020 Inhibition of mast cell tryptase attenuates neuroinflammation via PAR-2/p38/NFkappaB pathway following asphyxial cardiac arrest in rats. ---
2020 Inhibition of PAR-2 Attenuates Neuroinflammation and Improves Short-Term Neurocognitive Functions via ERK1/2 Signaling Following Asphyxia-Induced Cardiac Arrest in Rats. ACA
2020 Is There a Trojan Horse to Aggressive Pancreatic Cancer Biology? A Review of the Trypsin-PAR2 Axis to Proliferation, Early Invasion, and Metastasis. ---
2020 Maternal diesel particle exposure promotes offspring asthma through NK cell-derived granzyme B. DEP
2020 N-acetylcysteine (NAC) alleviates the peripheral neuropathy associated with liver cirrhosis via modulation of neural MEG3/PAR2/ NF-ҡB axis. NAC, OS, TAA, vF
2020 Non-invasive Assessment of Fecal Stress Biomarkers in Hunting Dogs During Exercise and at Rest. CALP, FCMs, GI, HO-1, IgA, IL, OCLN, TAC, TNF-alpha
10  2020 Odontogenic infection by Porphyromonas gingivalis exacerbates fibrosis in NASH via hepatic stellate cell activation. NASH, Pg
11  2020 PAR2 deficiency enhances myeloid cell-mediated immunosuppression and promotes colitis-associated tumorigenesis. MDSCs
12  2020 PAR2 Mediates Itch via TRPV3 Signaling in Keratinocytes. ---
13  2020 PLAG Exerts Anti-Metastatic Effects by Interfering with Neutrophil Elastase/PAR2/EGFR Signaling in A549 Lung Cancer Orthotopic Model. EGFR, PLAG, RFP
14  2020 Polarization of protease-activated receptor 2 (PAR-2) signaling is altered during airway epithelial remodeling and deciliation. ALI, IL
15  2020 Prostaglandin E2, Produced by Mast Cells in Colon Tissues From Patients With Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Contributes to Visceral Hypersensitivity in Mice. IBS, IBS-D, PGE2
16  2020 Protease-activated receptor 2 deficiency in hematopoietic lineage protects against myocardial infarction through attenuated inflammatory response and fibrosis. CFs, INF-beta, LAD, PAR2 KO, WT
17  2020 Protease-activated receptor-2 accelerates intestinal tumor formation through activation of nuclear factor-kappaB signaling and tumor angiogenesis in ApcMin/+ mice. HAI-1
18  2020 Protease-dependent excitation of nodose ganglion neurons by commensal gut bacteria. LPS, NG, TLR4
19  2020 Serine proteases as luminal mediators of intestinal barrier dysfunction and symptom severity in IBS. FSNs, p-MLC, PA, PI-IBS, TJ
20  2020 The cellular basis of protease activated receptor type 2 (PAR2) evoked mechanical and affective pain. Mrg
21  2020 The transient receptor potential vanilloid 4 (TRPV4) ion channel mediates protease activated receptor 1 (PAR1)-induced vascular hyperpermeability. GPCR, PAR1, TRPV4
22  2020 Thymic stromal lymphopoietin production induced by skin irritation results from concomitant activation of protease-activated receptor 2 and interleukin 1 pathways. IL, NF-kappaB, PAR-2-Ag, TSLP
23  2019 Aluminum Ingestion Promotes Colorectal Hypersensitivity in Rodents. IBS
24  2019 Aspergillus fumigatus induction of IL-33 expression in chronic rhinosinusitis is PAR2-dependent. A. fumigatus, CRSwNP, qRT-PCR, SNECs
25  2019 Association between naturally occurring spine osteoarthritis in geriatric rats and neurogenic inflammation within neurosegmentally linked skeletal muscle. OA, SP
26  2019 Association of PAR-2 Gene Polymorphisms with the Inflammatory Response and Susceptibility to Knee Osteoarthritis in the Chinese Han Population. IL, KOA, SNPs
27  2019 Biomarkers and the role of mast cells as facilitators of inflammation and fibrosis in chronic kidney disease. CKD, CPA3, GPCR, MCs
28  2019 Calcium imaging of primary canine sensory neurons: Small-diameter neurons responsive to pruritogens and algogens. 5-HT, AITC, DRG
29  2019 Cathepsin S acts via protease-activated receptor 2 to activate sensory neurons and induce itch-like behaviour. CatS, DRG, hr
30  2019 Combustion Particle-Induced Changes in Calcium Homeostasis: A Contributing Factor to Vascular Disease? AhR, beta-AR, CDP, CVDs, GPCR, PAHs, PM, TRP
31  2019 Dust mite-derived Der f 3 activates a pro-inflammatory program in airway epithelial cells via PAR-1 and PAR-2. AEC, RT-PCR
32  2019 Edoxaban suppresses the progression of atrial fibrosis and atrial fibrillation in a canine congestive heart failure model. AF, CHF
33  2019 Exogenous Activation of Protease-Activated Receptor 2 Attenuates Cutaneous Vasodilatation and Sweating in Older Men Exercising in the Heat. CVC
34  2019 Expression of protease activating receptor-2 (PAR-2) is positively correlated with the recurrence of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: an immunohistochemical analysis. HGF, NMIBC, UC
35  2019 Expression of proteinase-activated receptor-2 and transient receptor potential A1 in vagal afferent nerve of rat after lung schemia-reperfusion injury. ELISA, LIRI, TRPA1
36  2019 Glomerular Injury Is Exacerbated in Lupus-Prone MRL/lpr Mice Treated with a Protease-Activated Receptor 2 Antagonist. MCP-1, SLE, TNFA
37  2019 High Affinity Fluorescent Probe for Proteinase-Activated Receptor 2 (PAR2). GPCR
38  2019 Human airway trypsin-like protease enhances interleukin-8 synthesis in bronchial epithelial cells by activating protease-activated receptor 2. HAT, HBECs, IL-8, PAR2 AP
39  2019 Impact of naturally forming human alpha/beta-tryptase heterotetramers in the pathogenesis of hereditary alpha-tryptasemia. EMR2
40  2019 Increased expression of protease-activated receptors 2 indicates poor prognosis in HBV related hepatocellular carcinoma. HCC, IHC
41  2019 Inhibition of protease-activated receptor-2 induces apoptosis in cervical cancer by inhibiting signal transducer and activator of transcription-3 signaling. STAT-3
42  2019 Mast Cell/Proteinase Activated Receptor 2 (PAR2) Mediated Interactions in the Pathogenesis of Discogenic Back Pain. IVD, MCs, PAR2A
43  2019 Overexpression of tissue factor induced atherothrombosis in apolipoprotein E-/- mice via both enhanced plaque thrombogenicity and plaque instability. HASMCs, HUVECs, TF
44  2019 PAR-2 promotes cell proliferation, migration, and invasion through activating PI3K/AKT signaling pathway in oral squamous cell carcinoma. OSCC, qRT-PCR
45  2019 PAR-2 promotes invasion and migration of esophageal cancer cells by activating MEK/ERK and PI3K/Akt signaling pathway. EC, qRT-PCR
46  2019 PAR2 controls cholesterol homeostasis and lipid metabolism in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. NAFLD
47  2019 PAR2 Inhibition Enhanced the Sensitivity of Colorectal Cancer Cells to 5-FU and Reduced EMT Signaling. EMT, qPCR, TGF-beta
48  2019 PAR2 promotes M1 macrophage polarization and inflammation via FOXO1 pathway. BMDM, FOXO1, qRT-PCR
49  2019 PAR2-Mediated cAMP Generation Suppresses TRPV4-Dependent Ca2+ Signaling in Alveolar Macrophages to Resolve TLR4-Induced Inflammation. ALI, AMs, TLR4
50  2019 Pharmacological inhibition of protease-activated receptor-2 reduces crescent formation in rat nephrotoxic serum nephritis. ---
51  2019 Protease activated receptor 2 (PAR2) activation causes migraine-like pain behaviors in mice. 2AT
52  2019 Protease activated receptor 2 mediates tryptase-induced cell migration through MYO10 in colorectal cancer. CRC
53  2019 Protease Activated Receptor-2 Induces Immune Activation and Visceral Hypersensitivity in Post-infectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome Mice. IBS, PI-IBS, TJ
54  2019 Protease activated receptor-2 mediated upregulation of IL-17 receptor signaling on airway epithelial cells is responsible for neutrophilic infiltration during acute exposure of house dust mite allergens in mice. AECs, HDM, IL-17A, IL-17R, IL-17RA, IL-17RC
55  2019 Protease-activated receptor 2 (PAR-2) antagonist AZ3451 as a novel therapeutic agent for osteoarthritis. IL-1beta, OA
56  2019 Protease-activated receptor 2 activates CRAC-mediated Ca2+ influx to cause prostate smooth muscle contraction. LUTS, MLC20, PLCbeta, PSMC
57  2019 Protease-Activated Receptor 2 Agonist as Adjuvant: Augmenting Development of Protective Memory CD8 T Cell Responses Induced by Influenza Virosomes. PAR-2 AP, Tem
58  2019 Protease-activated receptor 2 deficiency mediates cardiac fibrosis and diastolic dysfunction. CFs, DD, EMR, HFpEF, PAR2ko, TGF-beta
59  2019 Protease-activated receptor 2 does not contribute to renal inflammation or fibrosis in the obstructed kidney. mRNA, TGF-beta1, UUO, WT
60  2019 Protease-activated receptor 2 exacerbates cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity. AKI
61  2019 Protease-activated receptor 2 induces migration and promotes Slug-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition in lung adenocarcinoma cells. EMT, ERK2, p38 MAPK
62  2019 Protease-activated receptor 2 protects against VEGF inhibitor-induced glomerular endothelial and podocyte injury. eNOS, VEGF
63  2019 Protease-activated receptor-2 regulates glial scar formation via JNK signaling. BBB, CCI, SCI, SD
64  2019 Protease-Activated Receptors 2-Antagonist Suppresses Asthma by Inhibiting Reactive Oxygen Species-Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin Inflammation and Epithelial Tight Junction Degradation. GCE, NAC, ROS, TSLP
65  2019 Protein kinase D and Gbetagamma mediate sustained nociceptive signaling by biased agonists of protease-activated receptor-2. CS, NE, PKD
66  2019 Proteinase-activated receptor 2 distribution and expression in equine small intestine tracts following herniation through the epiploic foramen. CITs, MITs
67  2019 Proteinase-activated receptor-2 enhances Bcl2-like protein-12 expression in lung cancer cells to suppress p53 expression. Bcl2L12, NSCLC
68  2019 Proteinase‑activated receptor2 deficiency is a protective factor against cardiomyocyte apoptosis during myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury. MI/RI
69  2019 PRSS21/testisin inhibits ovarian tumor metastasis and antagonizes proangiogenic angiopoietins ANG2 and ANGPTL4. ---
70  2019 Pyroptosis engagement and bladder urothelial cell-derived exosomes recruit mast cells and induce barrier dysfunction of bladder urothelium after uropathogenic E. coli infection. UPEC
71  2019 RAC1B Suppresses TGF-beta-Dependent Chemokinesis and Growth Inhibition through an Autoregulatory Feed-Forward Loop Involving PAR2 and ALK5. ALK5, TGF
72  2019 Screening of chemical libraries in pursuit of kallikrein-5 specific inhibitors for the treatment of inflammatory dermatoses. KLK5
73  2019 Specifically targeting cancer proliferation and metastasis processes: the development of matriptase inhibitors. HGF, MMPs, SARs, uPA
74  2019 Store-operated calcium entry (SOCE) contributes to phosphorylation of p38 MAPK and suppression of TNF-alpha signalling in the intestinal epithelial cells. H1R, M3-mAChR, SOCE, TNF-alpha, TNFR1
75  2019 Targeting of cathepsin S reduces cystic fibrosis-like lung disease. betaENaC-Tg, CatS, CF, WT
76  2019 The pregnane X receptor and its microbiota-derived ligand indole 3-propionic acid regulate endothelium-dependent vasodilation. eNOS, IPA, NO, PXR
77  2019 Toll-like receptor 4 and protease-activated receptor 2 in physiology and pathophysiology of the nervous system: more than just receptor cooperation? TLR4
78  2019 Transient Photoinactivation of Cell Membrane Protein Activity without Genetic Modification by Molecular Hyperthermia. MH
79  2019 Triggering NETosis via protease-activated receptor (PAR)-2 signaling as a mechanism of hijacking neutrophils function for pathogen benefits. NETs, PAR
80  2019 Triple-negative breast cancer-derived microvesicles transfer microRNA221 to the recipient cells and thereby promote epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition. AKT, EMT, miR-221, MV, PTEN, TNBC
81  2019 Update on protease-activated receptor 2 in cutaneous barrier, differentiation, tumorigenesis and pigmentation, and its role in related dermatologic diseases. ---
82  2019 Upregulation of Protease-Activated Receptor 2 Promotes Proliferation and Migration of Human Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells (VSMCs). oxLDL, VSMCs
83  2018 A Functional Kinase Short Interfering Ribonucleic Acid Screen Using Protease-Activated Receptor 2-Dependent Opening of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid-4. GPCR, HEK293, siRNA, TRPV4
84  2018 A Potent Antagonist of Protease-Activated Receptor 2 That Inhibits Multiple Signaling Functions in Human Cancer Cells. RhoA
85  2018 Agonists and Antagonists of Protease-Activated Receptor 2 Discovered within a DNA-Encoded Chemical Library Using Mutational Stabilization of the Target. GPCRs
86  2018 Allergenic proteases cleave the chemokine CX3CL1 directly from the surface of airway epithelium and augment the effect of rhinovirus. HDM, RV, RV16
87  2018 Aspergillus fumigatus Increased PAR-2 Expression and Elevated Proinflammatory Cytokines Expression Through the Pathway of PAR-2/ERK1/2 in Cornea. PMNs
88  2018 Bcl2L12 mediates effects of protease-activated receptor-2 on the pathogenesis of Th2-dominated responses of patients with ulcerative colitis. Bcl2L12, Th, UC
89  2018 Cathepsin S Alters the Expression of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines and MMP-9, Partially through Protease-Activated Receptor-2, in Human Corneal Epithelial Cells. CTSS, HCE-T cells, IL-1beta, IL-6, IL-8, MMP-9, SS, TNF-alpha
90  2018 Cigarette smoke extract enhances neutrophil elastase-induced IL-8 production via proteinase-activated receptor-2 upregulation in human bronchial epithelial cells. COPD, CSE, ERK, NE
91  2018 Direct factor Xa inhibition attenuates acute lung injury progression via modulation of the PAR-2/NF-kappaB signaling pathway. ALI, LPS, NF-kappaB
92  2018 Drug repositioning as an effective therapy for protease-activated receptor 2 inhibition. ---
93  2018 Effect of tryptase on mouse brain microvascular endothelial cells via protease-activated receptor 2. BBB, MAPK, MCs, NF-kappaB, TLRs
94  2018 Electroacupuncture Relieves Visceral Hypersensitivity by Inactivating Protease-Activated Receptor 2 in a Rat Model of Postinfectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome. EA, PI-IBS, VH
95  2018 Endothelial cells in the innate response to allergens and initiation of atopic asthma. HDM-induced, HDME, PRR
96  2018 Glia Maturation Factor and Mast Cell-Dependent Expression of Inflammatory Mediators and Proteinase Activated Receptor-2 in Neuroinflammation. GMF, GMF-KO, IL-1beta, MC-KO, MMCP-6, MPTP, PD, TNF-alpha, WT
97  2018 Heat shock protein-27 and sex-selective regulation of muscarinic and proteinase-activated receptor 2-mediated vasodilatation: differential sensitivity to endothelial NOS inhibition. ECs, eNOS, EPCs
98  2018 Hyperglycaemia disrupts conducted vasodilation in the resistance vasculature of db/db mice. EC
99  2018 Identification of the integrin-binding site on coagulation factor VIIa required for proangiogenic PAR2 signaling. ARF6, FVIIa, TF
100  2018 IL-33, IL-25 and TSLP contribute to development of fungal-associated protease-induced innate-type airway inflammation. ILCs, TSLP