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2019 Changes in stiffness and biochemical composition of the pericellular matrix as a function of spatial chondrocyte organisation in osteoarthritic cartilage. AFM, ELISA, OA
2019 Interrelationship of cartilage composition and chondrocyte mechanics after a partial meniscectomy in the rabbit knee joint - Experimental and numerical analysis. ECM, FCD, FE, PG, PM
2018 Age-Correlated Phenotypic Alterations in Cells Isolated From Human Degenerated Intervertebral Discs With Contained Hernias. DDD, FC, hIVD, LC, MSCs, SC, SLC
2018 An Investigation on the Regenerative Effects of Intra Articular Injection of Co-Cultured Adipose Derived Stem Cells with Chondron for Treatment of Induced Osteoarthritis. ASCs, OA
2018 Chondrocyte death after mechanically overloading degenerated human intervertebral disk explants is associated with a structurally impaired pericellular matrix. IVD
2018 Connective tissue growth factor contributes to joint homeostasis and osteoarthritis severity by controlling the matrix sequestration and activation of latent TGFbeta. CTGF, OA, rCTGF
2018 Influence of the pericellular and extracellular matrix structural properties on chondrocyte mechanics. ECM, OA
2018 Inhibition of apoptosis exacerbates fatigue-damage tendon injuries in an in vivo rat model. DMSO, ECM
2018 Neighboring cells override 3D hydrogel matrix cues to drive human MSC quiescence. HD, hMSC
10  2018 Osteoarthritis as a disease of the cartilage pericellular matrix. ECM
11  2018 Perlecan/HSPG2: Signaling role of domain IV in chondrocyte clustering with implications for Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome. ACAN, ATF3, CDKN1C, COJ, HSPG2, mRNA
12  2018 Site-specific glycosaminoglycan content is better maintained in the pericellular matrix than the extracellular matrix in early post-traumatic osteoarthritis. ACLT, FCD, OA
13  2018 Solute Transport in the Bone Lacunar-Canalicular System (LCS). LCS
14  2018 Vibrational spectroscopic monitoring and biochemical analysis of pericellular matrix formation and maturation in a 3-dimensional chondrocyte culture model. ECM, HA, PCA, SR-FTIR
15  2017 Chondrocyte Morphology in Stiff and Soft Agarose Gels and the Influence of Fetal Calf Serum. CLSM, CMFDA, DMEM, ECM, FCS, OA, PI
16  2017 Co-culture of chondrons and mesenchymal stromal cells reduces the loss of collagen VI and improves extracellular matrix production. ECM, HtrA1, MSCs
17  2017 Defining the hierarchical organisation of collagen VI microfibrils at nanometre to micrometre length scales. ---
18  2017 Distribution of pericellular matrix molecules in the temporomandibular joint and their chondroprotective effects against inflammation. COMP, IL, MMP, TMJ
19  2017 Importance of Floating Chondrons in Cartilage Tissue Engineering. AGG, COMP
20  2016 Cell Surface Access Is Modulated by Tethered Bottlebrush Proteoglycans. ---
21  2016 Collagen Type IV and Laminin Expressions during Cartilage Repair and in Late Clinically Failed Repair Tissues from Human Subjects. ---
22  2016 Filamin A regulates the organization and remodeling of the pericellular collagen matrix. FLNA, KD, WT
23  2016 Knockdown of the pericellular matrix molecule perlecan lowers in situ cell and matrix stiffness in developing cartilage. ---
24  2016 Loss of spatial organization and destruction of the pericellular matrix in early osteoarthritis invivo and in a novel invitro methodology. AC, AS, CollVI, OA, SCSO, SEM, SHG
25  2016 Shape of chondrocytes within articular cartilage affects the solid but not the fluid microenvironment under unconfined compression. ECM
26  2016 Single molecule force measurements of perlecan/HSPG2: A key component of the osteocyte pericellular matrix. AFM, HSPG, LCS, SMFMs
27  2015 Chondrons and the pericellular matrix of chondrocytes. ECM
28  2015 Collagen VI enhances cartilage tissue generation by stimulating chondrocyte proliferation. Col I, Col X, ColVI
29  2015 Encapsulation of chondrocytes in high-stiffness agarose microenvironments for in vitro modeling of osteoarthritis mechanotransduction. ---
30  2015 The role of interleukin-10 and hyaluronan in murine fetal fibroblast function in vitro: implications for recapitulating fetal regenerative wound healing. ECM, HA, IL-10
31  2015 Type VI Collagen Regulates Pericellular Matrix Properties, Chondrocyte Swelling, and Mechanotransduction in Mouse Articular Cartilage. WT
32  2015 [Research on pericellular matrix properties for chondrcytes]. ---
33  2014 A biphasic multiscale study of the mechanical microenvironment of chondrocytes within articular cartilage under unconfined compression. ECM
34  2014 Deformation thresholds for chondrocyte death and the protective effect of the pericellular matrix. FE
35  2014 Exploring the roles of integrin binding and cytoskeletal reorganization during mesenchymal stem cell mechanotransduction in soft and stiff hydrogels subjected to dynamic compression. DC, MSCs
36  2014 High resistance of the mechanical properties of the chondrocyte pericellular matrix to proteoglycan digestion by chondroitinase, aggrecanase, or hyaluronidase. ECM, GAGs, PGs
37  2014 Pericellular matrix plays an active role in retention and cellular uptake of large-sized nanoparticles. NPs, RME
38  2014 Perlecan-containing pericellular matrix regulates solute transport and mechanosensing within the osteocyte lacunar-canalicular system. FRAP, Hypo
39  2014 Roles of type VI collagen and decorin in human mesenchymal stem cell biophysics during chondrogenic differentiation. DCN, hMSCs
40  2014 The influence of cell-matrix attachment and matrix development on the micromechanical environment of the chondrocyte in tissue-engineered cartilage. ECM, TE
41  2014 The structure and function of the pericellular matrix of articular cartilage. ECM
42  2013 Atomic force microscopy reveals regional variations in the micromechanical properties of the pericellular and extracellular matrices of the meniscus. ECM
43  2013 Depth-dependent anisotropy of the micromechanical properties of the extracellular and pericellular matrices of articular cartilage evaluated via atomic force microscopy. AFM, ECM
44  2013 Effect of preculture and loading on expression of matrix molecules, matrix metalloproteinases, and cytokines by expanded osteoarthritic chondrocytes. IL-1beta, MMPs, OA, TGF-beta1
45  2013 Interleukin-10 regulates fetal extracellular matrix hyaluronan production. ECM, FFb, HA, HAS
46  2013 Micromechanical mapping of early osteoarthritic changes in the pericellular matrix of human articular cartilage. AFM, ECM, OA
47  2013 Quantifying load-induced solute transport and solute-matrix interaction within the osteocyte lacunar-canalicular system. FRAP, LCS
48  2013 Spatial organization and mechanical properties of the pericellular matrix on chondrocytes. ---
49  2012 A biomechanical role for perlecan in the pericellular matrix of articular cartilage. AFM, ECM, HS
50  2012 High-resolution microrheology in the pericellular matrix of prostate cancer cells. ---
51  2012 Immunofluorescence-guided atomic force microscopy to measure the micromechanical properties of the pericellular matrix of porcine articular cartilage. ECM
52  2012 Normal age-related viscoelastic properties of chondrons and chondrocytes isolated from rabbit knee. ---
53  2012 Pericellular matrix enhances retention and cellular uptake of nanoparticles. ---
54  2012 Strain amplification in bone mechanobiology: a computational investigation of the in vivo mechanics of osteocytes. ECM
55  2012 The role of the PCM in reducing oxidative stress induced by radical initiated photoencapsulation of chondrocytes in poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels. IC, MDA, PEG, ROS, RT
56  2011 A depth-dependent model of the pericellular microenvironment of chondrocytes in articular cartilage. ECM, PC
57  2011 A finite element model of cell-matrix interactions to study the differential effect of scaffold composition on chondrogenic response to mechanical stimulation. ---
58  2011 A proteomic approach for identification and localization of the pericellular components of chondrocytes. ---
59  2011 Pericellular versican regulates the fibroblast-myofibroblast transition: a role for ADAMTS5 protease-mediated proteolysis. SMA
60  2011 The protective role of the pericellular matrix in chondrocyte apoptosis. MIA
61  2011 Three-dimensional finite element modeling of pericellular matrix and cell mechanics in the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disk based on in situ morphology. IVD, NP
62  2010 An axisymmetric boundary element model for determination of articular cartilage pericellular matrix properties in situ via inverse analysis of chondron deformation. BEM, ECM
63  2010 Biomechanical properties of single chondrocytes and chondrons determined by micromanipulation and finite-element modelling. ---
64  2010 Molecular profiling of single cells in response to mechanical force: comparison of chondrocytes, chondrons and encapsulated chondrocytes. ---
65  2010 Spatial mapping of the biomechanical properties of the pericellular matrix of articular cartilage measured in situ via atomic force microscopy. AFM, ECM
66  2009 Cell-matrix interactions and dynamic mechanical loading influence chondrocyte gene expression and bioactivity in PEG-RGD hydrogels. PEG
67  2009 Composition of the pericellular matrix modulates the deformation behaviour of chondrocytes in articular cartilage under static loading. ECM
68  2009 Developmental and osteoarthritic changes in Col6a1-knockout mice: biomechanics of type VI collagen in the cartilage pericellular matrix. BMD, ECM, OA
69  2009 Gene expression profiles of dynamically compressed single chondrocytes and chondrons. ---
70  2009 Medium osmolarity and pericellular matrix development improves chondrocyte survival when photoencapsulated in poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels at low densities. ATP
71  2009 Pericellular Matrix Mechanics in the Anulus Fibrosus Predicted by a Three-Dimensional Finite Element Model and In Situ Morphology. AF
72  2009 Strain-dependent viscoelastic behaviour and rupture force of single chondrocytes and chondrons under compression. ---
73  2009 Viscoelastic response of a model endothelial glycocalyx. EG, GAG, HA
74  2008 Glycosaminoglycans in the pericellular matrix of chondrons and chondrocytes. CS, FACE, GAG
75  2008 Microscale diffusion properties of the cartilage pericellular matrix measured using 3D scanning microphotolysis. ECM, SCAMP
76  2008 The dynamic mechanical environment of the chondrocyte: a biphasic finite element model of cell-matrix interactions under cyclic compressive loading. ECM
77  2008 The role of hydrogel structure and dynamic loading on chondrocyte gene expression and matrix formation. ECM, PEG
78  2007 A numerical study to determine pericellular matrix modulus and evaluate its effects on the micromechanical environment of chondrocytes. ECM
79  2007 Nanomechanical properties of individual chondrocytes and their developing growth factor-stimulated pericellular matrix. IGF-1
80  2007 Structure of pericellular matrix around agarose-embedded chondrocytes. PCR
81  2007 Zonal changes in the three-dimensional morphology of the chondron under compression: the relationship among cellular, pericellular, and extracellular deformation in articular cartilage. ---
82  2006 A mechano-chemical model for the passive swelling response of an isolated chondron under osmotic loading. ---
83  2006 Comparison of gene expression profile between human chondrons and chondrocytes: a cDNA microarray study. RT-PCR
84  2006 The pericellular matrix as a transducer of biomechanical and biochemical signals in articular cartilage. ECM
85  2006 Zonal variations in the three-dimensional morphology of the chondron measured in situ using confocal microscopy. ---
86  2005 Effect of tissue maturity on cell viability in load-injured articular cartilage explants. ---
87  2005 Osteoarthritic changes in the biphasic mechanical properties of the chondrocyte pericellular matrix in articular cartilage. ECM, OA
88  2005 The biomechanical role of the chondrocyte pericellular matrix in articular cartilage. ECM
89  2005 Zonal uniformity in mechanical properties of the chondrocyte pericellular matrix: micropipette aspiration of canine chondrons isolated by cartilage homogenization. ECM
90  2003 Alterations in the mechanical properties of the human chondrocyte pericellular matrix with osteoarthritis. ---
91  2003 Pericellular matrix formation by renal tubule epithelial cells in relation to crystal binding. HA
92  2003 Role of pericellular matrix in development of a mechanically functional neocartilage. ---
93  1999 The deformation behavior and mechanical properties of chondrocytes in articular cartilage. ---
94  1996 Effect of fetal serum on fibroblast pericellular matrix formation. FBS, HA