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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A Randomized Trial Comparing Bilateral Lateral Rectus Recession versus Unilateral Recess and Resect for Basic-Type Intermittent Exotropia. BLRc, CI, IXT, SPCT
2019 Bilateral Lateral Rectus Recession for the Treatment of Recurrent Exotropia after Bilateral Medial Rectus Resection. BLR, BMR
2019 Bupivacaine injection combined with recession of antagonist rectus muscle to treat sensory strabismus. EOM, LR, MR
2019 Clinical and surgical risk factors for consecutive exotropia. ---
2019 Clinical evidence supporting the use of donor sclera as spacer material in complicated cases of strabismus surgery - retrospective evaluation of surgical results in 117 patients with thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy or congenital strabismus. TAO
2019 Comparison of Surgical Outcomes Between Bilateral Medial Rectus Recession and Unilateral Recess-Resect for Infantile Esotropia. BMR, RR
2019 Diagnostic occlusion test for acquired esotropia. DOT
2019 Dual-Augmented Transposition of Vertical Recti in Chronic Abducens Palsy. MR, VRT
2019 Effect of inferior oblique anterior transposition in correcting vertical hyperdeviation in primary position. IOAT
10  2019 Infrared photographs with a selective wavelength filter to diagnose small-angle esotropia in young children. ---
11  2019 Lateral Rectus-Medial Rectus Union: A New Surgical Technique for Treatment of Complete Third Nerve Palsy. ---
12  2019 Long-term outcome of full tendon vertical rectus transposition with Foster suture in unilateral complete sixth cranial nerve palsy. VRT
13  2019 Long-term outcomes of bilateral lateral rectus recession versus unilateral lateral rectus recession-medial rectus plication in children with basic type intermittent exotropia. BLR, RP
14  2019 Long-term outcomes of strabismus surgery in Mobius sequence. ---
15  2019 Long-term surgical outcomes of bilateral vs. unilateral medial rectus resection for recurrent exotropia. BLR
16  2019 Long-term surgical outcomes of patients with consecutive exotropia. ---
17  2019 Outcome of delayed adjustable strabismus surgery in children using a bow-tie optional adjustable technique. ---
18  2019 Outcomes of Medial Rectus Recession With Adjustable Suture in Acute Concomitant Esotropia of Adulthood. ACEA
19  2019 Photorefractive keratectomy influences the angle of ocular deviation in strabismus patients with hyperopia. BCVA, CE, FAE or PAE, PRK, SE, UCVA
20  2019 Prevalence of esophoria in concussed patients. ---
21  2019 Reevaluation of Current Prism Standards With Recommendations to Increase Accuracy in the Measurement of Strabismus. EPP
22  2019 Superior oblique tuck: evaluation of surgical outcomes. ---
23  2019 Surgical Outcome of Single Inferior Oblique Myectomy in Small and Large Hypertropia of Unilateral Superior Oblique Palsy. ---
24  2019 The effect of induced fusional demand on static and dynamic stereoacuity thresholds: the digital Synoptophore. ---
25  2019 The efficacy of superior rectus recession with simultaneous inferior oblique disinsertion on superior oblique palsy with superior rectus contracture. BTX-A, IO, SOP, SR
26  2019 The stereoacuity-dependent concordance between preferred fixating eye and sighting dominant eye in paediatric intermittent exotropia. IXT
27  2019 Torsional Changes After Vertical Transposition of Horizontal Recti in V-pattern Exotropia Without Oblique Dysfunction. ---
28  2019 Transcaruncular rectus tendon fixation to the orbit and frontalis flap for complete third nerve palsy. 2-3mm, MRD1, PFH
29  2018 A Modified Surgical Technique to Treat Strabismus in Complete Sixth Nerve Palsy. ASI, MR, VRT
30  2018 A modified vertical muscle transposition for the treatment of large-angle esotropia due to sixth nerve palsy. ---
31  2018 A quantitative analysis method for comitant exotropia using video-oculography with alternate cover. APCT, VOG
32  2018 Acquired distance esotropia associated with myopia in the young adult. SE
33  2018 Adjustable versus non-adjustable sutures for strabismus. CENTRAL, CIs, RCTs, RR
34  2018 Augmented superior rectus transposition procedure in Duane retraction syndrome compared with sixth nerve palsy. DRS, DRS, SRT
35  2018 Bilateral optic disc pathologies as an accompanying feature of comitant strabismus in children. ---
36  2018 Botulinum toxin chemodenervation for childhood strabismus in England: National and local patterns of practice. HES
37  2018 Characteristics of Patients Who Are Not Responsive to Alternate Patching for Overcorrected Intermittent Exotropia. ---
38  2018 Clinical features and surgical treatment of double elevator palsy in young children. CDEP, FDT, IR, MED
39  2018 Comparison of adjustable sutures versus nonadjustable sutures in intermittent exotropia. ---
40  2018 Comparison of Binocular Function and Surgical Outcomes of Tenacious Proximal Fusion and High Accommodative Convergence/Accommodation Ratio Types of Intermittent Exotropia. TPF
41  2018 Comparison of recurrent esotropia and consecutive exotropia with horizontal muscle reoperation in infantile esotropia. CXT, RET, RET, RET
42  2018 Comparison of the characteristics of patients with intermittent exotropia according to response to diagnostic monocular occlusion. ---
43  2018 Comparison of the efficiency of various muscle transposition procedures using a novel three-dimensional model. ---
44  2018 Effect of combining inferior oblique muscle weakening procedures with exotropia surgery on the surgical correction of exotropia. IO
45  2018 Esodeviation without correction for tapering hyperopia in refractive accommodative esotropia. RAET
46  2018 Factors affecting surgical outcome of intermittent exotropia. CI, OR, POD1
47  2018 Horizontal Deviations in Congenital Brown Syndrome. ---
48  2018 Horizontal Effects of 10-mm Inferior Oblique Recession versus 14-mm Inferior Oblique Recession. IO
49  2018 Immediate Postoperative Alignment Following Bimedial Rectus Recession for Esotropia in Children Compared to Adults. ---
50  2018 Immediate Postoperative Alignment Measurements as a Predictor of Alignment Stability in Fixed Suture Strabismus Surgery. ---
51  2018 Improved Binocular Outcomes Following Binocular Treatment for Childhood Amblyopia. ---
52  2018 Improvement in Both Primary and Eccentric Ocular Alignment After Thyroid Eye Disease-Strabismus Surgery With Tenon's Recession. TED
53  2018 Infantile Exotropia and Developmental Delay. ---
54  2018 Intraoperative relaxed muscle positioning technique results in a tertiary Center for Thyroid Orbitopathy Related Strabismus. ET, IRMP, IRR, MRR
55  2018 Lateral rectus muscle recession for intermittent exotropia with anomalous head position in type 1 Duane's retraction syndrome. AHP, DRS, LR
56  2018 Long term outcomes of strabismus surgery for third nerve palsy. HD, VD
57  2018 Long-term Outcomes After Same Amount of Bilateral Rectus Muscle Recession for Intermittent Exotropia With the Same Angle of Deviation. ---
58  2018 Outcomes of undercorrection in surgical management and binocular vision gained of adult intermittent exotropia. ---
59  2018 Postoperative Stereopsis in Adult Patients With Horizontal Comitant Strabismus With Normal Vision Who Are Stereoblind. ---
60  2018 Prevalence and risk factors of strabismus in children and adolescents in South Korea: Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2008-2011. AOR, CI
61  2018 Relation between early postoperative deviation and long-term outcome after unilateral lateral rectus recession and medial rectus resection for adult exotropia. ---
62  2018 Reoperation in Horizontal Strabismus and its Related Risk Factors. DVD, ET, LR, MR
63  2018 Retrobulbar anaesthesia for adjustable strabismus surgery in adults: a prospective observational study. ---
64  2018 Role of a Standardized Prism Under Cover Test in the Assessment of Dissociated Vertical Deviation. DVD, PACT, PUCT
65  2018 Simultaneous Superior Rectus Recession and Anterior Transposition of Inferior Oblique Muscle as a Surgical Option for Traumatically Lost Inferior Rectus Muscle. ATIO, HT, IR, SR
66  2018 Surgical Management in Type 1 Monocular Elevation Deficiency. ---
67  2018 Surgical Management of Strabismus in Patients With Orbital Fracture. ---
68  2018 Surgical outcome of a new modification to muscle belly union surgery in heavy eye syndrome. MR
69  2018 Surgical Outcome of Intermittent Exotropia With Improvement in Control Grade Subsequent to Part-time Preoperative Occlusion Therapy. ---
70  2018 Surgical outcomes according to distance between preplaced suture and muscle insertion in lateral rectus recession. LR
71  2018 Surgical outcomes of three different surgical techniques for treatment of convergence insufficiency intermittent exotropia. LR, MR, NDD, S-BLR
72  2018 Surgical results and factors affecting outcome in adult patients with sensory exotropia. ---
73  2018 Suture Fixation of Globe to the Orbital Wall for Complicated Strabismus. ---
74  2018 Tendon Elongation with Bovine Pericardium in Patients with Severe Esotropia after Decompression in Graves' Orbitopathy-efficacy and Long-term Stability. GO, IR, MR
75  2018 The Effect of Prism Adaptation on the Angle of Deviation in Convergence Excess Esotropia and Possible Consequences for Surgical Planning. BSV, PAT
76  2018 The Efficacy of Bilateral Lateral Rectus Recession According to Secondary Deviation Measurements in Unilateral Exotropic Duane Retraction Syndrome. ---
77  2018 The fast exodrift after the first surgical treatment of exotropia and its correlation with surgical outcome of second surgery. ---
78  2018 The relationship between abduction deficit and reoperation among patients with infantile esotropia. CI, IET, ROP
79  2018 The use of one muscle recession for horizontal strabismus. ---
80  2018 Time and Factors Affecting the Direction of Re-drift in Essential Infantile Esotropia. CI, OR, OR
81  2018 Variation of Coma Aberration With Prismatic Soft Contact Lenses. PSCL
82  2017 Adjustable Bilateral Superior Oblique Tendon Advancement for Bilateral Fourth Nerve Palsy. ---
83  2017 Augmented vertical recti transposition with intraoperative botulinum toxin for complete and chronic sixth nerve palsy. BTX, MR, VRT
84  2017 Bimedial rectus muscle elongation versus bimedial rectus muscle recession for the surgical treatment of large-angle infantile esotropia. BMRE, BMRR, ET
85  2017 Binocular and Accommodative Characteristics in a Normal Population. AA, AC/A, NPC
86  2017 Botulinum toxin injection in the patients with Duane syndrome type 1. FDT
87  2017 Clinical characteristics of sibling patients with comitant strabismus. ---
88  2017 Clinical Features and Surgical Outcome of Triad Exotropia. ---
89  2017 Comparative study of plication-recession versus resection-recession in unilateral surgery for intermittent exotropia. PR, RR
90  2017 Comparison of Objective and Subjective Techniques of Strabismus Measurement in Adults With Normal Retinal Correspondence. ---
91  2017 Cyclic esotropia with development of a high accommodative convergencetoaccommodation ratio after surgery for intermittent exotropia. AC/A, MRP
92  2017 Early postoperative overcorrection in recurrent exotropia. OR
93  2017 Effect of horizontal rectus surgery for the correction of intermittent exotropia on sub-A or sub-V pattern. group A
94  2017 Effect of modified graded recession and anteriorization on unilateral superior oblique palsy: a retrospective study. IO, IOOA, IR, SOP
95  2017 Esotropia Surgery Considering the Angle under General Anesthesia. A-correction
96  2017 Increase in esodeviation under cycloplegia with 0.5% tropicamide and 0.5% phenylephrine mixed eye drops in patients with hyperopia and esotropia. CR, MR
97  2017 Inferior Oblique Overaction: Anterior Transposition Versus Myectomy. DVD, IOOA
98  2017 Long-term Surgical Outcomes for Vertical Deviations in Thyroid Eye Disease. TED
99  2017 Long-Term Surgical Outcomes of Early Surgery for Intermittent Exotropia in Children Less than 4 Years of Age. ---
100  2017 Management of Duane retraction syndrome with prismatic glasses. DRS