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Abbreviation:   PEGMA  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Facile Preparation of Mussel-Inspired Poly(dopamine phosphonate-co-PEGMA)s via a One-Pot Multicomponent Polymerization System. KF, RAFT
2020 An antioxidant self-healing hydrogel for 3D cell cultures. DHPM, PBA, PVA
2020 Hemolytic and Antimicrobial Activities of a Series of Cationic Amphiphilic Copolymers Comprised of Same Centered Comonomers with Thiazole Moieties and Polyethylene Glycol Derivatives. MIC, RAFT
2020 pH-Responsive copolymer micelles to enhance itraconazole efficacy against Candida albicans biofilms. C. albicans, ICZ
2020 Pre-mounted dry TAVI valve with improved endothelialization potential using REDV-loaded PEGMA hydrogel hybrid pericardium. TAVI
2020 Preparation and Characterization of Thermoresponsive PEG-Based Injectable Hydrogels and Their Application for 3D Cell Culture. DEGMA, LCST, RAFT
2020 Resistance to Long-Term Bacterial Biofilm Formation Based on Hydrolysis-Induced Zwitterion Material with Biodegradable and Self-Healing Properties. ATR-IR, ECBEMA, Mn, PEPT, QCM-D
2020 Smart Nanoformulation Based on Stimuli-Responsive Nanogels and Curcumin: Promising Therapy against Colon Cancer. CUR, DEAEM, PDI
2020 Synergetic Effect of Water-Soluble PEG-Based Macromonomers and Cellulose Nanocrystals for the Stabilization of PMMA Latexes by Surfactant-Free Emulsion Polymerization. CNCs, MMA
10  2020 The combination of Diels-Alder reaction and redox polymerization for preparation of functionalized CNTs for intracellular controlled drug delivery. AA, CNTs, DA
11  2020 Tricolor dual sensor for ratiometrically analyzing potassium ions and dissolved oxygen. DO, MAA, PEGDMA, RP
12  2019 A gamma-cyclodextrin-based metal-organic framework embedded with graphene quantum dots and modified with PEGMA via SI-ATRP for anticancer drug delivery and therapy. DOX, gamma-CD-MOF, GQDs, SI-ATRP
13  2019 Blood-typing and irregular antibody screening through multi-channel microfluidic discs with surface antifouling modification. MP
14  2019 Cloud Point Driven Dynamics in Aqueous Solutions of Thermoresponsive Copolymers: Are They Akin to Criticality Driven Solution Dynamics? CAC, MMA, RAFT, SEC, Tcp's
15  2019 Effect of shell structure of Ti-immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography core-shell magnetic particles for phosphopeptide enrichment. ---
16  2019 Facile preparation of luminescent cellulose nanocrystals with aggregation-induced emission feature through Ce(IV) redox polymerization. AIE, CNCs
17  2019 Filter paper grafted with epoxide-based copolymer brushes for activation-free peptide nucleic acid conjugation and its application for colorimetric DNA detection. GMA, OPD, PNA, RAFT, SA-HRP
18  2019 Hydrophobic-force-driven adsorption of bisphenol A from aqueous solution by polyethylene glycol diacrylate hydrogel microsphere. BPA, PEGDA
19  2019 Improving the Performance of PVDF/PVDF-g-PEGMA Ultrafiltration Membranes by Partial Solvent Substitution with Green Solvent Dimethyl Sulfoxide during Fabrication. DMSO, PVDF
20  2019 Matrix-Assisted Regulation of Antimicrobial Properties: Mechanistic Elucidation with Ciprofloxacin-Based Polymeric Hydrogel Against Vibrio Species. EPS, PACs, SBMA
21  2019 One-step preparation of reduction-responsive cross-linked gemcitabine prodrug micelles for intracellular drug delivery. CLSM, CMC, GEM, MTT
22  2019 Pegylated Metal-Phenolic Networks for Antimicrobial and Antifouling Properties. DMA, MPNs, UV-vis, XPS
23  2019 Preparation and Characterization of Whey Protein-Based Polymers Produced from Residual Dairy Streams. ---
24  2019 Versatile Polymeric Microspheres with Tumor Microenvironment Bioreducible Degradation, pH-Activated Surface Charge Reversal, pH-Triggered "off-on" Fluorescence and Drug Release as Theranostic Nanoplatforms. GMA, Rh6GEAm
25  2018 An injectable supramolecular hydrogel hybridized with silver nanoparticles for antibacterial application. ---
26  2018 Comparison of Antibacterial Adhesion When Salivary Pellicle Is Coated on Both Poly(2-hydroxyethyl-methacrylate)- and Polyethylene-glycol-methacrylate-grafted Poly(methyl methacrylate). PHEMA, PMMA
27  2018 Effect of structural factors on release profiles of camptothecin from block copolymer conjugates with high load of drug. CPT, CPTMA, MIs, PLA
28  2018 Modulation of functional pendant chains within poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels for refined control of protein release. PEGDA
29  2018 Surface PEGylation and biological imaging of fluorescent Tb3+-doped layered double hydroxides through the photoinduced RAFT polymerization. LDHs, RAFT
30  2017 A facile strategy for fabrication of aggregation-induced emission (AIE) active fluorescent polymeric nanoparticles (FPNs) via post modification of synthetic polymers and their cell imaging. AIE, FPNs, SA, VA
31  2017 Anti-biofouling phosphorylated HEMA and PEGMA block copolymers show high affinity to hydroxyapatite. HAP, RAFT
32  2017 Biomimetic PEGylation of carbon nanotubes through surface-initiated RAFT polymerization. CNTs, RAFT
33  2017 Design of pH/reduction dual-responsive nanoparticles as drug delivery system for DOX: Modulating controlled release behavior with bimodal drug-loading. BACy, DDSs, DLC, FPA, MAA, PFPM
34  2017 Enzyme-Cleavable Polymeric Micelles for the Intracellular Delivery of Proapoptotic Peptides. BMA, CTA, DEAEMA, DLS, MS
35  2017 Facile synthesis of polymeric fluorescent organic nanoparticles based on the self-polymerization of dopamine for biological imaging. PEI, polymer-FONs, UA
36  2017 Fatty Acid-Mimetic Micelles for Dual Delivery of Antigens and Imidazoquinoline Adjuvants. i.n, IMQ, LMA, MAA, MHC-I, OVA, PDSM, RAFT, TLR7
37  2017 Poly(ethylene glycol) functionalization of monolithic poly(divinyl benzene) for improved miniaturized solid phase extraction of protein-rich samples. ESI-MS, HSA, PDVB, RVGs, SPE, VB
38  2017 Surface PEGylation of mesoporous silica materials via surface-initiated chain transfer free radical polymerization: Characterization and controlled drug release. IA, MPTS
39  2017 Tunable PEGylation of branch-type PEI/DNA polyplexes with a compromise of low cytotoxicity and high transgene expression: in vitro and in vivo gene delivery. ---
40  2016 A Facile Strategy for Catalyst Separation and Recycling Suitable for ATRP of Hydrophilic Monomers Using a Macroligand. AIBN, ATRP, DMA, HEMA, NIPAM, OA
41  2016 Construction of microgels embedded robust ultrafiltration membranes for highly effective bioadhesion resistance. FTIR, MAA, PM, SEM, WCA, XPS
42  2016 Functionalization of Polydopamine via the Aza-Michael Reaction for Antimicrobial Interfaces. PDA, SBAA, SBMA, XPS
43  2016 N,N,N-trimethylchitosan modified with well defined multifunctional polymer modules used as pDNA delivery vector. Allyl-TMC, DMAEMA, RAFT, TMC
44  2016 Toward Cell Selective Surfaces: Cell Adhesion and Proliferation on Breath Figures with Antifouling Surface Chemistry. ---
45  2016 Ultralow Oil-Fouling Heterogeneous Poly(ether sulfone) Ultrafiltration Membrane via Blending with Novel Amphiphilic Fluorinated Gradient Copolymers. NIPS, PES, RAFT, TFOA, XPS
46  2015 Ag-nanogel blended polymeric membranes with antifouling, hemocompatible and bactericidal capabilities. MAA
47  2015 Biocompatible thermoresponsive PEGMA nanoparticles crosslinked with cleavable disulfide-based crosslinker for dual drug release. DTT, LCST, PEG
48  2015 Fabrication of a Self-Cleaning Surface via the Thermosensitive Copolymer Brush of P(NIPAAm-PEGMA). LCST, NIPAAm, PEG, PP
49  2015 Fabrication of Thiol-Ene "Clickable" Copolymer-Brush Nanostructures on Polymeric Substrates via Extreme Ultraviolet Interference Lithography. ATR-IR, CA, EGMA, EUV, FuMaMA, MaMA, MMA, XIL-II
50  2015 Graphene oxide based heparin-mimicking and hemocompatible polymeric hydrogels for versatile biomedical applications. GO, HEMA, SSNa
51  2015 Highly Sensitive CO₂-Responsive Polymeric Microgels That Respond Within Seconds. ---
52  2015 Hybrid PVDF/PVDF-graft-PEGMA Membranes for Improved Interface Strength and Lifetime of PEDOT:PSS/PVDF/Ionic Liquid Actuators. PVDF
53  2015 Hydrophilic PCU scaffolds prepared by grafting PEGMA and immobilizing gelatin to enhance cell adhesion and proliferation. PCU
54  2015 Multifunctional copolymer coating of polyethylene glycol, glycidyl methacrylate, and REDV to enhance the selectivity of endothelial cells. ECs, GMA, SMCs, XPS
55  2015 One-pot cross-linked copolymerization for the construction of robust antifouling and antibacterial composite membranes. ---
56  2015 pH-induced vesicle-to-micelle transition in amphiphilic diblock copolymer: investigation by energy transfer between in situ formed polymer embedded gold nanoparticles and fluorescent dye. Boc-l-trp-HEA, NSET, RAFT
57  2015 Self-Assembly of Temperature-Responsive Protein-Polymer Bioconjugates. RAFT, sfGFP
58  2015 Singly and binary grafted poly(vinyl chloride) urinary catheters that elute ciprofloxacin and prevent bacteria adhesion. AAc, PVC
59  2015 Size and rigidity of cylindrical polymer brushes dictate long circulating properties in vivo. CPBs, MPS, PCL, PGMA
60  2015 Solid Polymer Electrolytes Based on Functionalized Tannic Acids from Natural Resources for All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries. SPEs, TA, UV
61  2015 Surface tailoring for selective endothelialization and platelet inhibition via a combination of SI-ATRP and click chemistry using Cys-Ala-Gly-peptide. CAG, ECs, PCU, PFMA, SI-ATRP
62  2014 A facile approach toward protein-resistant biointerfaces based on photodefinable poly-p-xylylene coating. IRRAS, PEG, QCM, XPS
63  2014 Bifunctional nanoparticles with magnetism and NIR fluorescence: controlled synthesis from combination of AGET ATRP and 'click' reaction. GMA, MR, NIR, NPs
64  2014 Effect of surface interactions on adhesion of electrospun meshes on substrates. PEO, SEBS, SEM, SI-ATRP
65  2014 Inhibition of protein and cell attachment on materials generated from N-(2-hydroxypropyl) acrylamide. HPAm, HPMAm
66  2014 Microgel colloidosomes based on pH-responsive poly(tert-butylaminoethyl methacrylate) latexes. DVB, PTBAEMA
67  2014 Novel silicone hydrogel based on PDMS and PEGMA for contact lens application. HEMA, HSA, IPDI, PDMS
68  2014 pH-responsive stealth micelles composed of cholesterol-modified PLA as a nano-carrier for controlled drug release. CPLAMA, TEM
69  2014 Photoinduced anchoring and micropatterning of macroinitiators on polyurethane surfaces for graft polymerization of antifouling brush coatings. HEMA, PAzBrMA, PU
70  2014 Poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate hydrolyzable microspheres for transient vascular embolization. MDO, PBS, PLGA
71  2014 Preparation of amphiphilic glycopolymers with flexible long side chain and their use as stabilizer for emulsion polymerization. HEMA
72  2013 Adhesion of endothelial cells and endothelial progenitor cells on peptide-linked polymers in shear flow. ECFCs, HBOECs, HUVECs
73  2013 Crosslinked PEG mats for peptide immobilization and stem cell adhesion. GMA, hMSCs, PEGMEMA, XPS
74  2013 Development of nonstick and drug-loaded wound dressing based on the hydrolytic hydrophobic poly(carboxybetaine) ester analogue. CB-ester, HDI
75  2013 Fabrication of contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging from polymer-brush-afforded iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles prepared by surface-initiated living radical polymerization. ATRP, MRI, SI
76  2013 Facile fabrication of biocompatible and tunable multifunctional nanomaterials via iron-mediated atom transfer radical polymerization with activators generated by electron transfer. GMA, NIR, NPs
77  2013 Hemocompatible surface of electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds by ATRP modification. APTT, ECM, FTIR, HUVECs, PCU, SI-ATRP, XPS
78  2013 Hemoglobin and red blood cells catalyze atom transfer radical polymerization. ATRP, Hb, NIPAAm, PDI, PEGA, SDS, UV-vis
79  2013 Hydrophilic hybrid materials with magnetism & NIR fluorescence via surface-initiated RAFT polymerization. FTIR, MRI, NIR, NPs, TEM, TGA, VSM, XRD
80  2013 Keto-Functionalized Polymer Scaffolds As Versatile Precursors to Polymer Side Chain Conjugates. PAEMA, RAFT
81  2013 Magnetite nanoparticle with positively charged surface for immobilization of peptide nucleic acid and deoxyribonucleic acid. ATRP, DEAEMA, MNP, PCS, PNA, TEM
82  2013 New hyaluronic acid based brush copolymers synthesized by atom transfer radical polymerization. ATRP, BMP, bpy, ButMA, HA, NIPAM
83  2013 Novel pH-responsive nanovectors for controlled release of ionisable drugs. ---
84  2013 Novel Pickering emulsifiers based on pH-responsive poly(2-(diethylamino)ethyl methacrylate) latexes. ---
85  2013 Optimised 'on demand' protein arraying from DNA by cell free expression with the 'DNA to Protein Array' (DAPA) technology. ---
86  2013 Physicochemical and biological evaluation of poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate grafted onto poly(dimethyl siloxane) surfaces for prosthetic devices. PDMS, SI-ATRP
87  2013 Preparation of a novel immunosensor for tumor biomarker detection based on ATRP technique. CEA, ITO, NHS/EDC, SI-ATRP
88  2013 Surface self-assembled PEGylation of fluoro-based PVDF membranes via hydrophobic-driven copolymer anchoring for ultra-stable biofouling resistance. ATRP, PS, PVDF
89  2013 Surface zwitterionization of expanded poly(tetrafluoroethylene) membranes via atmospheric plasma-induced polymerization for enhanced skin wound healing. ePTFE, PSBMA
90  2013 Synthesis and characterization of NIR-responsive Aurod@pNIPAAm-PEGMA nanogels as vehicles for delivery of photodynamic therapy agents. NIPAAm, NIR, PDT
91  2013 Synthesis of Nanogel-Protein Conjugates. BSA, PDSMA, RAFT
92  2012 Atmospheric pressure plasma induced grafting of poly(ethylene glycol) onto silicone elastomers for controlling biological response. DBD, SE
93  2012 Biofouling resistance of ultrafiltration membranes controlled by surface self-assembled coating with PEGylated copolymers. BSA, PS, PVDF
94  2012 Dual effective organic/inorganic hybrid star-shaped polymer coatings on ultrafiltration membrane for bio- and oil-fouling resistance. ATRP, MMA, OBPS, PSf, SPM, SPP
95  2012 Electrochromatography on acrylate-based monolith in cyclic olefin copolymer microchip: a cost-effective and easy-to-use technology. COC, HA, PAH
96  2012 Fabrication of PU/PEGMA crosslinked hybrid scaffolds by in situ UV photopolymerization favoring human endothelial cells growth for vascular tissue engineering. HUVECs, PU
97  2012 Facile iron-mediated AGET ATRP for water-soluble poly(ethylene glycol) monomethyl ether methacrylate in water. ---
98  2012 High viability of cells encapsulated in degradable poly(carboxybetaine) hydrogels. PCB
99  2012 Multifunctional triblock copolymers for intracellular messenger RNA delivery. BMA, DEAEMA, DMAEMA, mRNA, pDNA, RAFT
100  2012 New "one-step" method for the simultaneous synthesis and anchoring of organic monolith inside COC microchip channels. AIBN, BME, COC