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Long Form:   polyelectrolyte multilayers
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A self-assembled layer-by-layer surface modification to fabricate the neuron-rich model from neural stem/precursor cells. NSPCs
2019 Complex Salt Dependence of Polymer Diffusion in Polyelectrolyte Multilayers. PAMPS, PLL
2019 Early hMSC morphology and proliferation on model polyelectrolyte multilayers. hMSCs, PDADMAC, PLL, PSS
2019 Electrically Responsive, Nanopatterned Surfaces for Triggered Delivery of Biologically Active Molecules into Cells. ---
2019 Engineering release kinetics with polyelectrolyte multilayers to modulate TLR signaling and promote immune tolerance. TLRs
2019 Harnessing the layer-by-layer assembly technique to design biomaterials vaccines for immune modulation in translational applications. LbL
2019 Hyaluronic acid/poly(ethylenimine) polyelectrolyte multilayer coatings for siRNA-mediated local gene silencing. LbL
2019 Hyperthin Membranes for Gas Separations via Layer-by-Layer Assembly. ---
2019 Improvements on biological and antimicrobial properties of titanium modified by AgNPs-loaded chitosan-heparin polyelectrolyte multilayers. CS, HGFs, LbL, SEM, Ti, XPS
10  2019 Layer-by-layer constructed hyaluronic acid/chitosan multilayers as antifouling and fouling-release coatings. CH, HA
11  2019 Odd-even effects on hydration of natural polyelectrolyte multilayers: An in situ synchrotron FTIR microspectroscopy study. ATR-FT-IR, QCM-D
12  2019 Tunable Engineered Extracellular Matrix Materials: Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Promote Improved Neural Cell Growth and Survival. PDL
13  2019 Two types of polyelectrolyte multilayers hydrogel membrane based on chitosan and alginate with different self-assembled process for control L929 cell behavior. ALG, CHI, DD, LbL
14  2018 A Novel Soft Contact Piezo-Controlled Liquid Cell for Probing Polymer Films under Confinement using Synchrotron FTIR Microspectroscopy. ---
15  2018 A polyelectrolyte multilayer platform for investigating growth factor delivery modes in human liver cultures. ECM, GF, NPC, PHHs, TGF-beta
16  2018 A transport model and constitutive equation for oppositely charged polyelectrolyte mixtures with application to layer-by-layer assembly. LbL
17  2018 A typical diffusion monitored by flow cytometry: slow diffusion of small molecules in polyelectrolyte multilayers. PAH, PSS
18  2018 Atomic force microscopy of adsorbed proteoglycan mimetic nanoparticles: Toward new glycocalyx-mimetic model surfaces. GAGs, PCNs, PF-QNM
19  2018 Growth-Factor-Releasing Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films to Control the Cell Culture Environment. FGF-2
20  2018 Multi-cellular transitional organotypic models to investigate liver fibrosis. HSCs, KCs, LSECs
21  2018 Optimizing the mechanical properties of papers reinforced with refining and layer-by-layer treated recycled fibers using response surface methodology. AFM, LbL, OCC, RCT, RSM, SEM
22  2018 Polyelectrolyte multilayer-like films from layer-by-layer processing of protected polyampholytic block copolymers. BCP, LbL
23  2018 Tuning Wet Adhesion of Weak Polyelectrolyte Multilayers. ---
24  2018 Water Uptake of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Including Water Condensation in Voids. PSS/PDADMAC
25  2017 Antibacterial and non-cytotoxic ultra-thin polyethylenimine film. PEI
26  2017 Composite Hydrogels with Engineered Microdomains for Optical Glucose Sensing at Low Oxygen Conditions. AnA
27  2017 Enhanced antiadhesive properties of chitosan/hyaluronic acid polyelectrolyte multilayers driven by thermal annealing: Low adherence for mammalian cells and selective decrease in adhesion for Gram-positive bacteria. ---
28  2017 Facile Synthesis of Catalytic AuPd Nanoparticles within Capillary Microreactors Using Polyelectrolyte Multilayers for the Direct Synthesis of H2O2. ---
29  2017 From polyelectrolyte complexes to polyelectrolyte multilayers: Electrostatic assembly, nanostructure, dynamics, and functional properties. LbL, PECs
30  2017 Gramicidin ion channels in a lipid bilayer supported on polyelectrolyte multilayer films: an electrochemical impedance study. EIS, gA, LbL, PAH, PSS
31  2017 In Situ Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles on the Polyelectrolyte-Coated Sericin/PVA Film for Enhanced Antibacterial Application. SS
32  2017 Interfacial and structural characteristics of polyelectrolyte multilayers used as cushions for supported lipid bilayers. PDADMAC, PEI, PGA, PLL, PSS
33  2017 Layer-by-layer self-assembly of polyelectrolyte multilayers on silica spheres as reversed-phase/hydrophilic interaction mixed-mode stationary phases for high performance liquid chromatography. ---
34  2017 Osseointegration of layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte multilayers loaded with IGF1 and coated on titanium implant under osteoporotic condition. BMMSCs, IGF1
35  2017 Polyelectrolyte Layer-by-Layer Assembly on Organic Electrochemical Transistors. LbL, OECT, PEDOT
36  2017 Polyelectrolyte multi-layers assembly of SiCHA nanopowders and collagen type I on aminolysed PLA films to enhance cell-material interactions. AFM, ALP, hMSCs, HyA, PEI, SiCHA, XPS
37  2017 Study of the Impact of Polyanions on the Formation of Lipid Bilayers on Top of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers with Poly(allylamine hydrochloride) as the Top Layer. Alg, DOPC, DOPS, PAA, PAH, PBS, PSS
38  2017 Tailored polyelectrolyte thin film multilayers to modulate cell adhesion. ---
39  2017 The Princess and the Pea Effect: Influence of the first layer on polyelectrolyte multilayer assembly and properties. QCM-D
40  2016 Consequences of Tacticity on the Growth and Permeability of Hyperthin Polyelectrolyte Multilayers. ---
41  2016 Construction of antibacterial poly(ethylene terephthalate) films via layer by layer assembly of chitosan and hyaluronic acid. FTIC, PET
42  2016 Contraction of weak polyelectrolyte multilayers in response to organic solvents. BPEI/PAA
43  2016 Effect of Roughness on in Situ Biomineralized CaP-Collagen Coating on the Osteogenesis of Mesenchymal Stem Cells. CaP, CaP-Col, MSCs
44  2016 Formation of polyelectrolyte multilayers: ionic strengths and growth regimes. LbL, PDADMAC/PSS
45  2016 Gas Permeability of Hyperthin Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Having Matched and Mismatched Repeat Units. ---
46  2016 Growth and motility of human skin fibroblasts on multilayer strong polyelectrolyte films. HSFs, PAH
47  2016 Highlighting the Importance of Surface Grafting in Combination with a Layer-by-Layer Approach for Fabricating Advanced 3D Poly(l-lactide) Microsphere Scaffolds. LbL, PLLA
48  2016 Impact of thermal annealing on wettability and antifouling characteristics of alginate poly-l-lysine polyelectrolyte multilayer films. Alg, PLL
49  2016 Interfacial Stacks of Polymeric Nanofilms on Soft Biological Surfaces that Release Multiple Agents. ---
50  2016 Intraluminal Release of an Antifungal beta-Peptide Enhances the Antifungal and Anti-Biofilm Activities of Multilayer-Coated Catheters in a Rat Model of Venous Catheter Infection. CH, HA, PGA, PLL
51  2016 Layer-by-Layer Assembled Architecture of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers and Graphene Sheets on Hollow Carbon Spheres/Sulfur Composite for High-Performance Lithium-Sulfur Batteries. LbL
52  2016 Lipid Layers on Polyelectrolyte Multilayers: Understanding Lipid-Polyelectrolyte Interactions and Applications on the Surface Engineering of Nanomaterials. ---
53  2016 Molecular composition of GAG-collagen I multilayers affects remodeling of terminal layers and osteogenic differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells. CS, ECM, FA, FN, GAGs, HA, hADSCs, LbL, oHA, PEM
54  2016 Polyelectrolytes Multilayers to Modulate Cell Adhesion: A Study of the Influence of Film Composition and Polyelectrolyte Interdigitation on the Adhesion of the A549 Cell Line. PSS
55  2016 Reducing the inflammatory responses of biomaterials by surface modification with glycosaminoglycan multilayers. CHI, CS, FBGC, GAGs, HA, Hep, IL-1beta, LbL, SPR, WCA
56  2016 Response of Swelling Behavior of Weak Branched Poly(ethylene imine)/Poly(acrylic acid) Polyelectrolyte Multilayers to Thermal Treatment. ---
57  2016 Salt Effects on Surface Structures of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers (PEMs) Investigated by Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation (SFG) Spectroscopy. PDDA, PSS, SFG
58  2016 Substrate-Independent, Transparent Oil-Repellent Coatings with Self-Healing and Persistent Easy-Sliding Oil Repellency. PDDA, PFO, PSS
59  2016 Temperature responsive behavior of polymer brush/polyelectrolyte multilayer composites. PSS/PDADMAC
60  2016 The design of antimicrobial LL37-modified collagen-hyaluronic acid detachable multilayers. AMPs, COL, HA
61  2016 The effect of guanidinium functionalization on the structural properties and anion affinity of polyelectrolyte multilayers. Gu, PAH, PE, PSS, QCM-D
62  2016 The Effect of Temperature Treatment on the Structure of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers. NR, SLD
63  2016 The effect of top-layer chemistry on the formation of supported lipid bilayers on polyelectrolyte multilayers: primary versus quaternary amines. FRAP, PAH, PDADMAC, PSS, QCM-D, SUVs
64  2015 An interferon-gamma-delivery system based on chitosan/poly(gamma-glutamic acid) polyelectrolyte complexes modulates macrophage-derived stimulation of cancer cell invasion in vitro. CH, IFN-gamma
65  2015 Biocompatible Mater Constructed Microneedle Arrays as a Novel Vaccine Adjuvant- Delivery System for Cutaneous and Mucosal Vaccination. APCs, bioMMAs, TLR, VADS
66  2015 Bioinspired Titanium Drug Eluting Platforms Based on a Poly-beta-cyclodextrin-Chitosan Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly Targeting Infections. CHT, LbL, PCD, PDA, SEM, SPR
67  2015 Electrophoretic deposition to promote layer-by-layer assembly for in situ gene delivery application. EFA, LbL
68  2015 Imparting antimicrobial and anti-adhesive properties to polysulfone membranes through modification with silver nanoparticles and polyelectrolyte multilayers. CFU, PSU
69  2015 In Situ ATR FTIR Spectroscopic Study of the Formation and Hydration of a Fucoidan/Chitosan Polyelectrolyte Multilayer. ATR, FTIR
70  2015 Ion-specific oil repellency of polyelectrolyte multilayers in water: molecular insights into the hydrophilicity of charged surfaces. PDDA, PSS
71  2015 Large-scale solvent driven actuation of polyelectrolyte multilayers based on modulation of dynamic secondary interactions. ---
72  2015 Multifunctional polyelectrolyte multilayers as nanofiltration membranes and as sacrificial layers for easy membrane cleaning. NF, PAA, PAH, SMX, UF
73  2015 Role of Hydrogen Bonding and Polyanion Composition in the Formation of Lipid Bilayers on Top of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers. AFM, AFS, ALG, cryo-TEM, PAA, PAH, PC, PS, PSS, QCM-D
74  2015 Splaying hyperthin polyelectrolyte multilayers to increase their gas permeability. ---
75  2015 Swelling of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers: The Relation Between, Surface and Bulk Characteristics. AFM, PDADMAC, PSS, RH, XRR
76  2015 Tuning polyelectrolyte multilayer structure by exploiting natural variation in fucoidan chemistry. AFM, QCM-D, XPS
77  2014 3D presentation of a neurotrophic factor for the regulation of neural progenitor cells. BDNF, PLL
78  2014 A biocompatible method of controlled retrieval of cell-encapsulating microgels from a culture plate. PLL/HA
79  2014 A semipermeable enzymatic nanoreactor as an efficient modulator for reversible pH regulation. EMSN, LbL
80  2014 Facile synthesis of AuPt alloy nanoparticles in polyelectrolyte multilayers with enhanced catalytic activity for reduction of 4-nitrophenol. ---
81  2014 Fluorescence lifetime based characterization of active and tunable plasmonic nanostructures. AFM, FL
82  2014 Polyelectrolyte multilayers on magnetic silica as a new sorbent for the separation of trace copper in food samples and determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. FAAS, MSPE
83  2014 Short versus long chain polyelectrolyte multilayers: a direct comparison of self-assembly and structural properties. HMW, LbL, LMW, PDADMAC, PSS, QCM-D
84  2014 Stiff chains inhibit and flexible chains promote protein adsorption to polyelectrolyte multilayers. CGG, PDDA, PSS, SC
85  2014 The effect of alginate on DNA delivery from layer-by-layer assembled films. PEI, QCM
86  2014 The regulation of DNA adsorption and release through chitosan multilayers. ---
87  2014 Tunable swelling of polyelectrolyte multilayers in cell culture media for modulating NIH-3T3 cells adhesion. LbL, PDDA, PSS
88  2013 Adhesion property profiles of supported thin polymer films. OEM
89  2013 Bioactive coronary stent coating based on layer-by-layer technology for siRNA release. DESs, ECs, LbL, NPs, PTCA, siRNA
90  2013 Conductive oxygen barrier films using supramolecular assembly of graphene embedded polyelectrolyte multilayers. EVOH, GNP, PET
91  2013 DNA hydrogel-based supercapacitors operating in physiological fluids. Dgel, LbL
92  2013 Effect of linear elongation of PDMS-supported polyelectrolyte multilayer determined by attenuated total reflectance IR radiation. ---
93  2013 Hyaluronic acid/chitosan multilayer coatings on neuronal implants for localized delivery of siRNA nanoplexes. NPs
94  2013 Modulating the behaviors of C3A cells via surface charges of polyelectrolyte multilayers. ---
95  2013 Novel controllable auxetic effect of linearly elongated supported polyelectrolyte multilayers with amorphous structure. ---
96  2013 Polyelectrolyte multilayers promote stent-mediated delivery of DNA to vascular tissue. ---
97  2013 Synthesis of hollow Ag-Au bimetallic nanoparticles in polyelectrolyte multilayers. TEM
98  2013 Unexpected barrier properties of structurally matched and unmatched polyelectrolyte multilayers. ---
99  2012 Antibacterial efficacy of silver-impregnated polyelectrolyte multilayers immobilized on a biological dressing in a murine wound infection model. ---
100  2012 Characterization of degradable polyelectrolyte multilayers fabricated using DNA and a fluorescently-labeled poly(beta-amino ester): shedding light on the role of the cationic polymer in promoting surface-mediated gene delivery. ---